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Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage

Dragon Ball: Future Imperfect Theme

Dragon Ball: Future Imperfect is a roleplay made by me, Lau the G. 10,000 years after GT, the government has

Charlie "Lone Wolf"

controlled the world. It is scarred, and the Z-Fighters have long since died. You live in a futuristic world where it is chaos. Space aliens are attacking the world and the government is turning young men into soldiers. Half of the male population is killed in the war between humans and aliens. Eventually, the people decide to fight back against the government. They have to deal with the people while the soldiers still have to deal with the aliens. You can choose play the following roles:

Jestude"Shadow Storm"

Jack "Silence" Graves using his Jetpack attachment.


  • 2014 Official Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki Awards - Best Collaborations/Roleplays (nominee).


Human Soldier: Help fight the fugitives in the war.

Feashing Soldier: Follow the commands of Dasson.

Fugitive: Run from the goverment and the soldiers, while being chased by 3 aliens.

Government: Control the world and be a danger to the population. You grab men from the streets and make them soldiers.

Alien: Be an alien and try to destroy mankind. You fight all of the soldiers.


Charlie A.K.A. "Lone Wolf" (Lau the G) - Is called Lone Wolf because he has no family. 7x great-grandson of Goku. 1/64th Saiyan. Laser Sword expert. Status: Fugitive, KIA

Ken (Lau the G)- Right-hand man of the president. Status: Government, KIA

Jarako Roshi (Destructivedisk)- Leader of the government and father of Roshi. He speaks with a foul mouth and has a very large laser. His hobbies include overcompensation. Status: President.

Damon (SS11 and Zeon1)- The son of Turles and wants Ken dead. Status: Assassin, Part Saiyan

Aranku (JJRawesome)- 5X Great Grandson of Vegeta. 1/64 Saiyan. Status: Leader of the People

Berri (JJRawesome)- Grandnephew of Aranku. 1/256 Saiyan. Status: One of the people, M.I.A.

Ichido (JJRawesome)- A secretive man who kills with quiet power. Kai. Status: Assassin., M.I.A.

Earth Name: Dasson A.K.A "Das Bomb" Feashing Name: Tubia (Paradise Paradox)- Smart Fighter and an Explosive Expert. Feashing Status: Fugitive

Kidnoss (Paradise Paradox) - Leader, powerful fighter. Feashing Status: Alien, K.I.A.

K (Cocoabean) - A sadistic male who murders without hesitation and is very powerful. Unknown Race Status: Alien. KIA

Laurie (Cocoabean) - Descendant of Vegeta via Bulla and is important to government; she is a mysterious but responsible female. 1/128 Saiyan Status: Government.

ZXios: A genetically designed warrior made from Icejin, Saiyan, and Kai blood. Status: Alien, M.I.A.

Echo (Theecho12457)- No one knows this man's name, he is a soldier with no country, a man with no honor, but he's on every battlefield. He is every death. He is, the Echo of warrior's past. Status: Soldier., M.I.A

Jestude A.K.A "Shadow Storm" (Kameron esters-)-Mysterious, Good All-Out Shooter.Status: Soldier

Seishi A.K.A "Ghost" (Lau the G)- Friend of Charlie, master of stealth. Status: Soldier, K.I.A.

Switch (Cocoabean) - Long lost sister of Charlie, dresses and acts like male, rarely follows protocol and has a code of honor. Status: 'Fugitive'

Korn (Goku484) - A random Saiyan who crash landed on Earth at the age of 15. He decided to join the ranks of good undercover, because of a grudge he holds against the Cold family for destroying both Planet Vegeta and Pikkon's Planet. Status: Soilder.

C.O.M.T - A master that meditates every time. Status: Neutral

Osoborn A.K.A. "Oz" (Lau the G)- Smart, will help the soldiers in big way.

Giant Alien (Lau the G/Lau Nightwing)- A huge alien that popped out of nowhere! Status: Alien

Blue=MIA Red=KIA. (This is because of the useless characters and nobody bothered to edit when online. Or this means your are missing, according to the story.)

Codus- unknown not for you lool.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (KidVegeta & Destructivedisk) - A devilishly handsome Namekian of untold power. He once looked at a guy and the guy committed suicide two years later. He was once a rugby captain on his homeplanet, with a team that featured Dende and Cargo. They were very good, and won one game out of fifteen. He was widely considered to be Guru's favorite rugby player. Status: Legendary Money Launderer, self-proclaimed king of Rugby, strongest character in the roleplay, Guardian of Earth.

Winter: Descended from Frieza through his son Breeze. Hates Charlie due to his anscestory. Status: Neutral 

Aperous (Paradise Paradox) - Captain of Feashing Squad Harlem Status: Feashing Soldier

Halder (Paradise Paradox) - Captain of Human Squad Poker.

Do NOT use other people's characters! Just use your own!

Current Scene Characters[]

Physically unjoinable scene. You can't just jump into a fight while everyone is fighting.

Saga 1: War[]

Chapter 1: Going to War[]

The scene starts with a line of men. Ken is seen talking to them.


(All the soldiers stay quiet)

Ken: The name's Ken. I am the president's right hand man. So I wouldn't joke around if I were you guys.

Charlie: *Thoughts: Man, I don't even want to be here. But if I try to run, I'll be hunted down, and I will be killed.*

Ken: You guys will be going to war. Try not to die, because we barely have enough men as it is. The population has been up our butts because of the men dying. we're battling aliens here, so don't joke around. You will be given Laser pistols, energy swords, grenades, and laser rifles. Ichido over there is the sniper. He's gonna lay low and snip all the aliens. Do I make myself clear?!

Everybody: Sir, yes sir!

Somewhere else a group of scientists are slowly opening a pod, Laurie is watching a little bit back.

Scientist 1: We need to wake him slowly. He's been in there for a few years.

Scientist 2: Gotcha. Preparing defrosting liquid. Directly or syphoned?

