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"Us Saiyans stick together, we aren't letting some tyrant take our pride! We'll fight it back!"
— Prince Vegeta to the Saiyan's while fighting Frieza.


The Family make fun of the Ginyu Force.

Dragon Ball: Saiyan Reunion is a alternate Universe Fanficton which is about Planet Vegeta's destruction and Bardock survives the explosion. So the Saiyan's begin to reunite.

Theme SongEdit

  1. In The End
  2. Venice Rooftops
  3. Slayer Pro
  4. Long Night of Solace
  5. Ezio's Family
  6. Young
  7. Song 2
  8. Battle of the Omega
  9. Above
  10. Above
  11. Above
  12. Above
  13. Monster
  14. Young

Chapter 1: ProlougeEdit

"Frieza!" Bardock shouted. Frieza laughs, he charges up an attack. Bardock is holding one small ki blast, Bardock throws it at Frieza. The ki blast gets large and Bardock's attack fails. Frieza launches the attack at Bardock and Vegeta. This kill Bardock. "Kakarot, avenge your race." said Bardock before dying. "Haha, it's Saiyan fireworks!" shouted Frieza. The ki attack Frieza had launched had destroyed Vegeta, there was nothing else. Meanwhile on the Spacepod the baby Kakarot had landed on Earth. An old man was wandering around a forest until he stumbled past the spacepod. "It's not nice to leave a baby here." said the old man. He picked Kakarot up from the spacepod. "I'll name you Goku." said the old man. So the boy kills the old man, meets a human, become friends. They see a turtle take him to an island where a perverted old man lives. Then they meet a pig, become friends with it and they see a desert bandit and his cat. The desert bandit becomes in love with the human. Goku meets a bald guy, they become best friends, they participate in world tournument and none of them win. Goku meets his future wife again, then the Red Ribbon Army attack. He beats them up and meets the perverted old mans sister. Him and his beat them up. He meets Pilaf again. They do a tournament, Goku doesn't win again. The bald guy dies, he avenges him by killing the Namekian. The namekian has a son, the tournament comes up again and he finally wins. Him and his wife get married and live happily ever after.

Chapter 2: BrothersEdit

Raditz lands on Earth. "There's peace here, Kakarot failed." said Raditz angrily. Raditz used his scouter to sense the highest powerlevel on Earth. "3,600." said Raditz. Raditz flew to that power, he landed there. "Kakarot!" shouted Raditz. "Who is this Kakarot, my name's Goku." replied Goku. "Seem's like you hurt your head." said Raditz. "Can we take this somewhere else?" asked Goku. "My pleasure." answered Raditz. Goku picked up Gohan and started running to somewhere far away. "You are a Saiyan, our planet was destroyed by a metor." said Raditz. "How do you know this?" asked Goku angrily. "I'm your older brother Raditz, you better bring me 10 Earthlings or you'll die!" shouted Raditz. "Never!" shouted Goku angrily. Raditz powers up to go fight Goku. Goku realises he can't power up. Raditz launches a punch at Goku, who dodges the attack. "Kamehameha!" shouted Goku firing the attack at Raditz. Raditz fires an energy wave at Goku trying to kill him. The ki attacks carry a large explosion making a white smoke. When it clears the brothers both launch at each other kicking, punching and blocking. Bardock flies down and goes over to Goku by kicking him in the air. When Bardock looks at Raditz he fires a blast him. "You too quit it." said Bardock. "I don't like violence and why do you look like my dad?" said Gohan. Bardock looks like Gohan. "You had a son?" asked Bardock. Goku and Raditz both get up. "I'm sorry father." said Raditz ashamed. "Wait, your my dad?" replied Goku confused. "Yes, my name's Bardock." said Bardock. Gohan walks to Bardock. "Hello Grandpa." said Gohan. "Hello my Grandson." said Bardock smilling at Gohan. "Why don't you look old?" asked Goku. "We Saiyan's remain in our youth with age so we can enjoy battle longer." answered Raditz. "Dad, did our planet get destroyed by a metor?" asked Goku. "No, Frieza destroyed it, I nearly died, but I survived the attack, I stole one of the spacepods and arrived at a strage planet and taught me all lot of things. I told them want to go Earth and that's how I got here." answered Bardock. "So Frieza's the one responsible for our destroyed planet!" shouted Raditz angrily. "I heard his next trip is to Namek." said Raditz. "I want you guys to meet the rest of my family." said Goku. "That means your son can't be a fully Saiyan." replied Raditz. "My wife is a human." said Goku. "Meaning your son is Half Saiyan Human." replied Bardock. At Goku's house Chi Chi is cooking food. "Chi-Chi I'm home!" shouted Goku. "I hope your clothes aren't ripped." said Chi Chi. Chi-Chi ran down the stairs and saw Bardock and Raditz. "Who are they?" asked Chi-Chi. "The one with long hair is my brother and the one who looks like me is my dad, we're Saiyan, meaning Gohan's half of us." said Goku. "Oh, no wonder they have tails." said Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi picked up Gohan and took him to his room. "Chi-Chi, we're going to help Earth in a year soon and head of to another planet with Gohan to avenge my race, is that okay?" asked Goku. "It is not okay, I don't want my baby hurt!" shouted Chi-Chi. "One angry wife you got." said Bardock laughing. "Guess we'll take him out." said Raditz.

