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Note: This Fanfiction is AU, a.k.a. Alternate Universe. Canon mistakes are to be excused.

Majin Vegeta Saga[]

It had been one year since Janemba's defeat. Vegeta had rigorously trained Trunks, getting him to the level of Super Saiyan 2. Gohan likewise trained Goten, getting him to Full Power Super Saiyan. Now, Gohan was starting his first day at school.

Two New Androids[]

File-Episode 200

Gohan prepares to jump off the Nimbus

Gohan jumped off the Nimbus and landed on an empty street in Satan City. He walked in the direction of Orange Star High School. After about a quarter of a mile, he heards screams, then heard an explosion. He ran in the direction of the noise, and saw a half-destroyed building, a man who looked like a military drill sergeant, and a fat businessman.

Gohan ran up to them and said:- "What happened here?" One of the men said:- "My data indicates that this is Gohan. Prepare to terminate 21." The other said:- "Confirmed target 22." Gohan said:- "Oh, so you're androids." 21 said:- "Roger that, and we are the most powerful of all androids."

Gohan powered up to Super Saiyan 3 just as the police arrived. They pulled out their guns and shouted:- "Freeze!" Gohan said:- "Don't worry, I've got this one." He punched 21 in the stomach, then fired an Explosive Madan from his hand, destroying the android. 22 attempted to punch him in the face, but Gohan grabbed his arm and pulled it off. He said:- "Where did you androids come from? I thought Gero died when Cell was killed." 22 said:- "We were built by his computer, in his lab near north city."

Gohan said:- "Well, I should probably destroy that." He destroyed 22 with a blast. He flew out of sight almost instantly, and reverted to base form. Back at the scene, a girl had gotten out of a car. She said:- "What happened here?" One of the officers said:- "Well, this guy blew up these two criminals, Videl, and then he flew off." Videl said:- "He's probably a criminal himself."

After School[]

Trunks SSJ2

Super Saiyan 2 Trunks

In class, Gohan was offered a seat by a girl named Erasa, and he met Sharpner and Videl. He accidentally let slip his super strength and speed on a few occasions, but nothing major. After school ended, he started flying towards Capsule Corp. He decided he needed a Secret Identity so he could fight crime more openly. Meanwhile, at Capsule Corp., Vegeta was training Trunks.

They were both Super Saiyan 2's, and Vegeta was teaching Trunks to be a Full Power Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta had almost doubled his power since he had been revived. He had trained nonstop since Janemba was defeated. He fired his Final Flash at Trunks, who fired a Big Tree Cannon. Vegeta quickly overwhelmed Trunks, and told him:- "You need to put more power into your Final Flash, or it will never match mine!" Trunks said:- "Dad, it's called Big Tree Cannon, get it right." Vegeta said:- "Whatever, just make it stronger!" He charged Trunks again, but Trunks dodged and punched Vegeta in the face.

Vegeta kicked Trunks into the wall, and he started crying. Vegeta said:- "A warrior doesn't cry! Get up!" Trunks stood and said:- "No fair... you never said you'd kick me." Vegeta said:- "I never said I didn't either. It doesn't matter, we're done training for now. Stay a Super Saiyan 2. You need to master it. Vegeta reverted to base form.

They left the gravity chamber, and saw Gohan talking to Bulma. Trunks ran up to him and said:- "Hey Gohan! What's up?" Gohan said:- "Not much Trunks. What's up with you?" Trunks said:- "My dad makes me train with him almost all day." Vegeta said:- "You should be grateful. Well, Gohan, it looks like you haven't improved at all since we defeated Janemba.

Gohan said:- "Nah, I've been training Goten." Vegeta said:- "Fool, you need to train to improve, not help someone else." Gohan said:- "Well what about Trunks?" Vegeta said:- "He's been holding me back!" Trunks looked like he was about to cry, and Bulma said:- "Okay Vegeta, you take that back." Vegeta looked at Trunks and said:- "Fine. I'll take you to the amusement park." Trunks shouted:- "Yay!!!!" And he and Vegeta left.

After they were gone, Bulma said:- "Okay, Gohan. What was it you wanted?" Gohan said:- "I wanted a disguise, so I could fight crime and nobody will recognize me." Bulma said:- "What about Super Saiyan 3? It seems like you would be hard to recognize like that." Gohan said:- "Well, I thought about that, but it puts too much strain on my body, and people recognize my clothes." Bulma said:- "Okay then, I'll have it done in under an hour."

Goku vs. Saike[]

Janemba attacks

Saike vs. Goku

Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 3. Saike morphed into Janemba. They charged at each other. The crowd went wild. The announcer said:- "This is promising to be a great final match for the Otherworld Tournament!" Goku punched Saike in the face, and Saike whipped Goku with his tail. Goku grabbed the tail after it hit him and attempted to throw Saike out of the ring. Saike barely stopped before hitting the wall. He fired a mouth blast, which Goku deflected up at the ceiling.

Saike created several multi-color bubbles, which he sent towards Goku. Goku rapidly started insulting them, and they broke apart before making contact. Saike fired a barrage of mouth beams, but Goku rapidly dodged, then fired a True Kamehameha, blasting Saike from the ring.

When he recovered, he turned back into an ogre. The announcer said:- "Goku wins by ring out! We have a new champion, replacing Pikkon from the previous tournament!" Saike said:- "Good job Goku! A year ago, there was no way you could beat me in this form!" Goku said:- "That's what hard work is all about. Now excuse me, I'm going to go talk to King Kai."

He went to where the Kai's watched the fights from. King Kai said:- "Goku! You were amazing!" He glanced over at the other Kais and said:- "Far better than the competition."


Grand Kai tells Goku he has credit

The three other Kai's scowled and walked away. Goku said:- "Thanks King Kai, but I was actually wondering if I could check up on Earth." King Kai said:- "Of course, any time Goku!"

Goku looked at Gohan. He didn't recognize him at first, because he was wearing a strange green suit and orange helmet. He was flying toward Mount Paozu from West City. He looked at his house. ChiChi was cooking dinner while Goten ran around the yard. Goku wished he could speak to Goten. He looked at Vegeta, and saw him sitting on a Ferris Wheel next to Trunks. Goku laughed.

After awhile, he said:- "Gee, I really wish I could go back there." Grand Kai cut in and said:- "You know Goku, you saving the Earth and all gives you some credit." Goku said:- "Credit? What do you mean?" Grand Kai said:- "Well, you get one day to go back to Earth." Goku said:- "Wait really?! This is great! I get to meet me new son! Maybe I could train with Vegeta or Gohan!" He calmed down and said:- "But I should probably save it for something important, like if the Earth is in danger or something."

The World Martial Arts Tournament[]


This part happens like the normal series. Gohan was eventually discovered by Videl, and was blackmailed into teaching her how to fly, and entering the world tournament. Goku announces that he'll enter too, as well as Saike. Vegeta announces he will enter.

The Punching Machine[]

Finalists and Punching Machine Scores
Mr. Satan Score: 157
Android 18 Score: 267
Krillin Score: 195
Kilah Score: 101
Mighty Mask Score: 106
Goku Score: 342
Saiyaman Score: 267
Saike Score: 309
Shin Score: 244
Kibito Score: 278
Videl Score: 145
Spopovich Score: 390
Yamu Score: 354
Jewel Score: 102
Ma Junior Score: 269

The announcer said:- "Alright, these are our contestants that will advance! Now, everyone will draw lots to see who they will face!" Everybody drew lots. A tournament tree was decided on:

Krillin Spopovich
Videl Shin
Vegeta Goku
Mr. Satan Android 18
Kilah Yamu
Jewel Saiyaman
Kibito Saike
Ma Junior Mighty Mask

The announcer said:- "Round 1! Can Krillin and Spopovich please come to the stage!"

Rounds 1 & 2[]


Spopovich is ready to fight

In the round 1, Krillin faced Spopovich. When the fight began, Spopovich charged blindly forward, leaving himself wide open to a knee to the stomach from Krillin. Spopovich landed on his back clutching his stomach, then shouted:- "Minion Barrier!" A pink explosive wave exploded from his body, but Krillin somersaulted out of its radius. Spopovich got to his feet, then tried to headbutt Krillin, who jumped aside. Spopovich kicked off of the ground, then rammed Krillin from behind.

Krillin almost flew out of the ring, but levitated before he could touch the ground. He put his hands back and said:- "KAMEHAMEHA!!!" The blast hit Spopovich and rocketed him out of the ring and into the wall. The announcer said:- "Winner by ring out! Krillin!"

For round two, Videl and Shin took to the stage. The fight started, and Videl tried many unsuccessful times to hit Shin. Shin easily dodged all of her attacks, then said:- "You aren't the one he's looking for." And jumped out of the ring. The announcer said:- "Shin surrenders! Videl moves on!"

Round 3: Vegeta vs. Goku[]

Before Goku and Vegeta took the stage, Gohan said:- "Okay guys, no Super Saiyan during this fight, alright?" Goku said:- "I guess so." And Vegeta said:- "And why not?" Gohan said:- "So we can remain a secret." Vegeta said:- "Fine." They went up to the arena. "...ready.... FIGHT!!" Vegeta charged at Goku, but Goku teleported to the other side of the ring.

Vegeta somersaulted backwards and kicked Goku, almost sending him into the wall, but Goku teleported again, this time to the sky. Vegeta flew up at him, and punched at


Goku accidentally goes Super Saiyan

his chin, but Goku dodged it and kicked Vegeta in the stomach. He went back a few yards, then recovered and charged Goku again, and they started brawling. They got about an equal number of hits in on each other, but eventually


Vegeta powers up

Goku teleported behind Vegeta, but Vegeta expected it, grabbed Goku's leg, then threw him up into the air.

He followed up by flying to Goku at top speed, then using his feet to push Goku down and slam him to the ground. He was smashed into a greater, and Vegeta jumped out. Goku stood up and said:- "Enough!" He became an angry Super Saiyan. Vegeta said:- "Kakarot you deceitful..." Goku charged and punched Vegeta in the face, then proceeded to pummel him. Vegeta afterimaged above Goku, then also became a Super Saiyan.

Gohan said:- "Hey, guys! You promised!" Neither were listening, they were so intent on their fight. Spopovich and Yamu watched, and Yamu said:- "Could it be him?" Spopovich said:- "Maybe. Let's watch and find out." Vegeta was in better control than Goku was, due to intentionally transforming. As such, he gained the upper hand. He started rapidly beating Goku, pinning him down and repeatedly punching him.

Goku used a kiai to push Vegeta off of him, then proceeded to charge a Kamehameha. Vegeta started charging a Final Flash. They fired, and a beam struggle ensued. The announcer said:- "This is amazing! Both beams have collided in a dazzling display!" Mr. Satan shouted:- "It's all a trick, don't believe any of it!" Nobody listened.

Neither Saiyan had the upper hand in the struggle. The ball stayed constantly in the middle. Vegeta said:- "I'll never lose to you again Kakarot!" He became Super Saiyan 2, then pushed the beams back at Goku, sending him out of the ring. The announcer said:- "We have a winner! What a titanic clash, I only wish it could have been longer!" Vegeta said:- "I... I won?! I defeated Kakarot!"

Round 5[]





While round 4 (18 vs. Satan) was underway, the rest of the Z Fighters were discussing the prior match. Goku said:- "Wow, Vegeta. I knew you had it in you!" Vegeta said:- "Don't coddle me Kakarot! That wasn't even a true fight. We need to pit our full powers against each other!" Goku laughed and said:- "Maybe when you die."

Mr. Satan had bribed 18 to let him win the match, so she acted like he beat her. When round 5 contestants were called, Kilah and Yamu took to the stage. Kilah said:- "I have to fight this toothpick? I'll give it 10 seconds." Yamu just growled. When the fight began, Kilah started running towards Yamu, only to get kneed in the stomach. Yamu then grabbed him by the neck, flew up into the air, then slammed him onto the ground.

The announcer began the count, but Yamu grabbed Kilah and did a pile-driver, then kicking Kilah away. He then flipped into the air and came down hard on Kilah's neck. The announcer ran into the ring. He felt for a pulse, then said:- "Kilah is.... dead! Yamu is disqualified!" Yamu said:- "What?! Anyone should be able to withstand that!" The announcer said:- "Get out of the ring! You had already won the match, what's wrong with you?"

Rounds 6 & 7[]

Yamu took his place next to Spopovich to watch the fights. The crowd was shocked. There were cries of:- "Arrest the maniac!" and "Off with his head!" Saiyaman and Jewel


Jewel takes to the stage


Gohan in disguise

went to the stage. Jewel said:- "Don't go crying to mommy when I unmask and embarrass you in front of everybody!" Gohan wasn't paying attention. He was thinking about Spopovich and Yamu, and where they had come from. He also wondered why they had an 'M' on their forheads.

The match began, and Jewel ran forward. Gohan punched him once, sending him out of the ring.

In round 7, Kibito and Saike took the stage. Kibito said:- "I sense a curse inside of you." Saike said:- "I know what you're talking about. But trust me, it's no curse." The match began, and Saike turned into Janemba. Kibito said:- "So you have become a demon. It isn't too late to cure."

Saike said:- "I don't need a cure!" He charged forward, but Kibito fired a beam of light. Saike turned into an ogre. Kibito said:- "No, let me cure you! My spell won't last forever!" Saike said:- "Stay away!" He ran out of the ring. Kibito won.


Piccolo crushed his opponent, and the tournament advanced into the semifinals.

Krillin Videl
Vegeta Satan
Saiyaman Kibito
Majunior Free match

The announcer finished announcing the match-ups by saying:- "And Majunior will go on to fight the winner of the previous match! Now, will Krillin and Shin come to the stage?" They went up, and Krillin said:- "Hey buddy. Let's have a good match okay?" Shin bowed and said:- "Of course Krillin." The match began, and Krillin rushed at Shin. Shin jumped over Krillin, then turned and fired a blast, but Krillin had already moved, and punched Shin in the face.

Shin kneed Krillin in the stomach, then grabbed him by the arm and punched him in the face. He then threw him into the wall, ending the match. Shin helped Krillin up. Krillin said:- "Wow you're strong! Who are you anyway?" Shin said:- "Just call me Shin. You'll know everything soon enough." Next, Vegeta and Mr. Satan took the stage.

An Unexpected Turn[]



Mr. Satan was scared. He recognized Vegeta from the Cell Games. He tried to seem confident, and said:- "Don't worry! The champ is not without mercy! I'll stop just before I break every bone in your body!" The announcer said:- "BEGIN!" Vegeta said:- "The champ?! I'll show you what a champion looks like!" He started powering up. Gohan and Goku shouted:- "No! Vegeta!" Shin said:- "Let it happen. This is his fate."