Scientist 3: Directly. Don't want to take risks.

Scientist 1: You okay with this, Miss Laurie?

Laurie has neck length, curly, azule hair with a black streak and black eyes. She smirks and then opens her mouth to speak.

Laurie: Risk taking was something my ancestors did. Of course I condone this.

(Ken walks in the lab)

Ken: We're so desperate to kill these aliens that we're releasing this "thing"???

Scientist 2: Ken, this is possibly one of the greatest scientific finds of this century. And he's a boy.

Scientist 1: Do it.

Scientist 3: *Slips the defrosting needle into a barely visible boy, who stirs. As 3 steps back, a foot lashes out, smashing Scientist 3's collarbone*

Boy: *Leaps out, wearing a black bodysuit with iron planets down his arms, one on the back of his hands each, and on his chest. A few plates are on his chest and legs as well. His hair is similar to Teen Gohan's (base). In fact, he looks much like him* Who are you? Where's my father?

Scientist 1: Restrain him!

Boy: *Shoots forward, kicking 1 into a computer. 2 takes a few steps back*

Ken: *Pulls out Laser Pistol* Make a move and I'll put a steaming hole in you. I didn't approve of your release. You're an alien yourself. I can tell, with that tail. You're gonna be trained to be a sniper, help us kill the aliens. Tell me this first boy. Who are you?!

Boy: *Childlike* Why should I tell you... and you're the alien.

Ken: Cocks gun* I'm not joking kid. Laurie did you know of this? Did the president tell you?!

Laurie: Yes..And this kid has the tail of my ancestors. Should we try to reason with him?

Ken: The president told you instead of me?! I'm his right-hand man! Grr. Reason with the kid. I need to have a talk with the prez. *Puts gun away, walks away*

Boy: *Looks at Laurie* You don't seem like a nice lady...

Laurie: *Looks at the boy* If you want to be in government kid, you'll have to be rude and unforgiving. That's just life.

Ken: *Walking away* She's right. You must be a merciless criminal. Hehe *Enters president's office*

Boy: But... what if I don't want to be in government?

Ken: Then you die. *Closes door*

Boy: ......

Laurie: *frowns* That's life, kid!

Boy: *Looks down* I'm not "kid". My name is Damon.

Laurie: Well alright, "Damon."

Dasson: *his gun down, he walks past them, the alien good guy* Being on the good side is great, get to kill my own race.

All the soldiers are in a shooting range, practicing their aim.

Charlie: *Aims gun, fires at target* *Thoughts: I hope I don't get killed.* *Fires gun again*

Dasson:*walking to the shooting range, he'd find an empty lane aim his gun and starts firing* This is so easy, I've done all this before.

Charlie:........................... *Fires gun again*

Dasson:*looks to Charlie and walks to him* Hey fellow soldier, I'm the alien good guy here, so don't shoot me when we're in battle. The name's Dasson, but people call me Das Bomb.

Charlie: My name's Charlie. They call me "Lone Wolf" because I have no family............. Sorry, I'm not really the talking type................... *Fires gun*

Dasson:I don't even know my family. *fires gun at target*

Charlie: You don't understand. I never knew my parents, if I had any siblings. I have no origins. Nobody even knows where I'm from. Charlie's not even my real name. I don't even know what it is. They just gave it to me. *Fires gun*

Dasson:*reloads gun* Mine isn't even Dasson, don't worry, you may not know your origins, but don't let it stop you. *fires gun at target rapidly* I'm an Explosives Expert, so don't worry about detonating.

Charlie: Cool, I'm pretty good with the laser sword. *Pulls out laser sword, slices a dummy into little pieces* For some reason, I've always been good with a sword.

Dasson:*brings out his own laser sword* I've got an awesome one. *puts bomb inside the core of the sword, he'd then rush and strike at the futher dummy, he stabs it, leaves it there and walks back and the dummy explodes* A way to kill four.

Charlie: Cool move. *Throws grenade at dummy, as soon as it gets close to the dummy, he shoots the grenade, causing it to blow the dummy up.* I have pretty good aim, ya know. *Points at Ichido above* He's pretty good with the sniper.

Dasson:*looking to Ichido* Yeah, he is.

Damon: *Steps up into a booth next to them, wearing his costume from before, fires a Ki blast, destroying the dummy*

Charlie: WTF?! Is that an alien?!

Damon: *Turns around at the noise, stares at Charlie for a bit* Ummm...

Charlie.................. *Walks towards Damon* Uh, who are you?

Dasson:*looks at Damon* Who the heck are you?

Damon: I'm Damon... I just woke up a few hours ago, but...

Charlie: I heard somebody was awoken from chamber. You're one of our snipers right?

  • Quiet breathing in the corner is heard*

Charlie: Huh? *Walks towards the breathing*

Echo: If you continue to come closer, you'll regret it.

Charlie: What? You seemed lonely here by yourself so......... I'll remind myself to not help you. *Walks away*

Echo:*stepped out of the shadow. A man with a skull mask, only showing his pale green eyes was revealed. In his hands were a rifle, at his hips, two sidearms* Who are you?

Charlie: The name's Charlie "Lone Wolf" I don't talk very much. You don't seem to talk much either...................................

{C {C Dasson:*looking to him and thinking: What an ass*

Echo: Well met....Charlie.*pulls out a coin and begins to flip it*

Charlie: Well, what's your name????????

Echo:*stops flipping coin* Haha, so naïve. A soldier has no name, all that is on his mind is battle. Doesn't matter if you win or lose, just the fight. It's...like a game. But if you must call me something, the name is Echo.

Ichido shoots down with a handgun, missing Charlie by an inch

Charlie: How are you a sniper??? You missed!

Ichido jumps off his raised platform before it starts lowering. He lands in a flip and pushes his gun up to Charlie's chin

Ichido: Brat, maybe I wasn't TRYIN' to hit ya.

