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This fan-fiction may contain (and I almost guarantee you will be disturbed by)

Gruesome acts of the characters in some situations. These are always for a reason, please don't read this if you are faint of heart.

Chapter 1: The end of the Z-Warriors.[]

In the many years after Dragon Ball Z, The Z-Warriors faced many great feats in many different ways. They battled and made a great legacy that none should ever forget. But, they were still mortal. And, they died. Many, many, hundreds, of years later, more villains rose with none to stop them. Those whose power, those whose Saiyan blood in them, an army, fought. And they all died. All that was left was one villain, the weakest, and he left. The only ones with Saiyan in them are now so dilluted that they haven't any power. But, that weak villain arose and took over most of our galaxy (that was now inhabited by beings from space travel). When no one was able to help anyone, when they were needed most. When only one person, one person, and the Earth would be grateful. There was none.......... So one was born!

Chapter 2: That odd day.[]

That strange day in the hospital. A woman on a bed in labor was giving birth. A tall and fat doctor walked in and took over. All the other doctors were told by him to leave. The doctor was completely covered in cloth, scrubs, gloves, and special glasses. The man helping his wife was helping her through it when he stopped and looked at the doctor with a curious face. The doctor said," Did you see that?" The man said," Is there supposed to be a... What was that?" The doctor stopped talking and finished up. When he was done the man was first to look at the child. The man instantly turned over the child and gasped. There was a red circle where... a... tail could have been. The man studdered," What? Who was that doctor?"

Chapter 3: 13 years later.[]

It was a cool fall day when Salek left for school. His parents had always told him his name was weird like that because the doctor had already filled out the birth certificate and his parents liked the name. Salek walked to school as he did every day, but today, would be much, much more important.

Salek stopped by the back of the school. He was greeted by Puck, the Beagle that Salek cared for. Puck was a stray and he didn't really even find the dog himself. The girl he liked, Nep, had found it and let Salek help out. Salek was feeding Puck when Nep came by and helped. Nep asked," So when is your birthday again? I know it's soon." Salek was hoping Nep would remember his birthday, but it was okay she knew around the time it was," The day after tommorrow." Nep nodded and said," Hey, we'd better hurry. I hear footsteps." Salek was happy that they were alone and shared a secret. But he understood the dog was what she cared more about. They left and the dog knew to take his food and eat in hiding.

Salek and Nep had just gotten to the front of the school when the school bully, Lub, blocked their path. Lub sneered," What are you doing here. This school is for qualified children." Nep cringed and Salek sighed," Will you move. Seriously this always ends with you picking at me and then you leave. How long will it take for you to leave today?" Lub, not hesitating for an instant, swung at Salek. Salek usually took these punches. He was never strong or fast enough to stop Lub, but today was different. Salek ducked and uppercut Lub before his fist even got to where Salek's face was.

Lub stumbled back and his group of jerks held him back. They left and Nep said," Wow. You look so cool right now." Salek was standing, a cool frown on his face, the wind wipping at his hoodie, hands in pockets, his eyes a majestic aquamarine, he did look cool. Then Salek grabbed his right hand and said," Owowowowowow! That hurt so much!" Nep just sighed and left.

Chapter 4: Who is that?[]

The day went by normally up to when Salek walked home. He was walking with Nep (Yep. He got to the "friend zone") and talking with her. A cold wind blew, making Nep zip up her jacket and put up the hood. Salek put up his hood and stopped. He said," Did you see that?" Salek was pointing at a tree when Nep asked," What?" Salek said," That, guy. He was this huge, tall, giant thing. Like seriously his skin was jet-black and he had a jacket and-" Nep was laughing heavily. Nep managed," What have you been smoking?" Salek sighed," Yeah it does sound crazy doesn't it? I guess I must've gotten messed up punching Lub." Nep stopped laughing and they started walking again. She said," Lub is a jerk. Why does he hate me?" Salek answered," Because you hang around me. The question is why does Lub hate me?" Nep turned to go to her house," Because you are different." Nep turned and said," Also, you should really check out your eyes. They keep changing from your regular blue into some weird, green-ish color." Nep left as Salek touched his closed eye.

Salek got home and suddenly turned around. The man he saw before was standing there. Salek shouted and said," You're- you're a- what the- should I- would I- ... What the hell are you?!" The man waved and said in a deep, superior voice," Mr. Popo. You know me, I am the one who helped you fit in. Remember this?" The man held up a brown rope. But, it was a tail. Salek asked," What is that?" Mr Popo said," It is your tail." Salek said," You should go. You should really go." Salek slammed the door shut.

Chapter 5: The push.[]

Salek was leaving his house the next day to go to school. He looked around for any sight of that man from before. "Stalker," muttered Salek as he left. On the way, Salek felt strange. He wasn't sick but, something felt wrong. He had never had this feeling before. It felt like something was missing. Salek tried his best to ignore it, but it kept worsening.

