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This article, Dragon Ball Beyond, is the property of Aidan0007.

This article, Dragon Ball Beyond, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.
''Dragon Ball Beyond''
Created by
Based on the series
Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama

Dragon Ball Beyond (ドラゴンボールビヨンド, Doragon Bōru Biyondo), can be abbreviated as DBB, is a fan fiction created by Aidan0007 and is currently in development.


The series takes place in an alternate timeline if Beerus never woke up (as he did in Super). Instead, the plot is replaced; A Saiyan family consisting of Corn, his wife Kapushi, and son Bean are still seeking refuge after the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Despite their long search, they finally find Earth where they encounter Goku and the Z Fighters. Unlike other Saiyans, Corn never wanted to conquer planets so he had a different heart so he and Goku became friends quickly. During that saga, Goku trains Corn and his family. Afterwards, events from Resurrection "F" occur with some changes. Goku doesn't unlocked Super Saiyan God thus didn't have Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan to beat Golden Frieza, although in this case, Goku unlocks a new form, that of, Super Saiyan 4 (note: although this is basically Super Saiyan God but with white hair, this SSJ4 is not meant to be the one from GT as this takes place in an alternate timeline before those events).

In this timeline, we also don't learn of the multiverse, so new plots are introduced. Android 17 and his family are attacked by another android created by Dr. Gero before his death. It is later to be revealed as Android 1, an android who presumably died when Goku and his friends destroyed Gero's lab in the Cell Saga, but managed to survive. With the help of Android 17 and 18, the Z Fighters defeat Android 1, who attempted to recreate the Androids by cloning himself. 3 months later, we see Bean bonding with a teenage Goten and Trunks who demonstrate fusion and their techniques. Overtime, Corn and Vegeta become best friends while also slowly remembering their childhood memories on Planet Vegeta as Corn was a soldier in his father's military. Kapushi gets along with Chi-Chi and Bulma who teaches her what humans do. After months of what was thought to be peace, a new threat from another dimension - the Dark Realm, enters Earth. The visitors introduce themselves as the Shadow Legion and are lead by their king - Orikon. This prompts the Galactic Patrol to join the battle. Eventually, they're defeated and are imprisoned at Galactic Police. After this, Frieza also returns many times in attempt to kill Goku. Later, the Galactic Patrol and Time Patrol decide to merge their organisations together and created a prison called the Sanctuary, where they imprison Frieza in.

About a month before the Beyond storyline begins, a martial arts tournament is announced. Goku and Vegeta decide to stay out of this tournament. However, Goten, Trunks and Corn are suggested by Gohan to enter in junior division. Corn is the winner of the tournament and during one of his matches, he unlocks Super Saiyan, exciting Goten and Trunks. Time jump to post-GT, all it's events stay except the Super Saiyan 4 scenes from GT are replaced with this version of SSj4 and instead of Gogeta, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegito via potara rings. Supreme Kai is there in the final saga and teaches everyone about Omega Shenron and the Shadow Star Dragon Balls. Five years after the defeat of Omega Shenron, we see a mysterious figure in a space ship hovering over Earth whilst monitoring the timeline.


Prime saga[]

Following the defeat of Omega Shenron, the Z Fighters are once again are faced by a new rival - Prime, when an ancient being who monitors Earth's timeline called the Observer appears to warn them about the threat (saga currently in development)

Blizzard saga[]

After the Prime Saga, the Icejin Blizzard finds himself in the past, from his future, where he confronts his ancestor's greatest foe - Goku. (saga currently in development)

Prince Karvack saga[]

In the aftermath of the Shadow wars, which was between the Z Fighters and Shadow Legion, Orikon's son Prince Karvack emerges to vow his revenge against Goku. (saga in development)

Demon God saga[]

Trunks returns from his future timeline to warn the Z Fighters of a demon god named Zykon. (saga in development)

Saiyan-Icejin War saga[]

Goku must make the ultimate choice to team up with past villains in order to kill Frieza, who has summoned a mass Icejin army lead by Blizzard, once and for all. (saga in development)

Old Man Vegeta saga[]

After Goku's sacrifice to defeat Blizzard, Vegeta retires from fighting and recalls his past while Corn continues the Saiyan legacy.



  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Corn


  • Chi-Chi
  • Bulma
  • Kapushi
  • Goten
  • Videl
  • Pan
  • Mr. Satan
  • Trunks
  • Bulla
  • Bean
  • The Observer



  • Frieza
  • Android 1
  • King Orikon

Appearing in Beyond[]

  • Prime (Prime saga)
  • Blizzard (Blizzard saga)


Saiyan transformations[]

  • Great Ape: The default transformation when a Saiyan, with a tail, stares at the sun for too long. (only mentioned)

    Goku in Super Saiyan 4

  • Super Saiyan: The default Super Saiyan form often unlocked through rage.
  • Super Saiyan 2: The level that of beyond a Super Saiyan.
  • Super Saiyan 3: The level that of beyond a Super Saiyan 2. As a side effect, SSj3 drains alot of stamina.
  • Super Saiyan 4: A level which is equal to a God according to the Supreme Kai. Some say it could possibly match the God of Destruction's power. (This form is not to be confused with the Super Saiyan 4 form appearing in Dragon Ball GT, this form is exclusive to Dragon Ball Beyond)