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Piccolo fighting Frieza on Namek

Frieza, in his second form, was about to crush the young Gohan. Vegeta and Krillin watched, unable to help. Suddenly, in a flash of light, Piccolo arrived! Vegeta said:- "I remember him. We killed him back on Earth! He was weak. You wasted your wish on him?!" Piccolo replied:- "Listen, we can settle this, you and me, and soon as we defeat this guy..."

After Planet Namek's destruction, Vegeta boasted:- "Haha, Kakarot's dead!" This drove Gohan into a rage. He ended up being knocked unconscious by Vegeta, and he was barely saved by Piccolo. This is where our story begins.

Super Saiyan Saga[]

Vegeta's Attack[]

"Alright Vegeta, stop attacking the kid. Let's settle this, you and me!" said Piccolo. Vegeta replied:- "Fine Namekian, I promised you a fight while we were on Namek, so a fight you get!" Piccolo didn't say a word. He just rushed forward, kneeing Vegeta in the chest and pinning him to the side of a


Piccolo pinning Vegeta to a mountain.


Piccolo kicked, aiming for Vegeta's face, but kicked the side of the mountain. Vegeta used the Afterimage Technique!. Piccolo turned around and saw three Vegetas, before getting kicked upwards from beneath. Vegeta said:- "Quadruple afterimage, what do you think?" Piccolo stopped himself in mid-air and launched a destructive wave at Vegeta. Vegeta launched a Galick Gun back at it. Vegeta had a clear upper hand, and the massive ball of ki in the center of the struggle drew closer and closer to Piccolo. Just then, Gohan gained consciousness. He saw Piccolo's struggle, and raced towards Vegeta. He raised his hands above his head and shouted:- "MASENKO-HAAA!!!!!!!" Vegeta saw it coming and used his left hand to deflect the blast, at the cost of losing the beam struggle. He was hit with the full force of a Galick Gun and Destructive Wave.

Vegeta, now severely injured, hit the ground. At first he appeared to be unconscious, but, slowly, he rose. He looked up and yelled:- "That was a dirty trick, double teaming me like that, and I will see to it that both of you die TODAY!!!!" He fully extended both arms in front of himself, and used much of his remaining ki in forming a blast. "FINAL BURST CANNON!!!!" The tremendous blast hit Piccolo dead on. He was thrown through the air, trapped in a ball of ki, which then exploded. The smoke cleared, and Piccolo was nowhere to be seen. Vegeta laughed triumphantly. He said:- "Now that he's dead, I can get revenge on the brat for that cheap-shot." He turned, and his jaw dropped. An injured Piccolo was being supported by Gohan. "Please Mr. Piccolo, don't die! Then our whole trip to Namek would have been in vain! Please don't die!" Gohan was literally crying these words out. Vegeta said:- "What?! If he could have survived that, I must have lossed more energy than I realized in that beam struggle!" Piccolo smiled at Gohan and said:- "Don't worry kid, it will take more than that to finish me off." He staggered forward. "But that doesn't mean we should take these injuries lightly. If I don't get a senzu bean, I might really die. Gohan, you have to fly to Korin Tower and get a Senzu Bean!" Gohan dried his tears and tried to sound calm. He said:- "Don't worry Mr. Piccolo, I'll get you one."


Vegeta attacks Gohan

He started to fly off, but Vegeta shot a barrage of blasts all around him. He said:- "You're not going anywhere until this fight is over!" Gohan burst into a rage. He flew full force at Vegeta and headbutted him in the chest, cracking his armor. Vegeta was stunned by the blow, and Gohan took the opportunity to land a flurry of quick and strong punches to Vegeta's stomach. Gohan kicked blindly forward, and Vegeta was sent flying. Vegeta stopped himself. He yelled at Gohan:- "You are going to pay dearly for shedding royal blood you half-breed filth!" He rushed forward. Gohan blinked and Vegeta was gone. "HA!" Vegeta hit him from behind. Gohan started to fall, and Vegeta moved with lightning speed underneath him and kicked him back up. When Gohan reached the peak of his ascent, Vegeta spiked him down. Gohan was left unconscious in a decent-sized crater on the ground.

Vegeta taunted:- "Not so strong without daddy or the green freak to help you, huh boy?" Vegeta started flying away. "I wonder how long it will take Kakarot to return. He definitely won't be happy about this. And there's no way I can match a Super Saiyan. Unless...I became a Super Saiyan! Perhaps I could find a way to steal these Earthling's Dragonballs and wish for the power to defeat Kakarot! But wait, the Namekian! If he dies the Dragonballs will be useless!" Vegeta flew down to Piccolo, grabbed his arm, and started flying. Vegeta didn't know how he would heal Piccolo. The people of Earth were too primitive for healing pods. Then he remembered something Piccolo said:- Gohan, fly to Korin Tower and get a Senzu Bean! Vegeta laughed. All he needed to do was find Korin Tower, which shouldn't be too difficult.

Revival of the Z Fighters[]

Tien, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu looked around in amazement. They were alive again! Tien said:- "So, Yamcha, Chiaotzu. Goku is a Super Saiyan now. That means we all have to


Yamcha and Tien, newly revived.

train much harder than we did with King Kai in order to pass him. Yamcha, feel free to do whatever you want. As for me and you, Chiaotzu, lets find somewhere we can be alone to train." Yamcha said:- "Fine by me Tien. I guess this is goodbye. I'm going to somewhere relaxing to train. Maybe a tropical island. Get a good look guys! Next time you see me, I'll be stronger than Goku!" Yamcha flew south, toward the tropics. Tien and Chiaotzu headed north, looking for solitude.

Yamcha soon found a nice, deserted island. All he could hear were the waves and tropical creatures in the forest. Yamcha ran around the whole island a couple of times. He said:- "It's a nice size. I can train here without trashing the whole island!" He found a large rock. "Wolf-Fang Fist!" He broke the rock into thousands of little pieces. "Good, but I need to be better!" Suddenly, he felt a tremendous power headed his way.

Vegeta flew towards the island. Piccolo was weighing him down and he was slower than usual. He sensed a higher-than-average power level, and he knew it was one of the earthlings. He landed on the beach, right in front of Yamcha. Yamcha said:- "Uh, Vegeta? What are you doing here? And what happened to Piccolo?" Vegeta noted with satisfaction the fear in Yamcha's voice. Vegeta replied:- "Piccolo was attacked by a... a... a dinosaur." Yamcha was skeptical. "A dinosaur? Piccolo, who could challenge Frieza, was taken down by a dinosaur?!" Vegeta said:- "It took him by surprise. He has happy to be back on Earth, and it came up behind him. Luckily I was there to save him. He told to get him a senzu bean from a place called 'Korin Tower'. He passed out before he could tell me where it is. I'm sure you know." Yamcha didn't quite buy it, but he was too afraid of Vegeta to say anything. He gave Vegeta the location, and Vegeta flew off. Yamcha watched him go. "Phew, that was weird. Vegeta is acting kind of odd. I wonder what really happened to Piccolo."

Vegeta's Revenge on Yajirobe[]


Vegeta arrives at Korin Tower

Vegeta flew to Korin Tower. Korin was facing away from him on the other side of the tower, looking over the edge. Korin didn't turn when, but he said to Vegeta:- "I sensed you coming. Why did you attack Piccolo?"

Vegeta said:- "He brought it on himself. That's not why I'm here. Give me two senzu beans or I'll throw you off this tower, furball."

Korin cringed at the thought. "Fine, fine, no need for that. YAJIROBE! BRING SENZUS!!"

Yajirobe came up from one of the lower levels.

He was complaining, as usual. "You can't just order me around like that, I"m not your slave, stupid ca- WHOAHHH!" He screamed when he saw Vegeta.

Vegeta laughed. "The most pathetic of the Earthlings. I still haven't forgotten you cut off my tail." He took a step towards Yajirobe. Yajirobe took a step back. His back touched the rail on the edge of the tower. Vegeta took another step closer. Yajirobe was as far back as he could be without falling. He reached into his pouch and through a dozen senzu beans at Vegeta.

He said:- "There, you have your stupid beans! Leave me alone man!" Vegeta, took another step back. Yajirobe drew his sword. "Look Vegeta, I'm warning you!" He swung his sword. Vegeta caught it and snapped it between his fingers.

"Thanks for the beans. Goodbye." He turned around. Yajirobe breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, Vegeta turned around and blew Yajirobe over the edge with his ki.


Dead Yajirobe at the base of Korin Tower

Vegeta laughed and ate a bean. He didn't give Piccolo the other just yet. He flew to a cave on a nearby mountain. He fed the bean to Piccolo. The Namekian awoke. He saw Vegeta, and jumped into his fighting stance.

"Don't even bother. I beat you while I was injured, and my wounds nearly doubled my power. You're an insect to me," sneered Vegeta. Piccolo said:-

"What do you want?" Vegeta replied:-

"I want you to tell me where to find the Dragon Balls." Piccolo remained silent.

Vegeta laughed. "I'm going to enjoy this."

He punched Piccolo in the stomach, and his fist came out Piccolo's back. He withdrew his arm. "Ready to talk?"

Piccolo coughed up blood. "Never." His stomach regenerated.

After hours of torture, Vegeta decided Piccolo wouldn't give any information. He broke Piccolo's arms and legs, and flew off. Piccolo used his eye lazers to de-limb himself, and he regenerated. His torture and regeneration drained his energy. He couldn't fight Vegeta, in his current state or at full power. He decided to find and hide at least one Dragon Ball so Vegeta couldn't get all 7. Piccolo left the cave, and started flying towards West City, hoping to get the Dragon Ball Radar from Bulma. Little did he know Vegeta was following him.

Fight for the Dragon Radar[]

Piccolo found Gohan, barely conscious, in the crater where Vegeta left him. Piccolo said:- "Gohan, you okay to fly?" Gohan said:- "Yes, I'm okay Mr. Piccolo, why?" Piccolo


Gohan senses Vegeta

replied:- "We need to get the Dragon Radar from Bulma so we can prevent Vegeta from getting all 7 Dragon Balls." The Dragon Radar! Vegeta couldn't believe what he heard. Piccolo and Gohan flew off, with Vegeta flying as fast as he could without his power spiking. When they were above the outskirts of West City, Vegeta was growing very impatient. He increased his speed and ki output.

Immediatly after he did that Gohan turned around. Piccolo asked:- "What is it Gohan?" Gohan said:- "I'm not quit sure... It felt like Vegeta was right behind us, but then he just disappeared." Piccolo shrugged it off. "We're almost there. Let's keep going." They soon arrive at Capsule Corporation. Piccolo waits outside while Gohan enters, Gohan approaches Bulma. She says:- "Hey Gohan, what are you doing here?" Gohan replies:- "Vegeta is after the Dragon Balls, and me and Mr. Piccolo want the Dragon Radar so we can find them before he does." Bulma says:- "Oh, he's up to that again is he? Okay, let me go get the radar." She goes upstairs, and returns with the radar. She gives it to Gohan and they walk outside.

"Well, see ya," she says. Piccolo says:- "Good Gohan, you got it! Let's go right away, Vegeta might have one for all we know." "For all you know, I could have been following you this whole time," came a voice. Piccolo, Gohan, and Bulma look up to see Vegeta floating there. "Now, I'll be taking that radar." He lands on the ground in front of Gohan and extends his arm. Gohan is just staring at him in shock. Piccolo shouts:- "Gohan, no!" He extends his arm and pulls the radar out of Gohan's grasp. Vegeta turns to Piccolo and says:- "Just because I need you alive to get my wish won't stop me of beating you within an inch of your life!" He rushes forward, punching Piccolo in the face.


Gohan prepares his Masenko

Piccolo reels backwards and falls over, K.O'd. Vegeta laughs and takes the Dragon Radar. He says:- "Ha! Too easy!" Gohan recovers from his shock at seeing Vegeta and rushes forward. He throws a punch, which Vegeta is barely able to block. Vegeta says:- "How did you get so much stronger! Wait, I left you near death! Well your power increase is great, but it's not nearly enough to beat me. And, unlike your friend here, I have no problem with killing you!"

He punches Gohan through the wall of Capsule Corp. He is about to destroy the building with a ki blast when Bulma runs up and grabs his arm. She says:- "You're not going to destroy everything my family has worked for!" He throws her aside, and starts charging his blast, but Gohan has already recovered, and starts charging his Masenko. He fires it, and Vegeta expects to easily deflect it, but then he hears:- "Destructive Wave!" He turns and deflects Piccolo's more powerful attack, and takes the full force of Gohan's Masenko. Vegeta is dazed, and Piccolo grabs the Dragon Radar from Vegeta's grasp. He starts flying away, and as Vegeta starts to pursue, Gohan rushes forward and unleashes all of his ki, unintentionally creating a super explosive wave.

Vegeta, now injured, fires a Finger Galick Gun at the shoulder of Piccolo's arm with the Radar in it, and severs the limb. Before it can even hit the ground, Vegeta grabs the radar and starts to fly away. Piccolo is too weak to regenerate, and Gohan wasted all of his energy with a super explosive wave, so it looked like he would get away. Suddenly they heard:- "WOLF FANG FIST" Yamcha attacked from behind a skyscraper, knocking Vegeta out of the sky. Yamcha grabs the radar and shouts:- "Piccolo, come on, hurry!" Piccolo, still one-armed, flies towards Yamcha, but is kicked aside by a now angry Vegeta. Vegeta turns his sights on Yamcha and says:- "You Earth trash, sneaking up on me like that. All you Earthlings are the same. Weak cowards resorting to lowly tricks." He punches Yamcha in the gut and takes the radar. Vegeta says:- "If any of you try to follow me, I'll kill you!" and flies away at top speed.

Race for the Dragonballs[]

Vegeta flew full speed out of the city. Once he left its limits, he stopped and turned around. He says to himself:- "This should do enough damaga to destroy all of the


Vegeta preparing to destroy West City

Earthlings in this city. He extended both of his arms in front of him and fired a devastating blast down on the city. Piccolo, still with one arm, saw it coming, and tried to protect the entire city with a barrier, but he could only cover a few blocks. He said:- "If only I were at full strength! I could easily protect this city!" There was a bright flash of light and a loud explosion. When all the smoke cleared, the part of the city Piccolo saved was in the middle of a giant crater.

Vegeta then flew off at full speed in the direction of the first Dragon Ball. Piccolo was shouting. "Gohan! You have to go after him! I'll catch up you have to hurry!" Gohan took a step back, then said:- "Y-yes Mr. Piccolo." Yamcha said:- "Don't worry, I'll go with you!" Yamcha and Gohan flew after Vegeta. Piccolo said to Bulma:- "How long would it take you to make another Radar?" She replied:- "I don't know, a few hours?" Piccolo regenerates his arm, and says:- "Well get to work. I'll be by to pick it up at six o'clock tonight." He gathered some ki, and flew after Gohan.


Piccolo regenerates

After about ten minutes of flying, Vegeta landed in a swamp. He followed the radar towards a thick pool of sludge. The Dragon Radar said the ball was right in front of him. He took a deep breath, and reached into the sludge. He felt around for a few minutes, occasionally pulling up a rock. After a while he pulled his arm out of the pool, and kicked a nearby tree in frustration. The Dragon Ball fell out of its branches. Vegeta sighed. "Of course." He picked it up and flew off after the next one.

About twenty minutes later, Yamcha and Gohan touched down in the swamp. They looked around, and found a tree with a clear foot imprint on it. Yamcha said:- "Yep, Vegeta was definitely here." They took off again. Meanwhile, Krillin, who had heard about the destruction of West City on Master Roshi's TV, was flying to the site. When he got there, he saw that out of the few standing buildings, Capsule Corp. was still standing. He went inside. Bulma was working on a new Dragon Radar. Krillin said:- "Hey Bulma, what happened here?." Bulma replied:- "It was Vegeta. He took the Dragon Radar and destroyed the city. Piccolo barely managed to save this small block." Krillin was schocked. "V-Vegeta?! Are you sure? it wasn't a... a meteor or something?" Bulma said:- "No, it was definitely Vegeta. Gohan, Yamcha and Piccolo are after them. You could probably catch up, if you hurry." Why me? was the thought in Krillin's head as he took off.

After an hour of flying, Vegeta landed in a mountain area. He was near the Dragon Ball. He sensed two moderately sized ki signatures about a mile away, but getting closer. Sevel dozens of miles away, he sensed his pursuers. He wandered around a little, following the radar, which led him to a cave. He went inside. The dim radar was the only light inside, but Vegeta still found the Dragon Ball, at the bottom of an underground pool. When he exited the cave, he saw Tien and Chiaotzu standing there. Tien spoke first:- "Vegeta, what are you doing here? What happened to West City? I felt all of those small ki signatures fade in the blink of an eye." Vegeta laughed and said:- "I only wish you were there too, so my blast would have taken care of yet another pest."

Dragon Ball Z Tien 4

Tien prepares to use Tri-Beam against Vegeta

Tien was devastated. He said:- "I... I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!" He ran forward with lightning speed, striking Vegeta in the stomach. Chiaotzu said:- "Tien wait for me!" He lifted a giant rock and threw it at Vegeta. Vegeta punched through it, and rushed at Chiaotzu. Tien was busy charging his Tri-Beam. Vegeta grabbed Chiaotzu by the one hair on his head and pummeled him like a punching bad. Chiaotzu froze Vegeta to the spot with his psychic abilities, and flew a few feet away. "TRI-BEAM!!" Tien launched the attack, with enough power to knock Vegeta off his feet. Vegeta got up and said:- "You're going to pay for that one." He grabbed Chiaotzu and rushed towards Tien. At the last second, he let go of Chiaotzu and sent him flying into Tien. They both fell to the ground. Before they could recover, Vegeta fired a powerful Galick Gun at them. Tien got up. "SUPER DODON RAY!" He shot the blast from his palm instead of fingertip. It exploded on impact with Vegeta's Galick Gun, sending all three of them flying. Tien recovered first. He said:- "Here's my chance! GALICK GUN!" Tien's variation of the attack was blue, and it wasn't as large, but it was still devastating. Vegeta took it head on. Tien said:- "I can use any technique I see. Your attacks are no exeption." Vegeta looked at Tien, but slowly turned his attention to Chiaotzu. Vegeta said:- "What would be worse for you, death, or seeing your best friend die!" Tien said:- "No! Chiaotzu!" In a flash, Vegeta was in front of Chiaotzu. He extended his arm and charged his ki. Tien was running as fast as he could. As Vegeta fired his Big Bang


Vegeta launches his attack

Cannon, Tien jumped between Vegeta's blast and Chiaotzu. Tien was literally blown away. So soon after he had been resurrected, he died again.

Chiaotzu was crying. There was no body to mourn over. Vegeta laughed and took off. Several minutes later, Gohan and Yamcha arrived. Chiaotzu told them what happened. Yamcha said:- "That's awful! Why does this have to happen right now! We need Goku!" Gohan comforted Chiaotzu. He said:- "Don't worry, we'll get all the Dragon Balls and wish Tien back. I promise." Yamcha and Gohan took off.

Battle for the seventh Dragon Ball[]

A few hours later, Vegeta had collected six Dragon Balls. Gohan and Yamcha came closer to catching him every time he landed. Piccolo wasn't far behind them, and Krillin wasn't far behind him. Vegeta landed on a glacier. Enclosed in the ice, he saw a Dragon Ball. It was glowing because it was so near the other six. Before he could pull it out of the ice, however, Gohan and Yamcha landed. Vegeta said:- "I thought I warned you. If you followed me, you would die." Gohan stepped forward and said:- "Why did you kill all of those people! What's wrong with you!" Gohan punched Vegeta in the face, and then swung at his legs, knocking Vegeta on his back. He grabbed Vegeta's leg and threw him through the air. Yamcha flew up and kicked Vegeta even higher. Yamcha pulled his arms back. "Kamehameha!" His beam rocketed Vegeta higher.

