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Dragon Ball: Orbs of Destruction takes place 10 years after the end of Dragon Ball Z (not Dragon Ball GT). It is about Goku and other people trying to gather all 10 orbs. The 10 orbs can give someone almost limitless power.  This fan fiction does not use forms above Super Saiyan 3 but uses forms such as Ultra Super Saiyan 2, Ultra Super Saiyan 3 and Ultimate Super Saiyan 2.

Uub kaioken

Uub Kaio-ken

Age 794

Goku and Uub

Goku's training with Uub was completed after 10 years. Both their powers became really high. By now Goku far surpassed Majin Buu.  Uub at first struggled with the training his master wanted and sometimes was too impatient. Sometimes, to protect the areas around them, Goku fought Uub at only a little power and other times Goku fought at a pace too difficult for Uub since he always complained about how the training was way too easy. Uub's power wasn't the only thing Goku had to train. Uub's mind needed a ton of training. Goku spent a year teaching him how to sense energy, keep his mind calm, surpress energy, enhance all the senses, and become a smarter fighter. The Super Saiyan  transformation was a little too difficult for Uub to match alone so to become a better match for Goku, Uub learned the Kaio-ken technique. Uub's maximum Kaio-ken technique he can use without being tired out too quickly  at the moment is Kaio-ken times 100. With it, he surpasses Goku's Super Saiyan 2 transformation and is about half of Goku's SUper Saiyan 3. Without Goku transforming, Uub is much stronger than him once Uub obatined his full power. Uub has learned Goku's Kamehameha technique, Instant Transmission, and the Instantaneous Movement which he learned from Supreme Kai and Goku 4 years ago. He attempted to get his potential unlocked but Old Kai said that his potential came from Majin Buu and his power could work on that so Uub has to unlock his potential my himself. Uub left to go to his home.

Goku's family

Goku has gone to meet his family and meets Chi-Chi after 10 years.

Chi-Chi: Goku, you've been gone forever. I didn't think that it would take 10 years to train Uub. Why did it take that long? There is a lot of things that you have now missed since your disappearance. You even have a grandson!

Goku: I do? I want to meet him. How old is he? Who did Goten marry and what's his name?

Chi-Chi:  Goten married a girl named Marrium who he met when he was visiting Trunks in Capsule Corp.  His name is Gethen and he was born 3 years ago.  There house isn't very far from here. It's only a few kilometers away. You could probably sense their energy.

Goku: Great!

Goku was about to use his Instant  Transmission when Chi-Chi stopped him.

Chi-Chi: Wait Goku! 

Goku: What is is Chi-Chi?

Chi-Chi: I haven't met you for 10 years and now I'm getting old. We may not be together for very long. Promise me that you will spend more time together with me and out family.

Goku: Okay Chi-Chi, I promise that I will spend more time with you and our family. 


Goten had dated several girls but when they found out about his powers, they  usually dumped him. Marrium was the only one who didn't mind. She was a worker in Capsule Corp and already knew about the Z-fighters. One day, Goten went to visit Trunks and fell im love with Marrium. When the two married in the year 778, it was difficult for Marrium to go to Capsule Corp  because she had to travel thousands of miles since where Goten lived was far from Capsule Corp. Knowing Marrium had a good heart, Goten gave her the Flying Nimbus. While Marrium went to work, Goten usually played in the wild like he always would. Almost everyday, they would have fish since that`s what Goten usually hunted. Goten is a little different from his brother since he is not as smart as him but similar to him, he doesn't prefer to train anymore. 

Goku used his instant transmission and teleported to Goten's house.

Goten senses energy coming to him. It feels too good to be true. Goku appears at his house.

Goten: Dad! I haven't seen you in 10 years. I have a son now.

Goku: I know son, Chi-Chi told me. I apologize that I haven't spent a lot of time with you. I have only known you for about 10 years and I promise that from now on, I will spend more time with you. I have finailly finished my training with Uub. 

Goten: How strong is Uub now? Is he stronger than you by any chance? 

Goku: Well, I have to become a Super Saiyan 3 to surpass him. Anyway Introduce me to your wife.

Goten: Okay. Marrium, my dad is here.

A blonde woman about 5 foot-six wearing the Capsule Corp came in. 

Marrium: So this is your father Goku. According to Goten your the strongest man in the universe. Is that true. 

Goku: I don't know about that since I have always fought powerful foes stronger than me so probably not. 

Marrium: I wanted to know more about this Super Saiyan transformation. You see, I'm a scientist who works for the Capsule Corp. I find your race to be fascinating and I want to know about their biology. Goten showed me his Super Saiyan transformation but it doesn't give me enough information. I also would have wanted to knwo about this Great Ape transformation but unfortinately, no Saiyan left has a tail. By looking at Goten and Gohan's DNA, I found out that Gohan had a different structure in his back  from the Saiyan DNA from you. Goten had it as well but I found out that Chi-Chi passed a resessive back bone gene to Gohan while she passed a dominant one to Goten. Your Saiyan back gene is actually recessive but it is dominant to some of human back genes. That explains why Trunks and Goten weren't born with tails. The chance of Gethen having a Saiyan tail was 25 percent but unfortinately for him, he was born with the dominant human gene version of Goten's and my genes. SO, can you show me your forms so I can learn more about your race?

