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Dragon Ball AN: Revenge Of The Tuffles, is a movie from Dragon Ball AN. The movie is about The Tuffles coming back with a wish from The Crystal Of Light, and taking revenge on the Saiyans. New transformations are to be unlocked in this movie. Please enjoy!


"You lost the battle. No more Saiyans, no more humans, and no anything but Tuffles!!! So say your last word... before your death appears."
— Super Baby 3

A cold wind blew up against Vegeta, as he stands in the icy arctic. Vegeta thinks about how Goku defeated Shyrock, with a punch in the stomach. He never saw anything like that in his life. Vegeta turns Super Saiyan and smiles. He was about to go to Goku, and ask him for a sparring match. As Vegeta rushes to Goku, Goku steps outside and sees a Planet about to hit Earth. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 4 and prepares his 10X Kamehameha. Everyone runs outside and sees why Goku is about to release his Kamehameha. Gohan tells everyone to get back in the house, and they did. Then Vegeta arrives and helps Goku with his Final Shine Attack. Goku and Vegeta struggles with the planet. Goku had taken another look at the planet, but he knew it wasn't a planet, it was a spaceship the size of a planet. The spaceship overpowers Goku and Vegeta. After a minute, people start jumping out of the ship, heading to Goku and Vegeta with deadly attacks. Goku deflects the attacks and Vegeta charges at them. It appeared to be Tuffles attacking Earth. Goku starts losing his power from the struggle.

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