Vegeta eventually stopped his rise, and flew down to the glacier. He said:- "Now it's my turn!" He ran towards Yamcha, who punched, but only hit Vegeta's afterimage. Vegeta was behind him, and he kicked his elbow, breaking it. Yamcha screamed in pain and grabbed his arm. Vegeta then attacked Gohan. He fired a Full Power Energy Blast Volley. Gohan did whatever he could to avoid it. When Vegeta stopped firing, Gohan took his chance and punched wildly at Vegeta, hitting him all over. Vegeta then caught his fist mid-punch and threw him upwards. He rushed up, spiked Gohan to the ground, and launched a fatal blast. Gohan was face down on the ice. There was nothing he could do. But then, the blast was deflected! It was sent flying back at Vegeta, who barely dodged it. He looked down and saw Piccolo standing over Gohan.

Piccolo said:- "It's just you and me now. Nobody else here is in a fit state to fight you. It's just like we wanted." He extended his arm and pulled Vegeta downwards, smacking him into the ground. He put his fingers to his forward and shouted:- "SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!!!" Vegeta rolled to the left, but the beam still grazed his side. He ran at Piccolo and punched him in the gut so hard it knocked the wind out of Piccolo. Then, Vegeta put both arms in front of himself, and fired a Double Galick Cannon. Piccolo was sent flying. He smashed through a glacier and lied there in the ice. Vegeta walked back over to the Dragon Ball. He didn't see Yamcha preparing to attack him from behind.


Krillin prepares his Destructo Disc

Yamcha said:- "I only need one hand for this attack! Take this, my extra large Spirit Ball!" Vegeta spun around. The Spirit Ball was headed right for him. He dodged out of the way. He laughed and said:- "That was it? That was your best shot?" Yamcha smiled. He brought the Spirit Ball back. It hit Vegeta. Yamcha made it run into him over and over, until it finally detonated. Vegeta was lying in a small crater. He stood up and said:- "Well, looks like I have to break both of your arms." Then he heard a familiar voice from behind him. "Not on my watch!" Vegeta spun around and saw Krillin, holding a Destructo Disc over his head. He threw it, and Vegeta jumped over it. He fired a Galick Gun at Krillin, who rolled away from it. He threw another Destructo Disc. This one cut Vegeta in half. Then, Vegeta faded away. Krillin said:- "Darn it, an afterimage!" He started looking around for Vegeta.

Vegeta was in the ice beneath him. He put both arms up, palms flat, and fired a monstrous Double Big Bang Cannon. The beam launched Krillin into the sky. He fell down into the ice and stopped moving. Vegeta went back to Yamcha. He punched him in the chest, knocking Yamcha out. Vegeta then went over to the Dragon Ball in the ice. When he got there, he found a deep crack, but no Dragon Ball! He looked around to see where it might be, and saw Gohan carrying it, trying to get away. He raced after Gohan and kicked him in the stomach from below. Gohan was sent flying upwards and he let go of the ball. Vegeta caught it. He landed on a stable flat glacier. He put all seven Dragon Balls on the ground, and said:- "Dragon, come and grant my wish!


Vegeta summoned Shenron

The skies grew dark. Lighting cracked. Shenron burst out of the Dragon Balls. Vegeta was about to speak his wish, when Piccolo shouted:- "Noooo!!!! He shot a blast a Shenron, intending to kill the Dragon to save the world from Vegeta. Vegeta flew up and deflected it. He said:- "Nice try Namekian, but it's over. I won." "I WISH THE DAMAGE VEGETA CAUSED WAS REVERSED!" Vegeta spun around. Chiaotzu had arrived, and made a wish! He followed Krillin, and came just in time to foil Vegeta's plan. "Your wish has been granted. Farewell." The Dragon Balls rose up into the air, then scattered.

Vegeta was angrier than he had ever been in his life. He yelled out loud, screaming out his rage. He had come so close to getting the power to defeat Kakarot. So close to becoming a Super Saiyan! "AHHHH!!!!!" Vegeta's aura flashed gold for a split second. And then again, and again. His anger was pushing him to new limits. He had become a Super Saiyan!


Vegeta after becoming a Super Saiyan

He said:- "Looks like I didn't need the Dragon after all. Which means I have no problem with killing all of you, even the Namekian!" He looked over at the battlefield. Then into the sky. Then he said:- "But I have bigger fish to fry. Kakarot, I'm going to find you!" He flew away at top speed.

The Remnants of Frieza's Army[]

Vegeta stopped flying as soon as he was sure he wasn't being followed. He needed to get into space, but he didn't have a ship. Then he remembered, if Goku came to Earth as a baby, then there should be a space pod somewhere out in the wilderness! He didn't know where to look. He thought about his options. He decided to go to West City to see if he can get a spaceship from Capsule Corp.

He flies to the city, and notes that it has been restored to its original state. He said:- "Hmm, so that's the power of the Dragon Balls." He landed at Capsule Corp. and went inside. Bulma was there eating dinner with her parents. Mrs. Briefs stands up and says:- "Oh hello there my name is Mrs. Briefs pleased to meet you." Bulma said:- "Mother, that's Vegeta." Vegeta said:- "I have no time for introductions. I need a spaceship and I need one now, so why don't you hurry up and bring me one, woman?!" Bulma angrily said:- "What did you just call me?!"

Dr. Briefs said:- "You know, I just finished a prototype of an updated version of the ship Goku took to Planet Namek. Maybe you could take that." He led Vegeta to a large garage behind the main building. Inside was a ship that looked exactly like the one Goku arrived on Namek in. Dr. Briefs took Vegeta inside and showed him how to use it. Vegeta said:- "Thank you old man, I'll kill you painlessly when I decide to scour your race from this world!" He kicked Dr. Briefs out of the ship and started taking off.

He found the gravity controls and turned it straight up to 200x Earth's gravity. He said:- "Now, lets see just what a Super Saiyan can handle." He flew through space for a couple of weeks, and he turned the gravity up 10x every day. Eventually, it reached 500x, and it wouldn't go any higher. After another week of training in 500x, he landed on the closest inhabited planet to Planet Namek, called planet Errol.

When his ship landed, he immediately sensed some above average power levels. He flew over to the sight of a great genocide. Frieza's soldiers were attacking the natives! He got there just in time to here the leader of the group announce:- "Gents, welcome to Planet Frieza 80!" Vegeta, in his base form, landed in front of the alien. He said:- "I beg to differ. If anything, this planet should be called New Vegeta." The aliens raised their blasters towards Vegeta. The commander said:- "Just who do you think you are, standing up to the might of Lord Frieza's army?" Vegeta smiled and powered up to Super Saiyan. He said:- "I... am the Legendary Super Saiyan!" The commander took a step back in fear, and stuttered:- "F-f-fire!!" All the soldiers fired simultaneously. All the shots made contact with Vegeta, but he just stood there, unaffected.

He then said:- "I bring you all tidings. Your lord Frieza is dead! Slain by a fellow Super Saiyan! Yes, that's right, I'm not the only one!" He closed with a Super Explosive Wave, which killed all of Frieza's henchmen. One of the natives on the planet went up to Vegeta and said:- "Thank you for protecting us, we would like to-" Vegeta cut in:- "Spare me your thanks, and give me some information. Did a man with spiky black hair and an orange gi come through here?" The native was stunned by his bluntness. He said:- "Uh... no, I've never seen anyone like that." Vegeta turned away and said:- "Then this planet is of no more use to me!" He launched a powerful ki ball into the ground. "You have five minutes to say your goodbyes!" With that, he flew back to his ship and left. Behind him, the planet exploded.

Mecha Frieza and King Cold! Earth's Savior is Nowhere to be Found![]

1258993-6 27559 2 super

Frieza and King Cold arrive on Earth

After six months of aimlessly bouncing around planets looking for Goku, Vegeta finally returned to Earth. He left a line of destruction in his wake. He was dissapointed. Not just because he couldn't find Goku, but because he never found an opponent who could test his Super Saiyan powers. He destroyed several of Frieza's planets. The World Trade Organization was as good as disbanded. He thought that the filth of Frieza was gone from the Universe for good, until he drew near to Earth. He sensed Frieza's tremendous power, and another that was even larger.

When Vegeta's ship landed, the Z Fighters gathered, expecting a fight. However, Vegeta got out and said:- "Why are you wasting time here? We have a bigger problem on our hands!" He explained what he sensed. As he and the Z Fighters flew to where Frieza was landing, Vegeta was getting excited. He thought he might finally have an opponent that tests his true power. They all land a couple hundred yards from Frieza's ship. The hatch opens, and dozens of soldiers spill out, followed by Mecha Frieza and another, who looked just like Frieza's second form.

Vegeta flies to where Frieza is standing. Frieza smirks and says:- "Papa, I've told you about Vegeta. He's the pesky Saiyan who ruined my chances of immortality, yet, when the time came, he couldn't hold his own against me in battle!" Vegeta responds:- "So, Frieza, this is your father? Now I see where you inherited your bad looks from. Or does your mother look even worse?" King Cold reacted to this:- "You'll pay for that you stupid monkey!" He punches, aiming for Vegeta's face. Vegeta dodges, and kicks him in the stomach. King Cold doubles over in pain, and shouts:- "Men, shoot the scum!" All of the soldiers fire at Vegeta, but he deflects their shots back at them. All the soldiers fell, killed by their own blaster fire. Vegeta looks at Frieza and says:- "You know, I never did get to pay you back for killing me on Namek." Frieza laughs. "It took a Super Saiyan to take me down, and I've only gotten stronger since then!" Vegeta says:- "Then it looks like an even stronger Super Saiyan is what it takes to kill you!" He powers up to his Super Saiyan form.

Frieza's eyes widen, and he takes a step back. He manages to mumble:- "Th-those eyes!" Then, he comes to his senses and prepares a giant Supernova. Vegeta slaps it into space. Frieza fires a Fissure Slash at Vegeta, but he dodges and says:- "I like that technique, I think I'll take it!" He fires his own, more powerful golden Fissure Slash, which

209213-kingcoldearth screen

King Cold, injured by Vegeta

cuts off Frieza's metal tail. Vegeta says:- "Super Fissure Slash, how do you like it?" King Cold laughs at Frieza. Frieza says:- "Papa, stop laughing, I'll take care of this monkey now!" He channels all of his ki into his finger tips, and fires a Super Death Beam from each of his fingers on both hands. Vegeta stops them with his fingers, then uses the stolen ki to fire a blast back at Frieza, destroying him completely. King Cold laughs and says:- "I am glad to be rid of him. He failed me. This was to be his redemption, but seeing as he failed again, he deserved to die. Now, about you. How would you like to become my son and rule the universe by my side?" Vegeta and says:- "If I wanted to conquer the universe, you would only hold me back." He fires one of his new techniques, the Maximum Flasher, which cuts through King Cold's chest. He is thrown back into the side of a mountain. He recovers after a few seconds and says:- "You're more than I expected. Well, then I'll reveal my true power! Imagin Frieza in his Final Form. Multiple that power and ferocity tenfold, and then you have me!" He starts charging his energy.

King Cold transformation by AresSinger

King Cold in Final Form

Cracks appeared all over his body, with purple light coming out of them. The cracks widened, and suddenly he broke into a thousand little pieces. All that was left was smoke. Slowly it started to clear, and Vegeta could make out a shape. King Cold was in his Final Form. He stood there in all his glory, and said:- "This form puts the power of both of my sons to shame." Vegeta was shocked by what he just heard. Vegeta said:- "Both of your sons?!" King Cold said:- "You didn't know? Well it doesn't matter. You won't live long enough to care about Cooler." With that he attacked.

Meanwhile, in an empty field nearby, a strange looking ship appeared out of nowhere. Once it landed, a teenage boy with purple hair and a Capsule Corp. jacket got out. He said:- "It looks like they're already fighting." And he took off.

Vegeta was barely holding his own against King Cold. Cold punched with lightning speed. Vegeta couldn't even see his fists, he just sensed them and blocked. Ever now and then the tide turned, and Vegeta would throw punches while King Cold blocked. Vegeta knew he had to do something before he tired out, so he let a punch make contact with his face. He feigned injury, then swept down at knocked King Cold off of his feet. He grabbed Cold by the tail and threw him. Then, he said:- "Let's see how you handle my new technique! BIG BANG ATTACK!!!!" The blue orb of ki hit King Cold dead on. He was being consumed by the blast. It seemed he was about to die, but King Cold shouted:- "No! It's not over!" He released an emergency barrier that dissipated the Big Bang. He needed his full power to use that barrier, so he stood there, his muscles bulging even more than Frieza's.

Vegeta said:- "Lets try that again, but this time, you won't survive!" He launched a second Big Bang. King Cold seemed to be holding it back. Cold said:- "Fool! I had my guard up! Taste your own medicine!" He launched the attack back, in addition to a large purple beam of his own. It looked like Vegeta was doomed. He put his arms up in a futile effort to block it. The second Big Bang was too much on his body; he overestimated the powers of a Super Saiyan. Then he heard:- "FINISH BUSTER!!!" He opened his eyes to see a young boy, his arms extended in front of him, his golden hair upright. A large yellow and white ki sphere was driving back King Cold's attack. Just before the triple attack hit Cold, Trunks detonated the Finish Buster, creating a monumental explosion, driving King Cold into a mountain and destroying his ship.

Cold was an inch from death. Trunks walked up to him and said:- "That's right. I'm the third Super Saiyan. Leave this planet and never return!" Vegeta walked up and said:- "There's no way you can be a Super Saiyan, you're far too soft!" He grabs King Cold's tail, throws him in the air, and fires the finishing move. Vegeta wipes his palms together and says:- "That takes care of that. Now, who are you!?"

The Mysterious Youth! The Boy from the Future's Warning![]

"I can't tell you that," Trunks replied. Before Vegeta could reply, Trunks said:- "Goku will be here in about an hour, let's go to meet him." Trunks leads everyone to Goku's landing site, and they wait for a little over an hour. Final, Goku's Space Pod crashed into the ground. Goku exited, and after several happy greetings from his friends, Trunks took Goku aside.

He said:- "Listen, I need to know. Are you a Super Saiyan." Goku nodded. Trunks said:- "Can you become a Super Saiyan at will?" Goku says:- "Well, I couldn't at first, but then I practiced a little, and now I can." Trunks replied:- "Can you show me?" Goku responded by powering up. Trunks powered up too, and said:- "I would like to test your power." They got into a brief fight, which left Trunks satisfied, as he said:- "Good, your even stronger than I heard." He proceeds to give Goku a grave warning about two androids and the death of all of the Z Fighters. He tells how Goku dies of heart disease, and how he is the son of Vegeta and Trunks.

Piccolo heard it all. As soon as Trunks left in his time machine, he convinced Goku to tell them everything he could. They gave a summary of Trunks's warning, and Piccolo wrapped up by saying:- "We'll meet on the island where the androids are to appear, three years from now."

The Ultra Cell Saga[]

The Attack of the Androids! Earth's Special Forces Outmatched![]

When the time came for the Z Fighters to gather, Vegeta was the only one not there. They sat on a plateau, waiting for a sign of the androids. Eventually, they all split up and


The two people Krillin saw

searched the city. Krillin was on top of a tall building, looking down into the street below. He saw what he thought were two street performers. One was large and muscular, and the other was short and purple-skinned. They both wore strange clothes. Krillin didn't pay much attention to them. He did note that it looked like they were looking for something.

They traversed several streets and alleys, following a power signature that their sensors picked up. At last they found their target. Goku. They stopped and stared at him. He turned around and said:- "Hey, have you guys seen two killer androids on the loose? They could look like anybody, that's why it's so hard to find them." The duo didn't say anything. Goku noticed the Red Ribbon bow tie and belt buckle. "Wait a second..." he said:- "You guys are the androids!" The duo didn't say anything, but at a signal from the short one, the big one attacked with a punch.

Goku dodged and punched the android in the face. He didn't even react, he just tried another punch. Goku somersaulted backwards. The android fired an energy wave. Goku deflected it into the air. He said:- "Hey watch it! You might hurt some innocent people!" The small android laughed and said:- "Well, we wouldn't want to do that." He fired an energy wave into the base of a small building, and it collapsed. This drove Goku over the edge. He angrily became a Super Saiyan and tried to take on both androids at once.

The rest of the Z Fighters saw the building collapse, and raced to the scene. The small android said:- "Hey 14, take care of those guys will ya?" Android 14 confronted the Z Fighters. Piccolo said:- "So, this is an android? I expected something more... terrifying." Android 14 said:- "I'll show you terror!" He fired a sweeping eye laser, which all the Z


19 and 20 watch the fight

Fighters jumped to avoid. What didn't hit them took down several buildings. Piccolo said:- "You'll pay for that one! SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!" #14 made no effort to dodge. The beam hit his chest and did no harm. 14 then rushed Piccolo and punched him in the cut.

On top of one of the buildings, another pair of strange looking people watched the battle. The shorter younger one said:- "Those two androids are very efficient. They also effectively follow your orders. Too bad they don't have the power of us, or 17 and 18." The old one said:- "Well, 19, I don't think it makes much of a difference as long as Goku and his friends die. My only problem is that Android 13 fled as soon as I activated him. He might draw too much attention if he's gone rogue."

Android 19 said:- "Don't worry. He'll turn up eventually. And his power is nowhere near ours. We could easily disassemble him."

Meanwhile, down in the street, the Z Fighters were in dire straits. Android 15 was easily outmatching Goku at every turn. Android 14 was giving Piccolo the beating of his life. Dozens of innocent people were getting caught in the crossfire. Android 14, who just finished laying on a barrage of punches against Piccolo, grabbed the Namekian's neck and started to choke him. This caused Gohan to unleash his latent energy, and he rushed forward, knocking off the arm that held Piccolo.

Piccolo said:- "Looks like the tables have turned." 14, who had lost his confidence, said:- "Don't worry, once all of you are dead, I can just get it repaired. Piccolo said:- "I don't think so." and fired a Destructive Wave with his full power. Android 14 was blown to pieces. Goku, on the other hand, was losing his fight. He was tiring out faster than usual, and every few attacks he would have to stop and rest. 15 used that to his advantage and pummeled Goku until he recovered.

On the rooftop, 20 said:- "So, it looks like 14 wasn't a complete success after all. But it doesn't matter. 15 will soon put an end to Goku, and we will show ourselves and put an end to the rest of his friends!" Piccolo rushed forward to help Goku. He grabbed one of 15's arms and pulled him back, prompting 15 to put up his Android Barrier. Piccolo and Goku were both knocked back. 15 expanded his barrier rapidly, until it was twice the size of a Super Explosive Wave. However, it didn't cause any damage to the Z Fighters or surrounding buildings, it just engulfed them and left them unabled to move.

Suddenly, 15 unleashed energy. He shouted:- "HAAAAAAA!!!!" His energy barrier exploded, leveling a quarter of the city, and nearly killing all of the Z Fighters. The blast slightly damaged Androids 19 and 20. 20 was angry. He jumped down into the street. He walked up to 15 and said:- "Don't ever do anything so reckless again! Do you realize


Android 13 bides his time

the possible side affects of anything you do? Me and 19 could have been seriously damaged! It seems both you and 14 are malfunctioning!" 15 said:- "S-sorry! It won't happen again!" 19 said:- "Unfortunately, we can't take that chance." 15 realized what he was saying, and fired his most powerful attack at him. 19 put his hands out in front of him and absorbed the ki. He then redirected it back at 15 and destroyed him. 20 said:- "Pick up his battery and data chip. Get 14's too. We don't want 13 getting his hands on them."

