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Dragon Ball AF (shortened DBAF) is the direct sequel to Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super, combining into one main timeline. This fan-manga take place after Goku leaves with Shenron for his training. Goku's heroic role is now passed to his successor: Beyley (Saiyan Name: Apuru), the female Saiyan, the survivor of the Saiyan race having escaped from Frieza.


Years ago before Planet Vegeta's destruction, the four female Saiyans lives on the deserted land as outsiders after being permanently banished by King Vegeta for their total failures. In order to redeem themselves as the warrior of justice, the four Saiyans plans to escape the Planet Vegeta that Frieza arrives to destroy Planet Vegeta by using Frieza's Elite Guard's starship. Before escaping, the Saiyan girl named Beyley (Saiyan name: Apuru) saw Fasha, the member of Bardock's Planet Elite Force, revealing that she's still alive, but her life is not long and taken to the starship before her death until she was now recovering. After escaping the Planet Vegeta from Frieza, Beyley and the others are now rest for their training.


Ize SagaEdit



Female Saiyan Squadron (Formerly Named: Saiyan Guard Elites)Edit

  • Beyley - The main protagonist in the DBAF and also her true Saiyan name: Apuru. Her role was passed from her heroic predecessor, Goku after he left with Shenron.
  • Fasha
  • Choca
  • Kuchigo
  • Limela

Z-Fighters (Dragon Team)Edit

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Gohan
  • Goten
  • Trunks


  • Chi-Chi
  • Bulma


Iza SagaEdit

New transformationsEdit

Super Saiyan PerfectedEdit

The Super Saiyan Perfected is the complete-mastered version of the Super Saiyan similar to Super Saiyan Full Power. This form is mainly used by Beyley, first transformed after quickly controls the Super Saiyan's ki and remove any more flawed effects.

Super Saiyan 5Edit

The Super Saiyan 5 is the fifth Super Saiyan transformation.


Ize SagaEdit

  1. After the Future
  2. The Arrival of Ize
  3. Beyley vs. Vegeta


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