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Goku - The story is small but fun! One day I was training, then I put in all of my effort and transformed into a super saiyan 5. Shenlong taught me how to control it. While I was training I encountered you two. Then I started to tell the story that one day I was...

????? - Shut up!

Goku jr - Who are you?

Tora - My name is Tora, I am.....your brother...

Goku jr - What?!

Tora - You and Vegeta jr are.....are my brothers.

Vegeta - Why does everyone have to say something about me every time?

Tora - We don't have time to stay here Goku. TEACH ME TO REACH THIS FORM!

Goku - Hmmmm, right i think i'll do it.

Goku - First transform into the first level.

Tora - How do I do that?

Goku - We have many thing to do. Come with me.

They trained together by days and meanwhile.....

Trunks - You can't win Nappa.

Vegeta - Quickly kill him, son, I can't fight Mecha Broly anymore!

They were on the saiyan planet fighting the Evil Saiyans Military lead by Nappa, who survived the fight with Goku and trained by years to gain power. He did this to overcome Vegeta and finally he did it. Now he is more powerfull than anyone.

Broly - I will kill you all! Hahahahaha!

Vegeta - I will show how to kill Broly, stupid.

Trunks - Father, leave the jokes to me.

Vegeta - Why?

Trunks - Cause your not...well...how do I explain this...your not so good at it.

Will Vegeta and Trunks kill the Evil Saiyans? Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball After Future!





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