As Salek got to school he went to the back where Nep was already feeding Puck. Salek kneeled down and said," He looks healthier." Nep said," Yeah but not much. I wonder what happened to make him a stray." Salek shrugged his shoulders and said," That dog must make you really happy. It seems to be all you think about." Nep said," Not all I think about." Before her words could sink in, Nep left. Salek looked at Puck and said," I don't understand." Salek left. (The camera sees a person turn a corner and say," I knew it!")

It is the end of the day and Salek walked in the empty hallway. He heard muffled cries. Salek ran to the room but it was locked. Salek ripped open the door (With odd strength) and ran in. He was suddenly tackled by 3 of Lub's followers. Lub's right-hand man was holding Nep away and Lub was holding Puck down on the ground. Salek shouted," What is this!" Lub said," Payback. I'm gonna try a more, mental approach to ruining your life! Then I'll see how good physical ruin does to you!" Salek shouted,"STOP!" Lub lifted a brick high into the air (Squeamish audience skip to the next paragraph) and Lub then slammed the brick onto Puck's stomach. Blood shot out but Puck was whimpering and alive. Lub kept slamming the brick into the poor, defenseless animal. Blood rolled onto the brick, Lub's hands, Lub's knees, and onto the floor. Nep broke free and ran at Lub who, in a craze, punched her stomach with brick in hand. Salek saw everything happen and his eyes turned greenish blue, and he stopped struggling. Lub looked down and said dissappointedly," Aw, he stopped moving. I was hoping to get more out of him... Too bad."

Salek shouted a bloodcurtling roar of power and anger and the three followers shot off him. Salek slammed into Lub, shattering every one of his bones. Then Salek punched a hole through the last cronie's head. They were all dead in an instant. (Please note that Salek's hair never turned yellow and only his eyes changed. He didn't go Super Saiyan, but he did come very close.)

Chapter 6: The full moon[]

Salek woke up on the ground of the school. Or, where the school should have been. The building was gone, all that was left was him and a circle of the floor he was laying on. Salek stood up and asked," What is going on?" A voice, a deep, superior, powerful voice called to him," You are living up to the prophecy." Salek turned around and there stood a tall man in a bounty hunter coat. It was green and he wore a hat with a long rim. He had a scar down his right eye and very long black hair. He said," Don't worry, it gets weirder when you turn 13. Now, you're still close. Just keep living and don't die. Also, stay away from watching television." The man put two fingers to his forehead and dissappeared. Salek blinked and said to no one in perticular," Please... answer my questions..."

It goes to Salek who plops down on the couch. He sighs," So there was a fire that I slept through? Okay. How dumb can people get." Salek turned on the TV and remembered what that man said. Salek said stubbornly," None of it's real. Just a hilusination. That's all." The TV turned to the news, which was weird as it was always on cartoons. He was about to change the channel when the weatherman said," And now we go to a scientist studying the moon. To explain the strange occurence." Salek leaned forward. "Thank vou," the man said in a russian accent," The moon goes through phases that starts again each month. Today is a varety that happens vonce every other year or so; a 100% Full Moon. The average 'full moon' is only 95 or 96% light or full. This is a perfect 100 but for some reason there isn't a moon today. When there is 'no moon' it is called a new moon but that isn't for another half a month. We are all going around trying to find the answer so please don't be worried. Back to vou. Weatherperson." Salek wanted to see what this was about and went outside. Salek looked all around but didn't see the moon.

On the lookout Mr. Popo was with another genie, one like him but very, very small. He was the size of a chihuhaua. Mr. Popo asked," Kami, may I?" An old namekian came out and said," Yes." Mr. Popo shouted and a ball of energy appeared in his hands. He threw it into the air and it made a large mass of light in the air.

Salek suddenly caught in his peripheral vision a star. He said," Well, no moon but a shooting star. Cool. I wish I had answers to all my questions." The star aflashed brilliantly and became a huge mass of light. Salek felt a tightening in his chest and a shot of pain run down his spine. Out shot a tail and he shouted," AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!" His clothes ripped and he turned into a giant monkey. Salek roared and suddenly the light mass dissappeared. Salek turned back to normal and fell to his knees," That wasn't what I wished for." Salek ran inside to put on some clothes.

