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Dragon Ball is one of the most popular manga/anime series of all time. With three story (Soon to be 4!) arcs, spin off manga adaptations, and dozens of movies and specials, it has amassed a huge following of fans, many of whom enjoy the meta-series so much they create their own additions to Dragon Ball legendarium. These additions are known as fan fictions, or "fanons". Started in 2008, Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki is designed so that anyone can edit and add their own Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and/or Dragon Ball GT fan fiction and read other people's fan fictions. We accept almost all kinds of fan fiction, no matter what the content is. If you're interested in Dragon Ball fanons, please help out by joining our wiki and sharing your fan fiction with us!

It is recommended that our Rules are read. They contain information that is helpful to refer back to and also outline the guidelines and expectations we hold here at the Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki.

Our wiki contains 11,609 articles and 17,337 images. Today is July 12, 2024.

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Barracks - is a supporting protagonist in the series, Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere.

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Yamas is a descendant of Tienshinhan and Launch with a unique ability to...

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  • Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten - A story about the life of a young Saiyan boy named Ledas as he tries to escape the nefarious Planet Trade Organization and reunite with his childhood friend, Prince Vegeta.
  • Tien: Origins - A fanon regarding the early origins of Tien Shinhan and the adventures he embarks on to find out about them.
  • Dragon Ball Z: In Requiem - The tale of Kid Buu's misadventures following his death at the hands of Goku.
  • Spindlerun: The Tale of Yajirobe - A story that takes place prior to Dragon Ball. It tells the tale of Yajirobe as he trains to become a Samurai, up until his first encounter with Goku.
  • Things Were Better Then - A collection of loosely-connected character-driven short stories, often focusing on minor characters, dealing with the melancholy of life.
  • That Magic Feeling - A numerically-themed collection of character-driven stories detailing the emotional turmoil of various, oftentimes unimportant, Dragon Ball characters.
  • Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series - A story about two Saiyans who escape the genocide who later find themselves living with the technologically-advanced Mrovians.
  • The Joker and the Thief - In the wake of the Cell Games, Yamcha finds himself without purpose.

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