Goku: I don't quite understand what you said but I can show you my transformation but I think it is best to teleport you to planet Quiroso. You see, it is a planet with no life but breathable conditions. It is much safer to show you my full power there.

Marrium: But it is scientificially impossible for a planet to have no life at all and still have suitable living conditions. How was it made.

Goku: Well, the Kais, who are the highest gods of the universe helped create it for me about 4 years ago.

Marrium: I can't believe that you know the most powerful gods in the unvierse! Now I really want to see you power.

Goku transported Goten and Marrium to Planet Quiroso. He started to transform into Super Saiyan 3.

Goten: This power, it is more than 100 times more powerful than against Majin Buu! I can't believe how he can control that much pwoer without destroying this planet.

Marrium: It seems that this form is part of a genetic hair structure DNA I found from Goten. It is completely dominant which means every Saiyan can reach these forms. It looks like these forms are obtained by anger and high controling of the body. This form actually alters the body's genes making it be passed to descendants which explains how Goten became a Super Saiyan so easily.

Goku: Wow, I can't believe you can determine all of that just by looking at the form!

Goten: Yeah, she is really smart. Even Gohan and Bulma admit that she's far smarter than them.

Goku: I should meet the others now.

Goku uses Instantaneous Movement to teleport back with Goten and Marrium.

Goten: Bye dad!

Marrium: It was great meeting you Goku. Can you show me to the kais sometime because I want to meet them. 

Goku: Sure, I`m going to meet Gohan now.

Gohan, Videl, and Pan

Gohan has been quite busy with his work to train but still has his mystic transformation and hasn't lost any power in all that time. Gohan has been working a lot on his studies. He became a lawyer at this point..Pan has become quite strong in all these years. Gohan and Videl do a very good job of giving Pan a good education. Gohan even admits that she is much smarter than he was at her age. Piccolo is her teacher and she learns a lot from him. Videl likes making Pan focus on school like Chi-Chi and Pan sometimes disobeys to train with Piccolo like Gohan. Pan trains an averadge of 4 hours a day with Piccolo and he had improved a lot by fighting her. Sometimes, she even fights Vegeta! She is even a Super Saiyan with some intense training. Her power has become so incredible that it is almost half of Goku's Super Saiyan 3 20 years ago. Goku now went to Gohan's house. Gohan didn`t believe it but he sensed a power similar to his father`s. It was too good to be true! Videl and Pan were also there with Gohan.  Goku: Hi Gohan! It`s been years since I met you. Gohan: Yeah, it`s been years since I met you dad. Pan is 14 years old now!

Goku: Hi Pan, how are you doing?

Pan: I'm doing really good. I have trained so hard that I am now a Super Saiyan! Piccolo's my teacher and sometimes, I even get to fight Vegeta.

Goku: That's really impressive and I never though Vegeta would train you but I guess he has changed a lot since the fight with Majin Buu. Are you stronger than Goten and Trunks? 

Pan: Vegeta says I'm way stronger than them. 

Goku: So Videl, how are you doing? 

Videl: I'm doing really good. Pan usually behaves well and usually does exactely what we say. 

Gohan: I'm a lawyer now!

Goku: What's that Gohan?

Pan: Grandpa, you don't know what a lawyer is?

Goku: No Pan, in fact your probably smarter than me. I have never went to school. So what is a lawyer?

Gohan: It's someone who defends people accused of crimes so that they don't have to go to jail and sometimes you have to try to get someone who is acused of a crime to go to jail for somethign bad that they have done. 

Goku: That sounds like a really good job for you. I bet it helps a lot of people. Anyway, I want to bring the three of you to a planet that the kais made for me and Uub. There's no life at all but suitble conditions for life. 

Gohan: That's amazing! I want to see it. 

Goku used his instantaneous movement and sent Gohan, Videl, and Pan to planet Quiroso.

Gohan: By the looks of this, it seems like a great place for growing vegetation. 

Goku: But the plants would be ruined from all the fighting anyway. I want to fight you Gohan. It's been a while. Pan could learn from the fight.

Gohan: I guess I could fight you since it's been a while I met you. Pan, watch how a rwal battle is like.

Goku and Gohan start fighting. Goku punched his but Gohan blocked. Gok ustruggled fighting him. Goku was quite amazed that he hasn't forgotten anything about fighting in all these years. 

Goku: Ka-me-ha-me-ha! 

Gohan: Ka-me-ha-me-ha!

Gohan easily won the beam struggle between his dad. Goku was hurt for a while but quickly recovered. Gohan was stronger than Goku but not by much. If Goku transformed, he would defeat Gohan.

Goku: Gohan, I'm still amazed with your power. Even without training for 20 years, you are still incredibily strong.

Gohan: Dad, be honest. You know I wouldn't stand a chance against your Super Saiyan transformation. Pan, see how strong you grandfather is? Don't worry because you can keep up easily. Anyway, dad did you tell Bulma about the kiss yet?

Goku: No I haven't but I'm probably going to in a few days. Then I might get the Kai to give Pan a power boost. She would probably even surpass you!

Pan: Grandpa! When will I get to fight with you?

Goku: I will fight you in a year Pan. First, I have to get your potential unlocked by the Old Kai. That's the whole reason Gohan is so powerful. Without that boost, you would be much strogner than him.

