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Dragon Ball FP series poster

Dragon Ball Z Evil Reborn - Official Trailer

Dragon Ball Z Evil Reborn - Official Trailer

Dragon Ball FP (Full Power) is a fan-fiction series by Dragon Galaxy, it follows the Z-Fighters adventures after the events of Dragon Ball GT, in the first story, Raditz, Nappa & Frieza return with Goku's other evil Brother, Rensou, but he has another Brother who warns him, Tangi, who discovers Divine Orbs which are similar to Dragon Balls but only three are needed to summon Kamiryu who will grant any wish at all, making Krillin, Yamcha and Chiaotzu Super Saiyans.

In the second story, Cell is resurrected and turned into a Perfect God by Whis and in the third story, Whis and Cell (with Dr.Gero) kipnap Pan and Giru's Daughter, Bottro, and turn her into Android 21, Shenron kills Kamiryu for abusing wishes and then Android 21, Whis and Cell kill them and win but Bardock returns to tell the Z-Warriors that they can travel to an alternative universe where they beat the Gods of Destruction.

To get to the other universe they must go through the underworld where the Saiyans must work together against non-Saiyans all turned to Majins to save their universe, they win by killing Majin Captain Ginyu in the physical form of God of Pain, Kyuko.

Somehow in the underworld, when Kyuko gave Saiyans extra power, he accidentally put far too much into their Great Ape transformations, if a Saiyan becomes Oozaru, they'll be stronger than Kyuko which will happen in The Legend Of Oozaru.

In the second most recently revealed story coming soon, it shows Frieza's family on Planet Cold after the events of The Legend Of Oozaru, that is all that is currently known.

In the most recently revealed story, we know Raditz, Nappa and King Vegeta become Legendary Super Saiyans, not much else is known except Broly will appear.

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Evil Reborn or The Return Of Evil Undead

A Perfect Resurrection

Shenron Rises

Wrath Of Kyuko

Coming SoonEdit

The Legend Of Oozaru

Only A Chilling Elegy

Legendary Ascension