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Goku summons both of the eternal dragons, Porunga and Shenron. His longing for his friends and family was becoming unbearable, so in order to quench his pain he decided to wish them back. He wished, from Porunga, that Shenron could grant wishes more than one time. It was granted, as requested. So then Goku asked Shenron if he could bring all his friends and family back to life, but have them be the age of there most powerful, so that they would not come back to die only later of being too old. This, too was granted. Shenron and the seven Earth balls left. Goku embraced his family and friends, with two wishes yet to be granted from the Namekian dragon. With two wishes left, Goten accidentally wished for going "to a place that [they've] never been to". (He said, "Yeah, we explored every inch of the Otherworld, Dad! It got a bit boring, though... I just wish that we could have gone to a place that we've never been to. Porunga then said, "You second wish shall be granted!" A large hole with a gold rim suddenly opened before everyone's eyes. It seemed somewhat, as Vegeta pointed out, like a portal. Out of pure curiosity, the joyful Goku stepped through to see what was on the other side. The others soon followed. They then ended up in a place, indeed, that they haven't been before. It was another dimension!

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