Chapter 3: A Year TrainingEdit

Raditz, Goku and Bardock took Goku outside to train. "Goku! You bring him back!" shouted Chi-Chi. "He needs to learn how to protect others, including you." replied Goku goofly. "Alright, we need train for a year before the tyrant starts going to destroy our planet." said Bardock. "That means I need to know how to fly." replied Goku. "Flying first." said Bardock. "You need to learn ki first." said Raditz. "What's ki?" asked Goku. "It surrounds us, penetrates us, you allready have a ki attack." replied Bardock. "Oh, Kamehameha." said Goku. "Yes that attack, try firing a yellow energy wave or energy blast at your brother." replied Bardock. "I have to be the dummy." said Raditz humiliated. Goku begins to fire an energy blast, it fires at Raditz, who deflects it with an energy wave. "Flying should be easy, get your kid to do this." replied Bardock. Goku gets Gohan to fire a blast at Raditz. "Hmph!" shouted Gohan. He fires an energy wave at Raditz, which he deflects. "Time for the flying." said Bardock. Goku begins to concentrate all lot of ki in to his body to fly, Goku soars to a tree. With Gohan he does the samething. Piccolo lands down where they are. "Who's the green dude?" asked Bardock. "An old rival of mine, his name is Piccolo." said Goku. "I want to train with you guys." said Piccolo. "Good, the more the merrier, we're going to your planet Piccolo, there's a short person called Frieza trying to get the Dragon Balls." replied Raditz. "Mister Piccolo!" shouted Gohan. The team start to train, they all power up and start fighting. Bardock punches Goku in the stomach and kicks him flying. "Special Beam Cannon!" shouted Piccolo firing the attack at Raditz. "Worthless Attack!" shouted Radiz firing a barrage of green ki blast. They keep on fighting each other and get tired for a while.

Chapter 4: Off to NamekEdit

It's been a year since the Saiyan Family started training. Now their journey is Namek. Goku walks off the bed and wakes Gohan up. "Gohan, Uncle and Grandpa need us now." said Goku. "Alright." replied Gohan tired. They walked out the house and saw the house Bardock and Raditz had made. "Looks like thier living here." said Goku. "Awesome!" shouted Gohan. Bardock and Raditz came out, Bardock had still had the armband that his life long friend gave him. "If we can get to Namek we need a ship." said Goku. "I allready have one in my garage." replied Bardock. He gets a key from his pocket and the garage openened. "Woah." said Gohan suprised. "Lets get inside, the more quick we get in the more we can destroy Frieza!" shouted Raditz. "Wait, we need Piccolo." replied Goku. A star is seen and Piccolo is flying as fast as he can to get to the ship. As he reaches the ship, Raditz closes it as they are all on the ship. Goku turns to Piccolo bringing a smile. Everyone gets on a seat and puts thier seatbelts on. Bardock gets the ship to fly on it's course to Namek. Gohan looks at the window and see's two spacepods hurling through space in the same direction. "Theres a spacepod going in our direction." said Gohan. It then has Saiyan sign on it. "That's strange, the only Saiyan's alive are, me, Kakarot, Raditz, Prince Vegeta and Nappa." replied Bardock. "Prince Vegeta believes the metorite story, I need to communicate him with my scouter." replied Raditz. "So that's what that thing on your eye was." said Goku. Raditz presses his scouter, it makes a beeping sound. "Prince Vegeta, Our planet wasn't hit by a metorite, it was destroyed by Frieza." said Raditz. "Then why don't you get here and kill him!" shouted Vegeta questioning Raditz. "I saw you and Nappa's spacepod passing us." replied Raditz. "Who's Prince Vegeta?" asked Piccolo. Bardock looked at Piccolo. "Prince Vegeta is the our planet prince, he has a very weak brother who was sent to a remote planet." answered Bardock. The ship lands on Namek. "There's blue ground and theres 3 suns." said Bardock. "You need to stop Frieza from getting the Dragon Balls here." said Kami. "Dragon Balls, we need to stop Frieza with whatever it takes." said Goku confident.