Vegeta became a SSJ3. He was ready to defeat Satan, when suddenly he froze. Kibito was holding him still with telekinesis. Spopovich and Yamu charged forward. Spopovich grabbed Vegeta, but before Yamu could take his energy, Vegeta broke Kibito's control, then elbowed Spopovich. Kibito said:- "I'm too far, and he's too powerful. I need to get closer!"

Kibito started walking forward with his arms outstretched. Vegeta said:- "It's you!" He punched Kibito, then turned to face Yamu and Spopovich. Yamu attempted another stab, but Vegeta kicked him in the arm, breaking it. Yamu's arm healed, but he had dropped the energy container.

Spopovich tried to get a hold on Vegeta, but he was punched in the face, then thrown out of the ring. Mr. Satan cowered the whole time. The tournament announcer said:- "I don't know what's going on!" Yamu made a dive for the energy container, but was kicked aside by Vegeta. Spopovich recovered, then attempted to punch Vegeta, only to get smacked aside again.

Spopovich said:- "Yamu! Get Dabura! He should be able to beat this trash!" Yamu flew off at top speed. Spopovich grabbed the energy container and said:- "Say goodbye to your energy!" He tried to stab Vegeta, but Vegeta destroyed the container with a blast. Spopovich was stunned. He took out his kili meter and took a reading. The bar was spinning around the meter rapidly.



Spopovich said:- "Impossible! This power is greater than Majin Buu's!" Suddenly, everybody heard a voice. "GREATER, YOU SAY?" Everyone looked around. Spopovich said:- "Master! I'm sorry I destroyed our container! But we have a new minion for you!" Shin shouted:- "Wha- NO! Vegeta!" A red demon appeared in the sky. He landed on the ground, then turned to Spopovich, who said:- "Ah, lord Dabura!"

Dabura said:- "You're lucky Master Babidi has another container onboard his ship, or your life would end here." Vegeta said:- "More freaks? I'll take care of all of you!" Kibito and Shin were both terrified. Shin said:- "He recruited Dabura?!" Dabura drew his sword. He charged at Vegeta.

Vegeta grabbed the blade with two fingers, then snapped the blade. Dabura fired a blast from his palm, but it had no effect on Vegeta. Vegeta kicked him into the arena wall. Vegeta was about to finish him off, but he suddenly froze. He started screaming. Shin said:- "Fight it! You have to fight it!"

Vegeta said:- "I can't!" Shin said:- "Don't let Babidi control you Vegeta!" It was too late. Dark lines appeared around Vegeta's eyes. He reverted to his base form, and doubled up, grabbing his head.

Majin Vegeta[]


Vegeta becomes a Majin

An 'M' appeared on his forehead. He turned to Dabura and fired a blast. It killed the demon and took half of the stadium with him. Goku said:- "V-vegeta! What are you doing!" Vegeta said:- "Let's have a real battle Kakarot. Not a watered down tournament match. In this fight, the last man left alive is the winner!

Goku said:- "Alright you guys, I'll take care of this." Shin said:- "No! If you do, then Majin Buu will be revived!" Goku said:- "Listen to what Shin says you guys. I'll be back soon." Goku stepped into the ring. Vegeta said:- "Excellent." He charged forward, attempting to punch Goku in the face.

Goku barely dodged. He was amazed. Vegeta was in his base form, but his power was much higher than it should have been. Vegeta kneed Goku in the stomach. He grabbed Goku by the leg, then threw him into the ground. He fired a blast down on him, which came out the other side of the Earth.

180px-Majin vegeta2009

Super Saiyan 2 Majin Vegeta

He finished by kicking Goku out of the ring. Goku stood up, badly bloodied. He became a Super Saiyan 2, as did Vegeta. They resumed fighting. The few people who hadn't fled the arena were awe struck. It was an amazing fight. Goku punched Vegeta in the face, then grabbed him by the arm, threw him up, then fired a Kamehameha.

Vegeta dodged, then said:- "Dodge this, and the Earth is destroyed!" He fired a giant golden blast. Goku said:- "Alright Vegeta, if that's how you want to play. Ka... me... ha.... me.... HA!!!!!!!" His blast hit Vegeta's. A beam struggle started. Vegeta's was slowly pushing Goku's back. Vegeta said:- "At long last, I am the prince of all Saiyans again!"

Goku said:- "I have one chance!" He became a Super Saiyan 3. He transformed the Kamehameha into a True Kamehameha. He shouted:- "HA!!!!!!!!" The beam struggle turned back, shooting Vegeta into the sky.

Majin Buu[]

Shin said:- "Good! Now I can warn you about Majin Buu!" He told them the story. The death of the Kai's, Bibidi, Babidi, etc. Goku said:- "So... an ancient demon? Looks like we'll have to stop it!" Krillin suddenly seized up. He said:- "We've got another problem!" Vegeta was back. He was bloodied from the blast, but otherwise unharmed.

Goku said:- "I have to finish this!" Shin said:- "There's something else you need to know! I'm the last of the Kaio-shin! I'm the only one that knows all of Babidi's tricks! I also know that all the energy you expend fighting Vegeta goes towards reviving him!" Goku said:- "I can't just let him run rampant. Sorry Supreme Kai." He became a Super Saihan


Super Saiyan 3 Majin Vegeta

3 again, as did Vegeta.

Supreme Kai and the other Z Fighters took off towards Babidi's spaceship. Vegeta said:- "Notice anything different Kakarot?" Goku looked at him for a second, then said in shock:- "You're a Full Power Super Saiyan 3!" Vegeta said:- "Yes, Babidi's control did more then just add an 'M' to my face!"

Goku said:- "Well, I'll just win through strategy!" He started charging a Kamehameha, but then teleported behind Vegeta. To his surprise, when he fired the blast, Vegeta used Instant Transmission. Goku said:- "Since when could you do that?!" Vegeta said:- "I've seen you do it enough times to figure it out."

He teleported again, this time next to Goku, then punched him in the face. Goku was sent back several feet, then recovered just in time to dodge a blast from Vegeta. Vegeta then grabbed Goku by the shoulders and kneed him in the face. Goku's nose was broken, and blood poured down his face.

Goku's speech was slightly slurred now. He said:- "Ouugh Vesheeta! Dat was't fair!" Vegeta said:- "There is no 'fair' in this fight Kakarot!" Goku snapped his nose back into place. He wiped off the blood, then attacked. He kicked Vegeta on the side of the neck. Vegeta was knocked into the tournament building. Goku then fired a volley of blasts into the rubble.

He stopped his barrage, and when the smoke cleared, Vegeta was gone. He suddenly appeared behind Goku and said:- "Surprise!" He fired a Final Flash which hit Goku in the back. Goku was sent into a building that was just outside the arena. It exploded, clearing an entire block. Goku rose from the rubble, his gi torn and his body bruised.

He said:- "Enough Vegeta! I didn't want to do this, but if it's to save the universe from you and Majin Buu, then it's worth it!" He punched Vegeta into the air, then flew after him, shouting:- "DRAGON FIST!" A golden dragon of fire erupted from his fist. It snaked around several times, before charging at Vegeta, engulfing the Saiyan in it's gaping mouth.

When the attack finished, Goku sensed something horrible. That attack seemed to be enough to re-awaken Majin Buu. He surveyed the scene for a quick second, deciding that the last attack had killed Vegeta. He teleported to where he sensed Buu.

Dragon ball majin buu

Majin Buu

Goku appeared to a scene of minor destruction. The Z Fighters and Supreme Kai were unharmed. Spopovich, Yamu, a short alien with a helmet (Pui Pui) and a green alien (Yakon) stood next to a fat, pink demon. The demon started walking around, getting used to freedom. When he moved, he revealed a small green alien with whiskers who was behind him.

Supreme Kai shouted:- "Babidi! Do you realize what you've done! If your father couldn't handle Buu, what makes you think you can?" Buu perked up when he heard his name. He turned to Supreme Kai and said:- "No! Me Buu!" Goku landed. He said:- "We have a problem. Being a Super Saiyan 3 almost used up all of my time on Earth. I'm guessing I have about 10 minutes." Saike said:- "That beam Kibito shot at me won't let me transform! That pink oaf would be so dead right now if he hadn't done that!"

Kibito said:- "How could I possibly have foreseen this?!" Goku said:- "I have an idea of how we can defeat Buu. It's called fusion. Me and Vegeta used it a ton of times in Otherworld. I think if you taught Goten and Trunks to fuse, they could easily defeat Buu. I don't have enough time to teach them now, but I have a friend in Otherworld who also has some credit. He can come back for a little while and teach the boys."

Babidi said:- "How about a test Buu? Kill these four." He pointed at his minions. They all shouted and screamed, then tried to run away. Buu turned them into chocolate and ate them. He said:- "Ooh! Good!" Goku said:- "Well, goodbye and good luck everybody. My friend should be here in at most an hour." He faded away. Gohan said:- "I used fusion once, against you Saike. I can't remember it too well though. I don't think it matters. I'm more than enough to defeat Buu!"

He became a Super Saiyan 3. He said:- "This guy is tough. A little training, and he could match a Super Saiyan 3!"

Vegeta and Buu vs. Gohan[]

Right before Gohan attacked, Vegeta appeared. He said:- "Where is Kakarot! I'll kill him for that!" Vegeta fell to one knee. The attack had left him battered and weak. Babidi said:- "Ah good! My two minions are the two strongest in the Universe!" Vegeta said:- "Don't talk like I'm your puppet!" Babidi said:- "A feisty one eh? Well, then try this!" He increased the power of his hold on Vegeta.

Suddenly Vegeta stood up. He said:- "Then I will kill these rats at once." Babidi said:- "Good! Buu, heal him!" Buu healed Vegeta to full strength. The Saiyan stood up, and said:- "How about you first, boy!" Gohan charged forward and kicked Buu in the stomach, which knocked him into Babidi's spaceship. Babidi said:- "No you oaf! Don't destroy my ship!" Vegeta punched Gohan in the gut, then fired a blast that sent Gohan into a cliff. Buu got up and fired a volley of blasts into the cliff. Gohan flew out, slightly battered, and started charging a Kamehameha. Vegeta used a Crimson Galick Gun.

Gohan never stood a chance. Both attacks hit Gohan. The cliff behind him was destroyed. He was sent flying for several miles, he was an inch from death.

Goku's Friend[]



Vegeta started charging a blast that would kill all of the Z Fighters. They just stood there, dreading their last moments. Right as Vegeta fired, a figure appeared in front of him and sent the blast into the sky. Vegeta said:- "Who are you?!" The figure said:- "You don't recognize me? Your old friend and mentor? Give up? It is I, Senryaku!" Vegeta said:- "Well, well. Looks like I finally get my revenge for getting forced into fusion so many times." Senryaku said:- "You flatter yourself. I bet I can take you, and this pink fool on right now!"

Ganko appeared down on the ground. He said:- "Hey guys, we have to get out of here!" Piccolo said:- "Let's get the boys, then go to the Lookout. It's safe there." Ganko said:- "Okay. Grab hold." They all put a hand on him. He teleported to Goku's house. In the air, the battle had begun. Senryaku was effortlessly pounding Vegeta and Buu.

Senryaku said:- "They're getting your own son to defeat you." Vegeta said:- "I don't care about him! I'll kill you!" Senryaku said:- "That fat monster isn't going to spare them, and nothing you say will convince Babidi to either." Vegeta stopped for a second. He looked at Majin Buu, then said:- "No. I won't listen!" He punched Senryaku in the stomach. Senryaku used Super Explosive Wave, sending both Vegeta and Buu flying. He appeared behind Vegeta and kicked him down to the ground.

He said:- "Vegeta, it isn't too late to redeem yourself! Kibito can cure the demon taint inside of you!" Babidi shouted:- "No! I control you!" At that moment, Vegeta broke free. He said:- "Nobody controls the prince of all Saiyans!" He blasted Babidi, nearly killing him. At that moment, Buu came flying back. He headbutted Vegeta in the back, then blasted Senryaku onto the ground. He said:- "You both make Buu mad!" He started charging an angry explosion.

Buu's attack wasn't powerful enough to kill Vegeta or Senryaku, but before it was unleashed, a Capsule Corp. plane landed and Bulma got out. She shouted:- "Vegeta! What do you think you were doing, killing all of those people!?" Vegeta realized the blast would kill her, and he flew up to Buu. He grabbed on to him, and shouted:- "Senryaku, get her out of here!" The metamoran grabbed Bulma and flew off. Buu exploded, and Vegeta took the full force of the attack to save Bulma.

Vegeta's body was destroyed. He was sent to Hell for his misdeeds, and now nobody remained who could fight Buu.


The Buu saga progresses normally at this point, up to the creation of Super Buu.

Buu Saga[]

Super Buu[]

Evil Buu picked up the chocolate bar in the shape of the fat Majin Buu. He stuffed it in his mouth and swallowed. Suddenly he started changing and blowing smoke. Within

Super Buu

Super Buu

seconds, he had changed from an anorexic grey Buu to a muscular pink Buu. This Buu had the ability to sense ki, and he flew off towards the lookout. In the Time Chamber, Goten and Trunks practiced fusion under supervision from Ganko, Senry, and Sikiru.

Piccolo and the other Z Fighters were out on the lookout, along with ChiChi, Bulma, and Videl. Saike was also present. Suddenly, Piccolo shouted:- "Everybody, on your guard!" They all stood up as they sensed a massive power closing in on them. Within seconds, Super Buu had arrived. He said:- "So. You are the most powerful survivors." Piccolo said:- "We have somebody here who is stronger than you. They can defeat you!" Buu said:- "Oh really? I would like to see that." Piccolo communicated to Sikiru with his mind, saying:- "Buu is here. You need to hold him off while Goten and Trunks train some more."

Sikiru told Senry and Ganko what was going on, and prepare the boys for an imminent fight. He left the chamber. He walked down to where Buu was waiting. Buu said:- "You look like the one I fought yesterday, only not as strong." Sikiru said:- "I admit I'm not as strong, but I'm strong enough!" He attacked, punching Buu multiple times. He then blasted Buu off of the Lookout.

He followed him down to the ground. However, Buu was waiting. He jumped out and punched Sikiru in the face. He then used his tentacle to wrap around Sikiru's neck and throw him into a rock. Buu finished with a giant blast, which nearly wiped Sikiru out of existence. Sikiru teleported back up to the lookout. He was healed by Dende, and Buu returned.

Sikiru cut him in half with an energy disc. Buu reformed and elbowed Sikiru. He then fired a Gack blast, which Sikiru deflected. Sikiru kneed Buu in the gut, then chopped the back of his neck, severing Buu's head. Sikiru blasted the head, destroying it. Buu's body fell limp to the ground.

