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Dragon Ball: New World is a series created by Ultimate avatar. It is about the Z-Fighters from Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 5 facing the challanges in the world.


The world is a chaos when new and old villians return to destroy every hero in the universe, so the heroes band together to take down the evils in the world.

The Series[]

The series is one entiere page and the series is this page.

Goku-This is a new beginning to this messed up world

Vegeta-Kakarot, we must have every hero help us fix the world

After they found all of the heroes

Tien-We are going to have to defeat the villians and the world shall be destroyed

Android 18-My brother will be helping the villians take the world over

Goten-We'll have to protect each other and help the ones who need us

Piccolo-We will restore the world even if it is the last thing we do

Vegeta-That is true

Trunks-We will do whatever we can to help

Bulma-That is so true

Yamcha-We wil use Fusion, Team Attacks, Trasformations, everything that is avalible to us

Gohan-Every hero will assist us

Videl-We are the Z-Fighters and wil protect the world!!