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This article, Dragon Ball: The Grand Journey, is the property of Theecho12457.

This article, Dragon Ball: The Grand Journey, is a fanon roleplay. It is being written by several users. Please enjoy reading this roleplay

Dragon Ball: The Grand Journey is a roleplay only for the more experienced writers on this wiki. It has a stat system and will be conduced in pages as well as chat.

Stat System[]

Every character starts with a power level of 10,000. Every time you defeat an opponent, you gain half of their power level. Every character starts out with 2 techniques.

When you start the game, you are given 100 stat points. You can add them as you wish to the following categories:

  • Attack
  • Speed
  • Defense
  • Ki
  • Health

Dragon Balls[]

Throughout the roleplay, there will be fights called "Dragon Ball Battles". These occur when the characters fight each other (chosen at random, not all will be DBB) for the prize of a Dragon Ball. If an owner of a Dragon Ball is in another Dragon Ball Battle, he or she can win and receive another Dragon Ball; if they lose, they will lose all Dragon Balls in their possession. Once all Dragon Balls are collected by a character, they can make a wish by summoning the Eternal Dragon Shenron.


  • Power level +10,000
  • +5 Attack
  • +5 Speed
  • +5 Defense
  • +5 Ki
  • +5 Health
  • Revival (of a deceased player)

(*denotes that after death, player can not be revived again, but can visit Earth for a short amount of time.)


When character reaches a power level of 50,000+, he or she will be able to travel to Namek in a Capsule Corp. spaceship to have his or her hidden potential unlocked by Grand Elder Guru or be taught in the ways of the Namekian fighters by Nail.

Special Techniques[]

Some techniques require a certain power level to be trained or upgraded, such as the Spirit Bomb. Until reaching a power level of 80,000, the character's Spirit Bomb cannot be upgraded to the Large Spirit Bomb.


Every race has their own power:

Saiyans: Zenkai.

Humans: Get a larger power level gain from training.

Majins: Can learn techniques faster.

Namekians: Can regenerate.

Demons: Lower opponent's power level when they are defeated.

Kais: Can manipulate the environment.



Race: Namekian



Defense: 20

Speed: 20

Ki: 30

Health: 15

Current power level:


Places to Train[]

Master Roshi: Gain +8000 power level, learn Kamehameha.

Crane Hermit: Gain +7500 power level, learn Dodon Ray.

King Kai (if dead): Gain +9000 power level, learn Kaioken and Spirit Bomb.

Grand Elder Guru (on Namek): Gain 9500 power level, +10 Ki.

Nail (on Namek): Gain 8000 power level, learn Mystic Flasher.