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Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon is a fan fiction created (mostly) by KidVegeta. Serving primarily as a sequel to Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten, Heart of the Dragon continues the stories of Ledas, The Benefactor, Cuber, and a host of other original characters set in the Dragon Ball universe. This story begins just before the timeline of Dragon Ball Super, continuing on past the end of Dragon Ball Z.

The first half of Heart of the Dragon mostly deals with Ledas' formation of the intergalactic bounty hunting squad, the Starchasers, the various adventures they go on deep into space, and the many friends, foes, and acquaintances they meet on their journey. The last few sagas take place after the end of Dragon Ball Z, primarily focusing on the adventures of Ledas' children, Chari and Olivien.

Author's Note[]

Heart of the Dragon is primarily a sequel to my first major story on this site, Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. But that's not to say there aren't other stories of mine that HOTD also serves as a sequel to. In fact, I've written dozens of stories of varying length dealing with the characters set to appear in this story.

Not all of those have to be read to understand Heart of the Dragon. Many provide context, build-up, foreshadowing, and character introductions, but are not strictly relevant to Heart of the Dragon. Some stories are, however, necessary to read before Heart of the Dragon, in my opinion, in order to understand the story.

Thus, I will break up the below list of recommended reading into the two subsections, "necessary" and "supplemental" readings:

Required Reading Material

Supplementary Reading Material:

  • Dragon Ball: The Great War - The story of the Saiyan-Tuffle War, told (mostly) through the eyes of King Vegeta.
  • Dragon Ball Z: In Requiem - The tale of Kid Buu's misadventures following his death at the hands of Goku.
  • A Shadow on the Wind - A story about Pikkon chasing down Babidi and Kid Buu, who escaped from Hell in In Requiem.
  • Spindlerun: The Tale of Yajirobe - A story that takes place prior to Dragon Ball. It tells the tale of Yajirobe as he trains to become a Samurai, up until his first encounter with Goku.
  • Chasing Oblivion - A story that takes place prior to Dragon Ball. It tells the tale of Yamcha as he grows up in a world of bandits and vagabonds, up until his first encounter with Goku.
  • Down the Well-Worn Road - A story about what happened to Elijah after the end of Spindlerun.
  • The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization - A historical account of the fall of the greatest empire to ever exist.
  • His Majesty's Pet - The story of what happened to Vegeta after his planet was destroyed, his race exterminated, and he was taken in as a soldier of Frieza.
  • Monster - A story about Kuriza discovering a monster.
  • I'm a Candy Man - A story about Cui trying to beat Kuriza and the Ginyu Force in a dance-off for some chocolate.
  • A Space Christmas Story - A story about Kuriza, Nappa, and Prince Vegeta celebrating Space Christmas on Planet Frieza 79.
  • Twelve Majestic Lies - A story about Captain Ginyu, Burter, Kuriza, and some space tacos to die for.
  • Starfall - A story about Bojack's last days genociding through the universe before he was captured and imprisoned by the four Kais.
  • Black Dawn - The story of Cyleria, the mother of Ledas, before she meets her end at the hands of Zarbon during the Genocide of the Saiyans.
  • A Flap of the Wings - A one-shot that reveals Audacci's backstory. In it, she is raised on Planet Faeri following her parents' imprisonment by the Kais, before becoming one of the most feared space pirates in the universe.
  • Sandboys - A story about Master Roshi and Oolong scouring the beaches for some bitch baby mamas to seal the deal with.
  • Country Matters - A story about Ledas' daughter, Chari, and Vegeta's daughter, Bulla, spending some time together.
  • Girl - A story about Ledas' son Olivien and the Dragons of the Dawn.
  • Not So Far - A story about Yajirobe, Korin, and Ledas playing poker together and sharing stories about their pasts.
  • The Monster and the Maiden - A story about the last Legendary Super Saiyan, passed down from mother to son.
  • Mountain Bird - A story about Zamasu, some filthy ningen, and a whole kettle of mediocre tea.
  • The Perfect Lifeform - A story detailing what happened to each one of Dr. Gero's androids. Each android has their own story arc.
  • From Magic to Monsters - A story about Bibidi's many Majin creations, successes and failures, leading up to Majin Buu.
  • Across the Universe - A story detailing the origin and adventures of the Yardrat Soba.

Important Pages[]

Series overview[]

Super Saiyan Ledas vs. Kuriza

Saga Episodes Saga information
Saga title Saga description
1 12 Emperor Kuriza Saga The emperor's son makes his move. A wish is granted. The Starchasers are formed.
2 12 Melirion Saga Bounty hunters. Blood-gorging parasites. Sleepy demons.
3 12 Blue Queen Saga Some things are better left undisturbed. The great war reaches its climax. An empire is broken.
4 12 Universe 12 Saga Time travelers. A pissed-off God of Destruction. Majin Sesami is loosed upon Universe 12.
5 12 Myaku Saga A new god is born. The Benefactor attempts his final solution. The Starchasers confront Myaku, the Time-Skipper.
6 12 Zalama's Artifact Saga The Starchasers confront the Triumvirate. Audacci finds a lost treasure. Victory comes at a heavy cost for all.
7 12 TBA TBA
8 12 TBA TBA
9 12 TBA TBA


Characters in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon
Starchasers LedasLinessiVizzerNaemiOkinaroTheodosiusBeelzebubTarble (temporary member)
Starchasers (second generation) ChariBullaRikyuAndroid 11Android 12Olivien
Champions of Mrov CuberChaivaKailonYukiSalhiorAysuida
Venyi Academy Master JaboMaster Sharu-KanMaster LevionMaster CaktirMaster QonoMaster Kyomu TachiMaster XutolMaster Hotal
Planet Trade Organization IcerJahuTanarilo
Planet Trade Organization Splinter Faction KurizaAranyaKracchusPukcoläsicDhuakCommander LingonMaster Sapras
Zalama's Triumvirate AudacciThe BenefactorMajin Sesami
Telnauki Empire HaimaruRaimieAdmiral NectarianEmpress Tliccu Nakki
Kingdom of Melirion King MalusQueen VeniderrePrince JariPrincess AranPrince Ryn
Cardinal's Team CardinalEGJia
Space Rabble NishiMaimasMushinSomen
Universe 12 The KeeperDr. KommonMyaku