This page is for users to create Fighterz Characters of characters they want to be in Fighterz or their own characters. This is for DLC's like the characters being implemented now. All characters require Light Auto-combos, Medium Auto-combos, Heavy Auto-combos, Light Specials, Medium Specials, EX Specials, Special Specials (Like Yamcha's Kamehameha or Vegito's Counter), 1-Bar Super Attack and 3-Bar Super Attack. Music, Lobby Avatr Designs, Alternate Colours, Alternate 1-Bar Super Attacks, 2-Bar Super Attacks, 5-Bar Super Attacks are optional. To Create a page for yourself, you must create a page titled "Dragon BalFighterz: Ultimate DLC Pack/[Username]," and add "Dragon Ball Fighterz: Ultimate DLC Pack/[Username]|[Username]" in the bullet points before posting his/her character(s) to his/her Fighterz DLC page. This was based off the concept of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast DLC.

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