Everyone was stunned. Krillin said:- "Was that it? Is Buu dead?" Buu's body got up. His head regrew, then he fired a Gack at Sikiru. It blasted him into the main building of the Lookout. Buu said:- "I want a stronger opponent!" Piccolo said:- "Fine. I'll take you to him.

Gotenks vs. Super Buu[]



Piccolo took Buu to the door of the Time Chamber. He knocked, and Senry opened. He said:- "You're just in time Piccolo, the boys are ready." Trunks and Goten came out of the room. Piccolo said:- "Alright, back outside." When they got to the outside of the Lookout, Senry said:- "It would be wrong of us to stay longer. We must return now. Goodbye. The Metamorans faded away.

Goten and Trunks performed the Fusion Dance. After a blinding light, a new warrior stood there. He said:- "I am Gotenks!" He powered up to Super Saiyan, and Buu said:- "Ready to die?" Gotenks said:- "After you Buu-Buu!" Buu said:- "Buu! Not Buu Buu! DIE!" He fired a Gack, but Gotenks blocked it, then punched Buu in the stomach. He kneed him into the sky, then followed up with a powerful series of punches and kicks, and ended with a Big Tree Cannon that sent Buu into the Lookout.

Buu got up, and Gotenks made a Ghost. He said:- "Super Ghost Kamikaze attack! Get 'em ghost!" The ghost ran towards Buu, who slapped it aside. As soon as he touched it, it exploded, severely injuring him. Gotenks said:- "Now it's time! The big finish!" He fired a Galactic Donut to hold Buu in place. He then started charging.

Piccolo said:- "What are you doing?" Gotenks became a Super Saiyan 3. He said:- "Tah-Dah!!!" Buu broke free of the ring, but Gotenks hit him with a Big Tree Cannon. Buu was sent over the edge of the Lookout. Gotenks flew after him. Buu split into two smaller Buu's, which attacked Gotenks from both sides. He defended against both of them, then blasted them away with a Super Explosive Wave. Buu was blasted into little pieces, which reformed back into a whole.

Buu fired a Super Gack attack, which Gotenks conquered with:- "RAPID FIRE SUPER DONUTS!" His volley of donuts sent the Gack back at Buu, and then turned him into a volleyball. He took the ball up to the lookout and said:- "Piccolo, a little help?" Gotenks hit it, and Piccolo hit it back. Gotenks rushed up, preparing to spike. He slammed Buu down, and he flew straight past the lookout and into the ground, creating a giant crater.

Gotenks created a large gold ball above his head. He said:- "This is the end of Majin Buu!" Right before he threw it, however, he split in two. Piccolo said:- "What?! Super Saiyan 3 must cut fusion time in half!"

Saike vs. Super Buu[]

Saike was sitting on the lookout. He suddenly felt a barrier in his mind break. He said:- "The spell wore off!" He transformed into a demon. He jumped off of the Lookout and to the battle scene. He saw a terrified Goten and Trunks, along with a frustrated Piccolo. Piccolo was yelling at the boys, saying:- "You should have finished him sooner! Now we're doomed!"

Saike said:- "Not quite." Piccolo said:- "Saike! You can transform!" Saike said:- "Yes, and I can also defeat Buu!" He landed on the edge of the crater. Buu floated up. He


Saike attacks Buu

said:- "Who are you?" Saike said:- "I am the demon of righteousness!" He conjured a sword, then slashed Buu into a dozed pieces. He fired a mouth blast, destroying over half of them.

Buu reformed and said:- "You'll pay for that one!" He got into position for a Mystic Ball Attack. He charged at Saike, but Saike cut him in half. Super Buu fired a Gack at Saike, sending him into the ground. Saike threw his sword at Buu, and it stabbed Buu through the chest. Saike then charged and punched Buu in the face, and proceeded to completely whoop him.

Saike fired a beam from his palm, blasting Buu into Korin's tower. Buu liquidized, then reformed as an 'O' around Saike's neck, and attempted to strangle him. Saike transformed into big Janemba, which broke Buu's hold. Saike grabbed him and started crushing him. Buu slithered out of Saike's grasp, then flew into one of the holes on Saike's chest. Saike shot blasts out of all of the holes, and one carried Buu along with it.

Saike returned to Super Janemba form. He started firing mouth blasts at Buu, who dodged them left and right. Buu eventually fired a Kamehameha back at one of the mouth blasts. Saike struggled to push it back, but he eventually overwhelmed Super Buu. Buu was all but destroyed, but he started slowly regenerating.

Saike stood there panting. Buu regenerated and was fresh as ever. Saike slashed with his tail, but Buu caught it and used it to slam Saike into the ground several times. Saike broke his grip, then fired hundreds of little beams from his sword. They made swiss cheese out of Buu, but he then reformed again.

Saike was spent, but Buu was as fresh as ever. Buu fired a Gack, which hit Saike and rocketed him into the ground. He was knocked unconscious, and reverted to ogre form.

Ultimate Gohan[]

Piccolo said:- "We're done for! Nobody can stand up to Buu now!" Trunks became a Super Saiyan, and said:- "It's not over yet. Come on, Goten!" Goten also became a Super

225px-DBZ - Mystic Gohan Vs Super Buu 000

Gohan's return

Saiyan and said:- "Right behind you!" They charged at Super Buu. He started blocking all of their attacks, then blasted them away with an explosive wave. Piccolo said:- "Boys, stop! It's too dan- Gohan?!"

Piccolo was awestruck. Gohan had appeared out of nowhere alongside Kibito. Kibito said:- "The rest is up to you Gohan." and disappeared. Gohan said:- "I won't let you guys down. Buu, I'm taking you down!" Buu said:- "Ha! You, just like the children and the monster? You will join them soon in failure!"

Gohan rushed forward. He punched Buu in the face, then kicked him into a rock. He moved behind Buu, turned, and fired a Kamehameha. Buu was blasted several hundred feet. He recovered, then fired a Gack, which Gohan deflected. Buu got into Mystic Ball position and charged, but Gohan grabbed him and threw him into the ground, before firing another Kamehameha.

Buu regenerated, then tried to punch Gohan. Gohan caught his fist, then grabbed him by the tentacle. He started swinging Buu around, and the tentacle snapped off, sending Buu flying. Buu recovered, then said:- "Alright! This has gone on long enough!" He started charging. Gohan realized what he was doing, and grabbed the boys and Piccolo and started flying away. Buu's Revenge Death Bomber created a massive shockwave that could be seen for miles around. A mile deep crater was created.

Gohan and the others flew up to the lookout, and everybody was happy to see him. He told them what Buu did, but that he would probably be back. Gohan expanded his ki. He said:- "That explosion killed Saike. He unconscious down there."


All the dead villains were disappointed with what had happened. They were all watching the fight. Recoome said:- "If he died, he must be around here somewhere!" Cell said:-





"I should be able to sense him! Why isn't he here?" Someone cut in:- "Because he isn't dead." They all turned. Vegeta stood there. He said:- "I know this monster. It would take more than that to kill him."

Babidi came from behind a rock. He said:- "Gentlemen! My cunning father has devised a plan!" Bibidi stepped into the light. He said:- "Yes... I need all of you to revolt. That will set a chain of events in motion."

Recoome said:- "Hooray! A revolt! It really breaks up the boredom!"

Meanwhile, up at the Check-In Station, Saike stood before King Yemma, who said:- "I warned you about going to the mortal world! Now look what happened!" Saike said:- "I was protecting the universe from Majin Buu!" Yemma said:- "I understand that. You will go to Heaven, unless you want to continue working here." Saike was about to say 'NO WAY', when an ogre burst in and said:- "We have a revolt in Hell!" Yemma said:- "Saike, make yourself useful and put that down, NOW!"

Saike flew down into Hell. Various villains were running amok. Saike transformed into Janemba, then started taking down villains one after another. Cell, Frieza, King Cold, Zarbon, Recoome, and many others. Vegeta was sitting alone, watching the action. Bibidi shouted out:- "Perfect! Babidi, do your stuff!" Babidi said:- "The boy isn't evil, but the demon inside of him sure is!"


Majin Janemba

Babidi started his spell. Saike didn't notice at first. Then he felt weak. His power was draining. He slowly reverted back to an ogre, as a Janemba made of smoke appeared next to him. Saike returned completely to normal. The smoke solidified, and Janemba stood there, an 'M' on his forhead.

Bibidi and Babidi used Janemba to surpass the barrier between Hell and Earth. The three of them returned to the mortal world.

Gohan vs. Buu. vs. Janemba[]

Bibidi, Babidi, and Janemba appeared at the site of Saike's death. They saw Buu regenerating. Little bits of pink goo massed together to form the legs of Buu. Babidi said:- "Where is his top half?" A voice said:- "BOO!" Babidi jumped and turned around. Super Buu's top half was floating in the air right behind him. Buu fired a Gack, but Janemba jumped in the way. He took the blast with little damage.

On the lookout, Gohan sensed the attack. He said:- "Time to finish this." Goten and Trunks said:- "We'll come too!" Piccolo said:- "No, let Gohan finish it!" Gohan jumped off of the Lookout. He saw Janemba, and said:- "Saike, you were allowed to come back." Janemba just laughed his cynical laugh. Gohan realized what had happened, and attempted to punch Janemba.

The demon blocked the punch with his tail, then kicked Gohan in the gut. Buu's two halves merged and attacked, but Janemba fired a mouth blast, sending Buu away. Gohan returned, and Janemba grabbed him in a pile-driver, then started racing towards the ground. Before they made impact, Buu fired a blast, so Janemba used Gohan as a shield, then threw him at Buu.

The two collided, and Janemba started laughing. Babidi said:- "This is going better than I ever imagined!" Janemba stabbed Buu with his tail, then hooked one of Gohan's arms with his horns. He threw them both down, then fired a massive blast down at them. Buu was blown to pieces, and Gohan was injured.

Up on the Lookout, Goten said:- "Look at him Piccolo! He needs our help!" Buu punched at Gohan, but Gohan dodged and kneed Buu in the face. He blasted Buu back towards Janemba, who created a sword and prepared to cut Buu in half. Buu dodged to the side when Janemba swund, then fired a Gack, sending Janemba into a rock formation.

Gohan said:- "Ka... me... ha... me... HA!!!!!!!!" The attack hit Buu, completely destroying the body. Buu started regenerating as smoke, and Janemba charged at Gohan, his sword raised. Gohan caught the blade as Janemba swung, then kicked the demon in the side. Janemba fired a mouth blast, but Gohan deflected it with his free hand, then fired a one-handed Kamehameha, blasting Janemba back. Gohan flipped the sword so that he had it by the hilt. Buu finished reforming, only to fall victim to dozens of slices from Gohan.

Buu was cut into more than twenty pieces. Gohan used Super Explosive Wave, and blasted the pieces away. Janemba stood and extended an arm. The sword disappeared, then reappeared in Janemba's hand. On the Lookout, Trunks said:- "We won't just sit by! FU-SION-HA!!!!" Gotenks emerged, and jumped off of the Lookout before Piccolo could even object.

Super Buu and... Gotenks?![]

Gotenks SSJ

Gotenks prepares to fight

Gotenks arrived at the fight. He said:- "I made a mistake and didn't finish you off last time Buu! I won't make that mistake again!" Buu realized the situation was turning against him. None of them could match Janemba, but now Gohan and Gotenks were a team. Super Buu looked around. He saw his tentacle on the ground, lost from his fight with Gohan. He formulated a plan in his head, and said:- "Fine. Let's fight!"

Gotenks leaped at Buu and punched him in the gut. Gohan charged and chopped him in the back of the head. Janemba attacked with his sword. He cut the tip off of the longest spike in Gotenks's hair. He said:- "You won't live to regret that!" He became a Super Saiyan 3 and attacked with full force. Janemba easily blocked his attacks, while Gohan easily beat up on Super Buu.

Gohan elbowed Buu into the ground, then came down hard on him with a foot. He finished with a mighty blast on Buu. Janemba whipped Gotenks with his tail, distracting the fusion long enough for Janemba to grab him by the Metamoran vest and use his face as a punching bag.

Buu, in a brief respite from Gohan's attacks, saw the situation. He thought he could absorb both Gotenks and Janemba, thus making him unstoppable. He started willing his tentacle to go towards where they were fighting. Gohan was about to attack, but stopped and tried to find out what Buu was doing.


Buu absorbs Gotenks

He looked at Gotenks, who was still being pummeled by Janemba. Then he saw the mass of pink rise up towards them, just as Gotenks used an explosive wave, blasting Janemba away. Just as the barrier disappeared, the pink goo washed over Gotenks, and he was pulled into Buu, transforming him.

Buu looked at his body. He said:- "I had hoped to get both of them, but this will do nicely. I think now I can fight on even ground with that demon, and easily fight Gohan." On the Sacred World of the Kais, Goku, Supreme Kai, Kibito, and Old Kai watched in horror. Goku said:- "What will they do? Our only hope is that Janemba will destroy Buu or Buu will destroy Janemba, but what then?" Old Kai said:- "I have a suggestion. Wait, no forget I said anything."

Supreme Kai said:- "What is it, Ancestor?" Old Kai said:- "I was going to suggest... Potara Earrings." Supreme Kai dangled the earing on his ear and said:- "These things? What about them?" Old Kai said:- "You take one off, and Kibito, you take one off too." They both took off an earing. Nothing happened. Old Kai said:- "Hmmm... Kibito, put your earring back on, then take your left earring off."

Kibito did as he was bidden, and he was suddenly pulled into Supreme Kai. There was a blinding light, and Goku averted his gaze. When the light faded, a new figure stood

796864-kibitokai super

Kibito hears the fusion is permanent

there. He said:- "I feel great! I feel powerful!" Old Kai said:- "Calm down. You're still no match for Majin Buu." The new Kai sat down and said:- "I guess your right." Goku said:- "Cool! Fusion! So what do I call you now?" The Kai said:- "Kibito Kai sounds good." Goku said:- "Great, but this wasn't something I couldn't already accomplish, via the Fusion Dance."

Old Kai said:- "You mean the Metamoran dance? That only lasts for 30 minutes, and its power is much lower." Goku said:- "Really? How long does this one last." Old Kai said:- "Forever." Kibito Kai said:- "What?! Forever!?" Old Kai said:- "A worthy price to pay to defeat Buu, am I correct?" He took off his earrings and gave them to Goku.

