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The Dragon Ball Club is a club where users can discuss about Dragon Ball Canon stuff, planned and created by HalerN. You can discuss the video games (the real ones only) and Dragon Ball, Z, and GT. Discuss all the real stuff not fanon here. You don't need to discuss about it on the talk page, only here.


I will send you an invitation on your talk page to join the Dragon Ball Club. When you get an invitation, you can either accept or unaccept. Whenever you discuss about a video game or DB, Z and GT put your signature at the end or use four tildes.

Invited Users[]

HalerN (creator)

Raging Blast (accepted)

SSWerty (accepted)

NomadMusik (accepted)

SonikFan112 (accepted)

Princeofallsalads (accepted)

Lssj4 (joined, accepted)


Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2: Releasing this Tuesday or released last Tuesday?[]

I'm confused because I want to know when DBRB2 came out. Is it coming out this Tuesday or did DBRB2 just come out last Tuesday? Vegeta-SS3-DBZ-RagingBlast Ha lerN Goku

I think It's released Raging Blast

Are you sure? PS: don't forget your sig. lol. Vegeta-SS3-DBZ-RagingBlast Ha lerN Goku

Yes :) --Raging Blast 16:40, November 7, 2010 (UTC) Check out "Game" shop in U.K (It's called Game)

Did you mean Gamestop?.Vegeta-SS3-DBZ-RagingBlast Ha lerN Goku