Charlie: You wanna fight?

Ichido: Maybe I do. But you forget…I am the most skilled assassin in all o' da world. You ain't got a chance.

Charlie: *Eyes begin to glow green.* *Serious face* If you put a finger on that trigger, you die.

Echo:*begins flipping coin again* This should be fun, hahaha!

Ichido: As if it would hurt you. I know your secret, Charlie. Or should I say…Saiyan Charlie of the Son Family…


  • Eyes stop glowing* What are you talking about???

Ichido: You ain't the only one with secrets, kid…but, I like your chutzpah. If you want some private lessons, come to Room 6A at 5 minutes after Midnight.

Charlie: .................................. *Thoughts: What was he talking about????* Thanks, but I don't need any training. I'm fine.

Damon: *Thoughts: Hmmm... maybe he knows something I can find out. 5 minutes after Midnight, eh?*

Ken: Guys! Hurry up and pack your things! Multiple aliens have been spotted! Move it!

Ichido: *vanishes*

Alien appears and has it's brains blown out by Ichido who is behind it with a laser rifle

Ichido: Bitch had it comin'

All soldiers move out

Charlie: *Thoughts: So this is war. It's pretty scary*

Soldier: Oh no! GAAH! *Is killed by an alien

Charlie: *Thoughts: People are getting killed already!?*

Ichido is killing aliens left and right easily, and has not a scratch. Only Charlie sees him as a bullet is redirected by Ichido just staring at it

Random Alien: AAHHHGAHHAGG *Throws tentacle at Charlie*

Charlie: AAH! *Shoots and kills alien*

Damon: A fight! *Powers up, firing Ki blasts, killing aliens*

Ichido: MOVE! points two fingers at a knife, which stops in midair

Charlie: Ichido! Throw me a grenade!

Ichido throws Charlie a grenade, but sees an alien and it curves, unpinning.

Ichido: AHH! Contains aliens using telekinesis with poisonous gas and fire RUN!

Charlie: *Throws grenade at alien, brings pistol out, aims* Steady... Steady... NOW! *Shoots grenade, explodes and kills a few aliens*

A single alien survives and jumps into the air at Charlie, but is blacked by a brick wall appearing from nowhere

Ichido: *thinking: Hope no one saw!*

Charlie: What did you just do? That was impossible! How did you do that?!

Ichido: I'm a Supreme Kai! Kid, move! Fires an energy blast at an alien

Charlie: A Kai? What the heck is a Kai?!

More aliens come and more gunshots are fired.

Dasson:*shooting gun at an alien* Nobody cares what race we are! Just shoot! *shooting gun more*

Charlie: *Fires gun* *Hides behind car*

Echo:*jumps into the battle with rifle, blasting 5 aliens* My turn.

Dasson:*gets out a c4 and throws it on a car an enemy is taking cover on, then he detonates it an explosion happens* I'm kicking my own butt!

It is now nighttime, and all the soldiers are resting.

Echo: That battle was nothing... You guys don't know a real fight*leans on wall, flips coin*

Chatrlie: *Thoughts: THAT wasn't a fight?! So many soldiers died already!*

Echo: The death toll is nothing, Son Charlie*looks up, pale green eyes turn blue eyes*

Charlie: *Thoughts: I've had enough of people reading my mind! But why do they keep calling me "Son"??

Chapter 2: Enough Death![]

Ken: *walks in president's room* The aliens have been held back for a while, Mr. President.

President Jaroku: What? Aliens? Are there monsters too? How are we fighting them? They better be afraid of my giant laser!

Ken: Yeah, but we lost a number of men already, and the real threat hasn't come out yet! Grr!

Ichido: Kids…stay away. I can clear out hundreds of aliens with no one in my way.

Damon: *Is pressed against the door outside the president's room, listening* *Thoughts: Almost midnight. Should probably leave soon.*

President Jaroku: I don't think you guys understand how powerful my laser is. This thing could destroy the artificial moon we put up in one blow! It could literally kill millions of people. Those aliens would just see the laser and be like, "Whoa, Jaroku, you don't need to do that! Spare me!" Literally, I think I could even destroy my son with it. It would be insane. Are you guys sure you don't want to go with my laser option?

Dasson:*is outside the room* That was so easy. I could rig one of them alien kites in 10 seconds.

Charlie: .............................

Suddenly, a loud hum is heard, surprising everyone. Suddenly, a teen named Berri jumps through the door, holding a cell phone, typing things into it quickly.

Berri: Yes! I need an escort out of here ASAP! I hacked Jaroku's doomsday laser! It's gonna fire any second! HALFWAY'S FINE DAMN IT! I CAN FLY! Screw it, put Granpa Aranku on! AHHHHHHHHHHH WE ARE WAISTING TIME!!!!!!

Flies out a window at amazing speed as a laser fires, vaporizing the entire building and killing everyone except Jaroku, Ken, Charlie, Echo, Ichido and Dasson.

Dasson:*looking at the hole* What the?

Charlie: What's going on?

Ken: Dammit! All of you soldiers get outta here! We'll fight back the people!!! MOVE IT!!!

Charlie: I guess we have no choice........................

Dasson:*moving back here then trip over a large chunk of a piece* Woah! *getting up, looking at the piece, he'd pick it up* Isn't this a part from one of those alien veichles?

Meanwhile, Berri is flying at top speed when grazed by an alien bullet. He turns, and opens up his hand. A Ki Blast breaks the area, and creates a flash visible for miles.

Ichido: What was that?

Ken: It doesn't matter! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The soldiers run away from the bomb.

Dasson: The machine must have faulted..

Charlie: More aliens are on their way!