Pan: Did you take it as well?

Goku: No, I don't need to. My potential was already unlocked when I was 15 years old by the Ultra Divine water. Gohan actually had his potential unlocked twice but he lost his power since he didn't train although I haven't because I have been constantly training. It's time to bring all of you home. 

Videl: Bye goku!

Gohan: It was nice seeing you again, dad.

Pan: See you later grandpa.

Bulma's family


Trunks met Diana in Capsule Corp as well and fell in love with her. Both of them work at Capsule Corp and they decided to marry in 791. In 793, Jean was born. Diana wasn't as smart as Marrium and at times could be quite selfish like Bulma.  Trunks being used to Bulma's behavior didn't really mind. In a way, Diana was also like Videl since at first she was mean to Trunks but later on became nice to him. Just like Videl, she asked to learn how to fly. Unlike Videl though, she has no experience in fighting.  She enjoys nature greatly like Goten which is another thing Trunks liked about her. She is a much better cook than Chi-Chi. She is a big fan of travelling and goes on vacation with Trunks quite often since both of them are quite rich. 


Bra hasn't trained all these years. In the year 788, Vegeta told her to start training but she said their would be no point because she wouldn't be able to surpass Vegeta anyway.

Age 788

Vegeta: Bra, your 10 years old now. I think you should start training.

Bra: If I trained, it wouldn't acomplish anything. It's not like a have to fight a extremely power threat. I don't want to be all brains and no brawn like you or Goku. Mom doesn't fight. Even Trunks doesn't fight anymore. Only the barbaric Full-Blooded Saiyans like you would bother to train.

Vegeta: Your too much like the woman. I like Pan much better than you. 

Bra: I can live a perfect life without having to train. Training is pointless.

Vegeta Vegeta has changed since the battle with Majin Buu. He has started to accept Goku's power and knows that he can't surpass him. Despite this, he still trains very much to keep up with him. He has even worked to find a new form to keep up with Goku's Super Saiyan 3. When Vegeta was younger, he believed that gravity training was the best method since that was the souce of some of Goku's power. After the fight with Majin Buu, he realized that these machines couldn't be reliad as much as in the past. Goku kept on improving without the need of gravity so he figured he wouldn't need it. With Goku not being available, Vegeta even bothered to train with Piccolo and Pan from time to time! Vegeta has become a much more caring person being much nicer than in the past although he can still be rude and selfish at times. He has been much nicer to Trunks than in the past and has also been nice to Bra even though he likes Trunks more since Bra has no intention of training at all. Vegeta was quite happy when he found out Goku was done his training.

The KissEdit

Goku now visits Capsule Corp to meet some old friends. He goes to Bulma's house to meet her family. 

Goku: Hi Bulma, it's been quite a long time since we met.

Bulma: So, have you finailly realized that fighting isn't everything? It seems Vegeta realizes that more than you do.

Goku: Sorry Bulma, but I needed to prepare Uub to take my place. I won't live forever and I need someone to keep the universe safe. It's for the best of the universe. Anyway Bulma, I have a confession to make.

Bulma: What is it Goku?

Goku: You see, I made a promise with the Old Kai. We needed Gohan's energy unlocked for defeating Majin Buu and he didn't agree to use his powers until I promised that you would give him a kiss.

Bulma: YOU WHAT? Goku! I'm going to kill you!

Goku: Come on Bulma, he's a god.

Bulma: Fine, where is he?

Goku used his Instant Transmission and transported Bulma to the world of the Kais.

Goku: Old Kai, here's the woman that's suposed to kiss you.

Bulma: That's the Kai? He's so old and wrinkly and he's dead! I'm not going to kiss a dead guy!

Old Kai: Your not very young either. That's not a way to talk to a god. 

Bulma gave him a kiss. It was the most embarrasing thing she has ever done even though the only people watching are Goku and Kabito Kai.

Old Kai: That was better than I expected! I knew I could trust you with the promise.

Goku: Bye Kais!

Goku used Instant Transmission to bring Bulma back home. 

Bulma: I hate you Goku!

Goku: Bulma, the entire universe was on the line. I would have made Chi-Chi kiss him but you were prettier.

Bulma: Nice try Goku but I know you just didn't want Chi-Chi to kiss him. 

Goku: Where's Vegeta?

Bulma: He's training with Piccolo at the lookout. 

The LookoutEdit

Goku teleports to the lookout where he senses Piccolo's and Vegeta's energy.

Vegeta: Kakarot! I see that you have finailly returned after 10 years. Where were you Kakarot? I couldn't sense your energy at all. 

Goku: I have been training Uub on Planet Quiroso and the planet of the Supreme Kais. The Earth has too many peopel for a good fight so I asked the Kais to create a planet with no life but suitable living conditions. In order to find that place, I had to laern the Instantaneous Movement technique since the Instant Transmission requires ki to be sensed. Piccolo, how's Pan?

Piccolo: She's actually quite strong. When she became a Super Saiyan, I struggled greatly with her. I'm barely ahead of her. I would say she is half of you Super Saiyan 3 transformation when you fought Buu.

Goku: Wow, that's impressive.

Vegeta: She's got much more potential than Trunks. Trunks and Goten are much lazier than 10 years ago. So Kakarot, how strong is Uub compared to me?