Chapter 7: I have a tail?![]

Salek must have fallen asleep while he was in his room because he woke up in his bed. Salek sat up and said, gruggy," I swear if something else happens I might have to believe." He stood up and turned around to see a tail. Salek sighed," My life is so messed up." Salek jumped down and stretched. He walked out of the house and said," Mr. Popo was it? Please, if I have to I'll beat the information out of you. Tell me what's going on." Mr. Popo said," You don't know? Today is you 13th birthday right?" Salek nodded. Mr. Popo said," Then you should know. Answers will come soon." Salek sighed and instantly appeared in front of Mr. Popo. He uppercut the man's chin but he didn't budge. Obviously this guy was much stronger than Lub. He launched several punches to Mr. Popo's stomach but it had no effect. Mr. Popo grabbed Salek's wrist and twisted, knocking Salek to the ground. Mr. Popo got Salek in a hold where Salek had his face to the ground and both his arms behind his back. Salek said," You are really irritating!" He closed his eyes and thought back to the moment Puck died. The moment everyone had turned against him. His power surged. Salek knocked Mr. Popo off of him. Salek ran at Mr. Popo who stopped moving in midair. Mr. Popo just floated there and said," You cannot harm me from up here. Can you?" Salek said," So you can fly too? You are full of surprises. But so am I!" Salek ran up a building with blinding speed and flew at Mr. Popo with extreme speed. Mr. Popo seemed to keep up perfectly with him as he collided, knocking them both to the ground.

Mr. Popo kicked Salek off of him and said," You are quite resourceful." Mr. Popo stood up and dusted himself off. Salek stood and said," You've got a good kick." Mr. Popo said," You want answers? Come with me then." Mr. Popo turned and jumped in great bounds away. Salek had to run at full speed to keep up. They went all the way into the wilderness. Salek panted," So what is this? It's just a pole." Mr. Popo flew up at super speed. Salek sighed and ran up the pole. He fell down and said," Darn it. Wait." He spun his tail like a helicopter and flew up the pole. It took a long time to do so and when he finished, he was standing in a large, spherical pod on top of the pole. A cat with a cane said," So you are Salek?" You look just like Gohan when he was 13. I hope you're as strong." Salek said," Who?" The cat said," Look, my name's Korin. I would train but you are already stronger than my training could help, strangely I might add. But, I guess this could help. Drink this." The cat had a flash of doubt in his eye as he handed Salek a bottle of water. Salek flashed a confused glance and drank. He instantly collapsed on the ground, screaming in pain. Korin said," Maybe I shouldn't have done that." In a couple minutes of panting after he stoped screaming, Salek stood up. He said," That hurt." He looked up, his eyes that odd greenish color. He said," My name... it isn't Earthly is it? And my strength, it isn't either." Mr. Popo nodded and Korin said," That's never happened before."

Chapter 8: I accept.[]

Salek said," I sense all these powers around me. Why?" Mr. Popo said," That is the flow of life around you. Power levels, life, and people are all what you are feeling." Salek said," It makes me feel alive." Mr. Popo patted Salek's shoulder," The prophecy is true. Come." Mr. Popo flew and Salek said," Korin, you said you train people. How do I fly?" Korin said," Oh, just hop on the Nimbus Cloud." Korin whistled and an orange cloud appeared. Salek rose an eye brow and hopped on the cloud. It took off after Mr. Popo. They both landed on a large floating mass. It was a semi-sphere and it had a palace on it with many trees. Mr. Popo said," There is Kami." Salek said," His name is god? That seems odd that God is green." Mr. Popo said," He is the guardian of Earth. Call him what you will, Kami is his main name." Kami stepped up and said," Please, reffer to me by my true name. It's Dende." Salek nodded and bowed. Dende said," I am going to ask you to be truly loyal to me. You may not know anything about me. Anything you heard may or may not be true. But with your knowledge, trust me. If you accept you will know all about yourself. Your past, what happened to make you what you are, and much more." Salek said," I... accept."
Dende nodded and said," I'm sorry." A flash shot around Salek. He was standing in a room. On his right was Nep as she ran from a bulking brute and many others behind him. They were running, chasing Nep. She was screaming and Salek saw there was a slash wound on her leg. She was limping and the gang was catching up to her. Salek grabbed the shoulder of the gang leader and punched his face. The brute laughed and swatted Salek away. They held crowbars and baseball bats. They walked around Nep and started beating her. She shouted," Salek! Help!" A loud scream was heard, muffled by the blood shooting out of her throat. She was chocking on her own blood. Salek managed to see tears roll down her face. It was her worst fear to have no air. She had told him many times she wouldn't swim for fear of drowning. She was dying by her worst means. Salek could help, he'd fail and get killed too anyway. She shouted out of more time, the only legible thing he heard was," You can help... right?" The image turned to smoke.

He was all alone. His power drained. He was in so much pain. Around him was Lub, his thugs, the gang beating Nep, Salek's abusive foster parents, and the many who made fun of him. He wasn't like them. They all started attacking him. He was trying to stop it but couldn't, he was too weak. All that was around him hated him. He was powerless. His entire life was confusing. His life against the world, the world always won. His life was practacally a lie. The image became smoke.

