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Dragon Ball: Into the Belly of the Beast is a fanfiction series by MrFluffman. It takes place several years before Dragon Ball: Homeland, and follows the early years and rise of the Saiyan Retasu. It is divided into three acts.

Act 1: Rise[]

Part I: A Saiyan is Born[]

A group of doctors stood around the birthing chamber. A young Saiyan woman was lying on a small bunk, surrounded by doctors. A Saiyan man, a low-class warrior, was watching silently, though inside, he was in turmoild. What if his wife should die?

Suddenly the woman gave one final push, and collapsed, spent. The doctors quickly swarmed her, and several wrapped up the baby and carried it away to the baby chamber. Meanwhile, several others walked calmly up towards the man.

They tell him that he has a healthy baby boy, but his wife needs lots of rest. It was a difficult birth. The man agrees with this and heads toward the baby chamber, to meet his son.

He names him Retasu.

Part II: Retasu's Training[]

Coming Soon!