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"And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken. "
— Ecclesiastes 4:12, the quote upon the title is named.

Dragon Ball: Threefold Cord

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Dark Humor, Action, Horror
MrFluffman, Son Studios
G4, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Teen Nick
# of episodes
Varies depending on Saga
# of Sagas
1 (so far)

Dragon Ball: Threefold Cord is an upcoming fanfiction by MrFluffman and Son Studios, following the adventures of three Saiyans after the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Other members of Son Studios are allowed to write. It takes it's name from Ecclesiastes 4:1, as the three Saiyans believe themselves to be a "threefold cord", unable to be defeated as long as they are united.


Many more Saiyans escaped Planet Vegeta than was previously thought. Three were Anth, Cad, and Mel. After barely escaping their home planet, they dedicated themselves to finding the remnants of the Saiyan race. However, they find themselves in more trouble than one might expect. They form a Threefold Cord, unable to be broken as long as they are together.

The Volumes[]

Volume 1: The Survivors[]

1.0 Introductions We learn about the three Siayans, thier motivations, and thier dreams. Anth POV.
1.1 A Little Place Called Namek Cad POV. After the Threefold Cord touch down on a planet called Namek, things get a little complicated when Mel insults a shaman. Soon, things get weird.
1.2 Curse of the Shaman Anth POV. After Mel gets caught up with the odd events, Anth and Cad decide to meet with the Shaman, and things don't go as planned.