Flying alien vehicles fly out

Dasson:*grabbing a rocket launcher* Say hello to my little friend! *aim it at the flyer, he fires it and destroys it*

Jestude:*comes out the smoke,holds up an Akimbo Shotgun*"Die you slimy bitch."*Shoots a barrel of TNT near the half destroyed vehicles*

Ichido: Bah…too boring. Just mutilated 50 aliens and tied their corpses together in an even cube, which he sets on fire

Jestude: Sorry I'm late for the party.To busy gathering data.*Shoots an alien in the face*I know were the secondary core ship is. It's in the Rocky Land. If we get on that ship and take control of it, we could invade the Mother Ship. The alien scum are planning to use a universal heat-ray to destroy humanity, but leave the Earth intact. It will destroy some of the surface but, it will still be habitable.

Charlie: Okay. Let's go then. *Cocks gun*

Jestude: We must be cautious. Since the Secondary Core Ship, arrived the trail to get there is treacherous, and to top it all off, the aliens are patrolling the Rocky Lands! I have already signaled a helicarrier to pick us up and take us to the Rocky Lands. It should be here in 10 minutes. Let's get moving!

Chapter 3: War Gets Serious[]

Jestude:The helicarrier should be here in 5min!Dear God!*bunch of dead soldiers all over the place*

Half-dead soldier tells Charlie and Jestude that they have been slaughtered by a child.

Jestude: Dear God not the child. NOT THE CHILD!

Half-Dead Soldier: Lone Wolf......... Shadow Storm, all of you...................... get out of here. Ugh............. *dies*

Jestude:O h Dear God, what has she done! I can't believe she did this!

Charlie: *Gets angry, eyes glow green again, shoves Jestude* OK, man, I'm serious. Who's this girl?!

Jestude: Laurie. Laurie made the child.Shes been planning the annihilation of the human race the whole entire time.It was called "Project Youth". She made a lie of making a secret weapon to help destroy the aliens but, instead she has been using the weapon against us.

Charlie: *Eyes go back to its normal color* What??? Laurie??? We have to go stop her!

Jestude: She is already here.

Dasson:*catching up to them* I heard a drop ages ago before the aliens attacked. *walking to the dead soldiers, he'd send them a max suply of healing power, wind would be made* They should be back to normal in 10 minutes, it's rare for my race to heal.

Jestude: Thank God you came around Dasson.We need to all the help we can get.We dont have much time,The Heat-Ray will be activated in 3 days and Laurie is already here!*standing on a box about to give a epic speech*

"Today we fight for the order of truth.For the right of humanity.We bring glory to the humble. There is 3 things we fight for: One Love, One Truth, One Destiny. Protect, Save, Proclaim: Order of the Righteousness. We now rise up to be triumphant against the enemy in times of darkness. Being overcome by 2 tyrants on both sides. Both of them plan the annihilation of all humanity. We are humanity's last hope of survival.So I ask you this:Are you ready to redeem yourself!"


Jestude: Now lets go kick some alien ass!*walks up to Charlie*Charlie I need your help to defeat Laurie and the child.There on the third floor. Dasson get every one on the helicarrier. Me and Charles got business to attend to.

ZXios: *Is surrounded by unintelligent aliens who are not sentient* *Pulls out a sniper rifle* *Starts firing at Charlie and Jestude*

Jestude: Damn it!What the Hell!*fires back*

Dasson:*getting soldiers on the helicopter, Dasson would run from the area hidden and bring out control, a toy helicopter would come outside a crate and then Dasson would fly it to where the fire was made, he'd detonate it killing the alien soldiers, except ZXios.

Charlie: *Looks serious* Who the hell are you?!

Jestude: Damn it,ZXios!

Damon: *Is under the wreckage of a Government building, stirs slightly*

Kam: Hey kid! Come here!

Damon: I-I'm stuck.... *coughs, spits out some debris*

Jestude:Damon the Hell are you doing here?I told to go on the damn ship!*helps damon out the debris*

Damon: All I remember is walking towards something, and then... everything goes dark...

Jestude: Damn It man! Next time follow orders!Can you describe what you saw?*Thoughts: I have a bad feeling it's the child*

Damon: I didn't see anything!

Jestude: Damn It!Well lets get you to a helicopter. Its around this hallway to the hanger.

Kam: No! *Grabs Damon* He's coming with me!

Damon: What do you want?

Ken: *Shoots a human* Dang idiots! We're trying to protect you! *Whispers in Damon's ear* I have a new assignment for you. I need you to help us kill the humans. You hear?

Damon: Kill people?! You want me to kill people?!

Ken: *Puts gun to head* You will help us! Do you hear me?!

Damon: *Scowls, hair turns gold, eyes green, fires a large Ki blast into Ken's chest* No!

Ken: GAAH! *Falls on the floor*

Agent 1: Ken!

Agent 2: Oh no! *The two agents help Ken up*

Agent 1: Get outta here! If you stay you'll regret it! *Take to the emergency room*

Charlie: Hmph. I never liked that bastard.

Damon: *Takes off flying away quickly*

Charlie: Kid! Wait!

Ghost: Man, he's tough.

Charlie: Who are you?

Ghost: You can call me "an old friend". Or, you could just call me "Ghost".

Charlie: "Ghost"?

A soldier comes running down the hallway, reloading his assault rifle. Text appears from his mouthpiece, projected into the air.

Soldier: *Text* Get out of here, aliens have located our central power grid!

Kidnoss:*in Dasson's mind* I'll get you traitor... I'll get you!

Dasson;*stumbling around* GET OUT OF MY MIND!

Charlie: What's wrong?!

Soldier: *Comes up behind Dasson, slamming the butt of his rifle into Dasson's head, knocking him out.* Text: There. Something was in his head.

Charlie: *Grabs Soldier's shirt, eyes glow green again* What the hell is wrong with you!?!?!?!?!?!

Dasson:*getting up from the attack feeling the bump* Charlie leave him.

Soldier: Text- Let go of me. I get the feeling people call you a 'Son' too, huh?