Goku: Well, I would have to fight you to find out. I should get Uub.

Uub's FamilyEdit

Goku used his Instant Transmission to go to Uub's village. 

Uub's Mother: Goku, it's been 10 years since you came here. I have to thank you for helping our village. What do you need?

Goku: I want Uub to come with me.

Uub's Mother: But he came only a few hours ago. 

Uub sensed Goku's ki and ran straight to him from the back of the house.

Uub: I'm coming with you again? Where are we going now?

Goku: I want you to meet Vegeta because we're going to fight. 

The BattleEdit

Goku and Uub go to the lookout. 

Vegeta: Hello Uub, are you going to watch the battle?

Uub: Yes Vegeta.

Goku used his Instantaneous movement to teleport the two to Planet Quiroso. 

The two saiyans started their legendary fight without transforming. They were starting out even but eventually Goku had the advantage. Vegeta transformed and so did Goku.

Goku: Vegeta, you have gotten really strong all these years. I guess the gravity training wasn't for you after all.

Vegeta: I though it would be an easy way to surpass you at first but I decided it wouldn't help once I realized I still couldn't surpass you.

Goku: Lets take it to the next level.

Both Saiyans ascended. Vegeta and Gouk started to have a beam struggle.

Vegeta: Galick Gun!

Goku: Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha!

The struggle was even at first but Vegeta quickly pushed through Goku's attack. Goku was a little bruised from the damage.

Vegeta turned to Uub. 

Vegeta: Uub, go maximum power!

Uub: Why?

Vegeta: Just do It!

Uub listened and went to Kaio-ken times 100. Vegeta realized how powerful Uub was.

Goku: Why do you need Uub at his maximum Vegeta?

Vegeta: You will see in a while Kakarot.

Vegeta started powering up and his muscles became bigger. His power was enormous. 

Goku: You found a new form? What do you call it?

Vegeta: I call it Ultra Super Saiyan 2. It has the clear disadvantages of a speed decrease and high energy consumption but raises my power which is what counts. 

Goku went Super Saiyan 3 and Vegeta realized Goku's power was beyond his own. Vegeta put his hands together and prepared for his new attack.

Vegeta: Enormous Burst Attack! 

This beam extended really far and hit 4,000 Kilometers away! It greatly bruised Uub and Goku.

Vegeta: This is why I asked Uub to be at his maximum. If he wasn't, he would have died.

Gouk was too bruised to continue fighting.

Goku: Vegeta, you won. I'm too weak to continue fighting. 

Vegeta: Kakarot! You know I only beat you because I caught you off guard. 

Goku: Vegeta, I have a form like yours but for Super Saiyan 3.

Vegeta: What?

Goku: I didn't know what to call it but I'm going to call it Ultra Super Saiyan 3. I mastered Super Saiyan 3 so that it wouldn`t consume energy and after that, I found this form. I can show you it.

Vegeta: But your wounded!

Goku: For the last 10 years, I asked Korin for some Senzu beans so Uub and I can continue fighting. They`re in my pocket.

Goku reached out 3 beans. He gave Vegeta and Uub one as well. 

Goku: Now that I`m fully charged, I`m going to show you this form. 

Goku started charging and it started to shake Planet Quiroso. His fower raised by a ten-fold in this new form. all of a sudden, an orb moving 85,000 times the speed of light was attracted to Goku`s energy and it hit him on the head which blacked him out. Even Goku`s incredible durability couldn`t handle a force at such a velocity. 

Uub: Goku! He blacked out because of this orb! 

Vegeta: Give him a Senzu bean. 

Uub reached into Goku`s pocket and fed him one of his 2 remaining Senzu beans.

Goku recovered.

Goku: What happened? 

Vegeta: It seems that this orb was attracted ot your power and knocked you out. 

Goku: I should ask the Old Kai what it is. It`s definately something extraordinary.

Orbs Of Destruction

Goku teleports to the old kai to ask him.

Goku: What is this Old Kai?

Old kai: I don't believe it. It's one of  the Orbs of Destruction ! 

Goku: what?

Old kai: They're the remains of the origional 10 Kais. In the beggining of the universe, there were 10 Kais with unimaginable power. They were the only Kais who were immortal.  They decided that they couldn't risk being evil because than the universe could possibly be destroyed so they turned into orbs. Before they did that, they formed trillions of spirits of gods and created a tree that would create Kais from fruits. They also made replacements for the ruler of the afterlife who is currently King Yemma. They decided to make a powerful seal almost impossible to destroy because if someone absorbed all the orbs, they would also have almost unlimited power. Somehow, the seal was broken. The force of something that powerful makes Majin Buu's power look like a fly! When the seal is broken, it is attracted to high energy levels travelling faster than light. It hit you when you were charging up. It would be best if you try to gather the orbs so they can once again be sealed. The orbs are so powerful, that destroying it would be Septillions of times harder than the seal they were in. 

Goku: How do I find it?

Old kai: You can use a device that tracks it energy waves to find them but it would be best to wait for the orbs to come to you since other people will try to find it. The good thing is if people don't try to come after you, the orbs can't be joined at all which means noone would be able to use its powers.

Goku: Wow, I can fight tough stronger opponents!