20 turned to the battered Z Fighters. He said:- "Now the real fight begins. You were all injured by that blast, but you have enough energy left to fuel us for a long time." Before he could attack, a strange looking ship materialized out of nowhere. It landed behind the Z Fighters, and Trunks got out. He surveyed the destruction, then said:- "I see there was a fight, but where are the androids?" Goku said:- "What are you talking about? These are them aren't they?" He pointed to 19 and 20. Trunks shook his head and said:- "Did I change the past this much? I can't believe it!" 19 leaned over to twenty and said:- "Who is he? I have no data on him." 20 replied "I don't know, but if he's a friend of Goku, then he must be neutralized." He then amplified his voice:- "Sorry to interrupt, but aren't we about to fight?"

Hiding behind a pile of nearby rubble was Android 13. He knew 13 and 14 were destroyed, but he couldn't fuse with them unless he got their parts from 19. He decided to bide his time. Goku turned to Trunks and said:- "You weren't here when one of the androids fired an amazing attack, so you can fight them at full power." Trunks said:- "Whatever


Trunks attacks 19

you say Goku." He took a step forward and drew his sword. 20 said:- "Sorry, but you are no match for us. 19, will you do the honors?" 19 stepped forward, and in the blink of an eye, he and Trunks were fighting.

Trunks attacked with his sword, but 19 blocked with his wrists. He was looking for an opening so he could drain energy. Trunks was unrelentlessly attacking. He would not let this future end up like his. Soon he got an opening in 19's defense, and drove his sword through the androids heart. 19 looked down at the sword stuck in his chest and started laughing. He pulled the sword out and threw it aside. Now he had an advantage. Trunks would have to attack with his fists, allowing for 19 to grab hold of him.

Trunks said:- "You probably think you've won; that I'm powerless without my sword. Well you're wrong. BURNING ATTACK!" 19 wasn't expecting it, and the blast sent him rocketing away from Trunks. He got up a short while later, with a gaping hole in his chest. It revealed a horrifying mix of robotic parts and human vital organs. Trunks picked up his sword. He said:- "It's time to finish this!" He ran forward and cut through many of the machine parts and organs of 19. The android began to malfunction. He was completely defenseless. With a final blow, Trunks decapitated 19 and destroyed his head with a ki blast. The body fell down, never to move again.

Goku said:- "Well, that takes care of one of them, so now we just have to- argh!" He fell over, clutching his chest. Trunks ran over to him and said:- "Didn't he take the medicine Gohan?" Gohan shook his head and said:- "I'll take him home. That's where the antidote is!" He took hold of his father and started flying. 20 said:- "Well, looks like your friend Goku will die anyway, leaving me free to dispose of all of you. You may have destroyed 19, but I am far more powerful."

Android 13 came out of his hiding place and said:- "Well, you are nowhere near the same league as me." 20 said:- "13!?" Then he looked at 19's body and said:- "No! I have to take those batteries!" He ran towards the body, but 13 got in his path and said:- "Not on my watch doc." 20 angrily said:- "Don't you have any respect! I created you! I shouldn't have created that power-up, it was just a precaution! Besides, we're both stronger than these pests. You don't need a power increase!" 13 said:- "You're right about that. But you created me with less power than you, because you knew the more powerful we are, the harder we are to control. Just like 17 and 18." 20 responded:- "Well, if you won't listen to me, then I'll destroy you!"

The two androids started to fight. They appeared to be about even, 20 holding a slight upper hand. 13 was throwing everything he had at 20. 20 could barely block the assault. 20 punched 13 in the face, then tackled him to the ground and proceeded to pummel him. 13 repelled him with his android barrier, then counterattacked with a large energy


13's fusion

ball. 20 couldn't absorb it in time, and got two of his fingers blown off. 20 said:- "It's no use. I need to absorb some energy!" He looked at the Z Fighters. He decided on Tien. He lunged forward with his hands outstretched, but 13 kicked him in the side, sending him rolling. 13 then grabbed his leg and tossed him into the air. He fired an energy wave upwards. 20 shouted:- "Now's my chance!" He put his hands out in front of him and absorbed the blast. Now fully charged he could exact revenge on 13.

He flew down towards 13, afterimaged, and hit him in the back. 13 fell on his face, and 20 unleashed a barrage of ki on his back. 13 lied there, unresponsive. 20 turned around and said:- "That takes care of that." Suddenly, 13 swept his leg around and knocked 20 off his feet. He then grabbed 20 and threw him as hard as he could. Then, he walked over to 19's body and found the data chips and energy batteries. He said:- "Now, witness the greatest of Doctor Gero's creations!" and fused with the parts.

20 recovered and shouted: "NO!!!!!" 13, now at full power, turned to the Z Fighters and said:- "Now you all die." 20 didn't know what to do. He had run out of options. Unless... "Yes!" he said:- "I have to activate 17 and 18! Only they will be able to stop this monster!" He took off in the direction of his lab.

Krillin said:- "So now he leaves us with his problem? Great!" Trunks said:- "Don't worry. I defeated that other android. How much stronger could this one be?" He dashed over the the android and swung his sword at his neck. 13 didn't move. The sword made contact and snapped. Trunks was in shock. Tien said:- "Did we all train for nothing! Come on guys, we can beat this guy!" All the Z Fighters attacked. 13 effortlessly dodged all of their attacks. Krillin attempted a flying kick, but 13 grabbed his leg and threw him into Yamcha, knocking them both down. Tien launched a Tri-Beam, but it was deflected by one of 13's energy waves. Both blasts hit Tien and K.O.'d him. Trunks unleashed a flurry of punches, which 13 dodged. Then he kicked Trunks in the stomach, hard.

13 had single-handedly taken down all of the Z Fighters. He prepared his finishing move, but was hit from behind and sent forward. He turned around to see Vegeta, who said:- "These maggots are mine to kill, but I want to fight them when they're at full strength. While I wait, I'll occupy myself by destroying you!" Vegeta became a Super Saiyan, and rushed 13. 13 punched Vegeta square in the face, sending him reeling. Vegeta recovered, and responded with an equally powerful kick. He then leaped into the air and came down on 13's head. The android was knocked down, and Vegeta finished by jumping again, and coming down hard on 13's spine. What would have killed any normal being, an android could easily withstand. As such, 13 was quickly on his feet again. He said:- "That last one tickled. Now it's my turn!" He swept Vegeta's legs out from under him, but before the prince could hit the ground, he was kicked into the sky by 13.

13 then said:- "Witness my ultimate technique! S.S. DEADLY BOMBER!!!" A large red and black energy ball hit Vegeta in the back, sending him higher into the sky before it detonated. Vegeta fell to the ground, now seriously injured. 13 elbowed Vegeta in the stomach, then said:- "Is that considered strong where you come from? You garbage are

Dragonball Z - 140 - Super Vegeta 091 0001

Vegeta becomes a ASSJ

all the same. Where is Goku? The data suggests he may be more fun to kill." Vegeta stood up and said:- "Fool! Kakarot is nothing compared to me! And if you think I was fighting with my full power just now, you are sadly mistaken!"

He started charging his ki. His power surged and his muscles bulged. He finished powering up and said:- "I am Super Vegeta!" 13 said:- "So you gained some muscle mass. Big deal." Vegeta replied:- "It's much more than that. You'll find out soon enough!' Before he could attack however, a plane landed next to them. Bulma came out, holding a baby. The Z Fighters were stunned. Yamcha said:- "Bulma! What do you think you're doing! You might be killed! And you even brought Trunks!" Krillin said:- "So, that your son Yamcha?" Bulma said:- "No, he's Vegeta's." The Z Fighters were in shock. Krillin said:- "V-V-Vegeta?! But, he's evil!" Bulma said:- "He's not so bad once you get to know him. That's not what I wanted to talk about. I think I saw Dr. Gero flying northward when I was on my way here."

Tien said:- "Dr. Gero?! Are you sure?" Bulma said:- "Yeah, I have a picture of him from one of my dad's magazines. I went home as soon as I saw him to be sure." Krillen said:- "Do you have that magazine with you?" She nodded and took it from the plane. She flipped to the page about Gero. The Z Fighters stood there in shock. Android 20 was Dr. Gero! (Like you didn't know that already!)

Vegeta shouted:- "Listen woman, we're busy now!" 13 said:- "Troubled love life Vegeta?" Vegeta yelled:- "I couldn't care less about them!" He ran forward and punched 13 in the face. Everyone was amazed. The punch actually did some damage! 13 tried to punch back, but Vegeta caught his fist and twisted his arm painfully. He put his free hand against 13's back, and fired a powerful blast. 13 was sent flying, and Vegeta pursued. He passed 13 and stopped in front of him. He caught 13, threw him again, and fired a fierce new attack. "FINAL FLASH!!!!" The golden beam hit 13 dead on. Vegeta expected the attack to destroy him, but 13 survived. He was seriously injured. Some of his skin was burned away, revealing mechanic parts. He had multiple cuts and bruises all over his body. Vegeta said:- "You're tougher than I realized. But another Final Flash should do the trick. FINAL FLASH!" Realizing he was doomed, 13 did the only rational thing: run.

In the blink of an eye, 13 was at the horizon, retreating as fast as he could. Vegeta was about to pursue, but Krillin shouted:- "Who's that coming towards us?" Three figures were on the horizon, getting steadily closer. As they grew nearer, the Z Fighters could make out their features. Two were about the same size, one a guy, one a girl. The guy


More Androids arrive

had black hair, and he wore a black shirt and orange scarf. The girl was blonde, and she wore a denim vest over a black shirt. The third was nearly twice as tall as the others. He had an orange mohawk and a green vest.

More Androids?! Gero's Monstrous Creations![]

Just a little while earlier, Dr. Gero had retreated to his lab. He had decided to activate Androids 17 and 18 in the hopes that they together could outmatch 13. He was about to activate 17, but hesitated. Last time 17 was activated, he almost killed Gero. He saved himself with an emergency remote. Then a idea came to him. He ran over to his computer, and adjusted the mission of 17 and 18. In addition to killing Goku, they also had to kill 13. He was still afraid, so he grabbed his remote and activated 17 and 18. As soon as he opened their pods he


Gero watching 17 and 18

ran and hid behind some equipment.

17 and 18 exited their pods and took in the surroundings. 17 said:- "Huh, looks like Gero's machines malfunctioned. Or maybe they were timed to let us out now. I wonder where the old man is. He probably died of old age." He walked over to the pod with 16 in it and said:- "I wonder how long he's been asleep. Let's wake him up." He pressed the button, and 16 awoke. He rose out of his pod and said:- "Who are you? Where is Goku?" 18 said:- "All in good time. Let's get out of here."

As soon as they left, Gero ran over to the computer and altered 16's programming, so that he would go after 13 as well. Outside, the trio of androids were flying at top speeds in a random direction. 18 said:- "I wonder who we should go for first, Android 13 or Goku?" 16 said:- "My programming places 13 as the priority." 17 said:- "Whichever one we find first is the one we'll kill first. That's all there is to it."

At the lab, Gero was working on the computer again. He was inputting the coordinates of the location where 13 was. The Androids altered their course towards the island, and Gero followed, hoping to see the results, and shut down 17, 18 and 16 when the job was done. Within the hour, they arrived. Gero hid behind a pile of debris, while the three others confronted the Z Fighters. 17 said:- "Have you people seen a rogue android on the loose, or maybe somebody named Goku?" 16 said:- "These are Goku's friends. They know where he is." Vegeta said:- "What? 'Friends' is a bit of an overstatement, don't you think? Besides, If anyone is going to eliminate Kakarot, it would be me!" 18 said:- "This guy is getting on my nerves. Can I kill this one 17?" 17 said:- "Sure, but I get the rest. Unless you want one 16?" 16 remained silent. 18 said:- "Fine by me!" and attacked Vegeta.

He dodged the attack, and unleashed a kiai, which sent 18 back several yards. She rushed again, this time landing a punch on his face. It hurt, but he ignored it. He put his arm out in front of him and shouted:- "BIG BANG ATTACK!!!!" 18 jumped out of the way, and the blast destroyed whatever was left of the city. She fired a High Pressure Energy Wave, which Vegeta deflected. He recklessly charged forward, leaving himself wide open. 18 took her chance and kicked him in the neck. He was temporarily paralyzed.

He hit the ground and couldn't move. The other Z Fighters didn't believe what they saw. Trunks thought to himself:- "I can't let them kill my father!" He became a Super Saiyan and attacked 18. Trunks required no effort. She punched him in the stomach, grabbed his leg, and threw him down next to Vegeta. 17 said to her:- "Alright that's enough." Then he said to the Z Fighters:- "Have you seen any androids around here?" Krillin said:- "We've seen lots of androids! There was the old one, the short one.. erm... the blue one and-" 17 cut him off:- "The blue one? Where is he now?" Krillin said:- "He ran away. That way." He pointed. 16, 17 and 18 flew away.

13 vs Cell! Who is the Stronger Android?[]


13 finds the larva

13 was trying to get to Gero's lab so he could get repaired, but his damage was greater than he realized. He landed in a forest area, thinking that if he was being followed, they wouldn't be able to find him in it. He walked about half a mile, getting deeper and deeper in the forest. Eventually, he found something that made him stop. There was a shed skin on the ground. It was slimy and fresh. Whatever shed it had done so only recently. 13's data had nothing on this sort of creature.

He decided to stop resting and continue onwards to Gero's lab. He took off again, but this time, he was followed. A couple hours later, he arrived at the lab. He went inside, and walked over to the computer. He input his directions into the computer, and some mechanical appendages came out of the ceiling and began making repairs. The process as a whole took about half an hour. When it was done he exited the lab.



As soon as he left the cave, he heard a voice:- "Yes, now I will get the maximum amount of power when I absorb you." 13 spun around and saw a hideous green insect-like monster. 13 said:- "Who are you supposed to be?" Cell said:- "That doesn't matter, but what does matter is that I know you. Android 13, fused with parts from Androids 14 and 15. You are easily more powerful than 17 or 18. When I absorb you, it may bring me straight to my perfect form." 13 said:- "Absorb me? Like I would let some green freak like you absorb me!" Cell replied:- "I don't need you to let me absorb you. I will anyway."

Cell punched 13 in the stomach. 13 flinched, but managed to counter before Cell could attack again. He punched Cell in the face, turned him around, and got a hold on Cell's wings. In a great wrench, he pulled both the wings off. Cell screamed in agony. 13 then punched Cell in the back, and his fist came out of Cell's chest. He withdrew his arm, then fired a High-Power S.S. Deadly Bomber. 2/3 of Cell's body was vaporized in the blast. His chest, one arm, and his head survived, and in one piece. 13 said:- "What was it you said about absorbing me?" Cell laughed and said:- "This fight is far from over." In an instant, he had regenerated. He said:- "Thanks to the Saiyan cells in me, I am now much more powerful." 13 said:- "Gain as much power as you want. You could never beat me." Cell made a punch at 13's stomach, but it was a feint. 13 was in mid counter when Cell pulled back his fist and extended his tail, which wrapped around 13's neck.

Cell said:- "Say good bye to your freedom! Time to get absorbed!" 13 said:- "I don't think so!" He wrenched backwards, pulling off Cell's tail. Cell shouted:- "You'll pay for that one!" He pulled his arms back. "KA-ME-HA-ME....HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 13 put up his android barrier. After a few seconds, the barrier was broken, but by that time most of the Kamehameha's power had faded, so it caused only minimal damage. Cell said:- "You're starting to annoy me. I've decided to just kill you. I'll be fine with just 17 and 18." He kicked 13 in the chest, rocketing him into a mountain. Cell regenerated his tail. He pulled 13 out of the mountain, then stabbed him with his tail. The tail came out of 13's back. Cell threw him off, then fired a powerful blast.

When the smoke cleared, there was nothing left. Cell assumed he had vaporized 13. However, unknown to Cell, 13 had barely survived. Before the smoke could clear, he took refuge in a nearby cave.

Piccolo the Super Namek! A New Threat![]

Piccolo, after realizing he was powerless to stop 13, made the hardest decision of his life. He flew to Kami's Lookout, and now, he was waiting for a decision from the old


Kami watches the fight

guardian. Kami was intently watching the showdown between Cell and 13. Piccolo and Popo were completely unaware of what was happening, and


Piccolo, now whole

Piccolo was getting impatient. After 13's apparent demise, Kami agreed to fuse with Piccolo. And so they became one.

Piccolo, with his amazing new power, and all the cunning of Kami, set off after the monster Kami witnessed. Piccolo was gunning for Cell.

13 vs 16, 17, & 18! Dr. Gero is Absorbed![]

When 13 and Cell began fighting, 16 picked up the power signatures. The androids headed out immediately, and now were nearing the site of the battle. Cell had entered the lab after the fight and used the computer to pinpoint the locations of the androids. He saw that they were headed his way, and waited in ambush. Vegeta followed, wanting to finish his fight with the androids and get revenge for the 'cheap shot' 18 got on him. Gero followed Vegeta.

When Cell left the lab and hid, 13 went inside for a second repair. This time, he tried to make some adjustments to increase his power. He updated his software with some prototype parts of 16, 17, and 18, as well as some from previous failed androids. He had gained the power to combat both Cell and Super Vegeta. He exited the lab as soon as he completed his update. He was going to look for Cell, but, as fate would have it, the three other Androids arrived.

17 said:- "Well, well. Look who we have here. A failed experiment of Dr. Gero." 13 said:- "Well look at you city boy. You think you have what it takes to beat me? Even if all three of you attacked me, it would be futile." 16 interjected:- "Who were you fightig with earlier?" 13 said:- "Some green bug freak. Gave me some crap about absorbing me. I'll deal with him after I kill all of you!" Vegeta touched down at that moment. He said:- "Look who it is. Taking a break after all that running? You coward. You're almost worse than the blonde one, cheap shotting me like that!" 18 said:- "Look, I beat you fair and square, but if you want, I'll kill you after 13, okay?" Vegeta said:- "No! You'll fight me now! I am the Prince of all Saiyans! I deserve respect!"

Gero landed out of sight. He was watching the confrontation from the sidelines, waiting for his time to disable 16, 17, and 18. Cell came up behind him and said:- "Hello Dr. Gero." Gero turned around and said:- "Who are you?" Cell said:- "I am your creation. You don't recognize me? Right now I should be in the basement of your labratory." Gero's


Cell in partial 2nd form

eyes widened. He said:- "Cell?" Cell nodded. Gero said:- "This is wonderful! I don't have to shut down 17 and 18 after all! You can just absorb them, and together we can rule the galaxy!" Cell shook his head and said:- "Not quite." Before Gero could say anything, Cell had begun absorbing him.

Cell had powered up. He wasn't perfect, but he wasn't imperfect either. His base power increased exponentially, but not much as if he had absorbed 17 or 18. His body bulked up. He retained his wings, and his tail grew. His voice was overall the same, just a few octaves deeper. His feet remained the same clawed appendages. He was like a cross between his 1st and 2nd forms. Cell said to himself:- "Hmm, I look good, but it's not quite perfect! I'd call it 'Quarter Perfect Form'!" He turned back to the others.

Vegeta was still demanding respect. The androids were all very annoyed now. 16 walked up to Vegeta. Vegeta said:- "Finally. So you wan't to fight?" 16 said:- "Not quite." He struck Vegeta on the back of the neck, knocking him out. 13 said:- "Finally. Now where was I? Even if you three attacked at once, it would be futile." 17 decided to put that to the test. He nodded to the other two, and they attacked. 17 aimed a punch to his face, which 13 dodged. 18 tried to grab hold of his arm, but he shrugged her off and kicked her away. 16 launched his forearms at 13, but he caught them and threw them back. 16 then ran forward, and started brawling with 13.

