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This article, Dragon Ball: Saiyan Desires, is the property of BlazeFireXXXX.

Dragon Ball: Saiyan Desires is a story by BlazeFireXXXX. This story is about Nash, a young 12 year old male saiyan, exploring to find the secret of the nightmares. Nash leaves at dead midnight to find out about the secrets of the nightmares of his mother and father's death, but he won't find it that easily.


The Headache[]

<Planet Vegeta>

<Age 744>

<Inside Nash's Home>

<Nash Walks Around The Hallways, Confused As Any 12 year old boy could be if they were alone>

Nash: I try to sleep, yet they just keep coming back to me.

<Nash Walks Back Into The Bedroom and Falls Asleep>

<The Next Morning>

Saira: Nash! Nash!

<Nash Has A Rude Awakening>


<Saira Begins To Weep A Little>

Nash: Guuhh. Sorry. I just had some undesirable nightmares.

Saira: What about?

Nash: Nothing really. Why are you here?

Saira: Prince Vegeta wants you to talk with you.

Nash: Oh him. He's just afraid that since we have the same power levels, I might surpass him at anytime.


Nash: Yeah, so?

<Saira quickly hugs Nash, squeezing and popping his bones>

Nash: Would....you....please...stop....

<Saira Lets Go of Nash>

<Nash Flies Away, To Prepare For A Conversation With Prince Vegeta>

<In Saiyan Castle>

<Prince Vegeta Watches The Window>

Vegeta: Hmph, I'll settle this today and only today.

<Nash Arrives>

Nash: What do you want?

Vegeta: Well, it seems that our power levels match at 12,000....

Nash: Get on with it...

Vegeta: It's time to test who really is this strongest!

<Vegeta Attacks Without Warning, Nash begins dodging attacks>

<Nash Flicks At Kick At Vegeta, Vegeta Dodges>

<They Unleash a Fury of Punches and Kicks>

<Nash's Head Starts To Hurt>

Nash: GAAHHHH!!!!!!!

<Vegeta, who stops, gets hit by a powerful punch from Nash, which sends him out the window, down into the city>

King Vegeta: Vegeeetttaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just paid the damages from the last window that was broken!

Vegeta: The last time the window was broken, that was only a week before Tarble was born.

<Tarble Begins To Cry Wildly, While Nash is in Pain On The Floor>

Nash: GAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Nash Rolls Out The Window, And Falls Down The Castle, To The City Road>

<Nash is Unconscious>

<In Nash's Nightmare>

????: MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<The Mysterious Figure Brings Out a Knife>

Nash's Mother: Nash!!!!!!

Nash's Father: Run Son! Run!!!!!!!!!!!

Mysterious Figure: Time to end this!

<The Mysterious Figure Kills Nash's Parents, Right In Front Of Him>

<In Hospital>

Nash: Nooo!!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<The Doctors Try to Hold Him Down>

Saira: Nash! NASSHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Nash Stops Yelling and Awakes>

Saira: I guess you had one of those rude awakenings again.

Nash: I have to go....

Saira: Go where?

Nash: That planet...

Saira: What planet?

Nash: I don't know, but I believe it was Planet Cooler...

Saira: Are you sure you want to go?

Nash: I don't care! I need to!

<Nash Flies Away From Hospital and Puts On A Scouter>

Nash: I'm coming for you! Mom and Dad!

The Spaceship[]

<Near The Spaceship>

Saira: So you are really going for this?

Nash: Yes.

Saira: Really, Really?

Nash: Yes.

Saira: Don't leave me! You are the only smexy boy I can talk to!

Nash: What was that?

<Saira blushes>

Saira: Nothing. Nothing.

<Nash becomes Ultimately Suspicious>

Saira: Lemme go with you.

<Saira has a cat face :3>

<Nash gives her the Notorious Look>

Nash: This is my business alone.

<Nash walks into the Spaceship, not knowing that Saira was hiding in the closet of the Spaceship>