Kabito Kai: It could possibly take thousands of years to collect all the orbs so the people of the future generation will have to work to keep it safe. There is at least one other person who wants the orbs so your almost certain to run into at least one villain. 

The News

Goku decided to tell everyone about the orbs. Goku, Vegeta, and Uub left to tell their families. 

Goku's FamilyEdit

Goku transports to Chi-Chi. 

Goku: Chi-Chi, I have some news to tell you. 

Chi-Chi: Do you have to train again?

Goku: Yes I do but not as much as before. You see, I found this orb.

Goku shows Chi-Chi the orb that he found.

Chi-Chi: It looks very shiny. It could be worth a large price. 

Goku: That's not what it's for Chi-Chi. It's similar to the Dragon Balls but they're called the Orbs of Destruction. If someone gets hold of all of the Orbs, they have about limitless power forever. That's why I need to train.

Chi-Chi: I doubt that anyone is strong enough to beat you anyway.

Goku: I can't take the risk and someone broke the seal. The seal is so powerful that not even Majin Buu could put a dent on it! I'm way stronger than Majin Buu but I doubt I could even do something like that! Don't worry, I won't spend as much time as before on training.

Goku now went to Goten's house. 

Goku: Goten, I have some news for you. There are these powerful orbs that could give someone unlimited power if that person obtains all 10.  I'll show you the orb. 

Goten: Wow, that orbs is really shiny. 

Marrium: It looks like the orbs is really hard. Gohan told me about Katchin but It's probably harder than even that!

Goku: Goten, you should train with me. The mroe people, the easier it will be to defend these orbs. Kabito Kai said that gathering all the orbs could possibly take thousands of years and I can't do that alone.

Goten: I wouldn't be much of a help. You would even beat Gotenks with ease considering how much stronger you are now. Gethen might help you when he becomes older. It is much easier to achieve great power when you sustain training but I haven't had decent training for 20 years. 

Goku: Jsut make sure you train Gethen well than.

Goten: I will dad.

Goku now goes to meet Gohan again.

Gohan: Dad, I didn't expect to see you again so soon. 

Goku: I have some big news. It's mainly for Pan. Can you call her?

Gohan: She's asleep dad.

Goku: Wake her up Gohan. It's very important news.

Pan woke up and Goku told the three all about the orbs.

Pan: I get to fight tough bad guys? It's going to be really fun!

Gohan: Dad, I'll allow her to take part in the fights if the villains arrive even if she is in school but I won't make her miss school for training.

Gaoku: That sound fair. Good night Pan.

Pan: Good night Grandpa.

Age 795

 Goku started training with Pan who is 15 years old right now and she finally became a Super Saiyan 2  thanks to old kai unlocking her potential.  Pan's powers also surpass Super Perfect Cell now and is stronger than Goten and Trunks. Goten and Trunks have stopped training for years because the earth was at peace. Gohan still hasn't lost any power since the fight with Majin Buu but now Goku is stronger than him by just transforming into a Super Saiyan. Gotenks is now useless since Goku and Vegeta have been training.  Android 18 is as strong as she was in the world tournament. Piccolo has become almost as strong as Goku was when he first turned super saiyan3.

Age 797

Gethen and Jean become Super Saiyans.  Gethen also surpasses his father thanks to the Old Kai. Goten and Gethen spar and Gethen easily wins. Goten wants to get help from the Old Kai but refuses once he realizes it takes hours.  Piccolo has been training Pan when Goku was training Uub and has almost become as strong as Goku when he first became a Super Saiyan 3. That wasn't a big deal for Goku since he could beat Piccolo without transforming. Vegeta has surpassed Uub by a little amount even though Uub can still beat him because Vegeta still hasn't mastered his Ultra super Saiyan 3 .

Age 800

A giant blast of fire energy was about to hit the earth when Goku deflected it. He found someone with an orb.

Goku: who are you?

Villain: I am the Incinerator and I want your orb.

Goku: Why did you try to destroy earth?

Incinerator: I knew the orb wouldn't be destroyed even if I destroyed the planet so I could easily obtain it with no interference.

Goku: I will defeat you.

Incinerator: Do your worst.

Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 but realizes that Incinerator is too strong for that to work so he is forced to ascend even further. He has to go ultra Super Saiyan 3. This form increases super Saiyan 3 by a 10- fold but lowers speed and raises energy consumption like ultra super Saiyan 2 but takes far more energy.

Vegeta: I don't believe it. I finally ascend a form and Kakarot goes even further.

Instantaneous movement makes up for Goku’s lack of speed. Goku starts beating him up when he reveals his new signature attack.

Goku created a new attack called rapid bomb. It is similar to the spirit bomb but instead it gathers 95 percent of the user's energy into a massive blast that takes only seconds to complete. It is a fast attack. This attack easily destroys Incinerator.  The only thing that wasn't destroyed was the orb. Goku has obtained the violet orb and shows it to the old kai. 

Old kai: Congradulations Goku just 8 more orbs.

Goku: That means i will have to face much stronger opponents.

Age 802

Ox king passed away. Bulma's parent's passed away. Gethen has been using his intelligence to invent many things. According to an IQ test, gethen's IQ is 185. Gethen has invented a capsule that can hold 2 different things. Gethen also has been working on a simulator that can detect ki energy in the mind to simulate previous villains for the z-fighters to fight. He expects to be done that machine in 7 years.