Goku said:- "This is great and all, but I'm dead, I can't get back to Earth." Old Kai thought about it for a moment, then said:- "Okay. I'll trade lives with you." Goku said:- "Really?! You can do that?" Kibito Kai said:- "No! That's blasphemous!" Old Kai said:- "Give me better options." Kibito Kai couldn't come up with any, so Goku and Old Kai traded lives, and Goku went to Earth.

New Arrivals[]

Goku used Instant Transmission to go to Earth. He appeared at the battle site. Buu was pummeling Gohan and Janemba was nowhere to be seen. Goku started going to


Goku ready to fight

assist his son, but he was struck from behind and sent flying. When he recovered, he turned and saw Janemba floating in the air and laughing. Goku became a Super Saiyan 3 and said:- "Where is Saike you monster!" He then noticed the 'M' and said:- "And where is Babidi?"

Janemba attacked, and slashed Goku's clothing. Goku, however, moved too fast for the blade to touch his skin in time. Babidi laughed and said:- "We get to destroy all of our enemies in one fell swoop!" Bibidi said:- "Ah, yes. About that." He fired a beam through Babidi's brain, permanently killing the evil wizard. Bibidi said:- "I never had any intention of killing Buu. I will take command of him again and control the universe!"

Goku tried to punch Janemba, but he couldn't lay a finger on the demon. He heard a familiar voice in his head that said:- "Goku? Can you hear me? It's King Kai!" Goku said:- "King Kai? This isn't really a good time!" King Kai said:- "No! A Friend of yours insisted on speaking with you, so here he is!" A new voice came on. "Goku, is that you?" Goku said:- "Saike? You're alright!" Saike said:- "As alright as a dead guy could be, but listen, if you resurrect me with the Dragon Balls, I can take control of Janemba again!"

Goku said:- "Can't really do that at the moment... but can you put me on with King Kai?" Saike did so, and King Kai said:- "Goku! What do you need?" Goku said:- "Tell the people on the Lookout to get the Dragon Balls and revive everyone that was killed by Babidi, Buu, or anyone affiliated with them!" King Kai said:- "On it!"

Goku saw a plane leave the tower shortly after. He turned his attention to the demon, and said:- "You're ugly!" Janemba put his guard down and yowled. Goku punched him in the face. Janemba was about to attack, but Goku said:- "You smell awful!" The cycle repeated like that for a while, while Gohan attempted to hold his own against Buu.

Gohan wasn't faring well, but he saw his father fighting Janemba. He couldn't believe his eyes. Goku was there, no halo! It gave him renewed vigor. He started fiercely counterattacking, and soon Buu was on the defensive. Gohan got in several well placed kicks, the last of which sent Buu into a rock formation. Gohan took his chance and shouted:- "Dad!" Goku sent Janemba flying, then flew to Gohan.

Gohan said:- "Dad! It's great to see you! How are you alive?" Goku said:- "We'll have time for that later! Put this earring on!" He gave the Potara to Gohan, who hesitated, but then put it on. Goku put his on as well. Nothing happened. Goku said:- "Wait, we have them on the same ear! Take it off for a second." Gohan took it off, but before he put it on the other ear, Super Buu came back.

Gohan turned his focus to Buu, who suddenly started spasming. Suddenly, Buu was wearing the same gi as Trunks. Goku said:- "Gohan! We don't need the earring anymore! His power is low enough for us to beat him!" Suddenly, they heard a shout:- "TRI-BEAM!" Tien had come to help. He blasted Janemba back, because he was charging towards Gohan and Goku. Tien said:- "Thought you could use some help!"

Goku said:- "Tien! Great to see you!" Buu said:- "I may have lost most of my power, but this isn't over yet. I'm going to destroy everything!!!!" He created a giant pink ball above his head, then threw it at the ground. Tien said:- "Goku, I've got this one! TRI-BEAM!" He poured all of the life energy he could into without killing himself. The Tri-Beam sent


Buu absorbs Gohan

the attack back at Buu. Buu shouted:- "No! No!!!" The attack hit him, and he was blown into space before the energy ball exploded. Tien passed out from the strain.

Gohan said:- "Did that finish him off?" Before Goku could answer, Janemba attacked again. Goku started fighting him, and said:- "Gohan, go up to the Lookout and make sure Dende is okay! Buu might attack whoever's up there when he recovers from that attack!" Gohan nodded and flew upward. He got to the top of the Lookout, and saw that everyone had left except for Dende and Mr. Popo.

Dende said:- "Gohan! Lookout behind you!" Super Buu punched Gohan into the Lookout. The skin on Buu's back started writhing and dropped off, landing behind one of the Lookout's towers. Gohan said:- "Alright Buu. Ready to end this for good?" Buu said:- "Of course." Suddenly, the pink goo overwhelmed Gohan, and he was absorbed.

Buu changed again. His facial structure altered, making him look more like Gohan, He was also wearing Gohan's gi. Buu said:- "This power.... it's amazing!" He fired a blast at the Lookout. Mr. Popo threw Dende over the edge, and died along with the Lookout. Buu flew down to where Goku and Janemba were fighting. Goku had the upper hand, due to his training with Saike. They both stopped fighting when they sensed Super Buu. Goku turned around, saw what Buu was wearing, and said:- "No! Gohan!"

Return of Vegeta[]

327323-250px vegeta edited thumb

Vegeta rushes towards the fight

Vegeta appeared on Earth with Baba, exactly where he was when he died. Baba said:- "Well, this is as far as I go!" And flew off. Vegeta flew at full speed in the direction of the Lookout. He realized it would take too long to get there. Then he remembered Instant Transmission, and wondered if he could still do it. He honed in on Goku's ki, then teleported.

Vegeta appeared at the base of Korin's Tower. He saw both Goku and Janemba getting knocked around by Buu. Vegeta shouted:- "Hey you pink freak! That was a dirty trick you pulled last time! I should have killed you when I had the chance!" He became a Full Power Super Saiyan 3. Goku said:- "Vegeta! He's too strong for us!" Vegeta didn't listen. He rushed up to Buu, only to get blasted back to the ground. Vegeta stood up and fired a volley of blasts, which Buu deflected. Vegeta charged again, but was kicked aside.

Goku said:- "Vegeta, put this earring on!" He didn't mention what would happen. Vegeta said:- "Why should I?" Goku said:- "It will give us the power to defeat Buu!" Vegeta said:- "I don't need the power boost that a weakling like you needs! Keep your jewelry!" He attack Buu again. He threw a few punches, which Buu dodged, then got punched in the gut and elbowed down.

Goku grabbed Vegeta before he hit the ground, then they both charged Buu. He dodged all of their attacks effortlessly. Janemba started firing beams from his sword. Goku and Vegeta dropped down to avoid them. Goku said:- "Come on Vegeta! I guarantee we can beat him with these!" Vegeta said:- "Fine!" He put the earring on. Suddenly he was getting pulled towards Goku. Vegeta said:- "What's happening? You tricked me!" They were pulled together.



Meet Vegito

There was a flash of light. Once it faded, a new warrior stood there. He said:- "It was Fusion?!" He turned to Buu and said:- "As long as you die I don't care. But I need a name... Kakarot, and Vegeta. Vegito sounds about right." He attacked Buu, punching him in the face multiple times, then kneeing him. He then grabbed Buu by the leg, pulled Buu back and punched him in the chin, then threw Buu into a rock. Buu got up and fired a Super Kamehameha. Vegito fired one too, and it easily overpowered Buu's.

180px-Ssj vegito buu

Vegito fighting Buu

Vegito said:- "Alright, level two!" He became a Super Saiyan. He attacked Buu again. He rapidly punched and kicked, and Buu couldn't even defend himself.

Janemba rejoined the battle. He slashed Buu in half, then tried to blast Vegito, only to be kicked away. He was by far the weakest in the battle now. Vegito threw Buu into a cliff, and he was pinned there. Vegito started charging. "Final.... Kamehameha!!!!" The attack blasted into the cliff. It all but destroyed Super Buu. Vegito said:- "Let's try that again." He became a Super Saiyan 3.

He decided to have his fun before killing Buu. He started pummeling Buu. The Majin couldn't even do anything. He was getting completely

Vegeto ssj3

Super Saiyan 3 Vegito

destroyed. Every couple of minutes, Janemba would attack again, only to be blown back. Eventually he started sitting the fight out. He landed next to Bibidi and awaited his chance.

Vegito cut off Buu's arm with a beam, then punched him threw the stomach. His fist came out Buu's back. Vegito used Super Explosive wave, which destroyed all of Buu except for the arm, and Buu regenerated. Vegito grabbed the tentacle and smashed Buu into the ground. He then lifted him up and punted him. He kicked so hard it snapped the tentacle off when Buu was sent flying.

Buu landed on his face and skidded several yards. Vegito fired several blasts, which Buu rolled around to avoid. Vegito said:- "Alright, this isn't even fun anymore. I'm going to count to ten, and when I'm done, I'll kill you! One!" Buu didn't know what to do. He looked around. "Two... Three." He saw Janemba and thought he could absorb him, but he was too far to get to in 10 seconds. "Four... Five..." Buu saw his tentacle on the ground. He started manipulating it. "Six... Seven..." It started moving in on Vegito. "Eight... Nine...." It expanded and started covering Vegito. He shouted: "TEN!" The goo came over him, and he put up a barrier.

Inside Buu[]

Buu's stomach

Goku and Vegeta in Buu's Stomach

They dropped into the stomach. The barrier disappeared, and Vegito immediately defused. Vegeta said:- "Why didn't you tell me that those earrings made us fuse!" Goku said:- "Cause I didn't think you would put them on!" Vegeta said:- "Whatever, as long as it's over." He took off his earring and crushed it.

Goku said:- "Vegeta? Why did you do that?" Vegeta said:- "I'll never fuse again." Goku said:- "Fine, let's just find our sons." They flew up Buu's throat and into his mouth, then into the nasal cavity. The cavity was constantly expanding and shrinking as Buu breathed. When it expanded, a membrane to the brain opened. When it shrunk, the membrane closed. They waited for it to open then flew into the brain.

They entered, and it seemed to be a dark and empty cave. Goku said:- "Let's split up and look." Vegeta nodded and ran off in one direction. Goku took the other. Vegeta wondered through the brain for a while, then heard some footsteps. He turned around and saw Gotenks. Vegeta said:- "Boys! I found you! Hurry, we need to get out of here!" Gotenks's response was to fire a blast. Vegeta jumped into the air. He realized that wasn't Gotenks, so he powered up to Super Saiyan 3. He started beating Gotenks around.

Goku walked into a large room. He saw a pod with Goten in it. Next to that was Trunks, and then Gohan. Goku walked up and was about to pull one down, but he sensed a ki


Gohan in Buu's head

behind him and turned. Gohan stood there, and Goku did a double take. He said:- "Gohan? But... you're in that pod!" Gohan attacked, and Goku started fighting back. Goku said:- "You aren't my son!" He became a Super Saiyan 3 and started fighting.

Vegeta finished off Gotenks. Then he heard a shout. He said:- "Kakarot?" He flew in the direction of the noise. He entered the pod room and saw Trunks and Goten. Then he saw Goku fighting Gohan. Vegeta was grabbed by the leg and thrown. He landed on the wall, and saw Gotenks was back. They started fighting again, but Vegeta was getting tired. Goku couldn't handle Gohan as a Super Saiyan 3, and he and Vegeta were backed into a corner.

The apparitions of Gohan and Gotenks prepared to finish them off.... but they turned to cake. Buu's mind was on his sweets now! Vegeta said:- "That was convenient. Now lets get them down." He motioned to the pods. Goku cut down Gohan and Goten; Vegeta cut down Trunks. On the outside, Buu degenerated to normal form.

Buu said:- "What happened? Why am I normal again!" He stood still and focused. He went inside his brain and saw Vegeta and Goku. Vegeta walked over to a pod with Majin Buu in it and said:- "Why is this here?" Goku said:- "I don't know. I think there may have been two Buu's at one point. Let's search his thoughts."

They looked into his mind and saw his fight with Evil Buu. Goku said:- "You should probably take him down Vegeta. It might weaken Buu." On the outside, Bibidi saw Buu standing still in his base form. He said:- "Janemba! Now's your chance! Weaken him to the point where I can take control!" Buu was about to enter his own brain, but Janemba stabbed him through the skull.

DBZ Ultra Buu

Buu bulks up

Inside the brain, Goku and Vegeta saw a massive red object slice through in front of them. Vegeta said:- "What was that?" Goku said:- "It's our way out, lets go!" They started running, but Goku looked back at Majin Buu. Vegeta said:- "What are you doing Kakarot? Come on!" Goku said:- "We can't just leave him!" He cut down Buu and grabbed the pod. They flew out the whole. They came out the side of Buu's head as he was fighting Janemba. Suddenly Buu started screaming. He started blowing smoke from his head.

Buu's muscles greatly grew and he bulked up. He disappeared in a shroud of smoke. Janemba saw Goku and Vegeta expand to regular size and attacked them. Goku became a Super Saiyan 3 and started fighting, while Vegeta went to examine Buu. He couldn't see through the smoke, but he fired a blast into it. The blast came right back at him.

Goku started pummeling Janemba, and the sky went dark. Goku said:- "The Dragon Balls!" Suddenly, the giant crater created by Buu's Revenge Death Bomber was reverted to normal. Saike, in ogre form, appeared. The Lookout was restored. All over the world, people were returning and destroyed cities were restored.

Saike saw Janemba, and shouted:- "Goku! Let me take control!"

Kid Buu![]

Saike flew up to Janemba. He started using the technique he originally used to control Janemba. Before he could complete it, however, a pink beam shot him through the

193px-Ss3 goku vs kid buu

Kid Buu attacks

chest. He fell to the ground in a pile of rocks. Dende was thrown into the rock pile by Mr. Popo and had only recently regained consciousness. He healed Saike, then shouted:- "Goku! Look out!" The smoke had cleared. Now, a smaller, scrawnier Buu stood before them.

Vegeta said:- "He got smaller... and he isn't as strong as before!" Goku said:- "Well, he's stronger than Super Buu, but not as strong as when Buu absorbed Gohan." Goku became a Super Saiyan 3. He said:- "Time to end this!" He and Buu started fighting; they were completely even.

Saike flew up to Janemba and started his technique again. He reabsorbed Janemba, then transformed. He said:- "Here I come Goku!" He joined the fight. Bibidi watched in horror. He said:- "Buu is back to his original state! This is terrible!" Kid Buu punched Goku in the face, then rapidly kicked him several times. Saike cut Buu in half, but Buu's top half blasted him back. Vegeta joined in, and as a Full Power Super Saiyan 3, started easily defeating Kid Buu.