Chapter 5: RevengeEdit

"Frieza will have some accomplices." said Bardock. "You're right, we better find our way to beat them." said Gohan. "Lets jet!" shouted Goku. They all started flying around Namek until they came across a village. "Hide." said Raditz. They all ducked down and lowered thier powerlevel down. Dodoria, Zarbon and Frieza are inside the village. "Wheres the Dragon Balls!" shouted Dodoria. A namekian woman is holding Dende. "Urgh, it makes me sick." said Piccolo angry. "Kakarot you got a solution to take Dodoria out?" asked Raditz. "Close your eyes!" shouted Goku. They all closed thier eyes as Goku put covered his eyes too. "Solar Flare!" shouted Goku blinding the area. Bardock openened his eyes, so he quickly grabbed Dodoria and took him out to a field. Dodoria gets back up and looks at Bardock. "You, I though you were dead!" shouted Dodoria. "I jumped and stole a spacepod." Now it ends here!" shouted Bardock. Dodoria and Bardock both get in to fighting stance to fight. Bardock kicks Dodoria in to the air, next, he snaps-vanishes by launching blue energy wave. Dodoria's is on the floor, Bardock puts his foot on him.. "What is this attack?" asked Dodoria. "Something called Revenge!" shouted Bardock firing a barrage of blue energy blasts. "I'm not going to hell anytime." said Bardock. A clap is heard as Vegeta and Nappa head towards Bardock. "Nice kill Bardock, where is your sons?" asked Vegeta. "They've left the village, Kakarot brought his son and rival." said Bardock. "Great, the more the merrier." said Nappa.

Chapter 6: Gohan Strikes!Edit

Vegeta, Nappa and Bardock are seen flying to search for the others. With the others they are in a fight with Zarbon. "Gohan, you take this one." said Raditz. "But he's big." replied Gohan terrified. "We need you to get stronger!" shouted Raditz. "Alright!" replied Gohan loudly. Gohan powered all his ki to himself. As Bardock, Nappa and Vegeta saw them, Vegeta checked his scouter. "Alright, the kid has 7,000, the namekian has 8,000, Raditz has 8,500." said Vegeta. "What about Kakarots?" asked Nappa. Vegeta began to check Goku's power level. "No way..." said Vegeta. "What's Kakarot's powerlevel?" asked Bardock. "I can't say it." said Vegeta. "Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?" asked Nappa. Vegeta takes his scouter off to announce Goku's powerlevel. "It's over 9000!" shouted Vegeta crushing his scouter. "What 9000, theres no way that could be right, could it?" asked Nappa suprised. Gohan still rising his powerlevel he brings it to the full max. "You ready!" shouted Zarbon. Zarbon starts the fight off by kicking Gohan in the face. Gohan gets up. "Masenko!" shouted Gohan firing the attack at Zarbon. Gohan didn't wait for Zarbon to get up, so he started firing a barrage of energy blasts. As Zarbon got up, he took his scouter out and crushed it. "You'll see my ugly form." said Zarbon. "I want to see it." said Gohan. Zarbon powers up as he starts getting fatter and growing pimples. "Like it?" asked Zarbon. (This will include humour) "You're U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you're ugly yeah yeah ,you're ugly!" chanted Gohan. "Gohan!" shouted Goku angrily. "He needs to focus." said Piccolo. Gohan rush attacks Zarbon by kicking him in the stomach repeatdly 17 times, he then punches Zarbon in to the air, Gohan flies up and kicks him sending Zarbon to the ground. A barrage of energy wave hit Zarbon killing him. Bardock, Vegeta and Nappa head over to them. Gohan looks at Vegeta. "Your the Prince, and the bald guys Nappa." said Gohan. "Well done, we're also the ones who stole your kill." replied Vegeta. "Vegetable." said Gohan. "Lunch." replied Vegeta. "How do you know my name?" asked Gohan. "Your grandfather." said Vegeta.

