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About the Comic Edit

DBAF is Young Jijii's version of a GT sequel of what started out as an April Fool's joke many years before.

It's undoubtedly Young Jijii's most famous fan work, gaining a loyal fan base at home and abroad. At the time of writing (January 2019) 19 volumes have been published and it's still ongoing 8 years after it's initial publication back in 2011.

Prologue Edit

Set several years after the events of DBGT, the majority of DBAF deals with the ramifications of Son Goku's decision to entrust the protection of Earth to his friends and family. As such, many favorite characters are given the chance to shine and show their worth without Goku to hog the limelight.

Initially, Freeza's fan-created son, Ize comes to earth seeking a powerful opponent after learning of his father's demise. His presence on Earth sparks the need to rely on the Dragon Balls once again, setting the stage for future arcs to come.

Sagas Edit

Ize Saga Edit

Freeza's son, Ize comes to Earth after thawing out of his birthing period. He immediately desires to go to Earth in order to find an opponent to unleash his tremendous powers on.

Demons' Plane Saga Edit

Set shortly after the events of the Ize saga, two demons from the Demon plane, Chiyoko and Marble decide to visit Earth in an attempt to cure their boredom now that Dabura is dead.

Shadow Dragons Saga Edit

After the devastation caused by the demons, the seal on the Dragon Balls is broken to revive Pan and Son Goku. The resulting negative energy causes even more powerful demons to be released from the Dragon Balls, sparking a race against time for the Z fighters to defeat them before they spread throughout the universe inviting terror.

Spoitz Saga Edit

A while after the events of the Shadow Dragon saga, a strange warrior who has been rampaging throughout the galaxy, destroying various races comes to Earth seeking a challenge.

New Transformations Edit

Super Saiyan 5 - The next stage after Super Saiyan 4, the user's fur and hair turn silver, their hair grows in length and their skin begins to tan.

Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks

Majin Uub

Recognition Edit

DBAF by Young Jijii is one of the most internationally recognized Dragon Ball fan comics. Rivaling the likes of Toyble's (Toyotaro) DBAF and DB Multiverse. It has amassed hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube through reviews by Youtubers like ExperGamez, UnrealEntGaming and Tech Starr, as well as on forums such as Kanzenshuu.

To this day it continues to be talked about and reviewed, as fans eagerly anticipate the next release.

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