Charlie: IDC about that, IDC about what they're talking about. Who are you!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Soldier: *Tears out part of mask, real voice comes through, Irish accent* Call me Silence. Oh, and I'm not on your side. *Swings gun forward, hitting Charlie in the face*

Charlie: *Eyes still glowing* Grr! *Punches Silence in the face*

Silence: *Flies back, rights himself as a jetpack activates* You know, you remind me of myself.... before the Swarmers.

Charlie: What kind of soldier are you?!

Dasson:*firing Assault Rifle at Silence*

Jestude:*breaks in with a helicopter*Everyone get in!

Silence: *Laughter* Oh, you think you're smart. You call me a soldier when am I not. I am a Paladin, a Paragon, a Pariah. And you, Lone Wolf, are a Conduit. *Waves as they run in, then takes his jetpack and zips out of there*

Charlie: *Gets in helicopter, eyes go back to regular color* *Thoughts: Silence, I will find you AND kill you!*

Ghost: *Gets in helicopter* I notice your eyes get green every time you get angry.

Charlie: OK, you are you?!

Dasson:*entering the helicopter* Damn, something keeps getting into my head!

Ghost: Hmph, the name's Seishi.

Charlie: Seishi??? I know somebody with that name..........

Seishi: Well..... *Takes off mask* It is the Seishi you know. Hey Charlie!

Charlie: Seishi?! Is it really you?!

Dasson:*Thoughts: If I see him in my mind, I'll kill him!*

Charlie: Das Bomb??? Are you OK man???

Dasson: Yeah, the leader keeps getting into my mind and keeps calling me Tubia.

Charlie: Well? Let's go kill him! Pilot, step on it!

Pilot:I hope I know where your getting yourself into

The helicopter turns westwards into a very big cave

Dasson: Woah!

Pilot: The person you're looking for won't be here, but if you want to go further you need a ship and that means killing them all.

Chapter 4: Charlie's Past[]

Charlie and Dasson head off the copter. They would see a gate.

Dasson: My specialty. *Dasson would bring a bomb out and plant it on the gate*

Kidnoss:*in Dasson's mind* As you creep, you'll find the truth!*

Dasson:*thoughts: Damn it*

Charlie: Dang it let's speed this up! *Fires a bullet at the bomb, it explodes*

The gates would explode and be crawled with enemies

Dasson:*firing the assault rifle at the aliens* Mutliple Swarm of Enemies!

Charlie: AAH! *Gets hit in the head by an alien, is knocked out*

Silence: *Seems to appear from nowhere, helping Charlie up* You'll go far, kid. *Vanishes*

Dasson:*throwing grenade in a small cave* Thanks. *grenade would blow and Dasson would fire*

Charlie: uh.................... *Has a vision, everything is dark*

???: Charlie??? Charlie!

Charlie: Huh??? Who is it?????

Goku: My name is Goku.

Charlie: Goku? What do you have to do with me???

Goku: Well, I'm your grandfather, that's what.


Goku: Yup. Your great-great-great........ Uh, whatever!

Charlie: Well why are you here now?

Goku: To tell you what you are. A Son.....

Charlie: A Son??? Is that my family name?

Goku: Yes.

Charlie: Charlie Son. Sounds neat!

Goku: And you're also a Saiyan.

Charlie: A what???

Dasson:*shouting* Charlie wake up! *gun noises are heard*

Goku: A Saiyan. A powerful alien race-

Charlie: Wait--- Did you say ALIEN?!

Goku: Haven't you ever felt weird every time you got angry? That's your Saiyan blood wanting to be released!

Charlie: My Saiyan........ blood???

Goku: You'll understand more as you battle. And watch youself when you get gold hair and green eyes.

Charlie: What?

Goku: I have to go. Good-bye!

Charlie: *Wakes up*................................ Huh?????

Jestude: Wake up, Charles!

Charlie: Silence, let go of me! *Gets away from Silence* I know what I am now... I know what I am!

Echo: About time you realized.

Charlie: *Grabs gun* I'm a Saiyan! *Kills several aliens*

Seishi: *Smiles* Hmph!

Jestude: Nice shot! We're here at the Rocky Land. Man, that ship is one massive ship!

Charlie: Let's go then! *Starts running*

Jestude: It's plain dark. And dear God look at all those soldiers!*dead soldiers and a few aliens*And there is still some aliens!

Dasson:*firing gun like shit* Die! *he'd rush more further and start shooting alien at more hideouts* Push further! Push!

Jestude: Be careful they're manning their cannons!*sticking to higher ground and using rapid fire power*

Seishi: This is disgusting! *Fires a gun*

Charlie: *Runs to an alien and stabs it in the head*

Seishi: You're as hot-blooded as ever, Charlie.

Charlie: *Grins* Hmph!

{C Dasson:*jumping from rocks* Guys move up *killing an alien and looking at the ship* The ship! *noticing it's rigged with bombs* There's a bomb on the ship!

Charlie: What?!

Seishi: We have to go! *Starts running*

Dasson:*getting out tool kit, he'd start to defuse the bomb* Nice and simple *he'd defuse the bomb on the ship*

Charlie: Nice. I have an idea. Put the bomb in my backpack.

Dasson:*dropping the bomb in the backpack* It better be a good idea.

Charlie: There's a huge ship above there. I must go alone and stop it.

Seishi: Good luck, bro.

Charlie: *Starts running* {C Dasson:*going to their ship* Guys, lets get in now!

Charlie: This ship's huge! *Fires gun at aliens*

Jestude: Lets keep going! We're half way there, only this half of this trail is unstable. One small jolt and we're finished!

Charlie: *Walks to the main engine* If I damage this, the whole thing would fall! Guys! Leave the ship! *Opens the door* Use your parachutes!

Dasson: We need the ship! We're trying to get into space!

Charlie: This ship is useless! It's damaged! And it's a threat to the people! *Points to a bigger and faster one* That one is better! Use your jetpacks to got there!

Dasson:*getting jetpack out and flying to it* Alright then!