Chapter 7: Frieza's Elite Team, The Ginyu Force!Edit

The group had just destroyed Frieza's top henchmen, as they are still in village, Frieza has left them. Bardock walks to the Namekian Village. The rest follow behind him. In the village there was nothing but dead bodies all around. "Damn Frieza." said Nappa angry. "Don't worry Nappa, we'll kill that piece of Cold scum." replied Vegeta. "There's no one in the village." said Gohan. Goku points to two Namekians just getting up after Frieza's attack. "Look!" shouted Piccolo. They all ran to the two Namekians who had survived Frieza's attack. "I'm Nail and this is my brother Dende, you must be the great Warrior Protectors Guru told us about." said Nail. "Yes we are." replied Bardock. "Where's the Dragon Balls you keep?" asked Goku. "It's only in this village, Frieza doesn't know that yet." answered Dende. "Our Guru is the guardian of the Dragon Balls, so once he ---" said Nail after getting interuppted by Gohan. "Dies, the Dragon Balls die." interupted Gohan. "We shouldn't have brang you Piccolo!" Goku reliazed. "Don't worry about me, I have enemys in the bag." said Piccolo. "You need to leave the village we'll give you the Dragon Balls." said Dende. Dende gives each of them a dragon ball except Bardock who gets two. They all fly of to somewhere else to hide and protect the Dragon Balls. Frieza heads back to the village. "Where's the Dragon Balls?" asked Frieza. "We have no idea!" shouted Nail. "So you want to fight, this planet will be terminated anyway." laughed Frieza evily. Nail hit Frieza on the neck, it made no compact. "This might hurt abit." said Frieza. He grabs Nail's arm and snaps it from his shoulder. "You absoulutley don't have the Upper hand." said Frieza. Nail screams and grows another arm back. Frieza punches Nail sending him knocked out. Dende started to hide inside the water for a while. "I better call the Ginyu Force." said Frieza. Frieza pushed his scouter talker to the Ginyu force. "Sorry I'm affecting your mission to Yadrat, you must come to Namek to take care of the creeps for me that stole my dragon balls." said Frieza "My pleasure Lord Frieza." replied Captain Ginyu. Meanwhile the group had reached Guru's house. "Sir, we are the protectors." said Raditz. "I see 5 henchmen team of Frieza comming down." said Guru. "It can't be... not the... Ginyu Force" said Bardock, Vegeta, Raditz and Nappa shocked. "I'll make the kid strong, it will be needed." said Guru. "Good Gohan." said Goku. Gohan went under Guru's hand and he dropped extra ki on Gohan.

Chapter 8: Nappa, Raditz, Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo v The Ginyu ForceEdit

As the team is still on Namek, Frieza is plotting to get the Dragon Balls of them. 5 spacepods land down near Frieza. The spacepods opened. 5 aliens step out of the spacepod. "Jeice!" shouted Jeice. "Burter!"shouted Burter. "Guldo!" shouted Guldo. "Recoome!" shouted Reecome. "And Captain Ginyu!" shouted Ginyu. "And we are the Ginyu force!" shouted the Ginyu Force doing their stances. "So our mission is to attack the fiends that stole the Dragon Balls, I'm I correct?" questioned Ginyu. "Yes, the fiends went that way." said Frieza pointing right. "Ginyu Force, Go!" shouted Ginyu. With the team they are trying to hide the Dragon Balls. "Good thing the Ginyu Force aren't here." said Raditz. "Your right, we better get ready." replied Nappa. "They better not show up." said Vegeta. The Ginyu Force land where they are. "Hi Vegeta." said Ginyu. "Hi Ginyu... Ginyu?" questioned Vegeta. "A suprise, right?" said Gohan. "Gohan we'll stay back." said Bardock. "Alright, choose whoever you wish!" shouted Vegeta. Piccolo punched Guldo making him fly. "Good a Namekian, it's exterminating time!" shouted Guldo. Piccolo soared to Guldo trying launch a kick. Guldo then slowed down time by rush attacking Piccolo. "What-?" asked Piccolo shocked. "I can slow down time." answered Guldo. "Let's see if you can slow down this, Special Beam Cannon!" shouted Piccolo firing the attack. As Guldo slowed down the time, Piccolo slowly kicked Guldo in the back, kicking him into the attack, killing Guldo. "Idiotic fool." said Picccolo. Raditz, is fighting Burter, but failing badly. "As you know, I'm the fastest in the universe!" shouted Burter. "Oh yeah?" said Raditz. Raditz then powered up to keep up with Burter by kicking him faster. "Undispitued Blast!" shouted Raditz firing a red blast. The attack kills Burter. Nappa and Recome are making large bangs coming from the punches they are making. "Damn, I can't keep up with him." Nappa thought. "Recome Fist!" shouted Recome launching an attack at Nappa. The attack had got Nappa injured, so Nappa punched Recome in the stomach, he then knees him in the face, kicks him flying and fires an energy wave at him, killing Recome. Vegeta is beating up Jeice easy, Vegeta trips him up, then kicks him, he then flys to Jeice who is floating in the air on his back, Vegeta then fires an energy blast at his face. "Face this!" shouted Vegeta firing a blast at Jeice, killing him. Finally, Goku and Ginyu are firing energy blasts around. "Kamehameha!" shouted Goku firing the attack at Ginyu. "Hmm, Plan B!" shouted Ginyu." Ginyu deflects Goku's attack, Ginyu punches himself creating a hole on himself. Gohan and Bardock watch as this is happening. "Is this suicide?" asked Bardock. "Hurting yourself won't get yourself out of a fight." replied Goku. "Change, Now!" shouted Ginyu changing bodies with Goku. "Haha, I'm all good." said Ginyu. "Give me back my body!" shouted Goku.

