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This story takes place 400 years after the events of Dragon Ball GT. All Z-Fighters are dead including The Jrs (Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr) and Pan. The world has become a dark one. A creature named Sai attacks the world who's strength is in equal with Majin Buu. A Saiyan descendant with Saiyan blood of less than 1/528 lives in this cold world. There are only a few thousand remaining population. The Saiyan's name is - Son Russell. Son Russell is an average 15 year old human being with a power level of 20, high for a human but compared to Saiyans, his power is drastically low. He has no parents as they were killed by Sai.


1. Terror Saga

2. Luke Saga

3. Ascension Saga

4. Sacrifice Saga

Terror Saga[]


"'"These are dark times, there's no denying

~ President, The Resistance

The Resistance was an organization formed by Gato, The President, in order to protect the few thousand people from Sai. It has various bases all over the World with 500 members each. The Head Quarters of The Resistance was at New York, U.S.A which was now a rotting place with rubble everywhere. The real story begins now.

Chapter 1: Confronting Death[]

July 17, A.G.E 1115,[]

Ottawa Base, Canada

9.45 A.M

Commander Son Russell was in-charge-of Ottawa Base in Canada. As a responsible leader, he swore to protect the lives of his 499 men.