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Dragonball 3000 is the series taking place in the last episode of Dragon Ball GT, and Goku Jr has grown up with a son named Toku who is surprisingly stronger than Goku Jr and Goku himself. Even though he's far away from a full Saiyan he becomes a SSJ 3000 which he developed in years. Now he goes back into the future with his time capsule. He warns them of a threat that is coming to the future so he trains them hard, and while training is stopped abruptly by strong competitors and the drama of their lives.


  • Aero-Sama Saga
  • Usaka Saga
  • Neo Saga
  • Dr Gero Saga
  • Android Saga
  • Budha Saga
  • Martial Arts Leauge Saga
  • Pandora And Pandorez Saga
  • Super Pandoku Saga
  • Super Android Saga
  • Tornado Fusion Saga
  • General Zer-O Saga
  • Super O Saga
  • Android 300 Saga
  • The End Of Earth



  • Grandmom Pan
  • Goku
  • Goku Jr
  • Toku
  • Toen
  • Romeneks
  • Past Goku
  • Past Pan
  • Past Chi Chi
  • Past Gohan
  • Past Goten
  • Past Videl
  • Past Mr Satan
  • Past Oob
  • Past Android 18(Human)
  • Past Android 17(Human)
  • Past Android 16
  • Toku (Planet Asorbed)


  • Aero Sama
  • Usaka
  • Neo
  • Dr Gero(Human)
  • Dr Gero(Android 20)
  • Android 22
  • Android 23
  • Android 24
  • Android 25
  • Dr Budha
  • Pandora
  • Pandorez
  • Pandora(Full Power)
  • Mech Pandorez
  • Pandoku(Fusion Pandora & Pandorez)
  • General Zer-O
  • Super O
  • Android 300
  • Android 300(Super)
  • Android 300(Planet Asorbed)
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