Chapter 9: Please.[]

The new image was of the people he loved. He was bleeding everywhere, he could barely talk. Nep, his parents (who he only saw in pictures), Puck, and his uncle where all there. Salek smiled and Nep said," Why didn't you help me? I was dying and you just watched. You were able to help. Why do you hate me! Damn you Salek! YOU ARE WORTHLESS!" His father said," Of course he's worthless! Why else would we leave him! The fool for still loving! Pure weakness in every way!" They started kicking him. His mother was laughing as Puck growled and nodded at the scene of Salek trying to stop Lub's group from harming ir. Puck growled and bit Salek's face. They all laughed and were attacking Salek. Nobody loved him. He was alone in the world. Who cared? His power was enough for himself. He was tired. Tired of it all! His power surged. He stood up and shouted," I'M NOT WORTHLESS!!!"

The scene flashed to Nep getting murdered by a gang. Salek appeared and powered up. He snapped all the gang's necks with super speed. The scene flashed to everyone who hated him. He powered up and shouted," Why don't you do something that won't get you killed!!! DIE!!!" Everyone disintegrated at his word as he shot out a Super Explosive Wave. The scene flashed to the ones he loved. They were smiling at him. Nep said," You saved me." His parents said," If only you knew how pround we are of you... don't forget it." Puck jumped up and licked Salek's face. Salek put the pup down and said," I want to avenge the world, and be useful. I sure hope you know that I won't let any of you leave my mind." The image turned to smoke.

Salek opened his eyes on the lookout. Dende said," You have conquered your only power restraints. Power up, for you are ready for this power." Salek looked at the ground and shouted. The power came so easily, like turning on a faucet. Power, Ki, Chi, however you want to say it, shot out of him and his hair glowed a bright yellow for a moment. His eyes returned to normal and his hair did also. Dende said," You shall fullfill the prophecy. Salek's only response was," For you all. Give me strength... please.

Chapter 10: Who are you?[]

Salek walked back to Dende and Mr. Popo and said," So what will I do first?" Dende said," First, you must learn of everything." After a long pause, Dende continued," A long time ago, there were many, many great warriors who came to Earth. Evil, dark warriors who wanted either world destruction or domination. The Z-Warriors fought back and died. Only one warrior survived. Mr. Popo has fought to protect the Earth as the last Z-Warrior. His life is coming to a close though. I am happy that you showed up. You are the Prophecied Saiyan. The Saiyan, born from fate itself. You are pure human genetics, yet fate has given you 100% full Saiyan DNA. You are potentially the strongest being in the universe. It is up to you to finish off the last of the Dark Warriors. Mr. Popo has become nearly equal to his power, so you and Mr. Popo should easily kill him. For information on the Saiyan Race, here." Dende handed over a large textbook titled Saiyans. Salek said," So this is my race, my family?" Dende said," No. Honestly your race and family are both human completely. But you and your power are all Saiyan. Don't read this book seeking heritage, for you won't find it. Read this book, seeking your destiny and powers."

Salek said," We must go. I sense him. His power is greater than ever before. He knows you are here." Salek nodded and, leaving the book there, flew off on the Nimbus Cloud. Mr. Popo landed with Salek trailing behind. They were in a bowl-shaped valley that had one opening in it. The bottom of the valley was water, the edges of the valley were rock. Mr. Popo stood up as Salek landed and pointed," There he is." A being, blue and white, stood up from the shadows. He was humanoid and lizard-like. It had a dome-shaped head and a black tail that was spiked at the end. Salek's eyes widened and then narrowed. He said," You... you look familiar... Frieza!" Salek was hit with many images. A man's hair glowing, a bald person being impaled, another person being shot through the heart. Salek fell to his knees and held his head. After he calmed down, he said," You are... Frieza?" Another image, one of a blonde-haired man slashing Frieza in two. Salek stood up," No. Frieza is dead. And," an image of the man shot was shown, crushing a computer chip," So is Cooler." A smile touched Salek's lips," So is King Cold." An image of the blonde-man shooting King Cold flashed through Salek's mind. Salek said," So who are you?" The monster scowled a deep, hate-filled scowl and said," My name is Glacier. And I am the last of the Ice-Changelings. You, must be the Prophecied Monkey." Salek's eyebrow rose and he said," Enough talk." Glacier flew at him.

