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This is a story, a story about the past, the present, and the future. Wishes, lies, and Ki. A war over nothing worthwhile.


Long ago, before the power of the Dragon Balls were even created, there were many kingdoms. An age founded on blood and vengeance. Stealth and assassination. War and honor. The simple fare, at least until the Great Isles was discovered, far south of all the rightful claims of any country. A few claimed it, small skirmishes at first but nothing major. Then their allies came in, then their allies, then their allies, then the allies noticed how big the Isles were, and they betrayed their allies. Pretty much every side was against each other, then the rest came in to screw over them. That was the beginning of the War for the Great Isles. This story is told from the perspective of Emperor Bai, oldest known ancestor of the Furry monarchy and First Emperor of the Máopí Dynasty.