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Dragon Ball: The New Generation is a story me and my friend made from the top of our heads. This takes place 5 years after the defeat of Omega Shenron and Pan, Trunks, and Goten are the new generation of Z-Fighters. New characters may come, and old enemies will rise to power again. Get your favorite soft drink, some chips, sit back and read the series!

Gogeta Jr

Gotenks fans rejoice, Gotenks has returned!

Panthera Saga

The Celebration

Panthera's Power

Goten against Panthera!

Goten Super Saiyan 2?!

Goten's 10x Kamehameha!

Aqan Saga

Aqan, The Ruler of all Evil!

Pan Unleashed

Pan goes Super Saiyan!

Trunks Joins The Fray.

Aqans Cookiecutter Beam!

Pan's Last Ditch Effort

Gotenks Returns!

Aqan Overwhelmed

Aqan: Origins


The True End Of Aqan

Training Saga

Pan and Goten Train!

Gohan Is Back!

Gohan's Teachings

A New Era

Aran Saga

I Foresaw This

Continent Hide-and-Seek

Thats A Very Nice Everything You Have

Trunks Discovers Aran

Brutal Fight

Not-So-Tactical Retreat

Gohan is Here!

The Final Kamehameha!

A Hero Has Fallen

It Is Never Over...

You Can't Argue With Science

Any Last Words?

Finally, It's Over

Trials Saga

Yamcha's Back In Action

The Human Fusion

Meet Tiencha

Roadtrip to Hell

The Balls Are Inert

3 Trials

Ratt Versus Pan

Failed Assault

The Gang Is Back

Tiencha Versus Mesen

Wolf Fang Kamehameha!

Natt Is Dissapoint

Trunks Versus Natt  

Finish with a Big Bang

Pikklo Saga

The Otherworld Tournament

Pikkon Versus Goku

Piccolo's Participating

Pikkon's Origins

Namekian Fusion

Pikklo Versus Vegeta

Pikklo Victorious

Olibu Versus Tien

Number Sixty Three

Dark Gohan Saga

Sixty Three Versus Yamcha

Foul Play

Pikklo Versus Sixty Three

Finger Finisher

He Looks Like...

You Argued With Science

Piccolo's Rage

Only A Flesh Wound

Piccolo Defeated

Trunks Is Mad Bro

Pan Is Mad Too, Bro.

Fusion Party

The Potara Earrings

The Fighter Of Justice... And Cake

Trunkten's Supernova

Don't Move

Wrapping It Up

Dark Trunkten Versus Tien

Trunkten Regains Control

No Longer A Slave

Aran Explodes

Vegeta Finishes Aran

80 Years Later

Trunks Dies

Goku Jr Is Born

The End

Continued in a sequel that will be released (announced) once Training Saga finishes.