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Dragon Ball Chi is the sequel series to Dragon Ball AE, and it follows Zeku's new adventures. I have decided to take on a new format for these episodes, so now it doesn't look like a summary.


Evil SagaEdit

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Zeku is Earth's guardian. He has achieved Super Saiyan 5, and has defeated many opponents. He is having troubles with Chilan and Chiya, but those won't be his biggest problem for long!


A former demon controlled by the ruthless first Kai Ruan. She was freed by Zeku and Ultimate Kai. Will do almost anything to help out Zeku.


Kan is Zeku's brother, and as he is only 1/4 Saiyan, he has to train harder to become a Super Saiyan. As Kan refuses to train, he will probably never achieve this form. Has a good relationship with Chilan.


Zeku and Kan's father. He does not fight as a Z Fighter anymore, but he has helped throughout Zeku's journey to become Earth's guardian.


Zeku's mother. Although she is not Kan's mother, she does help him as well. She loves and supports Zeku throughout his journey.

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