16, the most powerful of his trio, was just about even with 13. He punched 13 in the face, and at the height of his punch, launched his fist, inflicting much higher damage. Before he could reconnect his arm, 13 kneed him in the stomach. He then grabbed 16 by the head, kneed him in the face, lifted him up, and leapt into the air. 13 threw 16 onto the ground, and fired a Full-Power S.S. Deadly Bomber. Then another. And another. 16 was lying in a giant crater. His lower half and one of his forearms were destroyed. 13 said:- "This is the end! One more will deal with you!" 16 launched his remaining arm at 13. It hit him square in the face. While he was still stunned, 16 fired a Hell Flash.

The attack hurt 13. He said:- "You'll pay for that!" 17 and 18 simultaneously said:- "Not so fast!" They used their Accel Dance technique, ending it with a powerful dual blast on 13. 13 was lying in deep crater, filled with smoke. 17 and 18 waited for the smoke to clear, and when it did, 13 was gone. 17 said:- "You see? I am the strongest android!" 13

Android 13 prepares to blast Vegeta with an energy wave at the end of the S.S

Android 13 finishes the S.S. Deadly Hammer

appeared behind him and said:- "I beg to differ!" He used his S.S. Deadly Hammer. First, he grabbed 17 by the neck, and threw him away. Then he ran after 17, unleashing a powerful barrage on punches and kicks before punching him away. He then appears above 17 and throws him to the ground. Then he finished with a powerful red blast.

17 was badly injured and nearly killed. He smashed through several rocks and trees, ending up unconscious, only a few feet away from Cell. 18 said:- "How dare you!" and flew after 17. She got there just in time to see Cell extend his tail. She shouts:- "What do you think you're doing!" Cell said:- "Looks like I get 17 and 18 today!" He afterimages and punches 18 in the back. He teleports in front of her and knees her in the stomach. Then, he throws here into the air. He puts his hands above and fires a crippling blast. All hope appears to be gone for 17 and 18, and by extension, the rest of the world, because nobody could stand up to Perfect Cell.

Piccolo vs Quarter Perfect Cell[]

Before the blast made contact, however, it was deflected. Piccolo had arrived, and he saved 18 from the crippling attack. Cell said:- "Ah, Piccolo. I think I should be thanking you. If not for you, Android 13 would have killed me." Piccolo said:- "What are you talking about?" Cell said:- "Your cells allow me to regenerate as long as my core is intact."

Piccolo fires the Eye Lasers

Piccolo cuts off Cell's tail

Piccolo said:- "I don't care for your rambling, but it's time I shut you up!" He extended his arm and punched Cell in the face. He then raced forward and punched Cell in the gut. Cell made a jab with his tail, but Piccolo somersaulted backwards. Cell made another stab, but Piccolo amputated the tail with an Eye Laser.

Cell said:- "You'll pay for that one!" He punched Piccolo in the stomach multiple times. He then kicked him in the neck, then in the chest. Piccolo was sent flying into a mountain. Cell fired a Big Bang Crash at the mountain. He returned his attention to the Androids. He would have achieved his perfect form then and there, if not for the fact that he lost his tail. He began regenerating, and it gave 18 time to fire a High-Pressure Energy Wave, which sent Cell flying backwards. When he recovered, he found himself next to an unconscious Vegeta. Cell said:- "If I absorb him, it might bring me straight to Perfect Form. And if it doesn't, I'll have the power to defeat the androids easily.

Then he heard:- "FATHER!" Cell turned. Trunks had arrived. Cell said:- "Ah, Trunks. This is my lucky day! I get to absorb you too!" Trunks became a Super Saiyan and said:- "I'd like to see you try!" Trunks charged, but Cell kicked him down. His tail extended, and Piccolo shouted:- "TRUNKS!" His arm extended and grabbed the tail. Cell said:- "Get your hand off of me!" Piccolo pulled Cell back to him. Now they stood face to face. Cell said:- "I'll absorb you and the Saiyans before I get the androids! Nobody will be able to

Piccolo Blast

Piccolo prepares his Light Grenade

stand up to me!" Piccolo smiled and put his hands together in front of his chest. Cell said:- "I see you are smiling. You finally realized the futility of standing up to me?" Piccolo shouted:- "LIGHT GRENADE!!" Cell had his guard down, and the tremendous blast hit him dead on. He was sent rocketing away. Piccolo shouted:- "17, 18, run!"

Trunks got back on his feet. He saw the heavily damaged 16 in the crater. 16 said:- "Help... me..." Trunks, against his better judgement, said:- "I'll take you to Capsule Corp. and see what my mom and grandfather can do." He lifted 16 out of the crater, and saw Vegeta recovering. He said:- "Father! Are you alright?" Vegeta said:- "What? Father?" Trunks realized he said too much, and flew away at top speed towards West City.

Vegeta saw 17 and 18 fleeing, and said:- "Not so fast androids!" 17 said:- "We'll be happy to beat you another time, but why don't you get an update on the situation from your friend Piccolo." They flew off. Vegeta looked around again, and saw a relatively uninjured android 13 on a small mountain peak. Vegeta said:- "What? Too much of a coward to fight?" Piccolo shouted:- "Forget him Vegeta! We've got a much bigger problem on our han- 17 LOOK OUT!" Cell had jumped out of the forest beneath 17 and 18. He kicked 18 aside, and opened his tail on 17. Piccolo fired an energy disk, but Cell stopped it with a kiai. In just a few seconds, 17 was absorbed.

Cell was now in another new form. His head remained the same, but his chest had become purple. His wings disappeared, and his tail retracted slightly. His lower legs became purple, and his feet changed so it looked like he was wearing shoes. He said:- "I'll call this my 'Near-Perfect Form'!" Piccolo sensed his power increase, a didn't want to see what would happen when he absorbed 18. He rushed forward. He unleashed a barrage of attacks on Cell, but he was now no match. Cell then grabbed him, headbutted him, and threw him away.

Super Vegeta vs Near-Perfect Cell[]

Vegeta said:- "Since you absorbed that android, I'll just have to kill you in his place." 18 flew up above the tree line, and turned to see what was going on. Piccolo shouted:- "18 go!" She started flying away, but Cell went after her. He kicked her down to the ground, and she made a crater on impact. He was about to absorb her but Vegeta punched


I am Super Vegeta!

him in the face. Cell laughed and said:- "Is that all the power you've got?" Vegeta said:- "Not even close." He instantly became a Super Saiyan. He punched Cell multiple times, but Cell just laughed again and said:- "You're no match for me Vegeta." Vegeta said:- "You think this is my full power? Fool! I am Super Vegeta!" He powered up to ASSJ.

The tables turned. He kneed Cell in the stomach, and went he doubled up in pain, elbowed him on top of his spinal column. Cell was sent flying towards the ground, but then Vegeta appeared beneath him and kicked him up, before launching a powerful finishing move. Cell's legs were blown off, leaving him floating there. Before he could regenerate, Vegeta started punching him in the face with lightning speed. Cell could hardly defend himself against the onslaught.

He fired a mouth beam, which blasted Vegeta away, and regenerated. He made a jab with his tail, but Vegeta caught it and began swinging Cell around. He slammed Cell on the ground a few times, then threw him into the air. He said:- "BIG BANG ATTACK!" The attack raced towards Cell, who fired an equally powerful Big Bang Crash back at it. A beam struggle ensued. Neither had a clear upper hand, before Vegeta shouted:- "I am Super Vegeta!" He surged all of his ki into the attack, and both Big Bangs hit Cell full on.

Vegeta thought Cell was dead. Vaporized by the two blasts. But Cell was just hiding. He knew he was weaker than Vegeta in his current form. But he only had to absorb 18 to be the strongest in the universe. He waited a few minutes. 18 regained consciousness, and began to fly away. Cell leapt out of the trees after her, but only to get hit by a


Super Perfect Cell

Special Beam Cannon. Piccolo never thought he was dead. He expected Cell to pull a move like this. Vegeta said:- "This time, I'll make sure it kills you. FINAL FLASH!!!!!" Cell dodged and said:- "If I were in my Perfect Form, you would be no match for me!" Vegeta said:- "Oh really? Fine, get to Perfect Form, and fight me again!" Piccolo shouted:- "VEGETA NO!" But it was too late. Cell absorbed 18. He morphed. Because he absorbed Gero, he had extra power, bringing him straight to Super Perfect Form.

Cell said:- "This power is nothing like the computer told me I would achieve! It's much greater!" Vegeta said:- "No power in the universe can match me!" He rushed towards Cell, and unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks. Cell took them in passing and kneed Vegeta in the stomach. He then elbowed him down. Cell said:- "I could easily finish you now, but where's the fun in that?" An angry android 13 approached Cell. He said:- "So Cell, you think with all of your power you can match me?" Cell's response was to punch him through a mountain. Cell then said:- "Nobody can match me! Not even- GOKU?!" He said that because Goku appeared out of nowhere with Trunks.

Goku said:- "So you're Cell? That's your Perfect Form? I expected more." Cell said:- "Feel free to test your power against me Goku." Goku replied:- "Tell you what, I'm going to train. So are Trunks and Vegeta. But we'll fight you in 3 days, and we'll win!" Cell said:- "3 days? You couldn't get much done in that amount of time. Tell you what. 10 days. In 10 days I will host a tournament! Look for more info on TV. Of course, you 13, and you Piccolo, are welcome to try as well." Cell flew off. Goku went over to Vegeta and Piccolo.He said:- "I know a place where you can fit a whole year of training into one day. I was hoping to bring Gohan in there, and you guys can come too." He grabbed hold of Vegeta and Piccolo and used Instant Transmission to go into the Lookout.

Four Full-Power Super Saiyans: A Match for Cell?[]

Goku and Gohan went in first. Trunks, Vegeta and Piccolo trained outside on the Lookout for the duration of the day. When Goku and Gohan came out, they were both Super Saiyans. In addition to that, their hair was almost white. Vegeta said:- "How could you handle the Super Saiyan form so easily?" Goku said:- "We just became Super Saiyans, and held the form for as long as possible. Now, we have complete control over this form, and our power is greatly increased!"

Bulma arrived via plane to the lookout and shared what she saw on TV; that Cell created an arena and was hosting a tournament. It spurred everyone to train harder.

Vegeta said:- "Well then, I should try that. Trunks, it's our turn!" They entered the Lookout, and in one day's time they had mastered the Super Saiyan form too. The third day,


Full-Power Super Saiyans

Piccolo trained in the time chamber. All other of the Z Fighters took turns in the room. Krillin and Yamcha teamed up. Chiaotzu went with Tien. They were only halfway to the tournament, so everyone trained again. They all got a good two years of training in, and all of their powers grew exponentially.

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Trunks were all waiting to leave for the Cell games. Goku said:- "One of us is going to surpass this form. That one of us is going to beat Cell." Goku was thinking of Gohan. Vegeta said:- "That someone is going to be me! I was the first one to surpass Super Saiyan, so I'll be the first one to surpass this form!" When the time came, everyone gathered together and Goku took them to the ring.

Cell Games Round 1! Vegeta Challenges Cell![]

The Z Fighters were taken to the Cell Games Arena by Goku. Cell saw them arrive and said:- "At last! I was thinking I may have to go on a killing spree to bring you cowards out! So, who will fight first? Goku?" Goku stepped forward and said:- "I'll be your opponent Cell." Vegeta said:- "Not so fast Kakarot. I have a vendetta against this freak, and I intend to settle it now." Goku said:- "Well... okay, but throw in the towel if it gets too difficult." Vegeta scoffed:- "A Saiyan never throws in the towel Kakarot!"

Vegeta flew down to the ring. Cell said:- "Vegeta?!" Vegeta heard his dissapointment. He angrily said:- "You'll get just as good a fight from me as you would from Kakarot. In fact, you should be happy. Kakarot is too soft." Cell replied:- "Very well. Killing you might provoke Goku I guess." Vegeta charged Cell. Cell jumped aside, and tried to kick Vegeta, but he afterimaged. Cell turned around and blasted at Vegeta, but hit another afterimage. Cell said:- "Fine, if that's how you want to play!" He unleashed his perfect

Final Flash Vegeta by Hycanithe

Spirit Final Flash

barrier. It extended several feet every direction. Cell said:- "How did that not hit him?" Suddenly, a Final Flash hit Cell from beneath his feet, sending him into the air.

Vegeta rose up and said:- "Fool, your barrier didn't reach me underground!" Cell said:- "An interesting trick. But all for naught. You see, I don't want to waste my time with trash like you, so I'm ending this now. KA..." Vegeta said:- "I have the perfect technique for this situation. I got the idea from Kakarot." He put his hands up. "ME..." He said:- "Planet Earth! Lend me some energy!" "HA..." Vegeta stretched his arms out. "ME..." "FINAL..." "HA!!!!!" "FLASH!!!!" The two beams collided. A gargantuan power ball appeared in the middle of the beam struggle. It grew close to Vegeta, then to Cell, then to Vegeta, then back to the middle. Yet, slowly, the blast traveled slowly towards Vegeta. He shouted:- "Hey! Give me some energy!" Goku said:- "I think he's talking to us." They all put one arm up. Vegeta used the power to push the ball back at Cell, vaporizing him.

Vegeta, who used almost all of his power, in addition to some of the Earth's, was near fainting. Goku flew down to him and said:- "Wow! Wow! Just... Wow! Vegeta you did it! You beat Cell!" Then they heard laughter. Everyone turned to see a regenerating mass. It grew and formed into Cell. He said:- "That was a powerful attack Vegeta. Yet, with all the power of you, your friends, and this planet, you failed to destroy my core. And for that, you pay the price. I have gotten even stronger, thanks to the Saiyan cells in me." The Z Fighters were stunned. Cell said:- "You're all in the ring fools. This is interrupting the match, so unless you want to die, get out of here! Unless Vegeta forfeits." Vegeta said:- "N-Never..." Then fainted. Cell said:- "Good! Now, Goku, would you care to fight?" Goku said:- "No, but there's someone else here who will fight in my place. Someone who will beat you." Cell said:- "Oh really? Who?" Goku said:- "Gohan!" Gohan said:- "Wha- Me?" Goku brought Gohan to the ring and said:- "I know you can do this Gohan!"

Everyone was stunned, and, in some cases, angered, by Goku's choice. Piccolo said:- "Gohan's death is on your hands Goku!" Goku payed them no attention. Gohan began charging ki. His energy destroyed the arena, and then some. Cell said:- "It's good, but not enough!" They started fighting. Gohan was no match for Cell. He was getting pummeled nonstop. Cell unleashed an unrelenting barrage of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees against Gohan. Gohan couldn't even defend himself against the onslaught. The power difference was just too great. Eventually Cell stopped. Gohan fell to one knee. Cell said:- "So, Goku trusted you to defeat me?"

Round 2! Super Saiyan 2 Gohan![]

Gohan stood up and said:- "Yes, and I will!" He attacked Cell. He landed a punch on his face, but Cell didn't even react. He then punched Gohan back, knocking him over. Gohan said:- "I know why my dad wanted me to fight you! It's because when I get angry, I can't control my self, and my power explodes." This peaked Cell's curiosity. He said:- "Then let's get you angry!" He started attacking again. Gohan could do nothing but take the beating. He wasn't nearly powerful enough to defeat Cell. Eventually, Cell said:- "That's enough. If harming you won't work, maybe hurting your friends will!"

Cell's tail extended. The tip widened, and several Cell Jr.s came falling out. Cell pointed the the Z Fighters and said:- "Those are your targets. Feel free to kill them if you have to." The Cell Jr.s attacked. Trunks and Goku could barely handle them. Vegeta, who was out of power, was being beaten mercilessly. Everyone else was at their mercy. After several minutes of the attack, Gohan shouted:- "ENOUGH!!" Cell said:- "Angry yet?" Trunks blasted the Cell Jr. he was fighting aside and shouted:- "Gohan! If you're hiding a reservoir of power, just get angry and unleash it!" He was going to say more, but the Cell Jr. attacked again.

Gohan's anger peaked. His latent power unleashed, powering him up to Super Saiyan 2. Cell said:- "Well, that's more like it!" Gohan rushed at the Cell Jr. that was attacking

SSJ2 Gohan Angry

Gohan becomes SSJ2

Trunks, and instantly destroyed it in one attack. He then fired a ki wave at the one pummeling Vegeta, killing it too. He was about to kill the one Goku was fighting, but Goku said:- "No, let me finish this one son. He's a pretty good challenge!" Gohan then killed the rest.

He turned his attention back to Cell and said:- "Now I make you pay." He attacked Cell, but his power still fell short. Cell had powered up past his Super Perfect Form, and it seemed like Gohan was no match. Goku, who got a small break from the tired Cell Jr., shouted:- "Gohan! Don't hold back! Let it explode!" Gohan unleashed all of his SSJ2 power. He attacked, forcing Cell on the defensive.

Cell said:- "Nobody can defeat me! I am the perfect being!" Gohan kicked him in the chest, then kneed him in the face. Cell doubled over in pain. Gohan moved behind him, grabbed his tail, and threw him. He then fired a Super Kamehameha at Cell. Cell's legs were blown off. He regenerated and said:- "Y-you! How dare you! Nobody does that to me!" He counterattacked, but Gohan easily dodged. He then kicked Cell as hard as he could in the side, causing him to regurgitate android 18.

Cell was reduced to his near-perfect form. Cell realized he had no chance. He started backing away from Gohan, but then the last Cell Jr. caught his eye. Cell feigned an attack, then afterimaged and raced towards the Cell Jr. He kicked Goku out of the way and absorbed the Jr. It's power boosted him to Perfect Form again. He knew that his power was still nothing the SSJ2 Gohan, who matched him in his Surpassed-Perfect Form, so he looked around for another option.

At first he decided to absorb the helpless Vegeta, but then he saw android 13. 13 was powerful, and his design would integrate perfectly with his. Android 13 had his guard down. He expected that once again Perfect Cell would turn his attention to Gohan, but he absorbed 13 in the blink of an eye.

Cell had gone beyond any of his prior forms. He was about 2 feet taller. His muscle mass had nearly doubled, and his speed increased. All the green parts of his body darkened. The purple parts of his chest and limbs had turned a reddish color, and his tail had grown back to it's original length. Cell said:- "I would call this my Ultra Perfect Form." His voice had gotten smoother. Now he stood well over eight feet tall. His growth was nothing compared to his power increase. SSJ2 Gohan was nothing compared to him.

Cell decided to test his new power. He looked at the weakened Vegeta, sitting not far from him. He extended one finger, and from that finger a giant blast, the size of a Kamehameha and the color of a death beam, hit Vegeta square in the chest. It came out his back, and he was killed instantly. Trunks shouted:- "No! FATHER!" His anger propelled him to SSJ2. His power was now the same as Gohan's.

A Duo of Super Saiyan 2's! Still no match for Cell![]

SSJ2 Trunks Cell Games by Kaiday

SSJ2 Trunks

Trunks said:- "Gohan! Together, we can defeat Cell!" Goku was watching in amazement. He said:- "Wow! I never thought that anyone else would be able to reach that level! At least, not this soon!" Trunks and Gohan went into their fighting stances. Cell laughed and said:- "My power is far superior to any transformation you Saiyans could ever reach!" Trunks said:- "How about we stop talking and I avenge my father!"