Chapter 9: The FrogEdit

Ginyu flies away, Vegeta goes to Goku. "Kakarot, I'll take him." said Vegeta. "Alright." replied Goku. He turns to the others. "You guys follow." said Goku. The others follow behind Goku. "Kakarot, I'll fly you." said Bardock. Bardock picks Goku, Goku holds his chest as there's a hole. "Flying my own son in the first time, while he's in another body." said Bardock. "I'll see how the other Namekians are doing." said Piccolo. "Good, they may need help." said Raditz. Piccolo flies back to the village, he sees Nail on the floor. "What happened?" asked Piccolo. "Frieza's too strong." said Nail. "I know that, but why are you telling me?" asked Piccolo. "I need you to fuse with me, it will help you kill Frieza." replied Nail. "Alright, but we're using my body." replied Piccolo. Piccolo held Nail's hand and a white spark came. Nail had disappeared, and inside Piccolo's body. Piccolo begins to fly back to the others.

Meanwhile, the others are sorting out Ginyu. Raditz holds Ginyu in a arm lock, which Ginyu kicks him. "Gohan help!" shouted Raditz. "I can't fight my dad." answered Gohan. "He isn't your dad, he is a poser!" shouted Raditz. This makes Gohan to fly at Ginyu and rush attack him. Nappa pummels Ginyu by firing an energy blast on his face. Piccolo grabs Ginyu and fires another energy blast, this attack injures Ginyu. He faces on the floor and looks Gohan. "Change Now!" shouted Ginyu. "There's my chance." said Goku flying to Gohan. Goku flies into Gohan and switches bodies with Ginyu. Goku is now on the floor, Ginyu flies to Raditz. "Change Now!" shouted Ginyu. Raditz gets shocked, Gou, who's on the floor throw the frog and then Ginyu changes bodies with a frog.

Chapter 10:Frieza TroubleEdit

The team had just killed the Ginyu Force. "We need to take him to Frieza's ship." said Vegeta. "With all the guards?" asked Nappa. "Thier all dead." replied Vegeta. They walk to Frieza's ship which is just next to them. They reach Frieza's ship and take Goku to a Rejuvination Tank. Goku opens his eyes and sees a needle on the floor. "Aaah a needle!" shouted Goku scared. Bardock facepalms his face in shame. "We aren't giving you a needle." said Piccolo. Goku is put in the tank and Nappa puts it on. "Now we take on Frieza." said Vegeta. "He better pay." said Bardock angry.

