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"This is something else. Ah, well, might as well get used to it."
— Anth talking to Cad.

This is the first volume of Dragon Ball: Threefold Cord.

Volume 1[]

Introductions (Anth)[]

Greetings. My name is Anth, and I am a Saiyan that was formerly of the Planet Vegeta. I am Number One of the Threefold Cord.

What is the Threefold Cord, you may ask? It is a group formed by my two friends and I, our coalition to bring back the Saiyan race, finding survivors, breeding. We take our name from on old saying, that a threefold cord cannot be broken.

My compatriots are myself, Anth, my best friend, Cad, and the only female member of our group, Mel. We escaped Planet Vegeta with only hairs to spare, running from the tyrant Frieza's destruction of our world. We have been traveling for years, searching for a possible new homeworld, and looking for any survivors.

We have actually fond both in one package: the planet Namek, where Saiyans are said to be stopping and a fertile world, perfect for domination. To put in Cad's eloquent words, "It would be bloody brilliant to take that bloody planet from the bloody natives!"

We are travelling in our attack pods, heading at full speed towards our new home. Or possible new home. I confess that I hope this is the last leg of our journey. We have been traveling for a long time, and it has been nothing if not wearing.

I try to relax, to reassure myself that this will be an easy conquest. I sigh and give it up as a futile effort. Nothing seems to be working.

Scanners flash and the planet comes into view, bursting with life. I can actually feel it inside my body. Signals ping in from Cad and Mel, telling me of their arrival.

My pod begins it's descent...

A Little Planet Called Namek (Cad)[]

Coming Soon!