Cell charged at them, but disappeared at the last second. He reappeared behind the duo and punched them both from behind. They fell on their faces, and Cell said:- "How would you like to see a new technique?" He grabbed Gohan by the leg, and threw him through the air. Cell moved with lightning speed in front of Gohan, kicked him up in the air, then spiked him down to the ground. Gohan lay there in a small crater, and Cell put one arm out in front of him. He shouted:- "PERFECT KAMEHAMEHA!!!!" The Energy Wave was white on the inside, but red on the outside. Black electricity surrounded the blast. Gohan stood up. He saw the blast coming towards him, so he put his arms up and said:- "MASENKO-HA!!!" A large yellow energy wave collided with Cell's Kamehameha, and slowed it down.

Cell said:- "Fool! There's no stopping it! You should have just moved out of the way and let your precious planet be destroyed sooner!" Trunks said:- "No!" He fired an Energy Barrage at Cell, but the blasts did no damage. The blast was getting nearer and nearer to Gohan. The blast was forcing Gohan down into a crater. Trunks said:- "There's only one thing to do now! FINISH BUSTER!" The large Energy Ball collided with the beam struggle, knocking both attacks off course.

Trunks detonated the Finish Buster, creating a monumental explosion that could be seen from space. The explosion destroyed some of Cell's body, and nearly killed Gohan. Trunks shouted:- "NOW'S MY CHANCE!" He charged all of his ki into one blast and said:- "If my ultimate technique won't finish Cell, then it's all over!" He stretched out his arms and said:- "FINAL..." Then he put them up and said:- "BUSTER!" His combination of the two attacks hurled towards the damaged Cell. It hit him dead on, then exploded.

Now all that was left of Cell was his head, chest, and one arm. Trunks said:- "It didn't work!? I'm... I'm out of power!" Cell regenerated. He landed in front of Trunks and kicked him in the stomach. He said:- "That was a risky attack. You used all of your energy, and now nobody, not you, not Gohan, can stand up to me!" The Z Fighters were awed. Cell was good as new. It looked like Earth was doomed. Krillin said:- "Come on guys, it's not over until we've given it everything we've got! DESTRUCTO DISC!" The attack cut off one of Cell's arms and severed his torso. He reattached himself and said:- "Looks like you die first Krillin!" Yamcha said:- "Not so fast! Tien, let's get him!" Yamcha ran forward and attempted a Wolf-Fang Fist. Cell punched him out of the way, only to be hit by a Double Dodon Ray, fired by Tien and Chiaotzu. Piccolo used his Hellzone Grenade, but it hardly damaged Cell at all. Cell said:- "Fine. I'll kill you all! And don't expect it to be quick and clean either!"

Ascended Super Saiyan 2: A Rival for Cell?[]

While the Z Fighters were fighting a hopeless battle against Cell, Trunks moved over to Gohan. He said:- "Krillin has the Senzu Beans, and I really don't want to go over there." Gohan said:- "Don't worry. My dad won't let anyone get hurt. We'll be able to get some from Krillin soon enough." Contrary to what Gohan said, Goku and the other Z Fighters were taking a beating. Cell kneed Goku in the chest, then grabbed Krillin and threw him to the ground. Goku said:- "K-Krillin..." Krillin said:- "Yeah, I hear you Goku." Goku said:- "My plan didn't work. Gohan wasn't enough, even with Trunks's help. But there's still hope. If you guys can distract him long enough, I can make a Spirit Bomb. This one

Super Trunks ssj3 by alessandelpho

Ascended Super Saiyan 2

will be much stronger than the one I used on Frieza."

Krillin stood up and said:- "Okay Goku, but make it quick. We can't last long against this guy!" Krilin got up and attacked Cell again. Goku used Instant Transmission to get himself a decent distance away from the fight. He put his hands up and said:- "Come on, Earth, I just need a tiny bit of your energy!"

Meanwhile, Trunks collapsed on the ground next to Gohan. Gohan said:- "Do you sense that? My dad's using a Spirit Bomb!" Trunks said:- "Yeah, we've still got a chance Gohan!" Unfortunately, Cell sensed it too. He used Instant Transmission to move over to Goku. Then he said:- "The Spirit Bomb? Well, I'm afraid I know your techniques a little too well Goku." Goku said:- "Come on, just a little bit more!" But Cell was relentless. He punched Goku in the face, disrupting the energy flow. Goku was sent down to the ground.

Gohan said:- "No! Cell got to him!" Trunks stood up and said:- "We have to fight until we die. We can't fail the planet like this!" Gohan said:- "I'd like to, but I'm done. I'm probably going to die any minute now." Trunks said:- "No, Gohan! Don't say that! You were my best friend in the future, and I won't fail you now!" Gohan said:- "Sorry, it's too late for me. But take the last of my power. It might be what it takes to defeat Cell." Trunks took his hand, and felt his strength get restored. Gohan's hand then fell limp. He had died. Trunks shouted:- "No... GOHAN!!!!" His full power exploded. The barrier of Super Saiyan 2 was broken. He had ascended, much like Vegeta had with the original Super Saiyan form. Trunks had the bulk of an Ultra Super Saiyan, the hair of a Super Saiyan 3, and the speed of a Super Saiyan 2. On top of that, his power increased exponentially.

Cell's Power is Matched! Just a Little More Energy![]

Trunks flew over to Cell. Cell sensed the tremendous power and turned. He said:- "Is that you Trunks? You've transformed again?! You should know the futility of it then! Nobody could ever match me!" Cell punched, but Trunks caught his fist and twisted his arm. Then he wrenched it off. Cell screamed in pain. He was bleeding. Actually bleeding! It was the first real harm done to Cell. Cell regenerated and said:- "Fool! I underestimated you that time, and now you'll pay dearly for that!" He punched Trunks in the stomach, then grabbed him by the shoulders and started flying full speed at the ground. Right before they made contact, Cell let go and Instant Transmissioned back to his previous height.

Trunks smashed into the ground, leaving a giant crater. Cell said:- "You like that? Well how about this! That Perfect Kamehameha was just a warm up! Try this one out for size!" He put both arms out in front of him. Two red and black energy balls appeared in both his palms. He said:- "This one is from your father! Perfect Galick Gun!" Both attacks were falling towards Trunks. The attack was slow, but Cell said:- "It may be slow, but let either one touch the ground and you can say goodbye to the Earth!"

Trunks got angry. He shouted:- "How dare you use my father's attacks against me! See how you like this!" Trunks created his own two energy balls. He quietly said:- "This


The power of the beam struggle

one's for you father... FINAL FLASH!!!" His attack matched Cell's in power. They got in a beam struggle. The surface of the Earth was being torn apart by the energy. Trunks shouted:- "We may have equal power, but this attack is my birthright! HA!!!!!" The beam struggle turned on Cell, and a beam with both of their power hit him.

Cell regenerated. He said:- "For all of your new power, you still couldn't destroy me!" Trunks said:- "You're a fool if you think that's my full power!" He rushed to Cell, but Cell used Instant Transmission and moved several meters away. Trunks attacked again, but Cell teleported again. This happened many times, until Trunks eventually said:- "Fine coward! Then I'll have to use that technique!" He attacked, and again, Cell teleported. But this time, Trunks teleported too.

As soon as they reappeared, Trunks punched Cell in the face. Cell said:- "How could you learn that technique so quickly?" Trunks said:- "Don't ever doubt my abilities Cell!" They started fighting. They were completely even. Ever punch Trunks threw, Cell could block. Every kick from Cell was deflected. After a few minutes, they separated. Cell said:- "It's clear that we are even." Trunks said:- "No... no this can't be all my power. I just need a little more!" Cell laughed and said:- "Losing hope boy? Well, you will tire, and I will remain fresh. You will soon start to slip." They started fighting again. Just as Cell said, Trunks slowly wore out. Cell gained the upper hand, and attempted a finishing blow. He struck Trunks with amazing force on the neck, then chopped his spinal chord. His larynx nearly collapsed from the first strike, and as a Super Saiyan 2 the second one would have finished him.

He was left gasping for air. Cell said:- "Looks like you're stronger than I thought. No matter. The game is finished for you. Say goodbye!" Before he could attack, Goku came up from behind and spiked him down. He said:- "Trunks! We don't have much time before he's back! Take my hand, and I'll give you all the energy from the Spirit Bomb. If you use it, you may just be able to defeat him!" Trunks took his hand. Suddenly, he felt a monumental power flow into him. Goku said:- "Good. Hopefully that's enough. Take a senzu just in case. I think Krillin has the-" Cell had teleported behind Goku, and started strangling him. Cell said:- "You'll regret that one Goku." He snapped Goku's neck, and let him drop. Trunks said:- "Goku... NO!!!" He punched Cell in the face, kneed him in the stomach, and elbowed him in the back. Then, he slammed him into the ground. Trunks then teleported to Krillin and said:- "Krillin, give me a senzu."Krillin said:- "Wha- um, I mean, okay. Here you go." He gave Trunks the bean, and when Trunks ate it he was elevated far past his full power, thanks to the energy of the Earth.

The Final Struggle! Trunks Strikes the Final Blow![]

Trunks flew down to the Cell Games Ring. Cell flew down too. They slowly started circling each other. They were about to make their moves when a sports helicopter arrived.


Mr. Satan arrives at the Cell Games

The side door opened, and out came Mr. Satan. He attempted a graceful landing, but hit his foot on a rock and started screaming in pain. Cell said:- "Who does this fool think he is?" Mr. Satan dropped his cape and lifted his champion's belt in the air. He said:- "CELL! YOU'RE DONE SCARING THE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET! DO YOU HEAR ME! YOU'RE DONE!!!!" Cell said:- "One moment Trunks. I'll take care of this." He launched a Perfect Death Beam, which killed Mr. Satan instantly. The newscaster in the helicopter was stunned. He shouted into his microphone:- "Cell has killed Mr. Satan! Now nobody can stand up to Cell!"

Trunks said:- "CELL! That's the last innocent person you'll ever harm! I swear on my father's grave!" Cell laughed and said:- "That's funny. You'll never get a chance to bury your father, because you'll be dead, and this planet will be gone!" Trunks didn't respond. He used Instant Transmission to appear behind Cell, but Cell expected it, and blocked Trunks's punch. Cell said:- "You'll have to do better than that." Trunks said:- "Trust me. I intend to."

He punched Cell in the gut. Once. Twice. Three times. He grabbed the monster's tail and threw him. He teleported in front of him, and kicked him back. Then he fired a Burning Attack. Before the attack could hit Cell, he put up his Perfect Barrier. It stopped the Burning Attack. Cell then moved his arm in a throwing motion, and the Perfect Barrier sped like an energy blast towards Trunks. Trunks caught the barrier, then lifted it into the air. Cell expected him to throw it, but suddenly he dissapeared.

Trunks appeared behind Cell via Instant Transmission. He said:- "I think you lost this." He threw it at Cell, and it destroyed 2/3 of his body. Trunks said:- "Next time, I'm keeping it." Cell regenerated and said:- "Good to see that being in the face of death hasn't dampened your sense of humor." He punched at Trunks, but only hit an afterimage. Trunks was behind Cell. He put one hand in front of him and said:- "I'll protect the past and save the future!"

He fired a massive blast, which sent Cell flying. Cell recovered and said:- "Everything you've seen me do up to this point has been a joke. Forget destroying Earth. With this attack, I can destroy not just Earth, but half of the Galaxy!" Trunks felt the power from Goku fading, and he knew he had to do something quickly, or he would lose the upper hand. He said:- "Well then, I'll counter it with something twice as strong!" Cell pulled his hands back. "KA...ME...HA...ME..." "FINAL" "HA!!!!!" "FLASH!!!!!" The largest beam


Cell is destroyed

struggle the universe has ever know began.

As soon as it began, the Z Fighters knew the result. The power ball was moving slowly but steadily towards Cell. Trunks said:- "This one's for you Gohan." The ball surged forward. "This one's for you Goku." It got even closer. "This one... is for you, father." The power ball hit Cell. The great power was too much for him. He was being blown away. He shouted:- "I will survive! I always survive! I am Perfect!" But even as he said it he knew it wasn't true. Trunks shouted:- "Perfection doesn't last!"

The blast shot Cell into space. It slowly ate away at his body. In about a minute, he had died. Trunks reverted to his base form. All of the Z Fighters flew over to him. Krillin said:- "Wow Trunks, that was incredible! You just... you just destroyed him!" Piccolo was much less happy. He looked at Gohan's body and said:- "But at what cost." Krillin said:- "Don't worry Piccolo! We have the Dragon Balls!" Piccolo said:- "No. They turned into stones when I fused with Kami." Krillin's face fell. But then he lightened up and said:- "What about the Namekians? I'm sure elder Moori has a set!" Piccolo said:- "Yes! And we might even get a new guardian, who can make new Dragon Balls!"

Trunks said:- "I'm afraid you'll have to take that trip without me." Krillin said:- "Why?" Trunks said:- "I have matters to attend to. In my own time." Krillin said:- "I understand." Trunks returned to his Time Machine. With the farewells and blessings of everyone, he departed.

The New Namek Saga/ Legendary Super Saiyan Saga[]


About a week later, Dr. Briefs called all of the surviving Z Warriors to Capsule Corp. When they arrived, he said:- "Alright, the ship is finished. There aren't any supplies packed on board yet, and I need to know how many of you are going." Krillin said:- "All of us." Yamcha said:- "What? I thought it would only be a couple of us!" Krillin said:- "Well, last time only a couple of us left in a spaceship, we landed on a planet full of enemies and we all almost died, so I don't want to take any chances." Yamcha said:- "Well... okay." Dr. Briefs said:- "Okay then, I'll get those packed right away.

In about half an hour, all of the supplies and provisions were packed, and the Z Fighters took off. Tien walked over to the gravity controls. He said:- "Well, we've got about a

Capsule Corp Ship

The ship taking off

week until takeoff. Let's get to training!" Piccolo said:- "Why should we train? We're not going to any great battle." Tien said:- "Yeah, but Goku trained at 100 times Earth's gravity! Dr. Briefs told me that he improved it, so it now goes up to 500! Imagine the strength we could build!" Yamcha said:- "I think it's a great idea! We can become stronger than Super Saiyans!" So they began training.

The humans could only handle up to 250 times, so Piccolo had them go to the lower level where the gravity wouldn't be effected, and he turned it up to 300. After a day he was at 400. He was pushing his body past all limits. Eventually, the others wanted to train again, so he turned it down to 275.

On the day before arrival, the humans were all getting the hang of 350, and Piccolo was trying to make the last stretch to 500 by himself. He would turn it up to 450, warm himself up, then turn it up to 475, which would leave him all but glued to the ground. He started turning it up by two every half-hour, until he could handle 475. He felt like he could reach 500 soon, but the humans returned, and he brought it down 350.

None of the humans could move. Piccolo laughed and said:- "Well at least you're still on your feet! Now start moving!" Soon, they could move normally at 350. The following day, as they came into sight of New Namek, they were all at 400, and the results were clear. Piccolo demanded to be alone when they started landing, and he turned the gravity up to 500. He struggled to step forward. But he took a step. Then another. And another. In about ten minutes, he could move freely. He still couldn't jump or run, but he decided to continue on the return trip.


When they landed, Piccolo turned the gravity to 0. All of the Z Fighters felt like they would basically float away. Piccolo remarked:- "Look how much stronger we've become!


Moori welcomes the Z Fighters

Any one of us would be more than a match for Frieza!" Krillin said:- "Well, let's find Elder Moori." They flew off, honing in on Moori's power signature. They came to his Village, and found all of the Namekians waiting to greet them. Moori said:- "Welcome! It's good to see all of you! When you first landed, we thought you may be someone like Frieza! Your powers are all tremendous! But then we sensed your pure hearts. Now, what can we do for you?

Piccolo began to explain, and Moori listened intently. Nobody sensed the great power level that was bouncing around solar systems, destroying everything in its path.

To Grand Kai's World[]

When Goku died, he was sent to Heaven. When he arrived, he found Gohan, and took him to King Kai's planet. King Kai said:- "Goku! What a pleasant surprise! Oh, and this must be Gohan! Pleased to meet you!" They shook hands, and Gohan said:- "So you're the one that made my dad so much stronger." Goku said:- "Yeah, and that's why we're here. Can we train with you King Kai?" King Kai said:- "Hmm... both of you are so powerful. Nothing I could teach you would help. But... I suppose I could take you to the Grand Kai." Goku said:- "Oh really! That's great! I'd like to meet him! I hear he's a great teacher." King Kai said:- "Yes. Let's go to the check-in station."

1574-king yemma super

King Yemma listens to Goku

Goku brought them there, and King Kai said:- "Alright, this way, we have to board a plane." Goku said:- "Wait, let me talk to King Yemma for a sec." He approached the desk and said:- "Hey King Yemma, can you tell me where Vegeta is?" Yemma flipped through his book, and said:- "Hmm... Vegeta... Vegeta... oh yes, I sent him straight to Hell." Goku said:- "What?! Hell? Well... I guess that makes sense. Can I see him?" Yemma said:- "Well, okay, since you helped save the Earth and all."

Goku said:- "Thanks! Hey King Kai, I'll be right back!" He teleported to Hell. He found Vegeta squaring off with Cell. Cell was no longer in his Ultra-Perfect Form. He was reduced to his regular Perfect Form, due to the androids being separated from him on death, but his power increases from near-death granted him enough leftover power.

Cell said:- "Well Vegeta, I may not be at full power, but this will do as I use you to stay in shape and entertain myself for the rest of eternity!" Vegeta said:- "Just try." He powered up to Full Power Super Saiyan. They began fighting, and Cell had the upper hand. He said:- "See Vegeta? You could never match me!" Vegeta said:- "Well, when a Saiyan comes close to death, his power skyrockets. When they actually die, the increase is even higher!" Vegeta began charging his energy. His hair darkened from near-white to gold. Lightning appeared around his body. He had become Super Saiyan 2.

Vegeta with halo near cave

Vegeta sees Kakarot

Cell said:- "Ha! I defeated your's and Goku's sons while they were in that form!" Vegeta said:- "But you aren't even half of what you were when you did that." He proceeded to pummel Cell. Goku said:- "Hey, Vegeta's right, I do feel stronger!" He became a Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta sensed him, so he grabbed Cell by the arm and threw him at the Needle Mountain. Then he powered down and said:- "Kakarot? What are you doing here?"

Goku said:- "Hey Vegeta! Isn't it cool how we can all become Super Saiyan 2's now?" Vegeta laughed and said:- "Look at you Kakarot, here with me in Hell! Looks like you weren't as good as everybody thought!" Goku said:- "Uh, no. I'm just here to take you to Grand Kai's World so you can train with me and Gohan!" Vegeta said:- "Why would I want to train with you?" Goku said:- "Well, I guess you can stay here and fall behind while me and Gohan get much stronger." He turned to leave, but Vegeta said:- "Fine, take me there." Goku grabbed Vegeta and took him to the Check-In Station.

When they arrived, King Kai said:- "What?! We're bringing him with us? I don't think that's allowed!" Goku said:- "Oh, come on King Kai, he helped fight Cell well we were on Earth. He deserves to go to Grand Kai's world." King Kai sighed and said:- "Whatever. Now come on, we've got a plane to catch."

A Saiyan Invasion! Tien & Chiaotzu vs. Paragus[]

Piccolo had just finished recounting everything that had happened since they returned to Earth. He started with the arrival of Mecha-Frieza, and ended with Cell's death at the


Paragus arrives

hands of Trunks. Moori was amazed. He said:- "Well, you truly deserve a new Guardian. Dende should be arriving any minute now, and I've told the elders to bring all of the Dragon Balls, so-" He stopped. Everyone sensed the massive power drawing nearer. They all looked up, and saw a giant ship coming down from space. Moori said:- "More of your friends?" Piccolo said:- "No. I don't like this."