The team walk out the ship and see Frieza outside waiting for them. "What are you doing in my ship?" asked Frieza. "To end you." replied Bardock. "How did you survive?" asked Frieza. "I jeoprodised your plan to destroy Mukk." answered Bardock. "Well you'll die." replied Frieza. "Oh yeah?" questioned Bardock. Frieza punches Bardock and kicks him. "Nappa, Vegeta attack!" shouted Bardock. Vegeta punched Frieza in the head. "This is for my planet and father!" shouted Vegeta. "Vegeta, don't let him hold you back." said Nappa. Vegeta nods his head. "Galic Gun!" shouted Vegeta firing his attack Frieza. Frieza whips Vegeta with his tail. "Destructo-Disc!" shouted Nappa firing the attack Frieza's tail. The attack had cut of Frieza's tail, Frieza looks at it. "You punk!" shouted Frieza. "What's the matter can't show us your transformation." said Vegeta. "Good, don't cry if you die." said Frieza. "Hah, The Prince of Saiyan's crying." laughed Vegeta. Frieza began powering up as his body armour broke. "You... grew an inch and just broke your armour." said Vegeta. "Not even the transformation." replied Frieza. Frieza powers up again, ki began flowing through him quickly. Frieza's muscles had pumped up, and he had gotten taller, and longer horns.

Chapter 11:Frieza's 2nd Transformation! Gohan Strikes!Edit

Frieza has now transformed, Vegeta looks on how large Frieza's powerlevel is. "Have you noticed my power level is a million?" questioned Frieza. "No" said Vegeta. Frieza's tail comes back, he looks at Nappa. "I'll show you hell!" shouted Frieza flying at Nappa, he impales his body armour with using his horns, and then throws him. Frieza then uses his Death Beam. Bardock gets back from the floor. "Raditz and Gohan." said Bardock. "Huh?" asked Gohan. Raditz looks up at Bardock. "We better take Frieza down before he can transform again." said Bardock. Frieza flies over to the Dragon Balls, he looks at them and he turns around and see's Dende. "Command the Dragon Balls." said Frieza. "Kaprutp Popo---" said Dende being interupted as the Dragon Balls turn to stone. "Is that normal?" asked Frieza. "The Dragon is dead, that means Guru is too!" cried Dende. "Hmm, I can still have fun killing you." said Frieza. Frieza charges up to launch a death beam attack on Dende. "Masenko!" shouted Gohan firing the attack at Frieza. The attack had hit Frieza, Raditz and Bardock started to fly and punch Frieza. Frieza pushed them out of the way and went flying for Gohan. Frieza tripped Gohan and kicked him into the air, so then he started flying to Gohan and rush attacking him. Raditz kicks Frieza in to Bardock, which leads into Bardock hammering Frieza to floor. Gohan got up and Frieza was flying into him, Gohan had fired a blast into Frieza.

Goku had heard a voice in his head. "Who's this?" asked Goku. "It's Kami, I have Mister Popo collecting the Dragon Balls to reive all the dead Namekians back to Earth." replied Kami. "Good, they may need all lot of help, as long as Piccolo is alive, it's okay." replied Goku.

The others are still fighting Frieza, he gets up and get angry. "You shouldn't have done that." said Frieza. "Try and stop us." replied Bardock. "I have another transformation." said Frieza. "No matter how much you transform, everytime we keep fighting, we'll get stronger!" shouted Bardock. "Kid!" shouted Vegeta. Gohan walks to Vegeta. "I need you to beat me up." said Vegeta. "What?" asked Gohan. "If you beat me up near death, I'll be able to turn Super Saiyan and kill Frieza." said Vegeta. "Uh-- Okay." said Gohan.

Chapter 12: A LegendEdit

Frieza had heard what Vegeta said. "I'll wait for this rubbish to end here." said Frieza. Frieza powers his ki down. Gohan looks at Vegeta confused. "You need to hurt me badly!" shouted Vegeta. "What?" asked Gohan. Nappa and Bardock turn around. Raditz and Piccolo look at Frieza. "Vegeta, that's a legend it isn't true." replied Nappa. "It could be true, it's our only way to defeat Frieza." replied Bardock. Piccolo and Raditz hears this carefully. "We'll take on Frieza." said Raditz. Frieza stands up and starts smirking. "How about we'll wipe that smirk of your silly little face?" Piccolo questioned Frieza. Frieza stand up from hearing what they said. "Okay then." said Frieza. They all got into a fighting stance to fight Frieza.

With Vegeta and Gohan, he attacks Vegeta by firing a Mansenko. "Is that really all you got?" Vegeta asked. Gohan begins to punch Vegeta in the stomach, Vegeta holds his stomach as it hurt. Gohan then threw an energy blast at his face.

With Raditz and Piccolo, they are matched up with Frieza. Raditz punches Frieza, the Piccolo charges his Special Beam Canon. "Special Beam Canon!" Piccolo shouted firing the attack at Frieza. Frieza bends his head to dodge the attack. Piccolo and Raditz are taking a heavy breath. "He's too fast." said Raditz.

