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Dragon Ball: Return to New Namek Credits[]

Written By: Valtus 3200

Drawn By: Valtus 3200

About the Project[]

This is a manga project, which takes place a few years after Goku went off to train Uub. Goku returns to tell his friends that the elder of Namek is holding a special celebration in their names for saving them against Freeza and defeating Majin Buu as well. However, all is not well when they arrive on Namek.

As a group of renegade Namekians seek to take control of the Dragon Balls and bring about the will of 'Kaiodan-Sama'. Can Goku and his friends put an end to this cult's desires before they use the Dragon Balls for their own aims? And who is this Kaiodan-Sama? find out in the pages that follow.

New pages will be released twice a week.

NOTE: Project Reads from Right to Left, just as standard Manga does.

Chapter List[]

Chapter 1: The Reunion

Chapter 2: TBA

Chapter 1: The Reunion[]

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