Charlie: *Throws backpack in ship, jumps out* Hasta la vista, bitch! *Fires bullet at bomb, ship explodes, along with several aliens*

Jestude:I 'm getting a helicopter to give us a Warthog. It should be here in less than 10 minutes!That means one of us must walk.

Charlie: I'll do it!

Jestude: I call passenger seat! Hey hear it is!*The helicopter drops the Warthog near the rest of the trail*Jestude gets in the passenger seat*Who's the gunner?

Seishi: I'll gun!

Jestude: Then its settled; the rest of you losers are gonna have to walk. Let's head off then.

Charlie: *Starts walking*

Dasson:*is already at the rock above* I'm I the only one with the jetpack attachment? God damn. Ken needs to equip you guys. *getting assault rifle and shooting aliens* I'll clear the way! *shooting a rock 2 times above him, it would crash the rock and form a ramp* Here's a ramp! *taking cover*

Charlie: *Starts running*

Jestude:Come on Seishi keep shooting!*firing at aliens with his lucky pistol*

Seishi; HA! HA! HA! HA! *Fires gun at several aliens* HA!

Dasson:*shooting aliens from each direction* Guys quick!

Charlie: *Throws a grenade*

Seishi: *Continues firing*

The Warthog which is driven by a soldier gets to the ramp.

Dasson: Finally guys. Let's wait for Charlie and regroup at the brig.

Charlie: *Thoughts: Dammit, so many aliens in my way! But that won't stop me!!!*

Dasson:*shooting aliens in Charlie's way* I'm gonna help Charlie!

Seishi: *Shoots aliens* I'm watching your back, Charlie!

Charlie: Thanks! *Fires gun*

Aliens would be clear in Charlie's way.

Dasson:*taking cover at the ships ramp* Charlie get up!

Charlie: I'm up, I'm up! *Fires gun at aliens*

-*A silver skinned alien with an odd outfit rose from the alien forces*

K: The human soul is filled with imperfections. The imperfect shall die ever so slowly.. *pulls out laser knife*

Dasson:*looking to the ship* Alright, then. *reloading and keepps shooting bullets*

Charlie: *Turns to K* *Says seriously* Who the hell or WHAT the hell are you???

Laurie: *pulls out gun* Don't bother. It's an alien.

Jestude: What the hell are you doing here, Laurie?

K: How hostile. I am K. The blood of you humans will decorate these walls.

Charlie: Alien blood will be on these walls, and I'm not talking about Saiyans.

Laurie: Charlie, start shooting! *begins to shoot aliens*

K: Why do you care for comrades? It is survival of the fittest..

Charlie: If I didn't have my friends helping me in this war, I'd be dead countless times.

K: Indeed..you are weak.

Charlie: *Eyes glow green* We'll see how weak I am! *Fires gun*

K: *grabs alien, puts his body infront of his, then throws the corpse away* The white lies of the human race..

Charlie: You sick bastard! You'd do that to your comrades?!

K: They were destined to die anyway..

Charlie: Yeah! Just like YOU are!!! *Throws a grenade*

K: ...*jumps from grenade and kicks multiple aliens to grenade*

Jestude: HEY, you gross alien sucker.Take this*Throws a grenade*

Charlie: *Thoughts: He's just using the other aliens as shields* Guys! Keep the other aliens busy! I'll deal with this one.......

K: I see your plan now..

Charlie: Fight me! With no help from aliens!

Chapter 5: K[]

Kidnoss:*in K's mind* K, kill every human, but not Tubia. *in Dasson's mind* Tubia, your friends will die!*

Dasson:*stumbling around* Get out of my mind!

Jestude: Oh God,Is he saying what I think he's saying?

K: *sadistic smile* Your friends will all die...*throws laser knife at Jestude*

Jestude:Damn it.

Charlie: *Deflects with his own laser sword* I said you're fighting ME!

K: Tsk tsk tsk...*begins shooting Charlie*

Charlie: *Jumps and lands behind a car, comes out, and starts shooting*

K: *grabs aliens and uses them as shields* Need I remind you; I don't keep my promises, human. *shoots Charlie*

Charlie: *Is grazed by a bullet in the cheek* GGR! *Starts swinging hands at him*

K: Is someone angered..? *grabs Charlie's fists and kicks Charlie in his back*

Charlie: *Thoughts: Okay, stupid idea. NEVER fight an alien head on!* *Throws grenade*

K: This simplistic device? *puts distance between grenade and self, then grabs Charlie by the neck* I have an order to murder you all..*choking Charlie*

Charlie: G-GAH!

K: *throws Charlie on ground* Hm...I'd love to cut you so slowly..

Charlie; *eyes glow green* GGR! You're gonna pay for that! *Starts swinging with laser sword* I'm gonna make me some alien-cabob!

K: Dont be ridiculous, human. *easily avoiding Charlie's enraged hits* Now..let me play...

Charlie: *Thoughts: He's good. He's dodging my sword easily!* GAAH! *Continues swinging sword*

K: *punches Charlie in stomach*

Dasson: Damn it K!

Kidnoss:*in Dasson's mind* Are you having fun yet Tubia?

Dasson:*stumbling around* GET OUT OF ME!

Kidnoss:*in K's mind* K, finish Son Charlie off, then finish off Tubia's friends. After that, bring him to me. I have a secret to tell him.

Charlie: *Is on the ground, beat up* Damn--- Damn you!

K: Oh..*twisted smirk* I just want to have my entertainnment...*shoots Dasson*

Charlie: *Breathes heavily* G---Get away!

K: Oh my..did my punch do more than I wanted..? *kicks Charlie unconscious, does the same to Dasson and takes them to Kidnoss*

Charlie: *Tries to move* *Eyes glow green, charges a ki blast*

Dasson:*is unconscious* Aaah.

Kidnoss:*in Dasson's mind* Bye Bye Tubia.