Buu's top half regenerated, but his legs were still on the ground. Buu was still preoccupied with the fight, and he sensed Bibidi. He used Instant Transmission, causing Goku, Vegeta, and Saike to run into each other. Buu appeared in front of Bibidi. Bibidi said:- "Buu! Remember me? Your old master... Bibidi!" Buu said one word:- "Bibidi." Bibidi calmed down and said:- "You... remember?" Buu said it again, this time loudly and angrily:- "BIBIDI!!!!!" He fired a pink blast, destroying the ancient wizard.

Kid Buu turned back to his foes. He turned his legs into pink goo, which started creeping up on the trio. He planned on getting all three of them. Saike noticed at the last second, grabbed the two Saiyans, and started flying forward. The goo attached to his foot and wrenched him back, causing him to let go of Vegeta and Goku. He was completely engulfed by the goo, and absorbed by Kid Buu.

Demon Buu[]


Demon Buu

Buu changed. His skin turned from pink to red. Purple armor-like skin appeared on his chest, shoulders, and back, much like Janemba. He even got a sword. He retained his maniacal laugh. He created a Planet Burst on the tip of his sword and threw it. Vegeta deflected it into the sky, and said:- "He'll destroy the Earth! We have to lure him away!"

He and Goku used Instant Transmission and went to Supreme Kai's World. When they appeared, they saw Kibito and Old Kai staring through a crystal ball. Old Kai said:- "Where did they go?" Goku said:- "Hey Old Kai!" Old Kai jumped, then said:- "Why did you come here! Now Buu will come here also, look!" He pointed to the crystal ball, and Buu disappeared. He reappeared on a hill not 100 yards away. Old Kai picked up the Crysal Ball and said:- "Enough of this. We're leaving." He grabbed Kibito Kai and vanished.

Demon Buu attacked. Goku and Vegeta went to max power. Vegeta, as a Full Power Super Saiyan, could nearly handle him. Goku was getting thrashed around. Vegeta punched Buu a few times, then got kicked aside. Goku got a cut on the chest, then was thrown into the ground, making a crater.

Kibito Kai and Old Kai went to Earth. They appeared atop the Lookout, which is where the Z Fighters went after summoning the Dragon. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks were still tired from the fighting and being inside Buu, but Kibito Kai healed them. He then said:- "Gohan, Goku and Vegeta need your help!" Trunks said:- "Hey! We can fight too!" Kibito Kai said:- "Alright then boys, fuse!" They did as he said, becoming Gotenks. He took them to the fight, then left immediately. Gohan shouted:- "DAD!"

Gohan and Gotenks raced up to the fight. Now it was four on one, yet Buu still had the advantage. He kicked Gohan in the stomach, then grabbed Gotenks by the hair and threw him at Gohan. He kneed Goku in the face, elbowed Vegeta in the chest, then used Super Explosive Wave, sending them all flying. Goku landed next to Gohan. They stood up, and Goku said:- "Gohan, you've done the fusion dance, right?" Gohan said:- "Yes." Goku said:- "Alright. Fuse with me." They did the dance, and in a flash of light, became Gokhan.



Gokhan powered up. His hair grew like a Super Saiyan 3, but it stayed black and his aura stayed white. He attacked Demon Buu, and had a clear upper hand. Gokhan started punching and kicking Buu. He punched Buu in the stomach and his whole arm came out Buu's back. He pushed Buu of of him with his feet, then fired a Kamehameha. Buu dodged it, then Gokhan used Masenko-Kamehameha. Buu jumped aside, but Gokhan guided the blast back at him.

Demon Buu was reduced to half a torso and a head. He regenerated. Buu realized the purity of Saike was preventing him from making use of Janemba's full power. Buu spat out what looked like a purple stone. It expanded to become Saike trapped inside a pod. Buu started changing again. He landed on top of a cliff. His power started growing and he blew smoke. His power darkened the sky.

Demon buu

Buu while transforming

Now, the purest form of Janemba that Goku and Vegeta previously faced was empowering Buu. His skin darkened. He seemed to be glowing, then his skin turned black and the sky returned to normal. Demon Buu had reached a new plateau of power. Now, he was completely even with Gokhan. The two started fighting again.

Gokhan said:- "I should have killed you right away. I was saving this technique, but now I'm not even sure it will work." He charged Buu, punched him into the air, then followed up with a barrage of punches and kicks. He then punched Buu in the gut, indenting his stomach.

While his fist was in the groove he had made in Buu, he shouted:- "Demon Dragon Attack!" A Dragon Burst from his fist and through Kid Buu. This Dragon was black. It turned around and fired a huge black beam from its mouth. It hit both Gokhan and Buu, but Gokhan was uneffected, due to being pure.

Buu was seemingly destroyed. Gokhan fell to his knees from exhaustion. Gotenks had split back into Trunks and Goten during the fight. Goten said:- "Wow you beat him!" Vegeta said:- "Don't be so sure! I could survive the Dragon Fist. I'm sure Buu can too!"

Trunks said:- "But Dad, that was from Gohan and Goku!" Gokhan said:- "Vegeta's right. He's still alive." He pointed to a black smoke cloud that forming. It took the shape of Buu and solidified. It rushed forward and punched Gokhan in the face, then kicked him in the stomach a few times. During the beating, Gokhan diffused.

Demon Buu 2

Demon Buu

Vegeta said:- "No! Don't wear off yet!" Buu laughed and beat his chest. He used his tentacle to bind Goku and Gohan together. They were immobilized while Buu created a massive black energy ball above his head. Saike jumped in front of the blast. He transformed. Buu held most of Janemba's power, but it elevated Saike to about Super Saiyan 2. He cut the ball in half with his sword, and the halves split and went both directions, creating two huge explosions.

Saike attempted to regain the part of Janemba inside Buu. He started the technique, but Buu punched him in the face. Vegeta joined the fight while Goten and Trunks freed Goku and Gohan from their bind. Buu was thrashing Saike and Vegeta around. Goku and Gohan joined the fight. Saike stopped fighting and attempted his technique while Buu was distracted. It started to work. Buu broke one of Vegeta's arms and knocked him into a greater. He elbowed Gohan in the gut, then piledrived him into the ground. He fired a mouth blast at Goku.

Saike then completed the ritual. He pulled Janemba out of Buu, yet Buu retained the pure evil parts that Saike couldn't control. As a result, Saike was back to his former strength, but Kid Buu was still stronger than he should have been. Saike attacked. Gohan joined in, but Goku and Vegeta were unconscious. Trunks and Goten became Super Saiyan 2, and joined in. Gohan and Saike could almost match Buu, but Trunks and Goten just got in the way.

Down on the ground, Vegeta crawled with one arm towards the unconscious Goku. He shook Goku awake and said:- "Kakarot! There's no way we can defeat this monster... unless you use the Spirit Bomb." Goku said:- "The Spirit Bomb? Do you really think that could work?" Vegeta said:- "It will work if you take the energy of everybody on Earth!" Goku said:- "Okay... I'll try." He flew up to a plateau. He put his arms up and started taking energy from Supreme Kai's World.

Then he said:- "I need a way to communicate with everyone on Earth." King Kai spoke telepathically to Goku and said:- "That is my specialty. Just say what you need to say!" Vegeta stood up. He said:- "People of Earth! You may be wondering how you are all alive, and what happened to Majin Buu!" People all over the world looked around in shock. Vegeta continued:- "The answer, is that we are still fighting Majin Buu in a faraway place, and we need your help to defeat him! I ask you, put your hands in the air!" Everyone that knew Vegeta put their hands up.

Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 3 and put his good arm up. Gohan distanced himself from Buu before putting his arms up. Saike held Buu off. Goten and Trunks gave energy, as did everyone on the Lookout. Vegeta said:- "No! We need more!" Goku said:- "King Kai, let me talk to them!" King Kai said:- "You're on Goku!" Goku said:- "People of Earth! I need your energy to defeat Majin Buu! The fate of the universe is in your hands!" Everyone that Goku had helped throughout his entire life then gave some energy. On the Lookout, Old Kai said:- "I have an idea. I'm returning to our world." Kibito Kai said:- "Wait!" But Old Kai disappeared. He appeared at the battlefield, and used the same


Goku's Spirit Bomb

magic that makes a crystal ball and made an opposite, it showed people what was happening.

He activated it, and said to the people of Earth:- "Everyone close your eyes!" They did so and saw the fight. This affirmed that they were fighting Majin Buu. The whole Earth put their hands up. Goku's Spirit Bomb reached maximum power. Saike flew away from Majin Buu, and Goku threw the attack.

Kid Buu put his arms out in front of him and started holding the attack off. He then started pushing it back towards Goku. Vegeta said:- "No! It wasn't strong enough!" Saike said:- "It isn't over!" He fired a beam from his sword that cut Buu's arms off, allowing the Spirit Bomb to


Majin Buu is finally killed

make contact. Goku said:- "I hope you come back someday, as a good guy. I would love to fight you again. See ya later!" He detonated the attack. Majin Buu was finally dead.

Generation Saga[]

Tough Training[]

Three years after Buu's defeat, everyone was completely adjusted to peace. Gohan stopped training and settled down, and his power decreased as a result. Goku kept training Goten, and Vegeta kept training Trunks. Goku mastered the Full-Power Super Saiyan 3 over time. They trained with Saike and Majin Buu every now and then also.

One day, Goten and Goku were training. Goku was distracted, because he could sense Majin Buu's reincarnation slowly gaining strength as he grew older. Goten didn't notice; he was easily beating Goku due to his father's absentmindedness. Goku eventually came to and said:- "Alright son, let's take it to the next level!"

Meanwhile, a spaceship landed on planet Obrech. The hatch opened, and Vegeta and Trunks came out. Vegeta said:- "This planet's gravity is 200x that of Earth. In addition to


Trunks hears about the training

that, it is slowly getting pulled into a black hole at the center of this solar system. The sun of this planet collapsed, and now this planet's temperature can reach mere degrees away from absolute zero."

Trunks said:- "Okay.... so why did you bring me here?" Vegeta said:- "I faced similar conditions to become a Super Saiyan. This will mold you into a stronger warrior. Keep in mind that there are some grubs in the ice that thrive in extreme temperatures. They will be your food supply for the next month or so. As for water, half this planet is ice. It shouldn't be too hard."

Trunks said:- "Alright, I train then?" Vegeta nodded and said:- "This planet will be swallowed by the black hole in about a month and a half. I plan on picking you up before then."

Super Nameks[]

Lord Slug looked down at New Namek from his ship. He said:- "There's no wish from Porunga preventing me from going here!" A Namek next to him said:- "They were fools for



banishing us. If we were there, Namek would never have been destroyed." Slug said:- "Well, Konch, they'll live to regret all of their past mistakes soon enough. After we scour the planet of all life, we will get a wish from Porunga."

Konch said:- "What if the Grand Elder died? He was ancient?" Slug said:- "They would have made a new set of Dragon Balls. By the way, when you find the current Grand Elder, spare his life." Konch said:- "You don't need to tell me that." Slug walked to the back section of the command bridge. He looked out the window at a giant armada of ships behind him. Slug said:- "These fools have been looking for a leader ever since their commander died."

Konch laughed and said:- "It required a little demonstration of force first. And who was their previous leader? Some weakling?" Slug said:- "His name was Frieza. He was the one that destroyed the original Namek." Konch said:- "How fitting." The main ship landed on the surface of the planet. The armada sent drop ships that left thousands of troops on the surface. Slug shouted:- "Kill every Namekian you see, but spare the old ones!"

One of the men said:- "You mean like you sir?" Konch laughed, but Slug got angry. He said:- "Disrespectful little whelp! Why do you think we even came here!" He fired a finger beam, which killed the soldier." Konch said:- "What are you looking at! You have a mission!" All the men took off in every direction. Slug said:- "Let's find the Grand Elder, shall we?"

They followed the largest cluster of powers; the largest village. When they were about half a mile away, with the village in sight, Slug said:- "Stop." Konch halted and said:- "You sense that?" Slug said:- "There's something down there." He fired a beam down at the ground, creating a massive crater and kicking up copious amounts of dust. At the village, Moori and several others saw the cloud of dust and took of towards it.

The dust cleared, and Konch and Slug looked down into a large chasm with somebody at the bottom. Konch said:- "Not as innocent as they like to pretend, eh? Got a body stashed in the dirt." Slug said:- "His power level is insane. Greater than any one of these Nameks." Konch and Slug dropped into the chasm and landed next to the body. Slug said:- "He's in a coma. I wonder how long he's been down here."

They heard a voice:- "You insane fool! Get away from him!" Slug looked up. Moori was at the top of the pit. Slug said:- "You look old, but not ancient. You weren't alive before the cataclysm were you?" Moori said:- "What? You were alive before that? Did you know Guru, or Kotas?" Slug said:- "Guru, creator of the Dragon Balls. Kotas. 'Strongest' of


Moori and the villagers

all the Nameks?"

Moori said:- "You do know them!" Slug and Konch rose to the top of the chasm, and the full force of their evil energy washed over the Nameks. Moori said:- "Wait! I know who you are! Survivors of the great disaster, yet evil. The Guru told your story. You are Super Namekians!"

Slug bowed and said:- "Our reputation proceeds us." He blasted Moori in the chest. One of the Nameks with him said:- "Elder! The Dragon Balls will disappear!" Slug said:- "He's the Grand Elder?! Konch, you know what to do!" Konch leaped across the gap and healed Moori. Moori said:- "You... you can heal?" Konch said:- "It used to be a common talent amongst our people. Now I see that your blood is tainted."

Slug said:- "Maybe we should create the new Namekian race after we're done with these rats! Now, about the body..." Moori said:- "He is a Super Saiyan. A lunatic who lives to destroy. Do not wake him. Not even a Super Namek could defeat him!" Slug said:- "Konch, revive him." Konch jumped into the pit. He extended his arms and started pouring out his energy. Konch said:- "They were right. This guy's really strong. This may take a while."

Slug said:- "Okay. Elder, give me the Dragon Balls and our race will be saved." Moori said:- "You're making a mistake! There's no salvation in you or that demon you're awakening! Run my brothers!" They all took off. Slug laughed and shouted:- "In due time!" There was a flash of green light. Konch rose from the pit and said:- "What have we done!"


Broly as a Super Saiyan 3

Tattered and bloody, beaten and bruised, Broly rose from the pit. Thanks to spending so much time near death, his power had greatly increased. He started shouting:- "HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" His energy was increasing. He got more than 50x stronger. His hair started growing down. He had become a Super Saiyan 3. Slug said:- "We have brought an end to this race, but it will be reborn!" They went back to the ship.