The ship landed on top of one of the Namekian houses, crushing it. A door on the side opened, and dozens of soldiers came out, followed by a man with a cape. He said:- "Greetings Namekians! I am Paragus!" Moori whispered:- "I can sense this man's evil heart. Don't trust him for a second." Paragus said:- "I am a Saiyan, and I have been travelling across the universe ever since my home planet's destruction, looking for a new home."

Moori said:- "Well, I'm afraid I can't help you. You see, this planet is already inhabited." Paragus said:- "But of course. I was hoping we could share this planet as mutual friends." Moori said:- "I'm afraid you can't. There isn't enough room." Paragus said:- "well, I can only sense about a hundred individuals.

Moori said:- "Well, we Nameks only need water to survive. As such, there is no food for your kind here." Paragus said:- "I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't giving you a choice!" He fired a blast at a house, destroying it and killing those inside. Moori said:- "Please, this is unnecassary! Just tell us the real reason you're here!" Paragus said:- "I am restoring Saiyan dominance throughout the galaxy! Kneel before me, and you will become my subjects. Refuse, and I'll eliminate you and your entire race!

Tien stepped forward. He said:- "I'm afraid you chose the wrong time to invade." Chiaotzu said:- "Yeah! Nobody can defeat Tien!" Paragus said:- "Humans, I presume? You wouldn't happen to be from Earth, would you?" Tien said:- "What if we are?" Paragus said:- "You wouldn't happen to know Prince Vegeta would you?" Tien said:- "Well, we knew him, but he's dead now." Paragus said:- "Saves some time for me. Now once I kill all of you, I can take Earth unopposed!" Tien said:- "Not gonna happen! Let's get him Chiaotzu!"

Tien attempted a frontal assault. Paragus easily predicted the attack, dodged, then kneed Tien's side. Paragus said:- "A foolish ploy. Does that pass as skill on your planet?" Tien attacked again, but this time, used the afterimage technique. Paragus wasn't fazed by the projection, and when Tien appeared behind him, he elbowed backwards and

Neo tri-beam attack

Tien uses Tri Beam on Paragus

struck Tien in the stomach. Tien doubled over in pain, and Paragus raised his hand to administer the final blow. As we started to swing his arm, Chiaotzu used his psychic to lock Paragus in place. He said:- "Nobody hurts Tien!"

While Paragus was paralyzed, Chiaotzu lifted a giant boulder from the ground, and hurled it at Paragus. The Saiyan broke free of the paralysis just in time to smash the rock. He then said:- "Looks like you die first!" He charged, and punched Chiaotzu in the face. Then, he grabbed his leg and threw him. He finished with a giant energy ball. Tien jumped in the way and launched a kiai, which deflected the attack. Then, he said:- "Tri-Beam!" The attack his Paragus, and it knocked him onto his back. Tien came forward and stomped onto his chest.

He said:- "Looks like that training at 400 times Earth's gravity really payed off!" Paragus said:- "Train all you want! It won't save you!" Tien said:- "Ha, I think I've already beaten you." Paragus said:- "Not from me. From Broly." Tien said:- "Who?" Paragus leapt upward. He started preparing his ultimate attack, Cripple Beam. He said:- "This attack will break all the bones in your body. I used to use it to keep Broly under control. He fired it at Tien, but he and Chiaotzu fired Dodonpa's at it, and with their combined power, drove the attack back at Paragus. When he lost to the beam struggle, all of his bones were broken.

He lay there, unable to move. Tien said:- "Now it's over for real." One of the soldiers ran over to Paragus. Paragus said:- "Take me back to the ship. Unleash Broly."

The Otherworld Tournament[]

When their plane landed, King Kai said:- "Wow, there sure were a lot of people headed here. Maybe Grand Kai has gotten more lenient about who he trains." Then someone said:- "North Kai? Is that you?" King Kai turned to face West Kai, who said:- "Well, I should have known you wouldn't miss an Otherworld Tournament, especially not with Olibu

Afterlife ring

The Otherworld Ring

participating." King Kai said:- "Actually, I've brought a new student. Three, to be exact." West Kai looked at the Saiyans and said:- "That's them? Ha! My new student, Pikkon, will wipe the floor with all of them!" He walked away, snickering.

King Kai turned to his students and said:- "An Otherworld Tournament. I should have known. That's why so many people were on the plane!" Goku said:- "Wow, a tournament! Can we enter!" King Kai said:- "Yes, I suppose. But don't expect to win. Everyone in the tournament has been here training for a long time, some even for thousands of years! You may all meet your match."

They were all approved for the tournament. They all went to the arena, and the announcer said:- "The tournament will proceed as follows! Round 1: Gohan vs. Caterpy! Round 2: Pikkon vs. Arqua! Round 3: Vegeta vs. Olibu! Round 4: Goku vs. Froug! Will our current competitors please come forward?"Gohan came up to the arena, as did Caterpy.

Round 1[]

Caterpy stood in a fighting stance, staring at Gohan. The announcer said:- "READY.... FIGHT!!!!!" Caterpy charged forward, all ten of his fists raised. Gohan put his guard up, but Caterpy started tickling him. Gohan laughed and kicked Caterpy aside. Caterpy started crying. The announcer said:- "Caterpy is disqualified for crying!" Caterpy said:- "Grr... We'll meet again... when I hatch from my cocoon, I will be unstoppable!" Gohan said:- "I look forward to it. When will that be?" Caterpy said: "1,200 years!" Gohan said:- "Well... see you then."

The announcer said:- "Pikkon and Arqua, you're up!"

Brolly normal form


Say Goodbye Yamcha! Broly: A Super Saiyan?[]

Meanwhile, on New Namek, Paragus was carried back on to his ship. As he went inside, another came out. Tien said:- "Is that supposed to be Broly? He doesn't look like much." Broly walked over to the village. He looked at all of the Z Fighters and said:- "You defeated my father?" Tien said:- "Yeah, and your next!" Yamcha said:- "Hey, let me handle this one, okay?

Broly said:- "So, you want to die first?" Yamcha said:- "Sorry friend, but if either of us is going to die, it will be you! I trained at 400 times this planet's gravity! Can you beat that?" Broly said:- "A human could never match a Saiyan." With that, he attacked. He elbowed Yamcha in the face, breaking his nose. Yamcha, bleeding profusely, said:- "Hey, I wasn't ready! Well, see if you can handle my newest technique: Multi Spirit Ball!" He created a Spirit Ball in each hand, and threw them at Broly. Then he made two more and threw them. He repeated that again and again, until he was in control of twenty Spirit Balls.

He directed all of them at Broly. They hit him, then Yamcha brought them back. They hit Broly from behind, then below, then, finally, they came from above, driving him into the ground. When he hit the ground, the Spirit Balls exploded. Broly lay in a giant crater. Yamcha said:- "Looks like my training payed off!" Broly rose out of the crater. His headband was damaged by the attack; it cracked and fell off.

File-Broli SSJ

Broly Super Saiyan

Suddenly, Broly was back in command of his uncontrollable power. He instantly became a Super Saiyan. Yamcha was stunned. He said:- "A Super Saiyan? I... I surrender, okay? Just, leave me alone!" Broly said:- "Hah! Why should I?" Yamcha started backing away. He said:- "I'm no match for you! Please, mercy!" Broly said:- "What's mercy?" And fired an Eraser Cannon, which vaporized Yamcha.

The others were shocked. Not only were they fighting a Saiyan, but they were fighting a Super Saiyan! On top of that, Yamcha had died! Does all of their training mean nothing?

Round 3: Vegeta vs. Olibu[]

Round 2 of the Otherworld Tournament ended with Pikkon as the victor. He would go on to fight Gohan in the next round. Now, it was Vegeta's turn. He went up to the stage and squared off with Olibu, who said:- "So, you're from Earth too?" Vegeta said:- "No! I am from the


Olibu prepares to fight Vegeta

Planet Vegeta! I am just... using Earth until I am in a fit state to take over the universe!" Goku said:- "Don't listen to him Olibu. He has a family on Earth and everything!" Vegeta said:- "Shut up Kakarot!"

The announcer said:- "READY... FIGHT!!!!" Vegeta charged Olibu, but afterimaged and punched him from behind. Olibu flew out of the ring, but stopped before he touched the ground. He charged back at Vegeta and punched him in the face. Vegeta was pushed back by the punch, but he kicked Olibu up towards the roof.

Olibu stopped and said:- "Hero Cannon!" A blue energy wave shot from his hand and raced towards Vegeta. He countered with a Galick Gun. A beam struggle ensued. Olibu appeared to be winning, until Vegeta powered up to False Super Saiyan. The small power boost cost Olibu the beam struggle. The blast rocketed him into the roof; it was a ring out.

Vegeta said:- "See? Could anyone born on Earth ever have that kind of power?" Goku said:- "What about Gohan?" Vegeta said:- "Well, the brat is of Saiyan descent, he doesn't count!"

All That Training for Nothing! No Human can Match Broly![]

On New Namek, Broly was laughing triumphantly about his kill. The Z Fighters were shocked. Krillin said:- "Hey Tien! Chiaotzu! If us three team up, we might be able to beat this guy! Besides, he's only a Super Saiyan. Nothing like what Gohan and Trunks became. Hey Piccolo, we could use your help too!" Piccolo said:- "No. There's something more to this guy. I want to watch him for a little first." Krillin said:- "I understand. Let's go guys!"

The trio of humans rushed Broly. He grabbed Krillin by the leg and threw him into Chiaotzu. He then smashed both of them down into the ground together. Tien said:- "No! You'll pay for that! Solar Flare!" Broly was blinded, and Tien started charging his energy. Broly's sight recovered just as Tien said:- "How about this! Tri-Dodon-HA!!!!!" His new attack rocketed at Broly. The Super Saiyan didn't even move. When the attack hit him, he stood there, unfazed. He said:- "A good effort, but this is an attack!" He used Super Explosive Wave, and Tien was knocked unconscious by the blast.

Krillin and Chiaotzu recovered, and rushed at Broly, who dodged their attack, and countered with an Eraser Cannon. Krillin and Chiaotzu dodged it, and Chiaotzu used Dodon Ray while Krillin threw a Destructo Disk. Broly deflected the ray into the disk, stopping both attacks. He then said:- "Nice trick, I think I'll use it!" He made his own green destructo disk, and threw it at Krillin. He dodged, but it cut his arm. Broly said:- "I'll call that my Eraser Disk! Have another!" He started throwing Eraser Disks nonstop. Chiaotzu and Krillin could barely dodge. They all sustained several cuts all over their bodies. Krillin even lost a finger.

Semifinal 1[]




Gohan attacks Pikkon

In his match, Goku defeated Arqua with one punch. It was even less of a fight than Gohan vs. Caterpy. Now, however, Gohan faced Pikkon. Gohan got into his stance. Pikkon stood there casually. Gohan attacked, and Pikkon countered, sending him back. Gohan attacked again, but Pikkon countered just as easily.

Gohan said:- "Well, it looks like I'm not match for you." Pikkon said:- "You're good for a kid, but you never stood a chance." Gohan said:- "Well look at this!" He became a Full Power Super Saiyan. Pikkon was amazed. Gohan said:- "This form is called Super Saiyan! See how well you match up with me now!"

Gohan attacked. Pikkon didn't expect such a big power difference. He underestimated Gohan, and, as a result he took a beating. Gohan attacked with a flurry of punches and kicks. Pikkon separated himself from Gohan and flew a short distance away. He said:- "Well, well. You're stronger than I expected." He used his Hyper Tornado, and trapped Gohan inside. Pikkon sent him flying out of the ring. Gohan slammed into the wall. It was a ring out.

Goku walked over to Gohan and said:- "I thought for sure you would beat him when you became a Super Saiyan. Guess he just got lucky." Gohan said:- "Well, I guess I still have a lot to learn." The announcer shouted:- "Will Vegeta and Goku please come to the stage!" Vegeta said:- "Well, I would have preferred this fight for the final round, but beating you now will be fine!" Goku said:- "Good luck to you too Vegeta!"

The Legendary Super Saiyan vs. Piccolo[]

During Gohan's fight, his mentor, Piccolo, was having a fight of his own. He squared off with Broly. Piccolo knew that he was stronger than a Super Saiyan, even before his training in the ship. He thought it would be easy. He still didn't underestimate Broly. He knew what Saiyans were capable of. Broly said:- "Do you like Eraser Disks? You can have some too!" He threw one, and it cut off Piccolo's arm.

Broly laughed and said:- "Looks like I already won!" Piccolo said:- "Don't get ahead of yourself." He regenerated his arm and attacked Broly. He punched him a few times in the face, then grabbed his head, kneed him twice in the chest, then drop kicked him through the sky. He teleported in front of Broly and kicked him even farther. He then launched a Light Grenade at Broly, which lit him up like a star. It sent him flying even farther.

Broly LSS

Broly powers up

When he recovered, he returned to Piccolo and said:- "Well, you little insect, you think you've won? Witness my full power!" He started screaming. His skin looked like it was ripped open, as another, bigger form a Broly burst out. He had become a Legendary Super Saiyan. Piccolo couldn't believe it. Broly's power rivaled Ultra Perfect Cell's. Piccolo decided to use one final technique; his last resort. He created two light grenades. He threw one left and one right. When the past Broly they stopped, and came at him. They squeezed him together. He had no room to get rocketed away. The pressure was building, until finally, the blasts exploded.

The blast had damaged Broly's clothes, but nothing more. He said:- "Done yet?" He grabbed Piccolo and used his Gigantic Hammer Technique. First, he threw him into the air. Then he brought them down and skidded them on the ground. He lifted them up by the throat, and with one final massive blow, sent them flying through the air.

Semifinal 2[]

Goku and Vegeta stared at each other from opposite ends of the ring. The announcer said:- "Ready... FIGHT!!!!" Vegeta charged Goku. He started to punch, but feinted and swung at Goku's legs, knocking him over. Vegeta then grabbed his leg and threw him into the air. Goku would have hit the ceiling, but he used Instant Transmission to appear behind Vegeta and punch him several times, before sending him flying with a kiai.

Vegeta recovered and said:- "Let's take this up a notch, shall we?" Goku said:- "You took the words right out of my mouth." They both became Super Saiyans. Goku started charging a Kamehameha. Vegeta got ready to deflect the blast, but Goku teleported behind him and blasted him from the rear. Vegeta almost hit the wall, but he put up a barrier at the last second, causing him to rebound off of the wall back at Goku. He almost drove Goku out of the ring, but Goku used Instant Transmission, accidentally bringing Vegeta with him.


SSJ2 Vegeta

The both appeared in the air, and Vegeta released the barrier. Goku punched him in the stomach, and Vegeta doubled up. Goku elbowed him in the back, causing him to crash down onto the arena. Vegeta stood up and said:- "Alright Kakarot, time to go full power!" Goku said:- "Vegeta wait!" But it was too late. Vegeta began powering up. He became a Super Saiyan 2. Pikkon was amazed. He said:- "Another transformation?" Goku said:- "Fine Vegeta. I didn't want to go this far yet. I wanted to keep this a surprise for the final round. Guess I have no choice now..."

Goku became a Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta said:- "Ready to pit your raw power against mine?! Prepare yourself! Shining Galick Gun!!" Goku said:- "Alright! KAMEHAMEHA!!!!" Goku's signature technique made contact with Vegeta's updated signature move. An amazing beam struggle occurred. The power ball in the center was immobile. Both fighters were completely even. They both poured more and more power into the blast. Eventually, the power ball detonated. Both Goku and Vegeta were sent flying. Goku hit the roof at the exact same time Vegeta hit the wall.

It took everyone a few moments to realize what had happened. Grand Kai announced:- "It's a draw!" West Kai exclaimed:- "So Pikkon wins by default!" Grand Kai said:- "What a bad end to a great tournament... but rules are rules. Pikkon is the winner!" Pikkon said:- "No! I refuse the title. I won't become champion without a fair fight." West Kai said:- "What?! No, he doesn't mean that!" Grand Kai said:- "Well then, I hereby declare this tournament to be... undecided!"

After everyone left the arena, King Kai said:- "That fight was amazing! All three of you are stronger than I ever thought possible!" "They are indeed." They all turned to see Grand Kai. King Kai said:- "Ah! Grand Kai!" Grand Kai said:- "I've decided. I will train you three, as well as Pikkon." Goku said:- "Really? This is great!"

Decisive Battle[]

Piccolo had endured a relentless beating from Broly. The Legendary Super Saiyan was getting tired of the lack of resistance. He said:- "I'll just kill you now!" He spiked Piccolo onto the ground. He landed in the center of Moori's village. He saw Tien, Chiaotzu, and Krillin. They were all perfectly healed. He said:- "How did you get healed?" Then he saw Dende behind them, who said:- "I can heal you too!" Dende came forward and healed Piccolo. Piccolo stood up and said:- "Thanks kid." Broly landed, and said:- "Look at the cute little child. Begone!" He kicked Dende away. Piccolo stood up and said:- "You'll regret that! With renewed vigor, he attacked Broly."

Paragus, had just gotten out of a healing pod. He exited the ship, and saw Broly. He instantly ran back inside and said:- "Quickly! Get the second headband!" Broly heard him, and flew back towards the ship. A few seconds later, several explosions rocked the ship, blowing holes on its exterior. They heard frantic screams and attacks from Paragus's soldiers, and then, silence.

File-Broli regular form

Restrained Super Saiyan Broly

Paragus exited the ship, followed by a powered down Broly. Broly was still a Super Saiyan, but now his power was being held back. His hair was blue instead of gold. Piccolo said:- "I can handle him in this form! Get the Dragon Balls and wish for Goku, Gohan and Vegeta! I don't know how long he can be contained like this!" The humans all did as he said. They split up and flew towards the villages.

Piccolo turned to face Broly, and saw two other Namekians land. They were both warrior Nameks. Piccolo said:- "You weren't here when Frieza attacked. Who are you?" One of them said:- "My name is Nanta. I am a fusion of several warrior Namekians. We fused after Frieza's attack in case that ever happened again. My partner is Dobusu. He is also a fusion of several Namekians."

Nanta attacked, but Broly easily countered and sent him backwards, before injuring him with an eraser cannon. Dobusu fired an energy wave, but Broly sent it back at him, injuring him as well. Dobusu said:- "Nail, I am a fusion of all the warriors proficient in energy attacks. Nanta is those proficient in physical attacks. If we fused, we would be unbeatable. Hold this monster off while we fuse." Piccolo said:- "Alright, but call me Piccolo, not Nail."

Piccolo attacked Broly, and they had at each other. Piccolo had the upper hand while Broly was in that form. Nanta was the host of the fusion. He absorbed Dobusu into himself. His power was dramatically increased. Now he was equal to Piccolo. He attacked Broly, and punched him on the forehead, breaking the headband. Piccolo shouted:- "No!!!!"

Return of Gohan[]


Porunga is called forth

Tien, Krillin, and Chiaotzu all brought back two Dragon Balls. The seventh was already in the Village. Moori brought it out from his hut, and when he brought it close to the others, they all started glowing. Moori called Porunga in Namekian. The mighty Dragon came forth.

Krillin said:- "I wish that Gohan was alive!" Porunga said:- "Your wish is granted." They were about to wish for Goku to return as well, but they heard his voice, saying:- "Hey guys! I saw Gohan's halo disappear, then he disappeared too! I realized what you were doing, and I need to tell you, don't wish me back!" Krillin said:- "Why Goku?" Goku said:- "Because I attracted all sorts of villains to Earth like Frieza, the Androids, and Cell." Krillin said:- "Okay... what about Vegeta?" Goku responded:- "He doesn't want to come back until he's stronger than I am." Krillin said:- "I understand. Well, this is goodbye then."