Charlie: GET AWAY!!!!!!! *Charges a powerful ki blast at K*

K: *knocks Charlie out* Sh....*taking them to Kidnoss*

Seishi: Wait! *Is running after them* Charlie!

Jestude: Hey, I have just received a report that a squadron of soldiers have infiltrated the secondary core ship.

Dasson and Charlie are being carried by K, who is too fast for Jestude and Seishi to catch.

Seishi: If we take that ship, we can catch up to them! Come on!

Jestude: Dear God! Thats Laurie's squadron! What the the hell were you thinking woman? Sending your men to get slaughtered like that!

Seishi: Forget about that damn woman for now.......... She's the one who drafted me. I've hated every minute. I'd like to give her and Ken a bullet in their asses but I can't. Now come on! *Climbs in a ship*

K had a twisted grin on his face. He burned with excitement.

Charlie: *Is out* uh...........................

K: *thinking* I will have these humans die by my hand!

Jestude: You've got to do a whole lot more than that punk.

Seishi: HA! *Fires gun, causing K to drop Dasson and Charlie*

K: Damn it all! *quickly picks up Dasson and Charlie then begins to run rapidly*

A figure, cloaked in armor, rose from behind Seishi.

Switch: Come on, let's go get that bastard alien!

K: *thinking* Humans..they will all die, even if it means I die..

Charlie: *Has another vision* Huh? Where am I? Is this a dream???

Charlie sees a distant figure, it is a woman, then she disappears

Charlie: Huh? *Runs after her* Wait! Who are you?!

Charlie wakes up.

Charlie: Uh.......... what's going on??? *Thoughts: Who was that woman???*

Jestude:*In Charlie's mind*I see that you're in Wonderland, Alice.*snickering*

Charlie: Sh-shut up. *Gets up* *Looks at Switch* *Gasps* You're the woman I saw in my vision!

Switch: *whispers to Charlie* Listen, as far as we are concerned, in the records, I'm a guy. I could be killed for being a woman in the army..*louder, to everyone else* Let's get that alien!

Charlie: *Thoughts: That power................ How did I do it???* *Concentrates, palms starts glowing blue* GGR................ *Is losing concentration*

Switch: *talking to Charlie* Have I seen you before..? *memories of a man in her head*

Charlie: *Eyes glow green, calms down, tries to gain control of energy* Yeah................ You seem familiar, too :/

Switch: That alien still has your friend..let's go.

Jestude: Can we stay out of Wonderland and focus on saving the damn planet?!

Charlie: I'm trying, man, just let me focus! *Charges energy, then looks back at Switch, memories goes through head*

Switch: Hate to say it man, but your buddy is right. *looking at Charlie, thinking* I don't know how..but this guy looks familiar.

Charlie: *Has a memory of him as a child playing with a little girl*

Switch: *looking at Charlie* Hey, you, *reloading gun* let's go find this alien..

Charlie: *Thoughts: She's my sister! I'll tell her later.* *Charges energy*

Switch: *stares at Charlie* What are you doing..? Come on, let's go. That alien bastard still has a comrade.

Charlie: *Charges more energy* HA!

Elsewhere..K held an unconsious Dasson..

Charlie: HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! *Charges powerful ki blast* Get ready to die K!!!!!

K: *throws Dasson's body down* What is this..

Switch: What..?

Charlie: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! *Fires powerful ki blast*

K: Oh no..no..NO NO NO!!! *is hit*

Charlie: HA!!!!!!!! *Puts more power into blast

Seishi: Bullseye!

Switch: *smirks* One less ugly ass alien in the universe.

K: *is heavily wounded* You...

Charlie: *Breaths heavily, falls on his knee* That was tiring...........

Seishi: *Points gun right in front of K* Any last words??? *Cocks gun*

K: Damn..*bleeding* Damn it all...

Switch: Hey! *gets by Charlie* You ok?

Seishi: *Shoots K in the head* Charlie! *Runs to him* That was amazing! How'd you do that?!

Charlie: I just.............. I just concentrated, that's all, hehe. *Looks over to Switch* We need to talk.

Switch: Why..?

Charlie: Well, this might be hard to believe, but.......................... you're my sister.

Switch: I have..family? No wonder I recognized you. I'm Switch..I don't know who I am..

Charlie: I barely know much myself. But seeing you has changed that. I also know that we're Saiyans.

Switch: Sa..Saiyans..?

Charlie: Yeah--- Some powerful alien race, I was told. That's where my power came from, and you have it too!

Switch: *tries to create Ki and a pink energy develops in hand* Woah!

Dasson's body would disappear without anyone knowing.

Kidnoss:*in Charlie's mind* No matter how much ki you have, I'm always training and I'm far more powerful than you. I have the power nearly equal to you ancestor. *in everyone's mind* I can't wait to enjoy killing you,

Jestude:* Reading Kidnoss' mind*You wish loser.

Charlie: *In Kidnoss' mind* Don't worry. I will learn how to control my powers, and when I do, I will blast through your face. Count on it!. *Leaves Kidnoss' mind* He's too strong for me to beat, I can barely control it as it is. You guys will have to go on ahead without me. I'll need to find a master. Switch, you should come with me.

Chapter 6: Looking For A Master[]

Planet Feash, Kidnoss' training room.

It changes to an Eah city. Kidnoss fires a small pink ki blasts and as it plummets, it enlarges and blows up the city, causing a massive fire in a forest.

Charlie: *Thoughts: Let's hope we can find somebody :/*

COMT:*meditating with his legs crossed eyes closed and a good muscle build* Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Charlie: *Looks at COMT* Um, has he been here this whole time? *Walks over to him* Um............. sir, who are you???

COMT: My name is COMT, I meditate, waiting for people to be taught by me.

Charlie: Well I guess you're the man I was looking for. I need to train in ki, along with Switch over there. Can you do it???