Chapter 11: Salek & Mr. Popo VS Glacier.[]

Mr. Popo ran in fron of Salek and blocked Glacier's attack. They both disappeared and Salek couldn't keep up with their speed. Salek could only barely keep up with them, even with his ability to sense power levels. Salek shouted in rage and shot a beam of red energy at random. The beam shot Glacier's face and he fell to the water. Mr. Popo reappeared to the left of Salek and asked," How did you get him?" While Mr. Popo panted, Salek said," I don't know. I just felt angry and shot a blast in frustration," he shrugged his shoulders," I heard a voice in the back of my head that told me to fire and I did. Good thing I listened, I got him good." Mr. Popo stopped panting and said," That attack, do you know the magnitude of power it was?" Salek said," It's called... the garlic... shaker? No wait... Galick... Can... non?" Mr. Popo said," Call it the Galick Gun. It was Vegeta's main attack." An image of the spiky-haired man that was shot by Frieza flashed through Salek's mind, only this time he was shown blasting the Galick Gun at the man who's hair had glowed strangely. This time Salek knew who they were. Vegeta launched an attack at Goku who launched an attack of his own and they collided. Were they enemies? Salek shook his head and pointed at the water," Shouldn't we, you know, finish the job?" Glacier shot out of the water and powered up. He said," How dare you. I am the King! King of the Cold Family! I will kill you!" Glacier shot at Mr. Popo, knocking him off his feet.

Glacier and Mr. Popo flew through the air and slammed into the valley wall. They battled in the valley wall and broke through to the other side. Salek flew at them and shot Ki Blasts at them as he went. They were dodging and battling. Finally Salek slammed into Glacier and Mr. Popo and, in anger, powered up to his full strength. Salek punched Glacier's face, sending him flying. Salek was punching Glacier as they flew through the air, up and over the valley. Theya got just above the center and Salek double-hammered Glacier to the ground. Glacier slammed full-speed into the water. Salek landed on the rocks as did Mr. Popo. Mr. Popo was beaten up and bleeding through the corner of his mouth but Salek was only tired. Glacier slowly rose out of the water. He looked really damaged. Blood ran down his mouth and forehead. His entire body had damage marks and bruises all over it. Glaicer said," So, looks like you are stronger than I am used to. I guess I'll have to try. Only the Z-Warriors have ever seen this form." He powered up to what looked like a larger form of what he was in. He now had horns that went out at a 45 degree angle and then turned to go straight up. The image of Frieza in his 2nd form appeared in Salek's mind. Glacier looked just like him but was white, light blue, and dark blue. Glacier laughed and said," My wounds are healed now. That's a talent shared by the most powerful of the elites of Changelings. So, how about you? Ready for round 2?" Salek walked forward and said," I was born ready." Salek flew at Glacier who flew at him and they collided in the center. A wave of power shot out of where their fists met and Mr. Popo blocked the force with his arms. Salek and Glacier threw another punch with their good arms and they met again. The same thing happened. The two landed on the ground and Glacier growled in Salek's face," Why won't you die? You know you cannot win. I have another transformation after this." Salek kneed Glacier's stomach and sent Glacier flying. Salek said," Funny. So do I."

Chapter 12: The battle of transformations.[]

Glacier landed in front of Salek and said," I am getting pretty tired of your irritating attacks. I will stop this soon enough!" Glacier flew at Salek with his head lowered. Salek grabbed Glacier's horns and threw Glaicer. Salek and Mr. Popo shot blasts at Glacier. Glacier fell from the smoke heavily damaged. Glacier got on one knee and panted," So. This form isn't a proper challenge? I am amazed I must use a form only one has seen before." Glacier stood up and powered up. His horns turned light blue and split into many smaller horns. His head went back (like the alien from the movie Alien.). His tail became much longer and spikes came out of the sides of his tail. His elbows, shoulders, and knees all had spikes. His body grew a much stronger armor around himself. Glacier laughed," This is my form! The form I have never been beaten in!" Glacier's damage had melted away and his power rose to shockin proportions. Salek powered up and flew at Glacier who dodged. Glacier kicked Salek's face, sending him spinning through the air.

Salek stopped himself and looked up. Glacier stomped on his back, sending him deeper into the ground. A small crater appeared where Salek lay. Salek twisted around, flipping Glacier over. Salek picked Glacier up, holding his head, and threw him at the sky. Glacier stopped himself just mere feet away from Salel and laughed, kicking Salek's chest. Salek flew into the valley wall. Salek, clutching his chest, said," So. This is the form no one has beaten. There's a good reason I'm sure. But so far I don't see it." Salek stood up and said," Now prepare to see my full power!" Salek threw his arms down and cocked his head back. His power surged in an amazing manner. Yellow energy shot out of him and rocks and boulders flew everywhere. Dust kicked up as Salek's hair glowed for a split second. Salek closed his eyes and thought," I have to remember. I must. The book, it tells of my power when I do." He concentrated everything he conquered before to his thoughts. "Puck died because I was weak. All I had left was Nep and she's dead. I could've saaved her. I could've saved everyone!!!" His power shot up to his braking point. The valley wall crumpled. Mr. Popo was knocked into the other side of the valley from Salek's power. Salek let out a bloodcurtling scream," I COULD'VE SAVED EVERYONE!!!" His hair glowed a golden yellow and stayed like that for several seconds. Glacier couldn't move from the force of Salek's energy. Finally Salek smirked," That's enough." His hair was black like it usually was. His aura was yellow and his hair was standing up. Salek laughed," So, Glacier. I must say no one has ever beaten me in this form." Glacier took a step back and said," So this is more interesting now isn't it?" Salek laughed and flew at Glacier with blinding speed.

