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Dragon Ball: Saiyan Revenge is an upcoming story by RobEquals Rawr.


This story is a revamped and new version of Dragon Ball: Dragon Rage, as DR was just a stupid, no storyline hunt for the Dragon Balls which I scribbled onto paper with a pen. This one contains a Storyline, and heres the actual plot:

Cade Koraxis and Bardock unite, as Bardock breaks free from the bowels of Heaven, and sets out to end Frieza's military. Sensing the misbalance, Cade meets up with the mysterious, neutral power level. Bardock explains everything to him, persuading him to accompany him. Cade agrees, and they both set out to stop Frieza's Planet Trade Organization. As there adventure continues, they face many other enemies.


The Story Line is This: Saiyans have learned the truth about Frieza, and what happended to their original planet. Upon the ashes, Cade trains himself with the few warriors left over, and sets out to stop him. It's a classic storyline. Saiyan Vs. Traitor.


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