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DB: Blancoverse is a fan-fiction written by Frorenst. It is intended to be a fan-comic for the character "Gohan Blanco" and hence mainly revolves around Gohan.

This fan-fiction is primarily told through a comic format, not a manga since it is read from left to right. It is currently hosted on this page in the wiki and is updated with a new page every week so. Note that the main story has yet to be produced and that existing chapters are prologue.

Text articles and sections in this wiki (including this one) not explicitly labelled as canon should considered as seperate material and not as extensions to comic. Partially canon articles and sections contain a mix of true canon, deprecated information and/or spoilers.

Disclaimer: This fan-fiction is loosely based on Dragon Ball X by Joe Capo and other Dragon Ball meme content. Also it's only called "Dragon Ball" Blancoverse because its easier to identify. Really, just call it Blancoverse.

It is also hosted on www.dragonballblancoverse.com.

Canon and Verse Information[]

A typical multiverse

A typical multiverse

This section is retroactively (it's all true until I say it isn't) canon to the Blancoverse

Everything is this verse is contained in the "Omniverse." The Omniverse is made up of an infinite amount of multiverses, which are collections of universes just like the Dragon Ball Multiverse that was first introduced in the Universe 6 Saga of Dragon Ball Super. The Multiverse designated as "1111" is the home for most of the main characters and is the main setting. It is comprised of 13 universes just like the ones described in Dragon Ball Super.

A limitation of Blancoverse's omniverse however, is that it only has a 7th dimensional scope. Every single multiverse must have the properties one would expect from Dragon Ball. For example, the existence and usage of ki is a constant throughout the Omniverse. You cannot go into a Universe where real-world logic applies.

You may ask, if it has a limited scope then how is it infinite? To that I say it is not actually infinite. However it does encompass an inumerable amount of multiverses, so it is practically infinite. What you can take from this is that infinite logic does not apply. It is not a contradiction to say, for example, that there exists only one version of El Hermano in the entire Omniverse.

The home setting of the Gohan Blancoverse is Multiverse 1111 which diverges from the main storyline with the absence of Future Trunks. The Garlic Jr. saga and all movies also did not happen in this multiverse, and to a certain extent the prologue of DBS: Broly did not happen (elements from it did happen, just no Broly) . However, many superficial filler moments and storylines in Z before the Trunks saga that would otherwise be non-canon to the main storyline (the DBZ Manga), did happen.

Timelines in Blancoverse do not split unless through time travel just as in Dragon Ball Super. When a time-ring is created, a cloned multiverse is also subsequently created with that timeline change. That new multiverse is connected by a dimensional link of sorts which can be exploited by time travelling abilities or machines to work as intermultiversal travel mechanisms. If a multiverse has too many of these connections, the linked multiverses will become unstable and all of them may implode. Hence it is forbidden in most of El Grande Padre's realms and also by powers other than him. Other than these alternate timelines, multiverses may be formed naturally although it is a rather rare occurance. These naturally generated multiverse have a bias to having a "Dragon Ball" outcome.

Finally, neither normal Dragon Balls or Super Dragon Balls work in the Interverse (the space outside and between Multiverses). While the Super Dragon Balls can still grant any wish, they cannot affect anything beyond its own multiverse. Additionally, the Super Dragon Balls are spread throughout an entire Multiverse rather than just between Universe 6 and 7, which means they are far more difficult to gather than in canon. Even angel staffs are unable to track down Super Dragon Balls despite nominally giving a wielder omniscience over a range of an entire multiverse. This is due to the nature of the how the Super Dragon Balls came to be in Blancoverse. To find Super Dragon Balls would mean centuries of constant searching, and although that is but a fraction of time for most multiversal Gods, they often lack of the patience for the job due to their mortal perception of time.

An Avatar of El Grande Padre and his Angels

An Avatar of El Grande Padre and his Angels

The Hierarchy[]

The self-proclaimed ruler of the Omniverse is El Grande Padre, father of all angels. He never leaves his Grand Palace for he is bound to it. His palace is located somewhere in the vastness of the Interverse. El Grande Padre rules most of the Omniverse by stationing his avatars in countless multiverses to oversee them. While he is not omniscient and is not present in all multiverses, he is recognized by many to be most powerful being in all of the Omniverse.

