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Dragon Ball Earth DRagon ball
Drama, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts, Science Fiction.
Based on "Dragon Ball" created by
Akira Toriyama
"Dragon Ball Earth" created by
July 8 , 2019 - Ongoing

Dragon Ball Earth(ドラゴンボールアース; Doragonbōruāsu), is a fan-fiction created by Dristar in July 8 , 2019. The story take place in another universe from the Original Dragon ball Universe.

Synopsis Edit

Dragon Ball Earth is prequel series of Dragon Ball Galaxy that takes place 13 years in the past leading up to the present timeline. This is also an origin story of the main protagonist; Mercury.



Character Name
Mercury Jac Harris Cruze Miller
Master Mutaito Raily Sarah
Slug Tambourine Drum
Commander Black General Tao Colonel Violet Colonel Silver General White
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