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This article, Dragon Ball Advanced (SSJJ), is the property of Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

Dragon Ball Advanced (ドラゴンボール高度な(アドバンスト) Doragon Bōru Adobansuto), often abbreviated as DBA, is the sequel to the canon manga Dragon Ball Super, and prequel to Dragon Ball Exodus. Unlike traditional Dragon Ball Series; Dragon Ball Advanced is yet to be a manga, and currently novel-based/text-based.

About the series[]

Dragon Ball Advanced is the creation of aspiring author Jamie Salmon, and currently in novel form. Dragon Ball Advanced follows more closely to the manga, and has rewritten several movie characters in order to make them more canon to the Manga.

Like the regular series; the series is split into Groups containing sagas, and focuses on Magic and God-level abilities. The Xenoverse Group is the current group, and focuses on the introduction of Combative Magic, and abusing the Eternal Dragons' powers.

Timeline Placement[]

Dragon Ball Advanced takes place mostly in the Main Timeline, and set in different points of times. The Warriors of Time Group Cell-X Group are respectively set in Age 850, and Age 852. However, Goku and the others arrive from Age 780 sometime after the events Dragon Ball Super for the Warriors of Time Group while Goku and the others are summoned from Age 785 for the Cell-X Group.

Additionally, it takes place sometime after Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

The proceeding Groups following the Grand Tour Group summons Goku and his friends from Age 785 of the main timeline.

Difference to Dragon Ball, Z, Super, and GT[]

  • Two Eternal Dragons are introduced: Face (SSJJ) whom is fanon character, and Mr. Poko Poko (SSJJ) whom is character from Dragon Ball Online, and reappears in DBA.
  • The Android/Red Ribbon related Sagas are the first arc rather than the second arc.
  • The new characters don't join the Dragon Team at the ended of their respective introduce Saga or Arc.


Pre-revamp Arcs and Sagas[]

Cut Arcs and Sagas[]

  • Dark Dragon Saga - Cut because Dark Shenron was introduced in Dark Empire Saga
  • Adventures of Monaka, Goten, and Trunks Arc - Cut in favour of Dr Reborn Arc
    • West Quadrant Saga
    • South Quadrant Saga
    • Supernatural Fruit Saga
    • Galactic Prison Saga
  • Crossover Arc
    • Movie meets Manga Saga - Cut in favour of the Karakura Town Saga
    • Game meets Manga Saga - Cut in favour of the Karakura Town Saga
  • Crossover Arc - Coming Soon
    • Naruto Ball Oh! Saga
    • Horror Saga
    • Karakura Town Saga
    • Red K Saga
    • Josh Saga


Naming Conventions[]

This section is mostly to cover the naming conventions of the magic-based forms and characters used in Dragon Ball Advanced. As such their names are pun/reference to the Arthurian Legend