Age 805

Goku was in when king kai gave him a warning.

King Kai: Goku! There’s a powerful monster heading to earth. He is going to be here in 25 minutes.

Goku: Okay, he probably has an orb. I can't believe I get to fight another strong opponent so soon. It's a good thing that I’m much better in Ultra Super Saiyan 3 now.

25 minutes later an alien that looks similar to Frieza came to earth. 

Goku: who are you?

Alien: I am Ice and I’m a frost demon. I'm of Frieza’s race. You see, 689 years ago Frieza’s family took control of our race as the most powerful and I was replaced. For all those years I have been training non-stop. I only needed a few years to surpass him but I wanted to be at my best. We frost demons can live for thousands of years. I could have killed you long ago but I wanted to get much stronger. Besides cooler I'm the only one to find an ascended form of the frost demons but unlike him I found a second ascended form which is the form you see right now. I have one advantage Frieza didn't have. I can sense energy unlike Frieza. I want to kill you since you killed Frieza and I heard rumors of you having 2 orbs of destruction.

Ice was 7 feet tall, had a helmet like cooler but many spikes all over him.

Goku: Your tough, I will have to use Kaio-ken times 2 Ultra Super Saiyan 3!

With this form, Goku had the edge. Meanwhile on the lookout, an unfamiliar Namekian appeared. 

Piccolo: Who are you?

Namekian: I am a Namekian named Nozo.  I came here because in the year 774 I sensed an extraordinary power double my own!

Piccolo: That was probably Goku. What do you want?

Nozo: I wanted to fight with him but I now realize that he's in trouble so I want to fuse with you. You’re almost as strong as he was when I sensed his energy and you’re a little stronger than I am. I want to fuse with you.

Nozo fused with Piccolo in Piccolo’s body. Meanwhile, Goku almost died since his energy drained so quickly in

Kaio-kenx2 Ultra super Saiyan 3. 

Ice: Unlike Frieza, I don't hold back. Wait! I sense an enormous amount of energy even greater than yours!

Goku: It feels like Piccolo’s energy!

Piccolo arrives to where Ice and Goku are. 

Ice: Who are you?

Piccolo: I am the ultimate Super Namekian. I fused with a powerful Namekian and I will kill you.

Ice: You’re stronger than me but can you beat my Dark energy super nova?

The dark energy supernova was a massive version of the supernova with darkness all over the ball of energy.

Piccolo: It's time for me to use Special Explosion Beam Thrust!

After Piccolo absorbed Nozo he merged his Special Beam Canon attack with Nozo's Explosion Thrust, an attack which the user trusts his arm to create an explosion.  This technique made Ice's attack explode on him. Unfortunately, he didn't have an orb of his own.

Age 808

Gethen finishes his simulator. Ultra Super Saiyan 3 Goku finally surpasses Piccolo. Using Gethen's simulator, Pan fights Kid Buu and wins. Goku fights a simulation of Mystic Gohan and wins without transforming. Goku fights Ice in the simulation and wins. Bra marries a man named Atin.

Age 812

Bra has a child named Kinibi. Another villain comes to earth and he knocks out Gethen and Jean when they were training. Goku comes to fight him and turns supersaiyan3. Goku starts beating him when the villain using some kind of technique.

Goku: What did you do and who are you?

Villain: I am Celltronian and I just used by cell sample technique which allows me to copy someone's cells onto myself but it can only be used once. Now I know whatever you know and I know all your techniques. 

Celltronian starts beating Goku. 

Goku: I will still beat you if we are even.

Celltronian: Wrong. I have a transformation called dark matter which doubles my power so I am even to you. Don't even try the Ultra Super Saiyan 3 technique because I can do it too.

Suddenly a robotic person arrives. 

Celltronian: Oh No! It’s my brother Techtonian. (He was being sarcastic) I'm much stronger than you and you can't do anything to me.

Techtonian: That's where you’re wrong. I learned a technique called dark matter containment wave!

Using the wave, Techtonian traps Celltronian.

Goku: What are you going to do with him now?

Techtonian: I’m going to remove the evil which will make him a good person.

Celltronian becomes a good guy and falls in love with Pan. He still can use dark matter which means he is still stronger than Goku.

Age 815

Pan marries Celltronian and has a child named Giro. Celltronian trains with Goku since their powers are the same. Vegeta masters Ultra Super Saiyan 2.  Uub can now use Kaio-ken times 120. Goku surpasses Celltronian by a little. Gethen fuses with Jean to form Jeathen. One day Jeathen fights Gotenks when a giant ship appears over them. A giant ape that looked like Great Ape Vegeta appeared out of the ship and started fighting them. He grabbed them and they disappeared. There was no sight of Jean or Gotenks.

Ape: Finally, I the Ape King have absorbed power warriors although I expected them to be stronger.  Maybe I can defeat Kakarot now!

   Goku, Uub, and Celltronian used instant transmission to appear where the Ape King was.

Goku: Where are Gotenks, and Gethen? I sensed their energy a while ago.

Ape King: I killed them!

Goku: Uub, destroy him!

Uub went Kaio-ken times 120 but for some reason, he disappeared.

