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DB Final War is a upcoming comic in December 2010.

Plot and Summary[]

Fasha is kidnapped by Dodoria, then Bardock, Borgos, Tora, and Shugesh goes to save her! Bardock grabs a weapon. Bardock and his team (Borgos, Shugesh, and Tora) begins the Final Mission War, which is the final war for Bardock and team. later on, a boy named Goku meets Bulma, then they discover the final war for Bardock and his team. Later on, Ox-King and his daughter Chi-Chi have been caught by General Blue. Later on, when Goku is already 12, the final war ends when he is 41 years old! Later on, Chi-Chi is tied up a tree and Ox-King is sent to the Blood village. Chi-Chi and Ox-King have been kidnapped by General Blue when Chi-Chi was 7-15 years old. Chi-Chi and her dad starved and they are wished back to life with the Dragon Balls. Later on, Goku and Bulma decide to make a mission. Later on, General Blue began a semi-final war called Ox-King and Chi-Chi War. Later on, Bardock and his team see Dodoria killing Fasha. Fasha is later stored to life with the Dragon Balls.

Later on, Bardock and his team see a Saibaman, who was self-destructed by Bulma.


  • Bardock
  • Fasha
  • Dodoria
  • Tora
  • Borgos
  • Shugesh
  • Ox-King
  • Chi-Chi
  • General Blue
  • Saibaman
  • Goku
  • Bulma