Chapter 13: Almost there! Glacier's terrible power![]

Glacier was knocked away and Salek said," You can't defeat me!" His eyes turned light-green. Salek stood up and powered up evern more. His strength was going incredibly fast. Salek flew at Glacier with such easy he stopped trying to fight. Even though he was just playing around, Glacier wasn't able to stand a chance. Salek launched many fast punches, none Glacier could counter. When Glacier kicked at Salek, Salek grabbed his leg and flew towards the ground. Right before they hit, Salek threw Glacier at the ground, flipped, and landed on top of Glacier. When the smoke cleared, Salek was pointing an energy blast at Glacier's face. Glacier said," Get off of me and we'll have a good fight. I will show you my true power." Salek stopped the blast and jumped off Glacier. Salek looked back to the unconcious Mr. Popo," He must've been so weak he couldn't handle the power coming from our fight." Salek looked back to Glacier, who was standing up. Glacier shouted as his armor crumbled away. His tail lost its spike and shrunk. His skin shed and exposed white and blue, lizard-like skin. His body was smooth and actually very kiind-looking. Glacier said," This is my true, and final form." He looked just like Frieza, but instead of purple, Glacier was a dark blue. Salek held his head," Ah! My head hurts." Salek looked up. His eyes were red and black lined went from the end of his iris to his pupil in a cuved-pattern. Salek said in a strange voice," You are the enemy... Of all Saiyans. You are brother to the monster who killed my race," Salek's power increased extremely and he looked at Glacier," I am no longer Salek, I am every Saiyan that has wrongs to right." Salek flew at Glacier. He shouted," Glacier!"

Chapter 14: Glacier's final form.[]

Glacier jumped over Salek easily. Salek stopped and headbutt Glacier's stomach, sending him flying. Salek landed and shot a Kamehameha Wave at Glacier. Glacier deflectd it and flew towards Salek. Glacier kneed Salek's face. Salek fell to the ground and Glacier's tail knocked Salek away. Glacier shot a Death Beam at Salek but Salek dodged. Salek skidded to a stop and Glacier walked up to him. Glacier said," So. It seems your form shall be beaten today. Any last words?" Salek smirked," Yeah. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." Salek appeared in front of Glacier (who was confused) and punched his stomach. Salek said," I always wanted to do that." Salek double-hammered Glacier into the air. Salek shouted," Galick Gun! FIRE!" He launched the Galick Gun and it hit Glacier. Glacier fell to the ground but caught himself on his feet.

Salek said," You must be irritated. Such a simple trick of confusion and you're down? Sad, just sad." Glacier said," You think you can just trick me, attack, insult me, and get away with it?" Glacier shot a Full-Powered Death Beam at Salek who dodged. The blast hit straight through Mr. Popo's stomach. Salek shouted," NO!" He ran to Mr. Popo's side.

Chapter 15: Salek's new power.[]

Salek ran up to Mr. Popo. He kneeled and said," Don't worry, I- we'll- You'll be alright!" Mr. Popo said," Here." He gave Salek an orange sphere with a star in the middle. Mr. Popo said," This is a Dragon Ball. Collect all seven and they will grant you any 3 wishes. Originally it would only grant you one until Dende came along and made it 2, then 3." Salek said," So... I will wish you back?" Mr. Popo chuckled," Oh no. They cannot grant any wishes past the power or stature of the guardian. I am higher in stature as I am his caretaker." Salek said," Then, why did you give it to me?" Mr. Popo smiled," So you can take care of it. I don't think I can anymore." Mr. Popo died in Salek's arms. Salek slowly stood up, putting away the Dragon Ball. Glacier sneered," So, now will you dodge?" Salek glared," Shut up... just, shut up." Glacier said," Why can't you just except that I am the better." Salek shouted," JUST SHUT UP!" He punched Glacier's face but Glacier kicked him away. Salek was on the ground when the thought hit him," He couldn't help anyone. Mr. Popo, Nep, Puck, even Lub died because of his carelessness. Not anymore!" Salek powered up to his extent. He shouted," NOT ENOUGH!!!" A huge blast of energy surrounded the valley and blinded everyone.