Porunga said:- "You have two wishes left." Krillin said: "I wish that Gohan was right here!" Gohan appeared from out of nowhere. Krillin said:- "That's it. You can go now." Porunga said:- "Farewell"

Gohan said:- "What's going on you guys? Why are we on Namek?" Krillin said:- "There's a really strong opponent, and we need all the help we can get! He's over there!" He pointed, and Gohan turned to see Legendary Super Saiyan Broly beating up Piccolo and Nanta. Gohan shouted:- "Piccolo!" And charged at Broly. He became a Super Saiyan and attacked.

Gohan vs. Broly! Union of Piccolo and Nanta![]

Gohan, as a Super Saiyan, rushed in and headbutted Broly. He was sent reeling, as Gohan turned his attention to Piccolo. He said:- "Don't worry Mr. Piccolo. I can stop this


Super Saiyan 2 Gohan prepares to attack Broly

guy." Piccolo said:- "No, Gohan! He's as strong as Cell!" Gohan didn't listen, he just flew after Broly. Broly said:- "Another Super Saiyan, huh? Well, do you have the power of the legend?" Gohan said:- "I think so!" And became a Super Saiyan 2.

Gohan attacked, first punching Broly in the face, then kneeing him in the stomach, followed by a roundhouse kick to the face. Broly's nose started bleeding. He wiped off the blood and said:- "You've already done better than all the others. Looks like you do have some power! Too bad it's not enough!"

Broly started a fierce counterattack, while Piccolo spoke with Nanta. Nanta said:- "Listen brother. We need to fuse. I'm afraid your friend isn't enough." Piccolo said:- "I've already got three Namekians inside of me. I'm not looking to add any more." Nanta said:- "It could double your power! You could defeat Broly!" Piccolo said:- "Fine. I guess two more couldn't hurt." He put his hand on Nanta's arm. Nanta merged into Piccolo, increasing his power to amazing levels.

Piccolo said:- "I... I can defeat Broly!" He flew off to help Gohan. Meanwhile, Broly was continuing his assault. He broke a couple of Gohan's ribs and fractured his collarbone. He nearly broke Gohan's leg, and he started charging an Omega Blaster. As he threw it, Piccolo intervened, deflecting the attack.

Student-Teacher Masenko! The End of Broly?[]

Piccolo said:- "Gohan, together, we definitely have a chance of taking this guy down." Gohan said:- "Alright. What should we do?" Piccolo told him the plan, while Broly said:- "I'm waiting! Plan all you want! No strategy could breach the gap of our power differences!" Piccolo finished explaining, and said:- "Alright Broly. Prepare yourself!" He and Gohan launched a double rush.

Piccolo punched him in the face, and Gohan kneed him from behind. Broly started falling, and Gohan pressed his foot on Broly's back and started speeding him downwards. Piccolo landed beneath him, palms upward, and launched a powerful blast. Gohan jumped off of Broly just as the blast made contact, and Broly was sent flying up. Gohan followed, and punched him in the back with both fists. Broly was sent flying, and Piccolo intercepted him and kicked him up, allowing Gohan to hit him with a powerful Super Kamehameha.

The attack left Broly bruised, battered and bloody. Piccolo said:- "Demon Combination. What do you think?" Broly stood up and said:- "A feeble attempt. It will take more than that to beat me." He charged forward, punched Piccolo through the stomach, his fist coming out Piccolo's back. He then unleashed a powerful ki wave, sending Piccolo flying. Gohan said:- "NO!" He kicked Broly on the cheek, then grabbed his arm and threw him. Gohan then flew over to Piccolo.

He flew Piccolo over to Dende. Dende started healing, while Gohan turned back to Broly. He said:- "This isn't over yet! Ma-Kamehameha!" Gohan's Demon Kamehameha

Demon kamehameha

Gohan fires the Demon Kamehameha

looked like a Kamehameha, but with spiral bands of yellow energy all around it, similar to a Special Beam Cannon. It hit Broly, leaving a bloody hole on his stomach. Dende finished healing Piccolo, and the Namekian went at once to Gohan's side. Piccolo said:- "Let's end this." They both put their arms up. "MASENKO-HA!!!" The combined Student-Teacher Masenko hit Broly, who was still recovering from the Demon Kamehameha. The attack left Broly nowhere to be found.

Piccolo said:- "That... that did it! We did it Gohan!" Gohan reverted to base form and said:- "Yeah, we did!" Paragus came out of his ship. He had a gash across his chest, and his left arm had been severed. He said:- "You... you killed Broly? Impossible! He wasn't even wearing his headband! You couldn't have!" Piccolo said:- "Time to finish the job." He walked up, and in one blow, killed Paragus. Then, he destroyed Paragus' ship.

He said:- "Gohan, go get Dende. Time to return to Earth." They departed. Meanwhile, deep beneath the ground, a half-dead Broly lay dormant. The Masenko should have killed him, but he used almost all of his energy to get himself to safety. He was transported to an underground cave with no exits. His power ran out, and he reverted to base form and fell into a coma.

The Otherworld Saga[]

180px-SSJ2Vegeta vs KidBuu

Vegeta uses Double Big Bang Attack

Grand Kai's Training[]

Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon had begun training with Grand Kai. Vegeta and Pikkon sparred while Grand Kai trained Goku's mind. He taught them intense discipline one on one, and the two that weren't with him sparred. He didn't teach them any new techniques yet, but he taught them how to better focus their energy to refine their skills into more powerful attacks.

Pikkon upgraded his Thunder Flash Attack into Storm Breaker Attack, Vegeta upgraded his Big Bang to Double Big Bang, and Goku's learned greater control of the Spirit Bomb, allowing him to add power to it without taking as much from the surrounding life. Grand Kai taught Goku and Vegeta to control Super Saiyan 2 like they had with base Super Saiyan, allowing them to become Full Power Super Saiyan 2's. Pikkon's power grew, and he could match them in that form.

Vegeta and Goku were evenly matched. Their sparring matches always came to a stalemate, as they were still at it when Grand Kai came for one-on-one tutoring. When they sparred with Pikkon, half the time they won, half the time they lost. Every time there was an uprising in Hell, one of the students would quell it alone. All three of them could easily defeat Ultra-Perfect Cell at their current powers.

After about two years of training, Grand Kai told his students they were ready for the last stretch of training. Vegeta and Pikkon sparred, while Grand Kai took Goku aside. He said:- "Goku. You have mastered Super Saiyan 2 to the fullest extent. Yet, this isn't your full power." Goku said:- "You mean... another form of Super Saiyan?" Grand Kai said:- "Yes. You and Vegeta will be able to achieve that form now. Try. Attempt to power up, much like you would if you were in your base form." Goku tried, but nothing happened. Grand Kai said:- "Focus all of your energy and try again." Goku started charging his ki. Grand Kai's whole planet started shaking.

Goku didn't even know he had that kind of power, and it just kept growing! Eventually, he hit a limit. He kept charging and attempting to power up. At first, nothing happened.

130px-Super Saiyan 3 Goku

Goku as a Super Saiyan 3

Then however, the limit was broken. Goku's power skyrocketed. His hair grew darker as he lost control of his Super Saiyan 2 form. His hair started to grow, until it was down to his legs. His eyebrows vanished, and the bones of his face grew more pronounced. He had become Super Saiyan 3.

Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 by B 1ne

Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta

Goku went back to Vegeta and Pikkon. Vegeta said:- "Kakarot?! What happened to you!" Goku spoke. His voice was much deeper. He said:- "Grand Kai taught me how to surpass Super Saiyan 2. He wants to see you next." Vegeta went over to Grand Kai. About ten minutes later, he returned, also a Super Saiyan 3. Pikkon went next. He didn't have any transformation to take, but he breached a barrier in his mind, and his power increased to almost rival Goku's or Vegeta's.

The Fusion Dance[]

Grand Kai told them only about four more months of training remained. He told them to try and develop new techniques and abilities. Vegeta increased the power of Big Bang Attack and Final Flash. He created a new technique that he called Galick Impact. He also perfected the Afterimage Technique. He could create twenty moving afterimages that followed his movements. Goku started working on King Kai's Dragon Fist technique. He also improved his Kamehameha wave, and made some new moves.

Grand Kai taught Vegeta to master his signature attack, Galick Gun, to make it even more powerful. Vegeta called it his Crimson Galick Gun. He taught Goku to have full control over his Kamehameha, updating it into True Kamehameha. Pikkon's Storm Breaker was improved yet again, becoming Nova Buster. On the last day of training, Grand Kai called them all to his house. He told them:- "You're training with me may be over, but that doesn't mean you're done."

Goku said:- "Yeah! We plan on training here for as long as we can!" Grand Kai said:- "Yes, and now you will start training with some the only students I have ever taught before you three. They are both Metamorans." Goku said:- "What are those?" Grand Kai said:- "They are a powerful race, and creators of some of the universe's most powerful techniques. They will be here tomorrow. Now, get some rest. Relax. You'll need all of your strength to handle their regimen."

The next day, Vegeta, Goku, and Pikkon met up outside Grand Kai's house. From inside came two strange looking aliens, both wearing the same kind of vest. One said:- "Let us introduce ourselves. I am Sikiru. My brother is named Senry. I'm surprised Grand Kai wasted his time with you." Vegeta said:- "Why you... you'll regret that!" Senry said:- "Alright. It's time we tested your abilities. You three will attack both of us. You have the advantage. It's three on two." Goku said:- "Alright. It's your funeral." They attacked the Metamorans. As Super Saiyan 2's they were no match. They both became Super Saiyan 3's while Pikkon powered up.

At full power, the Metamorans were no match for them. Eventually Sikiru said:- "Alright! We give up! You are strong, but you are still no match for us." Pikkon laughed and said:- "Don't lie. You were no match for us." The Senry said:- "You are right. No match for you in our current states." Vegeta said:- "Let me guess. You're going to transform." Sikiru said:- "Not exactly. FU..." He and Senry said it in unison, and both did the same motion. "SION..." They simultaneously moved closer. "HA!!!" They disappeared in a blinding ball of light.

Base gogeta

Gogeta in his base form

When the ball faded, a different Metamoran stood there. He said:- "My name is Sikryaku. I think you'll find that I'm more than capable of defeating you." Goku said:- "Well... where did the other Metamorans go?" Sikryaku said:- "You haven't figured it out? We are one and the same! That technique we used is called the Fusion Dance. It allows us to temporarily combine bodies, adding our powers together!" Vegeta said:- "Combine with whoever you please. You still can't match me!" Sikryaku said:- "Then let the fight resume!"

Sikryaku began effortlessly beating up Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon. He dodged and countered all of their attacks. He unleashed some powerful attacks of his own. After about 25 minutes he said:- "Enough!" The fight stopped. He said:- "The fusion is about to wear off. We won't be able to fuse again for an hour." Vegeta said:- "Looks like this Fusion isn't as great as you try to make it out to be. If you fail to finish your opponent off in half an hour, then they will destroy you!" Sikryaku said:- "In case you didn't notice, we were capable of effortlessly destroying all three of you while we were fused."

With that last remark, the Fusion wore off, and Sikryaku was split into Sikiru and Senry. Senry said:- "Now it's time we taught you the fusion dance." Vegeta said:- "Absolutely not! There is no way I could share a body with anyone!" Sikiru said:- "It's only practice Vegeta. Besides, it's only half an hour." Vegeta said:- "No!" Sikiru said:- "Then we'll do this the hard way." He put one of his arms out, and his fingertips began glowing. He said:- "You want to fuse with Kakarot." Vegeta mimicked:- "I want to fuse with Kakarot." Senry said:- "Good. This is the fusion dance. Do it exactly or the fusion will be a failure, and your power will be pathetic." He demonstrated the dance slowly, and explained when to say each part.

Goku and mind controlled Vegeta went first. "FU...SION...HA!" They disappeared in a ball of light. When it faded, a new warrior stood there.

Gogeta photo

Super Gogeta

He wore the clothes of a Metamoran, but he resembled both Goku and Vegeta. He said:- "This isn't fair! I never agreed to this!" Senry said:- "Yeah, yeah. What do we call you? Vegetarot? Goketa?" The fusion said:- "No! Those don't sound right at all! Goku... and Vegeta. Gogeta sounds good."

Sikiru said:- "Can you power up?" Gogeta said:- "Good question." He became a Super Saiyan. Sikiru said:- "Any higher?" Gogeta became a Super Saiyan 2, and said:- "I can't go any higher, and yet, I feel stronger than Goku or Vegeta were as Super Saiyan 3." Senry said:- "Because you are. And from now one, you will train in that body and get used to it. In time, you will master Super Saiyan 3 in that state, and then you may very well be the strongest in the universe."

Pikkon said:- "What about me?" Sikiru said:- "Since there are only three of you, and you don't match a Saiyan enough to fuse with one, you will fuse with our youngest brother, Ganko. Speaking of which, where is Ganko?" Senry said:- "He came with us... and he was in the house. I'll go check." He ran inside, and came back a few minutes later with a third Metamoran, who was groggy from sleep. Senry said:- "He was asleep. Ganko, these are our students." Ganko said:- "Hello. Oh and, don't let my brothers fool you. I'm the real master of the Fusion Technique, not them." Sikiru said:- "Of course you are. Why don't you show all of us and fuse with Pikkon over there."

He went over to Pikkon. They fused, and it was a strange tall green Metamoran, but with Pikkon's lips and ears. It said:- "Call me Gankkon!" Senry said:- "Gogeta. Gankkon. Spar!" The attacked each other. Ganko was stronger than his brothers, but he wasn't as smart. Gankkon's power matched Gogeta, but his strategy and techniques came nowhere close. In the end, Gogeta was the clear victor.

Masters of Fusion[]

At the end of their fifth year of training with the Metamorans, Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon had mastered Fusion. Gogeta could now become a Super Saiyan 3, and Gankkon could match him in that state. During the downtime between fusions, Senry and Sikiru kept them very occupied, performing various exercises and sparring with Sikryaku. Goku and Vegeta were trying to master Super Saiyan 3, so they could become Full Power Super Saiyan 3, but achieving absolute control of the transformation seemed to be impossible.

At 11:30 PM, New Year's Eve, Sikiri, Senry, and Ganko called Goku, Vegeta and Pikkon over to them. Ganko said:- "This will be our last training session. Once the new year begins, we will return to Heaven. You will be left to train on your own." Goku said:- "But you've made us so much stronger!" Senry said:- "Yes. But you have reached a limit we cannot help you break. But greater power lies in wait if you remain diligent." Senry said:- "For your final lesson, you learn a very dangerous concept: Multi Fusion." Sikiru said:- "It's when a fused warrior fuses with another being to achieve even greater power. However, it's very easy to lose control of, so that's why we've waited until you've mastered fusion. We will demonstrate."

Sikiru and Senry fused into Sikryaku. Sikryaku performed another Fusion, this time with Ganko. They formed a very powerful fighter, the likes of which Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon had never seen. He said:- "I am now Sikryanko. Now, Goku, Vegeta, become Gogeta." They fused. Sikryanko said:- "Now again, with Pikkon" They performed the multi fusion, resulting in what looked like Gogeta, but with green skin. He said:- "I guess now I'm Gogekon!" Sikryanko said:- "We will spar until the fusion wears off. Then, we part ways."

Saike, teenage Oni worker

Saike watches the Spirit Washer

They began sparring. It was a match for the centuries. Both titanic powers clashing. Little did they suspect another dark titan lay dormant. At the Check-In Station, a young Ogre named Saike was watching over the Spirit Washer. He knew it was an important task, but he got distracted by the simplest things. Eventually he decided to start reading his favorite comic book again. He didn't see the evil energy in the tank getting higher.

When the evil grew, the tank needed to be emptied, but Saike didn't notice. He was too absorbed in his book. Soon, the tank started shaking. Saike looked up, and saw the pressure building. He ran over to the tank to try and change it, but it exploded, covering him in the evil energy.

Birth of Janemba[]


Saike's new form: Janemba

The energy morphed Saike. All of the darkness consumed him, until Saike was all but gone, and a new dark being had appeared. The being could only say it's name:- "Janemba! Janemba!" As soon as he appeared, everything in Otherworld was surrounded by colorful barriers, including the Check-In Station and Otherworld Tournament Arena.

Goku, Vegeta, and Pikkon went to the Check-In Station, and saw the giant yellow monster. Goku in his base form attacked, but his punches didn't do any harm. Vegeta became a Full Power Super Saiyan 2. He attacked Janemba with Double Big Bang Attack, which injured the demon slightly. Janemba punched wildly to his left, but his arm disappeared. It came out of a portal next to Vegeta, hitting him and sending him flying.

Goku became a Full Power Super Saiyan 2 as well. He said:- "KA...ME...HA...ME...... HA!!!!!!!" His Kamehameha hit Janemba and knocked him off the Check-In Station and into Hell. Pikkon used his Nova Buster, which blasted Janemba on to his back. Vegeta flew down to him, and started charging a Final Flash. Goku started charging another Kamehameha. Both fired their attacks at once.

Janemba seemed to break into several little pieces. They thought he was dead. Pikkon said:- "He was strong, but no match for us." Goku said:- "It's not over yet! Look!" The little pieces formed into a bunch of little Janembas, which attacked the three heroes. Vegeta blasted them aside one by one, but they kept coming back. Vegeta finally said:-

Illusion Smash

Janemba attacks

"I've had enough!" He used Super Explosive Wave, and blasted all the little Janembas away. They reformed back into their large form.

Vegeta became Super Saiyan 3. He fired another Double Big Bang, which seemed to destroy Janemba. Goku said:- "His power signature disappeared. Where did he go?" Vegeta said:- "Isn't it obvious? I killed it!" Suddenly, Janemba fell out of another dimension and fell on Vegeta.

Goku became a Super Saiyan 3. He punched Janemba off of Vegeta. Then he started charging a True Kamehameha. He said:- "Vegeta, help me finish him off!" Vegeta said:- "Fine! Galick... GUN!" "KAMEHAMEHA!!!!" Both powerful attacks hit Janemba at the same time. He was blasted away, trapped by the power of both attacks.

He was thrown into the needle mountain. Several large spikes pierced through him. Pikkon said:- "You did it!" Goku said:- "Pikkon, go try to get rid of the barrier around the check-in station!"

Battle on Earth[]

Five years after the Cell games, Gohan was 15 years old. He was still studying privately at home. He had a younger brother, conceived right before the Cell games, who was now 5. He was watching TV one afternoon, when a breaking news update interrupted what he was watching. The newscaster said:- "Central City is under attack! Reports of sightings of dead family members are at an all time high. Zombies have infested the downtown area. Several monsters are terrorizing the city. Gohan stood up and said:- "Mom, I have to go!" She said:- "No! I forbid you it's too dangerous!"

He didn't listen, he had already left. He flew at top speed towards the city, finally arriving about an hour later. The situation was worse than he had ever imagined. Thousands of terrified people were getting run down by Zombies. Gohan thought he saw Nappa tearing down a few buildings. He turned his sights to a great power level, and saw Frieza on top of a building, as well as King Cold, Zarbon, Dodoria, and the Ginyu Force. Gohan landed on the building and said:- "Hello Frieza."


Gohan kills Frieza

Frieza said:- "I see my reputation proceeds me! Even an Earthling knows my name!" Gohan said:- "Don't you remember? We fought on Namek!" Frieza said:- "You must be the Saiyan brat! Well, looks like I get a second chance to kill you!" Gohan run up to Frieza and punched him once, killing the tyrant. He then turned to all of the petrified soldiers and blasted them off of the rooftop.