They sent out probes to check the mission's progress. The soldiers had destroyed six villages and were bringing back six Dragon Balls. A group was headed towards the last village, which was Moori's. Slug suddenly felt foreboding. Broly was nowhere to be found. He could easily kill Moori or any of the soldiers. Slug may have made a mistake. He sent a message to the captain of the group converging on Moori's village, saying:- "Keep the old one alive!!!"

After about ten minutes, the village was destroyed. All the inhabitants were dead, and Moori and the Dragon Ball were being taken to the ship. Other groups of soldiers started arriving. They all brought the old Namekians as hostages. Moori hadn't arrived yet. Six Dragon Balls were piled into a group. Slug surveyed the old Nameks, and said:- "I don't need them, I already found the one I was looking for. Execute them." The soldiers followed orders.

At that moment, Moori was brought into the ship, along with the seventh Dragon Ball. Slug said:- "And just like that, you are the last Namek alive." He brought the Dragon Balls outside and called Porunga. He wished that he and Konch had eternal youth for the first two. For the third, he wished that they could reproduce without aging. The Dragon Balls rose up and scattered. Slug slowly started regressing, as did Konch. They were soon in their prime.


Slug's Youth is restored

Slug turned to Moori and said:- "Say goodbye to the current breed, and say hello to a new generation!" He prepared to kill Moori, but the elder said:- "You haven't succeeded. There are two Namekians left... on Earth!" He had full confidence that Slug would meet his end on Earth. Slug said:- "Thank you for the information. I wouldn't want to do a sloppy job. This will not go unrewarded. You now get to herald in a new generation."

He bulked up. He opened his mouth as much as he could, and slowly spat out a large egg. The egg hatched, and a Namek emerged. He wasn't a mutant offspring, but he was larger than most Namekians. He was also overly muscular. He stood up and looked around. Slug said:- "I'll call you Shear. Now, kill him." He pointed to Moori. Shear leapt forward. He extended one finger, and drove it through Moori's stomach. He then let loose a small blast, incinerating the elder.

Trunks vs. Shear[]

In the moments before his death, Moori was communicating with Dende. He told him all that had happened, and the short time it happened in. He warned Dende of Slug, but mostly of Broly. Dende immediately called Goku and Vegeta to the Lookout and told them what happened. When he finished, Goku said:- "Hey Vegeta, what do you say to going to New Namek to fight this Broly guy?" Vegeta said:- "The Legendary Super Saiyan? We'll see who really deserves that title!" Dende said:- "Alright then, it's settled. When you're done, I'll wish back everyone on New Namek."

Goku and Vegeta went to Capsule Corp. and went to the ship garage. Before they went into the ship, Vegeta said:- "Wait. I have to get Trunks first. Who knows how long this will take." He used Instant Transmission and went to Obrech. About half an hour earlier, a ship landed on Obrech. Trunks saw it land, and he waited with anticipation as the hatch opened. From inside came several armored aliens, one of which said:- "Good. I'm starving!" They started digging grubs out of the ground.

Suddenly, what looked like an escape pod crashed into the ground. A hatch on the side opened, and a voice said:- "No breaks! We continue towards Earth!" The men said:- "Yes sir!" And ran back to the ship. Trunks wondered who could easily command those men, so he flew down to the pod. He landed in front of the door, and said:- "What? Piccolo?" A Namek exited and said:- "Are you talking to me?" Trunks said:- "Wait... did you get more muscular?"

Super Saiyan Kid Trunks

Super Saiyan Trunks

The Namekian said:- "I am not the one you call Piccolo. I am Shear!" Trunks said:- "Okay... so what do you want?" Shear laughed and attacked. He started punching Trunks rapidly, beating the boy down. Trunks recovered and blasted Shear back with an Explosive Wave. He said:- "Alright! You'll get it now!" He became a Super Saiyan.

He rushed forward and started punching Shear, then he fired a blast from one hand. Shear was sent flying into a mountain. He recovered, and fired a Mouth Blast at Trunks, which blasted him into the sky. Shear followed up with a barrage of attacks, finishing by elbowing Trunks onto the ground. He created a giant energy ball on the tip of his finger and threw it down. Trunks stood up and shouted:- "Big Tree Cannon!" He fired the attack straight into the energy ball. They stood deadlocked for a few minutes.

Shear eventually said:- "I'm done with this!" He started charging energy and slowly pushed the attack towards Trunks. Suddenly the planet started shaking and the ground itself was being ripped upwards. Trunks said:- "The black hole!" Suddenly, Vegeta appeared next to him and said:- "No!" He bolstered Trunks' Big Tree Cannon, turning it into a Final Flash and sending it back at Shear. The Namek was knocked unconscious by the blast. Vegeta teleported with Trunks to the nearest planet because he didn't have time to focus on Earth.

The looked at the planet as it got sucked into the black hole. Vegeta said:- "Well, he's dead now. Let's go." He took Trunks back to Earth. He explained what happened, then told Goku he saw a Namekian on Obrech. Goku said:- "We should hurry then. Let's go." They got into the ship and took off. Trunks said:- "Okay..." He raised his voice:- "Mom! I'm going to Goten's house!" He took off.

The Invasion of Earth[]

After Goku and Vegeta left, Trunks and Goten started training with Piccolo at the Lookout. Dende stood alert for any sign of Slug or Konch. Piccolo was amazed to discover that both Trunks and Goten could become Super Saiyan 2. It took all of his strength to hold them off. One day, about a week after Goku and Vegeta left, Dende shouted:- "They're here!" Piccolo, who was exhausted, said:- "Heal us!" Dende restored them to full strength, and they awaited the arrival of their foes.

All over the world, a surprise news report told everyone about large ships coming down from space at every major city. Majin Buu (and Mr. Satan) went to Satan City, Trunks and Goten went to West City, Gohan and Videl, in their Saiyaman disguises, took East City, Krillin and Android 18 went to South, and Tien and Chiaotzu took North. Piccolo stayed at the Lookout. Yamcha went to Central City with Puar. He stood outside the ship in a crowd of people. The ship's hatch opened. Yamcha prepared for the fight. Several soldiers exited the ship.

Frieza Soldier by dbzataricommunity

A basic soldier

The one in the lead said:- "We come in peace!" All of the soldiers fired their blasters into the air, creating fireworks-like explosions. The people cheered. Yamcha said:- "You can't buy this for a second! Seriously!" Nobody listened to him, and he didn't want to attack without good reason, so he waited.

Up on the Lookout, a large drop ship touched down. From inside came Konch and Slug. Slug looked at Dende and Piccolo, then said:- "Looks like getting rid of the old breed will be easier than expected. The two last survivors are just waiting for us!" Piccolo said:- "Okay, let's see what you've got!" Konch said:- "Not quite. We've decided on a demonstration. Say hello... to the new Namekian race!" They both started coughing out eggs over the edge of the Lookout and letting them drop.

They each dropped about thirty eggs in less than ten seconds. Piccolo said:- "You're insane! They can't stand up to us!" Suddenly, around 60 bulky Namekians rose up all around the Lookout. Slug said:- "Meet your new cousins!" Piccolo said:- "Dende, run!" Slug said:- "I don't think so!" All the newborn Nameks fired eye lasers, but Piccolo jumped in front of Dende and put up a barrier. He said:- "Slug, why would you kill Dende! You could become immortal!" Slug shouted:- "Stop!" They all stopped firing. Slug said:- "Dragonballs... here? Three more wishes! Excellent!"

Konch said:- "Alright children, you know what to do!" The Namekians scattered. Mr. Popo pulled Dende into the Lookout, and Piccolo threw off his weights. He said:- "One more thing. You can never get the Dragonballs!" He charged forward and started beating Slug up. About ten miles south of the Lookout, a soldier saw some Namekians fly overhead, and he gave the order over his scouter:- "It's time!" In all major cities, the soldiers started firing on the masses.

The Namekians scoured the globe, eradicating villages with mouth and eye beams. They were incredibly efficient. At the Lookout, Konch had joined the fight. Piccolo sensed Konch was slightly stronger, stronger even than a Super Saiyan, while Slug would be on par with Super Saiyan. Piccolo was still stronger. He was stronger than a Super Saiyan 2. Konch and Slug had no chance.

Back at Central City, the soldiers began firing on the crowd. They scattered, but the soldiers started blasting at the buildings too. It took Yamcha a moment to register what

Dragon ball majin buu

Fat Buu in Satan City

happened, but then he shouted:- "Wolf-Fang Fist!" He rushed one of the soldiers, who's scouter lit up. He said:- "What?! 2 Million?" Yamcha punched the soldier into the ship, then started firing blasts, which killed most of the soldiers.

In Satan City, the soldiers fired their first volley, killing dozens. Mr. Satan was hit, but not killed. Buu said:- "Hercule?" He healed his friend, then turned to the soldiers and said:- "You no hurt Hercule!!!" One of the soldiers said:- "Shouldn't you be on the bottom of somebody's shoe, bubblegum?" His scouter went off. He got a brief reading of 800 Billion before his scouter exploded. He said:- "Nobody is that strong!" He fired his blaster, which created a hole in Buu's stomach and knocked him over.

The soldier said:- "I knew it was a malfunction!" Buu got up and regenerated. He said:- "Turn to candy!!!!" In one beam, all of the soldiers were candy. In all the cities, the soldiers were defeated, but massive civilian casualties could not be avoided. Everyone started flying to the Lookout after they defeated the soldiers, except for Buu and Hercule.

They went back to Hercule's mansion. After about ten minutes of 'peace', a duo of Namekians showed up. They followed the massive power trail Buu left behind straight to Mr. Satan's house. They knocked on the door, and a butler answered. One of the two killed him and they entered the house. They entered Satan's gym, where Buu sat in the corner and Hercule trained.

The first Namekian said:- "You fat pink oaf, prepare to die!" He fired a blast, but Buu sent it back, and it injured the Namekian. The second said:- "Fine, we surrender! But... do you have a rice cooker by any chance?" Hercule said:- "Sure... in the kitchen." He took them through several hallways and into a giant kitchen. Hercule searched through some cabinets, then said:- "Ah, here it is!" He put it on the table.

One Namekian opened it while Mr. Satan said:- "It's always good to convert some people to the side of goodness, right Buu?" The second Namekian said:- "We are born with all the knowledge of our father. Our father extensively studied the history of this planet before our arrival, and stumbled across something interesting." Hercule said:- "Really? What?" The Namekian shouted out:- "Evil Containment Wave!" The beam sucked Buu into the rice cooker, and the other Namekian shoved the lid onto it. Hercule said:- "Buu? Where'd he go?"

The Namekian that used the technique fell to the ground. The other walked over to him and extended his arm. They fused. He stood up, took the rice cooker, and took off through the roof. Hercule said:- "B-Buu? Where'd ya go?"

Tien and Chiaotzu had killed all of the soldiers in North City with minor civilian casualties. Tien said:- "You think we should go help the others?" Chiaotzu said:- "Let's go."


Chiaotzu prepares to fire his Dodon Ray

They were about to take off, but a giant explosion caught their attention. They flew towards it and saw two Namekians destroying buildings and killing people. Tien said:- "HEY!!!" He charged forward. The Namekian jumped, then kicked Tien onto the ground. He fired a finger beam at Chiaotzu, sending him into a building. Tien pushed the Namekian off of him, and shouted:- "TRI-BEAM!!!!" He destroyed all but the head, but the Namekian regenerated.

Tien said:- "Who are you, and why are you attacking us?" The Namekian said:- "Call me Shear. I'm the son of Lord Slug, and this is the newest addition to his empire!" A yellow beam fired from some rubble and caught Shear off guard. He quickly recovered and said:- "You'll need more than that. Earlier, I was pulled into a black hole, which warped my very being, and giving me more dark energy!!!" He created a giant purple and black energy ball on his palm and fired it a Chiaotzu.

Tien shouted:- "NOOOO!!!!!" He jumped in the way of the blast. He created a barrier around himself, then charged forward. He forced the blast into the sky, but it detonated before he could get away from it, and he was killed. Chiaotzu said:- "No! Tien!" Shear said:- "You next, little man!" He charged, but was kicked aside.

Shear landed in some rubble, and got up. He looked at his assailant, who said:- "Justice has come, demon, in the form of.... THE GREAT SAIYAMAN!!!" He struck a pose. Shear said:- "What are you, a ballerina?" Saiyaman said:- "You'll regret that one!" He kneed Shear in the stomach, then fired a beam from his finger that hit Shear in the stomach and came out his back.

In West City, Goten and Trunks were fighting with two Namekians each. They were both Super Saiyans, but they were quickly tiring. Goten said:- "Trunks, why don't we use fusion? We could easily beat these guys!" Trunks said:- "Okay, sure!" They powered down to base form, then jumped away from the Namekians. They performed the fusion



dance:- "Fu... sion.... HA!!!!"

Gotenks appeared in a flash. He said:- "Here comes the hero of justice!" A namekian said:- "One less brat to deal with, eh? Good for us!" He attacked, but was instantly killed by Gotenks. The other three attacked, and Gotenks started effortlessly pounding them.

Super Konch[]

Slug lay on the Lookout, exhausted and battered. He was effortlessly thrashed by Piccolo, who said:- "This is your greatest mistake. You should never have come here!" Konch said:- "You sure are tough Piccolo, but you're making a mistake." Piccolo said:- "No, I don't think so." Konch said:- "Yes, you are a Super Namek, like us!"

Piccolo said:- "I've far surpassed both of you. I should get my own title." Konch walked over to Slug. Slug said:- "Heal me... please!" Konch said:- "Sure thing, buddy." He extended his arm, as if to heal, but suddenly fused with Slug. Piccolo said:- "What?! Impossible!" Konch said:- "This should do." He turned to Piccolo. Piccolo attacked, but Konch was faster. He punched Piccolo in the face, then grabbed him by the leg and slammed him into the ground. He flipped into the air and stomped onto Piccolo. Konch fired his eye lasers, but Piccolo rolled out of the way.

Piccolo got up and fired a Light Grenade. It rocketed Konch off of the Lookout and into the distance before it exploded. Konch was slightly bloodied, but he flew back into the fray. He said:- "Time for my ultimate technique!" He extended his arm and punched Piccolo in the face, sending him flying. Konch shot his arm further and wrapped it around Piccolo's neck like a noose. He tightened, then threw Piccolo, and finished with a powerful mouth blast.

The mouth blast knocked Piccolo out. Slowly, he fell. He crashed into the ground. Konch landed next to him and said:- "My power is breaching any limit previously thought reachable." He extended his arm and said:- "Embrace your heritage, Piccolo the Super Namek." He fused. Konch was now more powerful than any Namek prior to him. He sensed the tremendous ki of Gotenks, so flew off towards the city.