Chapter 16: Super Saiyan.[]

Salek stood, his hair golden, his eyes a pure neon green. You could almost see the power of Salek in his eyes. Salek looked at Glacier," Afraid?" Glacier said," You stupid monkey! This just makes you more of a Saiyan! But you're proud of your filthy heritage, aren't you?!" Salek chuckled," No. No, I hate my heritage. Everything in my life has happened because I was different. Everything happened because I was a Saiyan. I hate Saiyans, but I am one. And with this power, I will right my wrongs." Salek took a step towards Glacier, who took a step back. Salek smirked. He floated in the air," It appears a Saiyan before me has become a Super Saiyan in this fashion before." Salek blasted into the air in an inferno of yellow aura and went straight down, over Glacier. He slammed straight into the ground, a huge crater and explosion appearing where he hit. Glacier was struggling in vain. Salek had surpassed his power too greatly. Glacier shouted and powered up. He managed to land a good kick at Salek who laughed and grabbed Glacier's leg. Salek kicked Glacier's throat and his stomach, standing on top of Glacier in the hole he made. Salek lifted up Glacier's leg, dislocating it. Glacier screamed in pain as Salek flew out of the hole, then the crater. Salek flew high above the valley, then launched a Kamehameha Wave at the hole. The blast went all the way down and exploded in a huge, contained fashion.

Salek landed beside the now seemingly bottomless crevace that he made. Salek turned his head as he powered down," I'll let you live, but don't come back. Leave this planet or next time I won't feel as generous." Salek blasted off.

Chapter 17: The new caretaker.[]

Salek landed on the lookout. Dende asked," Did you succeed?" Salek reluctantly nodded. Dende asked," Where is Mr. Popo?" Salek dropped his gaze to his feet," Dead. He faught valliantly though. Glacier had many forms. Mr. Popo faught them all to his final form. Without him, I wouldn't be here right now." Salek knew some of the things were slightly stretched, but he felt it better to say such things. Dende said sadly," Oh. We will hold a funeral in two days. But now, we must find a new caretaker."

The small version of Mr. Popo walked out and said," You called?" Dende said," Mr. Popo has... passed. In these difficult times, we must stay orderly. You are the new caretaker." The little Popo said," Okay... Call me Jr." Salek said," Hello Jr."

Chaper 18: Where is she?[]

A group of thugs were hanging around an alleyway beside a bar. They were on their motorcycles when a hooded person walked by. One, probably the leader, called over," Hey, why you in such a," He paused and waved his hand," stupid... getup?" The person asked," What? You don't like looking at someone... different?" The person stood and said," Watch the tone. Or else." The person chuckled," You don't know who you are dealing with." Salek removed the robe and said," Don't mess with a Saiyan." The group laughed and someone threw a stone. Salek caught it with one hand, crushed it, and said," You are obviously drunk and can't think clearly. I leave you." Salek took a step and stopped," Wait. You, in the back! I remember you from somewhere." The one that seemed most threatening with his muscles and clothes stood," Ya' mean me?" Salek squinted and then shouted," Didn't you... kill a girl a couple days ago?" The man laughed," I kill a lot, a better description would be neccisary." Salek sped past all the people, knocking them off their bikes everytime he passed by. He stopped right before the man and lifted him up. He floated off the ground, choking the man," A blode haired highschooler. Tell me!" He slammed the man on the ground and stepped on him. The man groaned," I- I didn't kill her! I tried, but blacked out. When I woke up she was gone. I swear!" Salek said," You tried?" Salek decapitated him. Salek flew into the air and said," You should be grateful. I only killed one of you."

Chapter 19: The search for Nep![]

Salek flew high above the night sky. It was cloudy, so he had trouble seeing fully. He thought," So, I can read minds?" He stopped and landed in front of an abandoned house. "When I touched that man, our minds became one..." A flashback of him grabbing the man's collar flashed through Salek's mind. Salek sighed," Well, this is where he left her last. I hope I can find her." He broke down the door. Salek walked in and called," So! Anybody here?" A man stepped out of the doorframe holding a shotgun to Salek's neck. Salek said," I highly doubt a shotgun will harm me. Let alone kill me." The man said," This isn't a normal shotgun," he smirked," In this are energy-draining bullets. I can kill a Saiyan with this." Salek looked nervous and frustrated," So you expected me?" The man nodded," Yep. I think a Saiyan will do nice in my museum." Salek rose an eyebrow," What do you mean?" The man cackled," I've spent all my life collecting, creating, and displaying powerful and mythical beings. You would be a nice piece." Salek said," I think Glacier would be better. But you forgot something." Salek reached up and bent the shotgun barrel backwards. The man laughed. He pulled the trigger and the shell shot out of the gun, at Salek. Salek's eyes widened as the single, huge bullet slammed into his chest.