Super Janemba[]

Goku and Vegeta were skeptical at first, but eventually they actually believed they had beaten Janemba. Several large spikes had gored him through the chest and stomach, and he was bleeding everywhere. Vegeta and Goku went back to base form. Vegeta said:- "This is taking too long!" He fired a blast at Janemba, and there was a blinding explosion.

When the smoke cleared, Janemba and the Needle Mountain had been blown away. Vegeta said:- "That's all it took." Goku said:- "No! Vegeta look!" He pointed to a bunch of indiscernible shapes clumping together. Janemba was reforming. Vegeta said:- "Impossible!" Janemba started to take shape. Goku said:- "He looks.... different." Vegeta said:-


Janemba's new form

"We must have injured him more than we realized, and now he's gotten weaker!"

Janemba finished forming together, and he laughed. It was a blood curdling insane laugh. He created a sword in midair and charged. The Saiyans, still in their base form, couldn't even defend themselves. It was all they could do to prevent some of their limbs from being lobbed off. Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 2 and punched Janemba. It had no effect. Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and said:- "I think this Janemba is even stronger than the one before!"

Vegeta said:- "I guess he could be." He became a Super Saiyan 3 as well. Their double assault did nothing against the demon, who parried all of their attacks and sent them flying into cliffs and mountains. He fired barrages of energy blasts, furthering the devastation. He then slashed into the fabric of dimensions with his sword, and sent many small energy beams hurling at Goku, who was lodged in a cliff.

The blast demolished the cliff and heavily injured Goku. Vegeta fired a Double Big Bang Attack, which Janemba sent back at him with his sword. Vegeta was almost killed by his own attack. Both Goku and Vegeta reverted to their base forms, due to massive power loss. Janemba laughed again and prepared an attack with the potential to destroy all of Hell on the tip of his sword. He threw it towards the ground, but it was destroyed prematurely by a blast from the side.

Pikkon had returned. He said:- "I haven't saved the Check-In Station yet, but I think this is more important. And if you have the same weakness as those barriers, I might be able to win! You are an incredible fool!" Janemba seemed like his feelings were genuinely hurt. He recovered almost instantly and fired his mouth blast at Pikkon, sending him flying through several rocks.

Pikkon recovered and said:- "I have to get him away from Goku and Vegeta. Our battle might kill them while they're unconscious." He started insulting Janemba while flying

SSJ2 Gohan

Gohan joins the fight

backwards. He led him back into the living world through the rift Janemba created. The battle had been moved to Earth. They appeared in Central City and a scene of destruction. A horde of zombies on the ground suddenly turned to Pikkon and Janemba. They started charging, and Janemba began charging a mouth blast. Pikkon put up a barrier, and just in time. Janemba swept the beam from left to right, until he had gone full circle. He added greatly to the devastation, and, in a massive explosion, also destroyed all of the zombies.

Janemba vs. Gohan & Pikkon[]

Gohan saw the explosion, and started flying towards the site. He saw Janemba squaring off with who at first glance appeared to be Piccolo. He ran up and said:- "Hey Piccolo who's this?" Pikkon turned and Gohan said:- "Oh it's you! Hey Pikkon?" Pikkon said:- "Hey kid, good to see you're alright. But I've got a problem here." Gohan said:- "Let me help, I've been training!" He instantly became a Super Saiyan 2.

Pikkon said:- "Fine. You could help." Janemba was firing multiple mouth blasts into the surrounding buildings. Pikkon said:- "ENOUGH!" He charged forward, and punched Janemba in the face. Janemba swiped with his tail, knocking Pikkon over. Gohan charged, then afterimaged, which greatly confused Janemba. Gohan appeared behind him and grabbed him by the tail. Gohan then threw Janemba into a building, and fired a Masenko.

He said:- "That takes care of that." Pikkon said:- "It's not over yet." Janemba stood up, and fired multiple slashes from his sword. Pikkon and Gohan dodged all of them, but barely. Pikkon said:- "Your father and Vegeta couldn't defeat this monster. We probably don't have a chance. Unless we use fusion." Gohan said:- "What's fusion?" Before Pikkon could explain, Janemba punched him away, and used a Dimension Sword Slash attack.

When he finished, Pikkon was almost dead. He was thrown by the finishing blast into a building, and he lay there, bleeding out. Gohan pushed himself to the new limit he had reached while training, becoming a Full Power Super Saiyan 2. He rushed Janemba, but it was no use. On swipe of the tail, and Gohan was sent flying, landing at the base of the building Pikkon was in, bringing it down.

Janemba started a spree of destruction, and Gohan dug Pikkon out of the rubble. He said:- "What was this fusion you mentioned?" Pikkon started to teach him the fusion technique, finishing with:- "We're both heavily injured, so it won't be at full strength." Gohan nodded. They performed the fusion dance, becoming Pikhan.

Pikhan vs. Janemba[]

Janemba was firing mouth blasts randomly into what was left of the city. Any survivors had no warning before being blown away. Pikhan shouted:- "You fool! Why don't you learn some new tricks!?" Janemba got angry. He charged Pikhan, sword raised, but Pikhan blocked it and kicked Janemba in the stomach. Then, he fired his Storm Kamehameha at Janemba. The demon was relatively unscathed, but he was shaken by the attack.

Pikhan said:- "My attacks aren't working! Let's turn it up a notch!" He became a Super Saiyan. He charged Janemba, and they started brawling. They were completely even. Janemba would have stood no chance if Pikhan wasn't weakened. Eventually, Pikhan started wearing down, allowing Janemba to blast him away with a mouth blast. The strain


Trunks arrives

on his body caused him to unfuse. Janemba wasn't taking any chances at this point. He was walking towards the injured fighters, preparing a finishing attack, when they heard someone shout:- "Hey ugly, over here!" Janemba cringed at the insult, and turned. Trunks was standing on a pile of rubble, holding a bag.

He said:- "My mom sent me to this tower to get some magic beans. She said they might help." Gohan said:- "Trunks, toss a couple over here!" Trunks threw two of them. Gohan ate one, Pikkon ate the other. Gohan gained a massived power boost from coming near death. He faced Janemba and said:- "Ready for round 2?" Pikkon said:- "No! You need to go to Otherworld, and give some of these beans to your father and Vegeta. They could be vital in this fight." Gohan said:- "No, you're already dead. I can still die and fight this guy again! You are on your last chance." Pikkon nodded, took the bag from Trunks, and flew off.

Gohan said:- "Trunks, have you ever trained?" Trunks said:- "Well, Yamcha taught me how to fly, and Master Roshi made me run around with milk for a few weeks." Gohan said:- "Is that it?" Trunks nodded and said:- "But there's nobody out here I can't beat!" He charged at Janemba, only to be swatted aside like a fly.

Gohan became a Super Saiyan 2. He said:- "This isn't my full power!"

Super Saiyan 3 Gohan vs. Janemba[]


Super Saiyan 3 Gohan

Gohan transformed. His hair grew and his eyebrows disappeared. His power increased twenty fold. He was ready to challenge Janemba. Janemba raised his sword in the air and made a gigantic energy ball with the power to destroy the Earth. He threw it down, but Gohan kicked it back into the sky.

Janemba fired a barrage out mouth blasts, which Gohan dodged. The Saiyan then charged forward, landing a decent punch on Janemba, who then teleported several yards away and used his Lightning Shower Rain attack. Gohan put up a barrier, and all the little blasts were sent in every direction, creating a giant explosion that surround the fighters.

Janemba extended his arm and grabbed Gohan by the neck, and proceeded to slam him repeatedly on the ground. He then threw Gohan into the sky and hit him with a mouth blast. Gohan realized even a Super Saiyan 3 couldn't handle Janemba. But he knew he just had to hold him off long enough for his dad and Vegeta to get there.

Janemba attempted to behead Gohan, but the Saiyan dodged and kicked the demon into the air. He shouted:- "Distraction Technique!" He


Janemba reforms

charged after Janemba, spiked him down, but appeared beneath him and kicked him up again. He flew above Janemba and cut him in half with a downward sweeping energy beam. Both Janemba's halves hit the ground, and Gohan bombarded them with large ki blasts.

Janemba was uninjured. His halves broke into small pieces which then formed back into a whole. He started rushing at Gohan but disappeared at the last second. Gohan looked around, but was suddenly stabbed in the back, the sword coming out his chest. Gohan coughed up blood and fell to the ground. He had a gaping hole in his back, and he was starting to bleed out.

Janemba started charging a large, green mouth blast, with the power to finish Gohan and the Earth with him. He fired it, only to have it stopped by Pikkon.

True Saiyans Fight Alone[]

Pikkon had returned, along with a fully healed Goku and Vegeta. Both Saiyans were much stronger after their ordeal with Janemba, and both of them had taken their Super

Ss preview vegeta

Vegeta unleashes his power

Saiyan 3 power to new heights. Pikkon said:- "Listen. This beast is something else. You didn't get a chance to see his true power." Goku gave Gohan a sensu, then said:- "I agree. Vegeta, it's time for Gogeta to test his full power." Vegeta said:- "Never! It was bad enough being forced to do it by the Metamorans, and I will never fuse of my own volition!" He angrily became Super Saiyan 3 and said:- "Besides, we've gotten stronger since last time. This freak won't stand a chance!" He charged Janemba, and unleashed a flurry of punches.

Vegeta had surpassed Super Saiyan 3 and become Ascended Super Saiyan 3. He was equal with Janemba in every possible way. Every time he punched, Janemba blocked. Every time Janemba punched, Vegeta blocked. They matched each other in strength and speed, which greatly frustrated the demon. Janemba began using desperate attacks. He fired several planet-destroying blasts, all of which Vegeta deflected, as well as a frantic sword attack.

It succeeded in wearing Vegeta down a bit, due to the immense strain on his body, allowing Janemba to knee him in the stomach, and knock Vegeta down with the hilt of his sword. Goku became a Super Saiyan 3 and attacked. Goku couldn't become ASSJ3, but he was close. Close, however, wasn't good enough. Janemba started pummeling him, and even cut off about six inches of his hair. Goku used True Kamehameha, but Janemba stopped it with one hand.

Pikkon leapt in at this point, but Janemba was effortlessly fighting them both. Vegeta returned, and Janemba blocked all of their attacks, before sending all three of the flying. Goku and Gohan started charging a Father-Son Kamehameha, but Janemba used Paralyzing Breath and froze them in place. Pikkon used Hyper Tornado, and trapped Janemba for a few seconds, before the demon broke free. Vegeta used his signature skill; firing a bunch of ki blasts. Janemba took them full force with no damage.

Pikkon rushed forwards, but Janemba kicked him in the chin, sending him away. Goku and Gohan broke free of the paralysis, and succeeded in firing a Father-Son Kamehameha, which hit Janemba dead on. The demon was sent rocketing from the blast, and it appeared that he had been beaten. Gohan said:- "We did it!" Goku said:- "No... I don't think so." Janemba appeared out of nowhere behind Pikkon, and started choking him.

Possessed Gohan

Gohan is possessed

Goku said:- "Pikkon!" He used Instant Transmission to appear behind Janemba, and grabbed his tail. Janemba yelped and released Pikkon, and was thrown through the air by Goku. Gohan said:- "NOW!!!" He and Goku fired Kamehameha. Pikkon used Nova Buster, and Vegeta used Crimson Galick Gun. All four attacks hit Janemba mid-fall. When the smoke cleared, Janemba was gone. Not a single piece of him remained. Goku said:- "Now... now I think we got him." He turned to Gohan, and saw the small pieces of Janemba behind him. Goku screamed:- "Gohan look out!!!"

The bits of Janemba went inside Gohan, who immediately started screaming in agony. He reverted to his base form. His aura turned dark blue. His skin turned a blue-black color, and Janemba's immense power as added in. Gohan stopped screaming. He looked at his new body, and laughed with the voice of Janemba.

Goku shouted:- "Give me back my son!" Vegeta said:- "It's no use Kakarot. That isn't your son anymore. We're going to have to destroy him." Goku said:- "No!!" Pikkon said:- "I agree with Vegeta. There's no other way." Vegeta and Pikkon went to full power and attacked Janemba, who created a sword and fired a Hell Kamehameha, injuring Pikkon. Vegeta punched Janemba in the face, but had no effect. Janemba cut down the length of Vegeta's arm with his sword, then kicked him away. Goku reconciled himself with the fact that Gohan could be brought back with the Dragon Balls.

He said:- "VEGETA! WE NEED THE FUSION!!!" Vegeta said:- "No! The only way I would ever fuse with you was if those Metamorans were controlling me, and I wo-" He suddenly cut off. Pikkon was using a special ability he learned from the Metamorans. He was controlling Vegeta. He moved him to Goku, and they performed the fusion dance.

Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta Sees Combat[]

1148002452125 2

Gogeta's Galick Kamehameha

Gogeta appeared in a blinding flash of light. He said:- "I hate to do this, but it has to be done. Sorry Gohan." He became a Super Saiyan 3. He disappeared. Pikkon looked around, but Gogeta was nowhere to be found. He didn't use Instant Transmission either. Suddenly, Janemba Gohan started taking a beating, yet nobody was there. Suddenly, Pikkon realized they were going so fast, they were invisible, even to Janemba.

Janemba started swinging his sword wildly, and it stopped in midair. Gogeta appeared, holding the blade with two fingers. He snapped it, and kicked Janemba away. He started charging a new technique. He said:- "GALICK.... KAMEHAMEHA!!!" The new attack hit Janemba Gohan dead on, killing Gohan in the process.

Demon trunks

Trunks is possessed

Gogeta said:- "It's over. Now we have to start gathering the Dragon Balls and bring back Gohan." Suddenly, they heard a scream. Trunks, previously unconscious, was crying out in pain. Gogeta said:- "NO!" Trunks transformed, just like Gohan did.

Janemba Trunks flew off in fear. He was heading towards the rift into Hell, hoping to close it and not be followed. Gogeta used Instant Transmission to get into the rift after him. Janemba turned to face them. Gogeta said:- "This is the last time. For real!" He started charging another Galick Kamehameha, but, before he could fire it, the fusion wore off.

Janemba Trunks started laughing, realizing Goku and Vegeta were again vulnerable. Little Janemba bits came out of Trunk's mouth and reformed, leaving Trunks unconscious. Vegeta said:- "Finally, I'm free!" Goku said:- "Not now! No!" Janemba started charging an attack on the tip of his sword.

Before he threw it, however, he morphed back into the ogre, Saike. Saike said:- "Where am I? How did I get here? The last thing I remember was the Spirit Washer malfunctioning... who are you two!" Vegeta said:- "We're Saiyans, busy fighting you! Your tricks won't work on us!" Saike said:- "No! My name is Saike! I have no idea what I'm doing here... I'm having short flashbacks of fighting.... what's wrong with me?!" Goku said:- "I think he's telling the truth Vegeta. Janemba couldn't speak." Suddenly, Saike started turning back into Janemba.

Goku said:- "No! Saike, you can fight it!" They started fighting. Goku and Vegeta stood no chance. Janemba pummeled them ceaselessly as Goku tried to call on Saike. Eventually, Janemba stopped attacking. He put his hands on his head and started screaming. He turned back to Saike, who said:- "You have to help me!" Goku said:- "Saike, you can control it! Just focus your mind! You can control this!" Saike turned back into Janemba.

Vegeta said:- "It's no use Kakarot. We're going to have to kill him when he turns back into a boy, it's our only option." Goku said:- "No, he can fight it! Saike! Take control, you can resist!" They started fighting Janemba again, and, again, started getting thrashed. Goku got through to Saike, and Janemba turned back. Vegeta said:- "Now!" He fired a blast through Saike's stomach, fatally wounding him. He fell to the ground. Vegeta said:- "See? That was the only way. We were no match for that demon."

Take Control, Saike![]


Janemba's true form

Suddenly, black smoke started pouring out of the whole in Saike. It formed together, and Super Janemba appeared. The black smoke surrounded him, morphing him into pure evil. Now, he was composed entirely of all the evil of everyone that goes to Hell, without being restrained by his pure host.

Pikkon arrived. He said:- "Is that Janemba?" Goku said:- "Yeah, and this is a problem." Pikkon said:- "I brought those beans, in case you need them." Goku and Vegeta each took one. Goku said:- "Give one to that little ogre over there." Pikkon flew over and gave one to him. Janemba was examining his body. He created a black sword, and looked at Goku and Vegeta. He laughed, the same maniacal laugh.

He charged, running Goku through with the sword. He grabbed Vegeta by the neck and lifted him into the air. Goku fell to the ground, clutching the gaping whole in his side. Janemba started draining the life from Vegeta. Suddenly, Saike shouted:- "Release him!" Janemba dropped Vegeta. Saike said:- "It's my fault you're here. This is my burden to bear." He started channeling his energy into Janemba, and his body started to disappear. Soon, Saike was gone, having transferred his essence into the demon.

Janemba returned to his purple and red state. Vegeta was on guard, but Janemba spoke with Saike's voice, saying:- "Don't worry. I'm in control now." He turned back into an ogre, then back into a demon. He said:- "This is awesome! I'm in full control of Janemba now!" As a demon, he healed Goku.

Goku said:- "I knew you could do it! See Vegeta? We didn't have to blast him." Saike said:- "I feel sorry for everything I'v done, but, I can make it up to you! Anytime you need help, any time, just call on me!" Goku said:- "Sure thing! Who knows, we may face stronger opponents than you." Pikkon said:- "That was a little anticlimactic. You didn't even finish off the demon with a fantastic attack." Goku said:- "So, we gained an ally! Saike, will you train with us on Grand Kai's world?" Saike said:- "I would be glad to." Pikkon said:- "Alright then. First things first, get rid of all the barriers here. Saike said:- "Oh, I forgot!" He got rid of them. Goku said:- "Well, let's go. Come over here, Vegeta."

Vegeta said:- "No. I'm ready to get wished back. I want to live on Earth again." Goku said:- "I understand." He, Pikkon, and Saike vanished. Vegeta went and awoke Trunks, who said:- "Where am I? Who are you?" Vegeta said:- "No time for that. The rift is closing." They both went to the mortal world. Vegeta and Trunks flew off towards Capsule Corp. When they arrived, they saw Krillin and Yamcha ready to wish everyone back. Vegeta said:- "Perfect. Wish me back too." Krillin said:- "Really Vegeta? Are you sure you're done training?"

Vegeta nodded. Trunks said:- "Vegeta? Mom says that's my dad's name. But... he died when I was just a baby. I never got to meet him." Vegeta said nothing. This first wish brought back everyone killed by Janemba and those that came back from Hell. The second revived Vegeta. "Farewell." The Dragon Balls scattered.


Watch out for the sequel, Dragon Ball DA: War on Earth, featuring four new saga arcs: Majin Vegeta saga, Buu Saga, Invasion of Earth Saga, and Super Saiyan 4 Saga.

Also, watch out for the special 'movie event' Dragon Ball DA: Vegeta's Triumph, which is an alternate Saiyan Saga. If I had to rename it, it would probably be the Zarbon Saga. Basically, Vegeta wins his battle with Kakarot, Gohan, and Krillin, but before he finishes them off, he senses Zarbon arriving along with several elite soldiers. He had been sent with orders from Frieza to track down Vegeta, who had left Frieza 79 unauthorized to go to an unmarked planet.


  • Nanta and Dobusu are both puns on the Japanese word for mollusk: Nantaidobutsu.
  • Sikiru and Senry are puns on the Japanese words for skill and strategy: Sukiru and Senryaku.
  • Ganko is a pun on Gankona, meaning headstrong