Gotenks had just killed the Namekians he was fighting. He said:- "Wow, twenty-five minutes left! This is great!" He stopped as he felt a tremendous power. It drew closer and closer. The power soon came into view, and Gotenks relaxed. He said:- "Hey Piccolo. Have you gotten stronger?" Konch said:- "I am not Piccolo, but Piccolo is me." Gotenks said:- "... What?" Konch said:- "I have fused with Piccolo. His wisdom and power are now mine to command." Gotenks said:- "What?! Give him back, or I'll make you!" Konch said:- "Try."

85494-ssj3 gotenks

SSJ3 Gotenks

Gotenks became Super Saiyan 3. He said:- "Okay I will!" He attacked, but was too slow. Konch extended his arms and looped them around two buildings. He pulled them in on Gotenks, crushing him beneath rubble. Konch then fired a giant energy beam into the rubble, creating a massive crater. Gotenks rose from the crater, bloody and bruised. He said:- "Hey! Take this you meanie! Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack!"

He created a ghost. Konch said:- "I know all about that move, thanks to Piccolo. I also know that it won't get me without some encouragement from you." Gotenks said:- "You can do it ghost!" He put his hand up for a high-five, and when he realized what he was doing it was too late. The ghost high-fived him back, causing it to explode.

Gotenks was bloody and his vest was torn. He said:- "No fair! I didn't want to use this yet, but I guess I have to. I call it... Super Saiyan Elevendee-Jillion!" He started charging his energy. His hair remained the same, but he got more muscular. Konch, with the knowledge of Piccolo, said:- "Ascended Super Saiyan 3, just like your fathers." Gotenks said:- "Yup, and you're going down!" He attacked.

The Legendary Super Saiyan 3[]

Goku and Vegeta exited the ship. They landed near the only sign of civilization they could find: what looked like a base of some sort, but in ruins. Goku said:- "This isn't Namekian architecture." Suddenly, a rubble pile shifted, and a soldier that was missing his legs crawled out. Goku said:- "Who are you and what did you do to this place?" The soldier said:- "I am Lieutenant Shippai of the Super Namek empire. And what I did to this place... well, I oversaw its construction, about two days ago."

Vegeta said:- "If it was built two days ago, why does it look like this? And where are all the Nameks?" Shippai said:- "Me and my men scoured the surface of the world. We Btook no prisoners. Lord Slug took the bulk of our forces the day after that and left for a place called Earth. He left me in charge. We had our service drones construct this

SSJ3 Broly v2 by dskemmanuel

Broly's new power

base, which we used as a base for up to about an hour ago."

Goku said:- "And...?" Shippai continued:- "When we were scouring the planet, Lord Slug released a demon. This demon destroyed this base about an hour ago. I am the only survivor, but I'm guessing that will change." Goku said:- "What do you mean?" Blood dripped from Shippai's mouth and his eyes rolled back into his head. He collapsed, dead.

Vegeta said:- "Okay, so it was probably the Legendary Super Saiyan who did this." Goku said:- "I agree, but I can't sense anything." Suddenly, the ground started shaking. A volcano erupted in the distance. A few large explosions burst from the ground. They formed a chain, and were headed towards Goku and Vegeta. Before the blasts made contact, there was an even larger explosion, and Broly burst from the ground, a Super Saiyan 3.

Broly shouted:- "KAKAROT!!!!!" Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 3. He said:- "Not Kakarot. Vegeta!" Goku noticed a gold tail protruding from Broly's lower back. Goku said:- "Hey, I've never seen a Super Saiyan with a tail before!" Vegeta said:- "That's great. Examine it when he's dead!" Vegeta attacked. Broly, despite being quite large, nimbly danced around Vegeta's attacks.

He then fired a Double Eraser Cannon that knocking Vegeta into a mountain. Goku became a Super Saiyan 3 and said:- "Not just Legendary Super Saiyan. Legendary Super Saiyan 3!" Goku attacked, and Broly shouted:- "Kakarot!" He punched Goku in the face, then grabbed him by the arm, kneed him in the stomach, then threw him in the air. Vegeta recovered and charged. He was elbowed on the top of the head by Broly.

His vision went white. He fell to the ground, then recovered. He stood up and blasted Broly, killing him. Vegeta heard Goku say:- "Vegeta? Vegeta?! Are you okay?!" Vegeta woke up. Blood was pouring down his face from the top of his head. Goku was struggling to avoid Broly's attacks. Vegeta groaned and said:- "A hallucination? Maybe I got a concussion." He tried to step forward, then stumbled and fell.

Goku said:- "No! I think his brain was damaged with that one!" Broly said:- "He needed to rest, so we could settle this one on one!" Goku said:- "Settle what? I've never even met you!" Broly shouted:- "Kakarot!!!!" He attacked again. Goku powered up to Full-Power Super Saiyan 3. He and Broly were evenly matched. He started punching Broly in the face. He realized Broly had several past wounds, and he was clearly insane.

Goku fired a Kamehameha, attempting to direct Broly into one of the two suns. Broly was sent into space. He was thrown towards the sun, but rolled off the blast. The


Golden Great Ape Broly

Kamehameha destroyed the sun, bringing darkness to the planet. Broly floated in space, unable to breath. He floated around, and saw the moon. From space, he could see it in full. His eyes turned red. He lost even more control than usual as he started growing. Hair sprouted from all over his body. He grew into a Great Ape.

Broly fell back down to the planet just as Goku gave Vegeta a sensu bean. He crashed into the ground, and Goku said:- "What was that?" Vegeta said:- "This can't be possible! Kakarot, don't you sense it? He still had a tail!" Broly rose up from the crater his impact made. He roared and fired a mouth beam at Goku and Vegeta, but they jumped aside.

They both powered back to Super Saiyan 3 and attacked. Broly couldn't control himself, but he was still easily fighting Goku and Vegeta. He punched Goku into a rock formation and slammed Vegeta onto the ground. He fired several mouth blasts that destroyed the countryside. Goku stood up, and Broly tried to step on him, leaving Goku to try and hold Broly's foot up.

Vegeta created a Kienzan and threw it at Broly's tail, forcing Broly to jump, thus freeing Goku. Goku said:- "Alright! This could be the only option!" He charged himself to full power. He said:- "Super Kaio-ken!" His golden aura changed to red. The combination of Super Saiyan 3 and Kaio-ken put immense strain on his body. He shouted:- "Kaio-ken... times 100 Kamehameha!!!!" He fired a red blast with gold lightning around it. It hit Broly square in the chest and sent the ape flying. He smashed threw several mountains and then was pushed up into the sky. Goku detonated the blast.

As soon as he finished, he reverted to base form and collapsed. Vegeta said:- "Kakarot, what were you thinking?" Goku said:- "Well, I figured his power was about 100 times that of a Super Saiyan 3, so I used Kaio-ken x100 to damage him." Vegeta said:- "You should have gone higher! Equal isn't enough to win! We need greater!" Goku said:- "Any greater might have destroyed me." Vegeta said:- "You could have been wished back! Now it might be too late for both of us!"

Times Up[]

ASSJ3 Gotenks was tiring out. He was originally on even footing with Konch, but he was starting to slip. Konch took advantage of this and started punching Gotenks. He fired a blast that shot Gotenks in the air, then flew up and elbowed him down, before finishing with a volley of blasts. Gotenks lay in a crater, injured and bloody. He stood up and said:- "That's all? Come on!" Before he could do anything, he split back into Goten and Trunks.

Goten said:- "Well, this isn't good." Trunks said:- "Uh... you think?" Konch said:- "So, your fusion wore off? Too bad for you it isn't permanent, like mine!" Goten said:- "Liar!

Happy Gohan

Gohan arrives

Piccolo, we're getting you out of there!" A voice behind them said:- "What?! Piccolo is in there?" They turned around. Gohan stood there. He said:- "Sorry I'm late. I ran home to get out of my Saiyaman clothes. I've decided to represent our family, Goten." Goten said:- "Hurray!!!" Trunks said:- "Will you be quiet? Look at him!"

He pointed up at Konch who had been charging his energy while they were talking. Gohan said:- "Alright, give up Piccolo, or else!" Konch didn't respond. He kept charging and he started shouting:- "HAAAAAAA!!!!" He started to grow. His body expanded past its normal size, until he had become giant. Gohan said:- "This is actually good for us." Goten said:- "How?" Gohan replied:- "Two reasons. One, dad told me that when they grow their power doesn't increase, they just become a bigger target. Two, if Piccolo is somewhere inside there, we can get him out!" Goten said:- "Okay! Let's go!"

Goten became a Super Saiyan 2. Trunks said:- "Go, I'll catch up!" He started charging. Gohan and Goten charged. Gohan punched Konch in the stomach and came out his back. Goten flew into the hole before it resealed. Konch said:- "Where did that little one go?" Gohan said:- "Pay attention! He's right behind you!" Konch spun around, and Gohan punched him on the back of the head, knocking Konch over. Trunks finished charging. His full

Kid Trunks SSJ3 by hsvhrt

Super Saiyan 3 Trunks

power caused Gohan to turn around, and he was grabbed by Konch. Trunks said:- "Put my friend down!"

Konch said:- "Trunks, you can become a Super Saiyan 3?" Trunks said:- "Well, I didn't know until now if I could, but now that I can, you're done for!" He charged forward, and with a karate chop, cut off the arm that was holding Gohan. Konch said:- "Nice try kid!" He regrew his arm then extended it towards Gohan and Trunks. Gohan fired a Kamehameha that sent it back. Konch said:- "Keep struggling! It's more fun for me!"

He stopped suddenly and gagged, as if something were caught in his throat. He doubled up and started coughing, and, with a shout, Goten leaped out of his mouth. Goten said:- "There was nothing in there!" Konch said:- "Inside of me?! You thought you could get Piccolo from inside of me? You must be insane!"

Goten landed next to Trunks and said:- "Cool! You're just like the fusion! I wonder if I could do that!" He started charging. Trunks said:- "Go

SS3 Goten by dbzataricommunity

Super Saiyan 3 Goten

ahead and try Goten. I'd say it would take you about a year to get to my lev-" He stopped short. Goten too had become a Super Saiyan 3.

Gohan said:- "Wow, that's amazing! We can for sure beat this guy now! Let's get him!" They charged forward. Konch swatted Goten to the ground. He fired a mouth beam at Trunks, then grabbed Gohan and started crushing him.

Gohan shouted:- "AAAAHHH!!! Piccolo!" Konch's eyes widened. He released Gohan and let him drop to the ground. Konch shouted:- "I can't do that to you Gohan!" He relapsed and said:- "How did you get down there!?" He started crushing Gohan with his foot. He reverted to how he was before and said:- "No! I'm not part of you!" Konch shrunk back to normal size. The bones in Gohan's lower body were crushed.

Konch screamed, then regurgitated Piccolo. Goten said:- "Piccolo! You're free!" Piccolo said:- "Let's end this. Boys, he isn't as strong as you are as Super Saiyan 3!" Trunks said:- "He's right! Let's get him!" Trunks rushed forward, but was blasted aside by a dark energy ball. Shear was standing on top of a building. Trunks said:- "Hey! My dad killed you!" Shear said:- "He only made me stronger, you fool!" Konch said:- "Shear! You survived!" Shear said:- "Yes, and I am more powerful than you or Slug could ever hope of being!"

Konch approached him and said:- "I'm glad to hear that." He reached out, grabbed Shear, and fused. As soon as he finished, Konch said:- "This... this dark power... I've never felt anything like it!" Piccolo said:- "It will be the last thing you ever feel!"

True Super Saiyan[]

Goku and Vegeta were so injured, it was incredible they were still conscious. They were thrashed around by Broly, but before he finished them, a platoon of Slug's soldiers came down in drop ships, responding to a distress signal sent by the first victims of Broly. He was smashing the ships around, and Goku said:- "Vegeta, do you still have a stub of a tail?" Vegeta said:- "Yes, it's less than an inch long, but it's there." Goku said:- "Okay, that's all I need." He raised his voice:- "Kibito Kai! Kibito Kai! Are you there?" Kibito Kai appeared via Instant Transmission. He said:- "I have been watching your fight. What is it you need?"

Base gogeta

Gogeta returns

Goku said:- "I need you to heal Vegeta's tail." Kibito Kai said:- "Well, I guess that could work... let me give it a shot. Vegeta cut a tail-sized hole on the back of his gi, revealing a small stump of a tail. Kibito Kai started healing, and withing about ten seconds, it had grown back. Goku said:- "All right! It worked!" Kibito Kai said:- "Want me to get yours back too?" Goku said:- "Sorry, but Kami removed mine completely. I don't even have a stub left." Kibito Kai said:- "At least let me heal you." He healed Goku back to full strength, then left.

Goku said:- "Let's fuse now Vegeta." Vegeta looked like he would say no, but then he glanced at Broly and nodded. They performed the fusion dance, becoming Gogeta. He now had a tail. He said:- "Let's see if I can still do this...." He became a Super Saiyan, then started charging a ball of blutz waves on his palm, before throwing it into the sky and expanding it.

Gogeta Gold Oozaru by Gokuten

Golden Great Ape Gogeta

His eyes turned red, and he grew into a Golden Great Ape. He lost control of himself immediately. Broly destroyed the last of the ships, then turned and saw Gogeta. He let out a roar, then charged. He and Gogeta grappled. Gogeta threw Broly onto the ground, then used a mouth blast. Broly recovered and used a Super Explosive Wave, sending Gogeta into the air.

Broly started firing Energy Beams from his mouth. Gogeta took minor damage, and countered with an energy blast of his own. Broly was rocketed into the ground. Gogeta flew down and started punching him.

War on Earth[]

The Namek carrying the rice cooker stopped as he sensed a powerful blitz of energy. Konch was growing stronger, yet he had no clear peak. His energy rose and fall uncontrollably. The Namekian flew off at top speed.

Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, and Gohan watched as Konch tested his new power. He created a black hole, then punched threw it. His fist appeared from nowhere and hit Trunks, who said:- "Hey! Cut that out!" He charged forward, attacking with all his might.

Konch was holding his own with relative ease. Trunks quickly tired out, due to the energy output of Super Saiyan 3. Piccolo said:- "Trunks, cut it out! Leave it to Gohan!" Trunks flew back, and Gohan said:- "Don't worry. I'll let you guys finish him off." He stepped forward and said:- "I feel bad for you. You have so much potential, but you're wasting it. You can still change sides, like Piccolo."

Konch said:- "My potential is wasted? You're the one with so much raw power about to be thrown away. Now stop babbling. I grow bored, and this planet's time grows short." Gohan nodded, and in the blink of an eye was in front of Konch.