Ape King: I absorbed him now. Kakarot, I am the Ape King! My race is similar to the Saiyans but I’m a permanent great ape.

  Goku immediately cut off his tail but it regenerated.

Ape King: That won’t work at all.

   Both Goku and Celltronian went Ultra Super Saiyan 3 but could not defeat him although they dodged him when he tried to absorb them. Vegeta and Piccolo arrived. Goku used all his energy on his Rapid Bomb attack. The Ape king struggled with the attack which made him fall but eventually absorbed it all.

Goku: Darn, I should have gotten some of Celltronian's power. That would kill him.

Eventually Techtonian came and went inside the ape. Somehow, the Ape blew up.

Goku: what happened?

Celltronian: Techtonian self destructed. He knew that no one here could defeat him so he made a sacrifice.

Goku: Ok, then we will just wish him back with the Dragon Balls.

Celltronian: Unfortinately, that won't work. In order to self destruct, he had to fuse with Ape King. If he is brought back, the Ape King will be brought back. The Dragon Balls can't split the two. He can't be brought back. 

Suudenly, another ape came but he was a little smaller.

Ape Prince: So, you killed my weakling father?

Goku: Your stronger than him?

Ape Prince: I'm the Ape Prince and i'm not as lazy as my father. We're the only ones of our race modified to absorb energy and simply absorb more than him. I was stronger until he absorbed that Rapid Bomb but not by much.

The Ape Prince quickly grabs Goku and Celltronian and absorb them to dust. 

Ape Prince: I only have to fight this weakling now and i'm stronger than my father now! 

Vegeta started raging. His power increased immensly. The Ape Prince couldn't believe it! It was above him. In a second, Vegeta killed the Ape King with a punch. He had used his Ultimate Super Saiyan form. It was far above Ultra Super Saiyan but he barely could use it. If he used if for more than 10 seconds, he would be out of energy. Even a few seconds and his power reduced to about 0.00004 percent of his base power. At this level, he's too weak to turn Super Saiyan.

He goes to the ship of the Ape King and kills all the apes. Luckily, they didn't have the absorbing powers so they were far below even Frieza's weakest form! He finds the orb and destroys the ship. He goes to Uub so that he can send him to Namek. Vegeta uses  the Dragon Balls and revives everyone the Ape King and the Ape Prince killed.

Goku: How did you win?

Vegeta: I found another ascending form much greater than your Ultra Super SAiyan 3. The only problem is that I can only last 10 seconds in it which was enough. Anyone who knows Super Saiyan 2 can easily learn it and you c ould probably learn it for Super Saiyan 3 although it is too much of an energy consumption. The advantage is that you don't lose speed.

Goku: You found an orb? We have 3 orbs now! We're getting close.

Age 825

Giro shows his amazing power! He has far surpassed Pan and knows Super Saiyan 3. He is almost as strong as Ulta Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta!  Giro fights with Celltroian often and does really well.He looks similar to his grandfather Gohan. Gethen married Siena in the year Age 822 and Dugo is born. Jean married Jeba and Trion was born. Giro married Kinibi and Derabi was born.

Age 830

Bulma passed away and Trunks took her place in Capsule Corp. Goku and Vegeta knew their time in the living world was almost up. Gethen and jean took Trunks' place in Capsule Corp. 

Age 834

Chichi and Krillin passed away. Giro learned how to use Ultra Super Saiyan 3. Pan became a Super Saiyan 2. without Chichi alive anymore, Videl had to do even more work.  Android 18 can't pass away since she is an android so she will not have a husband for her whole life unless she is killed.

Age 840

A beast started killing people. 

Old Kai: Goku! That's Xeon, the beast of darkness! He absorbs darkness and light energy. His power is enormous. You might not be able to stop him. 

Vegeta tries to beat him but instantly gets killed. Goku decides to go all out with kaio-ken times 5 Ultra Super Saiyan 3. He uses a kamehameha but it had no effect. He absorbed the Kamehameha! Xeon scratches Goku and he is killed. Uub arrives and starts raging. His power increases immensely! Even without Kaio-ken his power surpasses Goku's Kaio-ken times 5 Ultra Super saiyan 3.  Uub realizes he has obtained his gull power and goes Kaio-ken times 5,000! He easily defeats Xeon. Uub wants to revive Goku and Vegeta with the Dragon Ball but they refuse.

Goku: Uub, our time on Earth is no longer needed. Our wives are in the Other World and that's where we belong. My goal is complete, you surpass me!

Uub: But I need a teacher. I'm not ready yet. 

Goku: Celltronian knows everything I know so  he will help you. 

A few months later

Uub: Celltronian, teach me the Spirit Bomb and the Rapid Bomb.

Celltronian: Okay but it will take some time.

Age 842

Uub masters all of Goku's techniques with the help of Celltronian. Uub senses a high power coming to the planet. Compared to Uub, the power was really low.  

Trine: Hello uub, I am the god of wind. Give me your orbs.

Uub: Explain yourself. Why do you want the orbs?