He fell to the ground, coughing up blood. The man said," Too bad, you would've been good alive. Looks like I'll have to make one out of your DNA." An image of Vegeta dying at the hands of Frieza flashed through Salek's mind. Salek's wound burned with a sharp intensity. He looked at it amazed as the hole smoked and closed up, healing. Salek stood up, the blood on him disappearing," This is new." He looked at the man who gasped," Saiyans can heal? This is even better!" Salek put two fingers to his forehead," Shut up." He teleported behind the man and knocked him unconcious.

Chapter 20: Nep.[]

Salek turned around and walked around the house. He stopped in the basement. A dimly lit lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Salek created a ball of energy to light the way. There were many pods filled with strange creatures. Salek turned his attention to a moving mass of cloths. Salek moved them away quickly and aimed the blast. His eyes grew wide and he diminished the energy ball. He untied Nep and brought her out into the light. She asked," How long have I been away? And who was that?" Salek said," A couple days. And so he could find me. There's a lot to explain really." He told her of his powers, Glacier, and of his search for her. Nep said, puzzled," You must have hit your head. Hard." Salek said," No! It's true! Look." He floated off the ground and lifted her up too. He created energy balls and launched them into the air. He set her down and she panted," That... makes me believe a bit more." Salek sighed and looked up," Oh crap..." The man walked out of the house and cackled," I'm not done with you!"

Salek said," Well I am." He walked up to the man who pulled out the gun. Salek knocked it out of his hand. The man pulled out more guns which Salek knocked away. Salek said," You carry many guns with you." He threw the man inside and bent the hinges to make it sealed. Salek turned and said," I think we should go."

Chapter 21: The Saiyan.[]

Salek and Nep walked down the street a week later. Nep asked," So you are a Saiyan?" Salek said," Not exactly. I am the Prophecy Saiyan. Total human heritage." Nep nodded," And your tail?" He said," It... helps me balance. There's really no purpose of it." Salek stopped walking suddenly and looked up to the sky. A white sphere was coming at them. Salek grabbed Nep's arm and teleported far away. The pod crashed into the ground, making a large crater. A tall man with long, ragidy black hair stood. He wore white high-tech armor and a hearing-aid was in his ear. A green halogram appeared in front of him and locked onto Salek. The aid said," Target is East, 49 degrees, 70 feet up, and with a power level of 13 million." The person smiled and floated up in the air as a crowd gathered. The person chuckled, and Salek noticedtwo swords on his back, two daggers each on a leg, and white armor covered all but his elbows, knees, and stomach. He flew at Salek. Salek chuckled and jumped off the building. He shot forward at a speed of 100 MPH. The person followed. Salek turned around and shouted," What's your name, Saiyan?" The Saiyan smirked," Fine, let's be formal. The name's Serces."

Chapter 22: Chase![]

Salek laughed," I always wanted to have a chase fight!" He shot upwards with a blur of speed as Serces followed. Serces shot energy blasts that Salek dodged. Salek teleported behind Serces and put on a burst of speed. He slammed into Serces, knocking him out of the sky. Salek landed on the street, in front of Serces. Serces stood and said," You won't live for long." A green hologram appeared in front of Serces' face and weird symbols appeared," So you aren't just a Saiyan, you're much more than that..." Salek rose an eyebrow what happened to our fight? Or do you need a 13 year old to make the first attack?" Serces shot forward, knocking Salek into a building. He stood in a buisness room. Salek scratched his head and said," Um... nice tie." He flew forward and punched Serces' chest. Serces smirked as Salek jumped back, holding his hand. " A comet couldn't damage this armor." Salek's brow furrowed. Then what about a force stronger than a comet?" He powered up and transformed into a Super Saiyan," Yes... that's right." Serces chuckled," So you can transform..." They flew into the air and exchanged punches. They fought at incredible speeds so no one could see it. Salek bashed his head against Serces' and they fell to the ground, in severe pain. Salek landed on his back and Serces on his feet. Salek grabbed his forehead," Nobody wins with a headbutt." Salek shot into the air, followed by Serces. They flew all around the city, changing speeds and landed on a skyscraper," You are really persistant." Serces answered,"We Saiyans of the second generation usually are. We must."

The Saiyan Race.[]


  • Salek is a pun on Kales, a vegetable from Wales.
  • Nep is a pun on the school utensil, "pen."
  • Lub is based off the word "bully."
  • As the Prophecied Saiyan, Salek has strange effects to things that have happened to Saiyans in the past. He could sense power levels when he did something Goku did, for example. His power is able to rise and he can use techniques, all from the Saiyans. He is haunted by flashes of memory of Saiyans.
  • Glacier is a pun off the Cold Families' name-pun from cold things.
  • NH stands for New Hero.