He punched, but Konch had already moved. He appeared behind Gohan and punched him, sending the boy flying. Konch extended his arm and grabbed Gohan by the leg, then threw him into the air. Konch flew up past Gohan, then fired a mouth blast that rocketed Gohan into the ground, creating a crater.

Piccolo said:- "Gohan!" He ran to try and help, but Konch blocked his way and said:- "You are a traitor to our kind, Piccolo the Super Namek. You should have stayed with me, and ruled the universe as part of the greatest being ever!" He attacked, and started punching and kicking Piccolo. Gohan rose from the crater and said:- "Look out Piccolo!" He fired a golden blast. Konch threw Piccolo into it, then fired a blast of his own back at Gohan, who redirected his beam so he wouldn't hit his mentor, and didn't see the attack.

He was driven back into the dirt. Goten said:- "Trunks, do you think we can fuse again?" Trunks said:- "I don't know. I don't have a watch. Let's try." They performed the fusion dance:- "FU... SION... HA!!!!!" And emerged as Gotenks. They instantly powered to max: Ascended Super Saiyan 3. By this point, the Namek with the rice cooker arrived. He saw the fight, and dropped the rice cooker in shock.

When it hit the ground it broke, releasing Buu. He said:- "Where am I?" Gohan, who was climbing from the

Fat Buu2

Buu prepares to attack

crater said:- "Buu! That guy over there, he would hurt Mr. Satan if he got the chance!" Steam blew from Buu's head as he said:- "Nobody touches Mr. Satan!" He attacked Konch, distracting him from Piccolo. Gotenks jumped in also.

Konch hardly broke a sweat against Buu, then Gotenks joined in, heating things up a little. Finally, Gohan rejoined, and Konch was fighting as hard as he could to hold his ground against the three of them.

Gohan kneed Konch, sending him flying.

Gotenks fired a blast at him, sending him flying straight for Buu, who opened a hole in his stomach and trapped Konch in it, then started pummeling him. Konch used Explosive Wave and blasted Buu into pieces. Gotenks said:- "I've saved this technique for a time like this!!!!" He created a gold energy ball in his hands, then said:- "Hero Time!" He threw the ball at Konch, who jumped aside. Gotenks appeared behind him and kicked him into the air.

He then flew up and spiked Konch into the ground, and said:- "It's time for a smack down!" He flew down and started pummeling Konch, then extended his arms and fired a giant gold beam. It blasted Konch through the ground, but he was forced into an underground cavern and rolled off the blast, which continued out the other side of the Earth.

Ape Est Absentis[]

Broly blasted Gogeta off of him. He lumbered out of the pit, then started rampaging, destroying everything in sight. Gogeta stood up, beat his chest, and fired an energy ball from his mouth. Broly jumped over it, then charged at Gogeta. Gogeta dove downwards, and Broly blindly reached out and grabbed his tail as a handhold. He wrenched, pulling the tail off. Gogeta almost instantly shrunk back to normal size.

Broly started beating his chest triumphantly. Gogeta said:- "I'm still faster!" He created several mirror images and circled around Broly, going for the tail. Broly looked around for a second, then jumped and tried to smash Gogeta with his foot, correctly guessing which was real. Gogeta held up his foot, but couldn't throw Broly off of him, so he darted aside. He threw a kienzan, which Broly dodged, then attempted another rush at the tail.

Broly swung downwards with his fist, apparently trying to crush him. Gogeta leaped aside, then started rapidly


Vegeta's desperate strike

ascending. Broly followed, then Gogeta suddenly darted down, faster than Broly could see. He dove between the ape's legs and reached for the tail, but before he could grab it, he split into two.

Broly noticed at this point, and easily hit the two Saiyans away. Goku slammed into the ground, and Vegeta spiraled through the air, then recovered and fired a blast at Broly, which hit to no avail.

Goku stood up and powered to Super Saiyan, and said:- "Vegeta! We aren't going to last much longer! Maybe we should go to Earth for help!" Vegeta said:- "A true warrior doesn't ask for help! Have you forgotten your heritage, Kakarot!?"

He powered up to Super Saiyan and said:- "They can attack this freak all they want after we die a hero's death! But no weak half-breeds or Namekians will help me!" He attacked again. He fired a blast, which didn't do anything. Goku jumped around Broly and reached for the tail but Broly spun around, turning his back to Vegeta, who took his chance and grabbed the tail, and started pulling with all his might.

Soon, he heard a bone-shattering crack, and the tail ripped off. Broly downsized to his regular Super Saiyan 3 self, and said:- "Kakarot! You've been getting it easy up 'til now!" He ran forward and punched Goku in the stomach.

Vegeta said:- "Hey freak! I am your prince, and I command you to surrender!" Broly said:- "You are not fit to be prince." He punched Vegeta in the face and said:- "... Your majesty..." Goku said:- "I can't believe I didn't think of this before! King Kai, can you here me?"

"Yes, Goku, as always." Came the reply. Goku said:- "Tell Saike to come here now!" There was silence for a second, then King Kai said:- "Done. He'll be there. Anything else?" "No." Saike appeared via Instant Transmission. He said:- "This is your problem? You must be going soft." Goku said:- "I need you to go to Earth, get our friends, and bring them here. Together, we can beat this guy!" Saike said:- "Okay, I'll be back soon.

Clash of Demons[]

Saike appeared at Earth, where he sensed all the clustered power levels. He saw the wasted city, and an intense fight going on. He saw his friends grappling with a Namek who seemed to match all of them. Saike said:- "What's going on here?" Gohan said:- "Saike! We need to kill this guy!" Saike said:- "I've heard enough!" He transformed into Janemba and drew his sword.

He attacked Konch, and with the combined efforts of the Z Fighters, he was losing ground. He looked around for any possible advantage, and saw the Namek who brought Majin Buu. Konch flew up and fused with him, gaining a small power boost. He turned and rejoined the fight. Immediately, he lost an arm from Saike. Gohan blasted him, sending him flying. Buu grabbed wrapped his tentacle like a noose around Konch's neck, and slammed him on the ground. Gotenks, Gohan, Piccolo, Saike, and Majin Buu all lined up in the sky, and fired blasts down on him.


Buu uses Chocolate Beam

Konch stood up, jumped to the left, then fired a blast at Piccolo, knocking him out of the line. Konch then rushed forward and kicked Gohan in the face. Saike slashed his chest, fired a beam. Konch dodged, regrew his lost arm, and extended it out. He grabbed Gotenks and swung him back at Saike, knocking them both to the ground.

Buu fired his candy beam, but accidentally hit a recovering Gohan. Buu said:- "Oopsies!" He turned Gohan back to normal. Konch tried to punch Saike, but Saike teleported around Konch, then lunged with his sword. Konch caught the blade between two fingers and broke it. Gohan fired a blast that sent Konch flying. Piccolo got up and fired a Hellzone Grenade volley that surrounded Konch, then pulled them together, injuring his foe.

Saike fired a mouth blast, and Konch lost two fingers trying to deflect it. Saike made a knew sword, charged forward, and stabbed Konch through the chest. Konch fell to the ground, and staggered to his feet before quickly falling over again. He coughed up some purple blood, then pulled the sword out of his chest. Suddenly, Gohan jumped down and stomped Konch onto the ground with his foot.

Gotenks fired a Die-Die Missile barrage, which almost knocked Konch out cold. Saike prepared a finishing move, but Piccolo said:- "Wait. Let me finish it." He flew down to Konch and said:- "Any last words?" Konch spat blood and said:- "See you in hell, traitor." Piccolo said:- "I'm afraid you won't make it that far!" He extended his arm and fused with Konch.

Piccolo stood up. He felt new power coursing within him, and said:- "This must be what Goku or Vegeta feel like as a Super Saiyan 3... this is incredible!" Gohan said:- "Your energy seems to be constantly rising and falling. It's impossible to read." Saike said:- "Hey, I know you're all tired after a good fight, but Goku and Vegeta are in dire need of assistance."

Piccolo said:- "Okay. I want to test my new strength." They all took hold of Saike and he took them to New Namek.

Super Saiyan... 4?![]

While the battle on Earth raged, Goku and Vegeta were barely holding back Broly. They could only manage to maintain Super Saiyan 2, and they were getting badly injured. Goku flew at Broly, but Broly kicked him in the stomach. He then grabbed Goku and threw him onto the ground, then turned and fired a green blast at an incoming Vegeta.

Goku slammed into the ground. He reverted to base form due to his injuries, and said:- "Vegeta! Give me some of your power!" Vegeta said:- "Why would I help you Kakarot? If anything, you should give me your energy! I am royalty!"

Vegeta charged up all of his remaining power and went Super Saiyan 3. He charged and punched Broly in the


Vegeta attacks

face, then fired a massive blue blast from his palm. Broly was sent flying back, and he smashed into a cliff. The cliff collapsed as Broly burst out of it, and he charged forward and punched Vegeta, knocking him away.

Broly then pursued, and grabbed Vegeta by the shoulders. He threw Vegeta up in the air, then rushed up and spiked him down, before firing a blast. Goku used Instant Transmission and appeared in front of it, and, as a Super Saiyan 3, he deflected the attack. He said:- "Vegeta, if you're going to be stubborn in a time like this, then I won't argue with you. Here." He extended an arm, and suddenly his energy started pouring into Vegeta.

Goku gave all the energy he could, until he was no longer a Super Saiyan and on the verge off blacking out. Broly started charging a blast in his hand, and Vegeta said:- "Kakarot look out!" He threw his comrade out of

Screenshotsdbzmovie8 555

Broly's blast

the way as a giant blast struck the ground, creating a giant explosion the engulfed Vegeta.

The smoke cleared, and Vegeta stood there, apparently unharmed. His aura had gone so bright he was hard to look at. He still retained his long Super Saiyan 3 hair. His muscles had bulged slightly. He said:- "I have done it. I am a Super Saiyan 4!"

He charged at Broly, and the two got in an epic struggle, just as Saike reappeared with the others. Goku said:- "Took your time, didn't you Saike?" Saike replied:- "There was a bit off a scuffle on Earth. But that doesn't matter. We're here now, and Piccolo is itching to fight."

Goku said blankly:- "Piccolo?" Piccolo stepped forward and said:- "Broly? It looks like Vegeta is giving him a run for his money." Goku said:- "Yeah, but I doubt he can keep that up. If Fusion didn't work, how could this?" Goku was unfortunately right. After a few minutes of fierce fighting, Vegeta tired out, and Broly regained the upper hand. He launched a flurry of strikes, and knocked Vegeta out. However, he wasn't done there. He began charging a powerful blast, extended his arm, and put an end the Saiyan Prince for a final time.

The Final Struggle[]

Everyone was shocked. Vegeta, one of their best chances for success, had died. Goku said:- "Alright. We're going to end this without any more loss, and I know how. He flew up onto a plateau, put his arms up, and said:- "Give me your energy all of you, and with this spirit bomb I can easily defeat him!" Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Buu, and Saike gave their energy, and almost instantly created a giant spirit bomb.

Goku said:- "I don't think this is enough. Hold him off while I gather all the spare energy across the globe!" Piccolo said:- "With pleasure." He charged Broly and landed a few punches, then fired a blast. Broly knocked back, but quickly recovered and clotheslined Piccolo, knocking him onto his back. Goten and Trunks fused and began their assault, but Broly easily defended against their attacks. Saike swung with his sword, but only succeeded in trimming Broly's hair down a little.

Gohan fired a blast, but Broly deflected it, then charged Gohan. They started fighting. Gohan rapidly punched Broly in the chest, but it hardly caused harm. Broly grabbed his arm and broke it, then slammed Gohan on the ground, where he grabbed his arm and screamed in pain. Gotenks fired his Die-Die missiles, but Broly ignored them and rushed forward. He reached out to grab Gotenks, but Saike slashed at his arms, causing Broly to withdraw. Saike then fired a mouth blast then sent Broly through a cliff before he recovered and came back for more.

Saike used Lightning Shower Rain, and the little blasts seemed to anger Broly even further. He started running forward, and Piccolo got up and fired a Light Grenade. Broly blocked, causing it to cause only minimal damage. Gohan used his good arm and fired the most powerful blast he could manage. Broly turned and tried to hold it back, so Gotenks took his chance and fired a Big-Tree Cannon at Broly's back, pinning the Saiyan between two blasts. There was a giant explosion, and Broly stood there, injured and bloody.

Up on the plateau, Goku said:- "I don't think I'm going to get much more, so this will have to do." He prepared to throw the spirit bomb, but Broly noticed. He moved a light speed and appeared in front of Goku, then kneed him in the gut. Goku lost most of the energy as he fell off the plateau. Piccolo flew over to Goku.

Goku said:- "Piccolo... you have to take this energy... take it... and use it to beat him!" Piccolo took his hand and took the power. He gasped when he felt the magnitude of it, then said:- "I won't fail you." Broly then jumped down from the cliff and landed on Goku's chest, ending the life of another noble Saiyan. Piccolo said:- "You... you monster!" He attacked Broly with all his might, and thanks to the power of the Spirit Bomb, he was doing some damage.

Majin Buu ran up and fired a Super Kamehameha at Broly, distracting him long enough for Piccolo to focus all of his remaining energy into his raised palms. The dark energy Piccolo gained from Konch fused with the spirit bomb, turning it black. Piccolo threw it as Broly turned. He extended his arms to try and stop it, but it was no use... The spirit bomb blasted down into a crater before detonating, killing Broly once and for all.

Piccolo stood there panting. He said:- "Let's go to Earth and undo all this harm."

The Final Wish[]

On Earth, the Dragon Balls were quickly gathered and taken to the Lookout. They called forth Shenron, who said:- "I shall grant you two wishes." Piccolo said:- "I wish for-" He was cut off by a gravelly voice that said:- "I wish for Konch to be revived!" They all turned to see a 3rd Generation Namekian standing there. Shenron said:- "I cannot grant that, for Konch has not died!"

Piccolo said:- "You are misguided. You don't want to be subservient to anyone, so why don't you abandon your evil ways and pursue other passions." The Namek said:- "...You're very wise. Why are you not the Grand Elder?" Piccolo laughed and said:- "Get out of here." The Namekian flew off.

Piccolo turned back to Shenron and said:- "I wish all the damage caused by Broly, Konch, or Konch's men was undone." Shenron said:- "It is done. But there are two I did not revive. They chose to stay behind." Piccolo nodded and said:- "I understand. I have no more wishes for you." Shenron said:- "Farewell." The Dragon Balls scattered.

A voice came from the sky. It was Goku, saying:- "I've cheated death long enough. I think it's time I just accept my fate, and leave the defense of Earth up to you guys." Vegeta joined in and said:- "Yes. Sometimes, people just need to stay dead."