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<The two boys are fighting on the tournament and are matched equally in strength. The whole world is watching while they have a 1 on 1 battle. At some point Goku Jr. gains the upper hand but Vegeta Jr. fires and energy blast directly into his face crushing him down. >

V : Hah nerd, you were quite some fun but I recommend finishing this, what do you say ?

G: I don't think so !

V: We will see.

< Vegeta Jr. charges a Full Power Energy Wave but Goku barely deflects it into the sky. Smoke covered the field and Goku Jr. qucikly rushed and punched his opponent right into the face almost knocking him out of the ring. The fight continues and little Vegeta realizes that he has to go Super Saiyan to beat him . At the first occasion he transformed and tried to attack his opponent but Goku Jr. transformed as well. Once again the boys were matched in strength . The fight lasted way too long and both of them were exhausted. Goku knew the only chance to win was the legendary Kamehameha wave but he didn't practice it yet. Foolishly he used the attack,but completely missed Vegeta Jr. and destroyed half of the stadium . Goku lost almost all of his energy on the wave and couldn't fight any longer. Using the opportunity Vegeta Jr. vanishes,and appears again directly behind Goku punching him in the back and knocking him out of the arena. He then helped Goku to get up>

V: You are good,but not better than me .

G: You were lucky this time but the next time we fight I will win.

V: Haha,yeah dream on !

< After that fight the two boys became much closer to each other and fought every day. They were both students,as they got trained by Pan every day,and masters,as they helped Goku's best friend Puck to learn how to fly and control energy. Everything was perfect until one day Puck came half-dead on Goku's door,telling him about an evil beast with uncontrolable power. Goku immediately dressed and went to fight that creature and avenge his friend>

To be continued…