With Vegeta and Gohan, Vegeta now has red marks and scratches on the floor. "That's okay." said Vegeta. Gohan flies over to Dende and walks him back to the others. "Dende, you can heal ,right?" asked Gohan. Dende nods his head. Dende puts his hand over Vegeta's head. Vegeta stands up to look at how changed. "You shouldn't have went through that." said Nappa. Vegeta hangs his head in shame.

Raditz and Piccolo are now beating Frieza. "Kamehameha!" shouted Raditz firing the attack Frieza. The attack had sent Frieza to the floor, to which Piccolo threw an energy wave at him. Raditz and Piccolo both fly up and fire a barrage of energy blasts. Frieza was bleeding, Bardock looked and he smirked. "Bleeding, that tyrant, will die." said Bardock.

Chapter 13: MonsterEdit

The team had got Frieza angry as he was bleeding. "I'm going to transform." said Frieza. "Keep on transforming because, we'll kick you beat than a speeding bullet." replied Bardock. Raditz checks his scouter, and gasps. "Father, your powerlevel is 19,000!" shouted Raditz. "We Saiyan's get stronger every time." replied Vegeta. Frieza began to power up for the second time. "Raditz, you stay, back I'm going to kill this freak!" shouted Piccolo. Frieza's third form is again more brutish, with an extremely elongated skull. His facial features contort and change, with his nose melding into his mouth to form a crude beak. His original horns recede and are now white in color, erupting in pairs along the length of his head. Two pairs of spikes grow out of his back and curve upward somewhat, and the armor on his shoulders fling themselves outward like shoulder pads. They all look at Frieza. "He's a monster!" shouted Piccolo shocked.

Frieza laughs at how stronge he is now. "Don't worry, I've saved a death spot for you." replied Frieza. Piccolo tries to fire a ki blast at Frieza who deflects it. Frieza then fires a Crazy Finger Beam at Piccolo. "No, Mister Piccolo!" shouted Gohan. Gohan turns to Dende. "Dende heal him!" shouted Gohan. Dende walks over to Piccolo to heal him. "Not on my watch!" shouted Frieza. Frieza fires a death beam attack at Dende killing him. "Noo!" shouted Gohan. Gohan goes up to Frieza and punches him, Frieza dodges all attacks that Gohan had made. Bardock then had joined in with Gohan, he had punched Frieza in the head.

Chapter 14: Rage of GohanEdit

Gohan attacks Frieza by kicking him in the leg. Frieza falls down back to the floor by the attack. "How can a kid be this strong?" thought Frieza. Bardock stays back, instead. "I'm going to get Gohan to have this one." said Bardock. Frieza launched a Crazy Finger Beam at Gohan, whom dodged the attack. "He must be a Saiyan by that growing energy." thought Frieza. Gohan punched Frieza and kicked him in the head. "Masenko! Ha!" shouted Gohan firinng the attack at Frieza.

In Frieza's ship, Goku wakes up and the tank opens. Goku looks at his top ripped, so he decide to get some Saiyan armour. Goku was wearing the same Saiyan armour as Vegeta without the shoulder pads. "I hope Vegeta doesn't mind." said Goku. Goku looked at the window and saw Gohan fighting Frieza. "Why do I believe that's Frieza?" questioned Goku. Goku had left the ship and went over to the others. Bardock could feel Goku's powerlevel from there. Bardock turned around. "Kakarot, you've gotten stronger." said Bardock. "I know." replied Goku. Goku looked over to Dende and Piccolo. "Noo, without Piccolo our Dragon Balls won't work!" shouted Goku. "Goku, Piccolo is still alive, you still have sensu beams, right?" asked Kami. "Yes." replied Goku. Goku walks over to Piccolo and gives a senzu beam. Piccolo stands back up.

Gohan punches Frieza and fires an energy wave. "Kamehameha!" shouted Gohan firing the attack at Frieza. Frieza was annoyed, he standed up and was begining to transform again. "I'll show you my final transformation!" shouted Frieza. "Damn Frieza." said Nappa. "I'll take him on!" shouted Goku. "Me too." said Bardock standing up. Frieza had powered up, a white spark had came up. Drastically differing from his previous transformations, in his final form Frieza instead regresses, with his former form cracking and shattering like a shell, becoming a short, lizard-like, almost harmless looking creature, his horns and spikes disappear and his physique becomes streamlined. His skin becomes pure, solid-white with purple sections on his head, shoulders, forearms, abdomen and shins. His arms, legs, and tail are no longer pink. All injuries taken in other forms are healed.

