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This article, Dragon Ball: Yugi, is a fan-made crossover between Dragon Ball and another universe.

This is another fanmade crossover of Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball Z, And it is advised to at least learn the basic jist of each series.

Millenium SagaEdit

Trunks grasped tightly onto his sword. Men that called themselves the "Men of Millenium", had ambushed him and Gohan in their trip to a Desert Land. 10, no, 20 men swarmed into the open desert to face them. Gohan released a Kamehameha and obliderated 4 of them. This was bad. After hours of grueling battle. They were defeated. Trunks and Gohan had won. He noticed a puzzle on the ground. When they went back they gave it to Goku. He solved it, and put it around his neck. Instantly, he changed into Yami. TO BE CONTINUED

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