Trine: When the 10 origional kais created the universe, they selaed themselves in orbs so they wouldn't abuse their power. They made sure no other God was immortal and they banned the kais from using the orbs for themselves but they didn't have the power to do that with other gods. Some of the gods decided to join their powers to create a powerful beast. With our powers combined, we managed to create Xeon.  Unfortinately, we didn't know where the seal was so we just sent Xeon to absorb energy to destroy the seal while we were looking for it. Some alien sealed him in some dimension and since we didn't have the power to release him or create another Xeon, we killed that alien's race. We knew that Xeon would one day escape and until then we looked for the seal all over the universe. Finally, we found the seal 200,000 years ago and waited for Xeon to escape. He broke the seal but unfotinately, we didn't know how to find the orbs. Since we had no way to find them, we just let Xeon loose and let him destroy everything until he found them. Finally he came to your planet and was killed. Luckily, we ran into someone who had an orb tracker and a orb. We stole it a few days ago and now I'm going to retrieve all of your orbs. Your much stronger than me but can you deal with my tornadoes? 

A giant Tornado thousands of meters high and thousands of meters long was made. Uub charged to Kaio-ken times 5,000 which broke the tornado. 

Trine: If you kill me, there will be no wind in the universe.

Kabito Kai: Don't trust him uub, we can always relace him. If you won't kill him I will. The rules of gods are that any god who overuses his powers must be killed. 

Uub kills the god with a kamehameha and obtains one of the orbs. It was a blue orb.

Age 845

Dugo and Trion fuse to form Dutrion. He is stronger than Gotenks but not stronger than Geathen. The Z-fighters  sense many high powers that seem familiar to them.  Uub and Celltronian use Instant Transmission to find them.  They see a wizard, Cell, King Piccolo, Ice, Frieza and Cooler fused, Ape King, and Incinerator.



Gethen, Jean, Goten, Trunks, Giro, and Gohan arrive as well. 

Gohan: How is it possible for them to be alive?

Wizard: I'm a powerful wizard named Sorcy with the power to travel through time and change universes.  I gathered the cells of all the powerful warriors that Cell didn't have including Giro, Celltronian, Gethen, Goten, Trunks, Jean, Pan, Vegito, Ape King, Cooler, Incinerator, Ice, Vegito, Gotenks and many others. I then gave those cells to Cell to make him even more powerful. I sued my powers to force all Namekians in existance to fuse with King Piccolo including Nozo and the Namekians who were killed by the natural disaster. I used the Potara rings to fuse Frieza and Cooler to form Coolzer. I also killed Techtonian so that the Ape King wouldn't be killed and he absorbed everyone in the universe. I could have absorbed all the orbs but I decided to kill you guys first to show how strong my minions are. My power allows me to control the evil. Unlike Babidi, my magic is much stronger and everyone who is under my control completely obeys me. Unfortinately, my magic didn't work on Majin Buu and Xeon because of how they were created and since they didn't have any cells, I couldn't use them on Cell. 

Uub: I will still defeat them.

Sorcy: You fool! They are way above your league. I also used the Dragon Balls to make myself immortal. I would have done it would my minions but the Dragon Balls couldn't break through my magic. You can't kill me anyway. Once I kill everyone on this planet, I will use the orbs in one of the dimensions and become invincible. You may be able to defeat most of my fighters but you won't be able to defeat Cell, Ape King, and Piccolo because they are too strong.  MInions, attack!

All the warriors started attacking. Celltronian goes Kaio-ken times 15  Dark Matter Ultra Super Saiyan 3 and kills Ice and Incinerator. Giru uses Dark Matter Ultra Super Saiyan 3 and kills Coolzer. King Piccolo, Ape King, and Cell overpower Kaio-ken times 5,000 Uub. 

Uub: I can't defeat them!

Sorcy: I told you. You stand no chance.

Giro: Dad, I have to use my full power.

Celltronian: What?

Giro: For years, I have had an extreme amount of power much stronger than Uub. I was going to use it against Xeon as a last resort if everyone else failed since I couldn't control it at the time and I would have destroyed the planet if I used it. Now I have fully mastered it. I have a form called Ultimate Dark Matter. It is thousands of times stronger than Ultra Super Saiyan 3.

Giro charges his full power and everyone is suprised. Giro used  his Kamehameha attack which easily killed King piccolo. The Ape King tried absorbing the energy but failed. If Giro wasn't pushing against it, he could have absorbed all that energy. That's how he absorbed the Rapid Bomb because no one was pushing against it. Ape King was destroyed. Because Sorcy is immortal, he didn't die. Cel barely survived. A few hundred of his cells managed to not get destroyed and Sorcy used his barrier to block them so Cell could regenerate. Another Kamehameah easily destroys the barrier but Cell has completely regenerated. His power was too much for Giro to handle. 

Giro: I can't win now that he recovered.

After a long flight, Pan finailly arrives. 

Pan: I have a technique that will help. It called Gastro Wave and it decreases the users endurance by a little. I tshould be eneough for you to kill him. Gastro Wave Attack!

Cell: That did absolutely nothing to me. Your to weak to harm me.

Giro: Now to finish you! Kamehameha! 

Cell: That won't work.

Cell tries blocking it but it proves to be too much for him to handle.

Sorcy: What happened?

Pan: My attack lowered his endurance which allowed Giro to kill him.

Sorcy: Ha! You can't kill me! I'm immortal. 

Giro: It's simple, I'll just throw you into the sun and then use the Dragon Balls to make you mortal. You should have absorbed the orbs.

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