Each avatar is able to wield an infinitesimal fraction of El Grande Padre's true power, and is largely autonomous. While the true purpose of avatars is to oversee multiverses, outwardly, they may act as servants to an "Omni-King". An Omni-King is always a mutant species of watermelon that are sentient and have the ability to erase things weaker than themselves from existence. An avatar and Omni-King co-exist in a mutualistic symbiotic relationship. The avatar grants the Omni-King power and the Omni-King erases things in return. The Omni-King is usually treated as the superior in the relationship, although, it is not always the case.

Swagger Goku (Universe 7, Multiverse 1199293), Interverse Resident

To guide each individual universe, an avatar dispatches an Angel. These Angels may be recruited from the Planet of Angels or are mortals turned into Angels. Angels are spawns of El Grande Padre, and are thus a part of his very being, just like avatars. If found to be disobedient they can be erased from existence at the will of an avatar, without the need for the Omni-King. The basic purpose of an Angel is to simply obey their avatar overseeing their assigned universe. The structure and nature of positions below Angels vary between multiverses.

The Interverse[]

The space between Multiverses is called the Interverse, interealm, or other names. Many beings inhabit the Interverse for varying reasons. Some do so because it is a place beyond El Grande Padre's primary jurisdiction. The self-proclaimed ruler of the Omniverse has almost no control over the Interverse for it is dangerous even for his angels. Others simply do not have a home. Within the Interverse, there are many cities, planets, and artificial structures that act as hubs for wide ranges of characters from different multiverses.

Each multiverse is like a water molecule in the vast ocean that is the Omniverse. In this ocean there is more than just water, there are many structures and beings natural or otherwise. Among them are the so-called "trees of the void," which look moreso roots or veins than trees. Some say these "trees" are the very things that hold the Omniverse together, but one cannot be certain of that. In your travels you may find multiverses connected to an a branch of the trees, though this does not make them different from any normal multiverse. In ancient times it was recorded that the trees bore fruit to the multiverses we all know, but as of present that has seemed to have ceased. It could be that it is simply exceedingly rare to see multiverses being created, or perhaps an unknown force is preventing such from happening. These trees are incredibly strong, one who could destroy an entire multiverse with ease would find themselves unable to make a dent at these trees. It is for this reason that incredibly strong fighters make these branches duel grounds. Another characteristic of these trees is that they soften the "interverse current," meaning that it is easier and less dangerous to travel along the trees... to natural forces at that.

La Familia[]

La Familia Members in Meeting

One of the most renowned organizations in the Interverse is La Familia. This organization is run by extremely powerful individuals, each tens, hundreds, or even thousands of times stronger than the average angel. Their primary mission is to oppose El Grande Padre's hierarchy and empower mortals against the "Gods." While they do not invade multiverses under El Grande Padre's control as they believe them to be lost causes, multiverses and realms not under his control are frequently attacked by La Familia. This is to ensure they have a basic capacity to defend themselves against potential Intermultiversal invaders such as El Grande Padre. More often than not, La Familia employ minions called El Itas to do their dirty work as members themselves are far too powerful for most mortals. If they are too weak, La Familia may choose to annihilate them, leave them in the dust, or destroy their entire multiverse.

While La Familia does act for the benefit of mortals, they are extremely prejudiced of low-powered mortals. If a mortal does not meet a standard of strength a La Familia member may refuse to acknowledge their existence even in direct contact. In contrast, mortals of exceptional strength are treated with 'respect' by La Familia. As the requirement is quite high, deals with La Familia are highly sought-after throughout the Interverse.

A hypothetical interpretation of the 'God' Yamcha Deus

Other Gods[]

Along with El Grande Padre, several other "Gods" exist throughout the Omniverse. These are not to be confused with multiverse deities such as Supreme Kai, Gods of Destruction and the like. Omniversal Gods are usually characterized by having special abilities and extraordinary power. They are must well-known for their ability to grant wishes, wisdom, and power to those who they deem deserving of them. The powers of Gods often compared to that of the Dragon Balls although their abilities can extend beyond a single multiverse. Cults surrounding these Gods scatter the Omniverse. An example of one of these Gods is Yamcha Deus, an ancient God with a soul shattered across the Omniverse in every single Yamcha. The followers of Yamcha Deus often preoccupy themselves with seeking-out and killing Yamchas to reassemble their God's soul.

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