Chapter 15: Large Spirit Bomb and Super Saiyans?Edit

Bardock and Goku look at each other. "He looks strong." said Goku angry. "No, he looks smaller." replied Raditz. "Don't think that him being smaller will make him weak." replied Bardock. Nappa looks to them, so does Vegeta.

Goku and Bardock look at Frieza. "Enough of the talking lets finish this!" shouted Frieza. Bardock and Goku go in a fighting stance, Bardock soars at Frieza at very high speed. "Foolish." said Frieza charging a death beam at Bardock. As the death beam went to hit Bardock, he had vanished. Frieza looks around, Bardock appears behind him. Frieza's tail grabs Bardocks head. Goku punches Frieza in the stomach. "Destructo Disc!" shouted Nappa firing the attack Frieza. Bardock whacks Frieza's head, Bardock gets out of Frieza's grasps and flies back to Goku. "Got a plan." said Goku. "What?" asked Bardock. "You all distract him, while I charge up my Spirit Bomb, I learnt the attack by training with Krillin who taught me." replied Goku. "Everyone attack Frieza!" shouted Bardock.

Gohan attacked Frieza first by launching a punch on Frieza who dodges the attack, Raditz kicks Frieza in the back, Frieza punches Raditz in the head and fires an energy wave on his head. Vegeta tries attack Frieza but is grabbed by him an thrown on the floor. Frieza soars to Nappa, he starts kicking, punching and whacking him with his tail. Nappa is smacked down to the team. "He's too strong!" shouted Nappa. "Well I for one won't quit." replied Vegeta. The group looks at Vegeta shocked. "Us Saiyans stick together, we aren't letting some tyrant take our pride! We'll fight it back!" shouted Vegeta. Goku is influcenced by Vegeta's words. "We came here to finish what we started." said Bardock. Raditz became influnced by Vegeta, so did Gohan, Piccolo, Nappa and Goku. Their ki became stronger and stronger. Frieza was shocked to see thier hair had turned yellow. "What's this, Saiyan's turn into apes and now this?" questioned Frieza. "A Super Saiyan." said Vegeta.

Bardock attacked Frieza by kicking him in the jaw, Frieza began to get a scracth. "Not strong." said Frieza. "Just using 1% of my power." replied Bardock. Gohan had punched him in the stomach, Frieza gushed out blood. "Galic Gun!" shouted Vegeta firing the attack at Frieza. Vegeta then punched him in the stomach. Piccolo looks around, as the scene is changed. There is now just volcanic rock and ash. "I hope you know this planet will be destroyed in 12 minutes." said Frieza. As Goku is still charging his Spirit Bomb, Piccolo fires a Special Beam Canon at Frieza the attack creates a hole. Goku's Spirit Bomb had gotten larger. "This is for all the live's you've killed!" shouted Bardock. The group moves away from Frieza as the Spirit Bomb had killed Frieza.

Final Chapter: Off to YadratEdit

"Frieza's dead, all lives have been avenged." said Vegeta. They all fall on the floor softly. "Goku, I have the Dragon Balls, I've told Shenron to revive all dead Namekian's to Earth, except from Dende." said Kami. "Great." said Goku "Why Dende?" asked Gohan. "He can rise the Dragon Balls here." answered Vegeta. Dende wakes up confused. "I'm still alive?" asked Dende. "You're revived." answered Raditz. "Now go get the Dragon Balls, so this planet doesn't get destroyed." said Nappa. Dende walks over and rises Porunga. He asks the Dragon to turn Namek to it's normal state, bring back all Namekian's, and restore health in to all the killers of Frieza. The Dragonballs fly away. Guru appears to the Hero's. "Your help was great, In return we made a ship for you, please head to Yadrat, they'll learn you a technique." said Guru. The team fly to the ship and wave goodbye. "Bye Dende!" shouted Gohan. "Bye!" replied Dende shouted. The ship closed and they set off for a journey to Namek.

Author NotesEdit

All lot of things aren't meant to explained, Like:

  • Nappa doing Destructo Disc
  • No Final Form 50% Power
  • Porunga can bring back more than one person at a time
  • Goku learning Spirit Bomb from Krillin

These are the reason why

  1. Mess up the story
  2. In the Prolouge attacks aren't explained
  3. It would have made it longer.
  4. Alternate Story. Anything can happen
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