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About the MangaEdit

DBAX is the child of creator TitanXLV. The strip began as a novel done for his own amusement while in high school, where he created his first OCs Son Titan (Tomoma) and Bower. The doujinshi is styled in Japanese manga format (read right to left instead of left to right), and is printed, in its publishing, entirely in English.

The story is also closer to canon than most post-GT stories, which included non-canon elements from GT and Z. DBAX has removed almost all non-canon elements like movie villains and filler to bring the doujinshi closer to the original manga from which it is based, However certain elements such as Super Saiyan 4, Cooler and Broly have been confirmed to exist on the manga.

The story also features several real-world elements such as the United Nations, and the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama.

The manga also features a new concept: Power Schools These schools house students from all over the universe to hone their powers and abilities examples of these schools are the Kikokenjutsu Sword School and the Wind & Thunder Academy.


The story of Dragon Ball AX takes place approximately 1 year after Towa and Mira’s defeat (Age 853). The story follows Manga canon almost exclusively (though some creative liberties are taken), causing a lot of what happened with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 to be re-written. The Origin Story of Rycon follows UnrealEntGaming OC Rycon. the character of Tundra is a creation of the YouTuber SeeReax.

Sagas Edit

Rycon's Rampage Edit

main article: Rycon Saga

The series' first major villain, Rycon. Over the course of the story, he is revealed to be on a mission to kill all remaining Saiyans.

Origins of IX Edit

main article: IX Saga

This arc explores IX's backstory and how he rose to power on Planet Eis. It also shows how he overthrew the Cold family.

Saiyan-Speedster Edit

main article: Saiyan Speedster War

It's follows a lesser known story following the time Planet Vegeta's Saiyan Military invaded and went to war with Planet Savitr's Speedsters.

Tournament of Power II Edit

[Currently in Planning]

Demonic Revenge Edit

[Currently in Planning]

New Transformations Edit

  • Super Saiyan Rosé Shinka - The Ultimate Super Saiyan form, revealed in DBAX's second story arc. The hypothetical Limit Break of Super Saiyan Rosé form.
  • Super Saiyan White - A form exclusive to Son Gohan, Gohan found a way to merge his Ultimate form with Super Saiyan resulting in Super Saiyan White.
  • Platinum Form - A form that's said to be the Ultimate Evolution of the Non-Mutant members of the Frieza Clan.
  • Rage Instinct - A power up used by Bonanon to amplify his anger and overall fighting abilities.

Trivia Edit

  • Creator TitanXLV wanted to incorporate characters from other Fanon to bring together a larger Universe as some characters such as IX and Tundra pre-date the original story of Dragon Ball.
  • the character of IX's namesake is borrowed from a Youtuber named Steedoj
  • TitanXLV plans to make a arc similar to the original Tournament of Power.
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