COMT*jumping in Charlie's face with a crazy expression* *in a crazy voice* KI! Oh I'd love teach you some. KI!

Charlie: *Has a weird face on* Um................ OK??? *Thoughts: This guy better be the real deal* T.T

COMT:*reading his mind**crazy voice still and with the same expression* I am the real deal! Many people are strong now!

A human would pass by with brown hair and is 29.

Human: Thanks COMT, I'm a strong fighter now! *walking away*

Charlie: So I see you are affective. *Points finger at COMT* Sir! Train me as quick as possible!

COMT:*more into his face* *deep voice* I will warn you that you may die!

Charlie: *Feeling uncomfortable* I'm sure I can handle it. And sir, do you mind backing up a bit, this is getting weird!

Switch: *o.o face* Yeah...ok...

Charlie: So Switch, are you willing to train with this guy???

Switch: Yeah! Training couldn't be so bad. I've survived worse than this.

Charlie: Okay, so it's settled. We'll train with you, COMT! Now let's go!

Switch: COMT! Let's go at this!

A pod comes through the sky and out comes Jestude.

Jestude: I told you two to stay out of Wonderland. You guys just don't want to follow orders do you?

Charloe: Forget orders. If training will help this war, then I will train. COMT let's go!

Jestude: Did you say COMT?I use to train with the guy! Man those were good times,goood times.

Charlie: So COMT is affective. So can we go?!

COMT:*dancing like hell* If you want to train. *doing egyptian dance* You must control it by firing it at my dummies! *charges up and wiggles about while doing that, 7 dummies would raise from the sky* Now defeat that! *stops powering up*

Charlie: *Charges power* GGR...... *Struggles to gain control*

COMT:If you've got more control, you can do this! *charging ki blast* *ki blast would stay still as he fires it* *COMT jumps on it* See?

Charlie: *Continues to charge, then stops* Wouldn't it be best to help me CONTROL my ki first then start hitting targets??? I'm not defying your teachings, and all, I'm just speaking logic.

COMT:*dancing again* Well, I'm trying to see what you lack. You. Lack. Dun Dun Dun Dun! Strength! *showing his muscles that are big* If you don't have the strength, then you can't control the ki. You must fight hand to hand combat first. Carry a giant rock!

Charlie: T.T OK, can you just summon one???

COMT:*charging up and wiggling* HAAAH! *a dummy would be alive* This dummy doesn't have ki, so you must fight it!

Charlie: T.T But you said to carry a rock...................... Whatever. *Cracks knuckles, punches dummy in the face*

Dummy:*kicks Charlie on the leg*Drago!

COMT: Sorry about that, my Dummies have history with things. And I did say hand to hand combat first.

Jestude: That was my favorite lesson back in the day! It was beast!

Charlie: *Thoughts: Something's up with this puppet! Better yet, something's up with this master!*

Jestude:I can read your mind, nothing's wrong with COMT.I can't say much for Dummy, but COMT knows what he's doiiiOH MY GOD!

Charlie: *To Jetsude: Get outta my head T.T* *Throws fast punches and kicks at the dummy*

Dummy:*falling down* DRAGO! *getting up, it would stomp the ground and cause a massive explosion*

Reinforced aliens will come and then be crushed by a rock.

Charlie: O_O *Thoughts: WTH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!* *Throws a powerful punch*


COMT: I've seen enough, you must carry a rock. *riding on the energy blast to find a big rock* *COMT would carry a rock the size of Bulma's House, he'd drop it* Pick it up.

Charlie: O_O WHAT?! I'M ONLY 19!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO CARRY THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *SIghs, facepalm* I guess I'll try. *Grips rock, tries to pick up* GGR!!! *Struggles*

COMT:*crazy voice* Come on, are you expecting to learn ki like that? Your friends depend on you! Your planet depends on you! Dasson depends on you! Goku depends on you! DO IT!

Charlie: *Eyes glow green* Shut........... Up! *Starts picking up rock a foot high*

COMT:*goes to rock and enlarges it by sending ki in to it* Now watch! *he kicks the rock into the air send it flying* *the rock would go into pieces*

Charlie: *Eyes go to normal color* I thought I was supposed to carry the rock T.T *Thoughts: This training makes no sense so far, IDK how long I could take it!*

COMT: I've already seen your power. You should be able to control ki. *does wiggling power up* HAAH! *stops and a standing dummy is released* Now, hit that.

Charlie: *Charges power* HA! *Fires ki blast at dummy* OK I know how to control it, but I need to get better with my ki, like how to make my blasts stronger, and how to fly.

COMT: I've got a meeting on a moon in 6 minutes. So I'll give you some of my energy. *sending Charlie some energy* Try that.

Charlie: On the moon??? *Blasts powerful ki blast* Nice. Now............... how do I fly...............? *Charges ki, starts floating off the ground for a bit* Hm! Nice! Will I see you again??? I need you to be able to train Switch.

COMT:*deep voice* You'll be able to teach her. Don't worry about it.

Charlie: *Thoughts: Me??? But I just started learning this stuff... *................... Ok..............................

COMT: Now time to find passerby's

COMT meditates again and vanishes into thin air

Jestude: Dude you didn't have to kick me out of your mind. I have felt an evil presence. Kidnoss is coming! Get of the damn planet while you still can!

Charlie: WHAT?! *Damn, I won't have time to train Switch. Maybe later D:<* Let's go then. *Starts walking calmly*

Chapter 7: Battling Kidnoss[]

Jestude: He'll be there in 2 minutes! Hurry Charles Man!

Charlie: Calm down, man! *Thoughts: Let's see how strong this Kidnoss guy is.*

In a few minutes, a large ship has touched the land.

Charlie: This ship is huge! *Enters, sees a large door* This must be his training room. Be careful, guys. He's dangerous.

The door closes, with Charlie, Dasson, and Seishi in it. Everybody else is stuck outside.

Charlie: WTH is this?! *Bangs on door* It won't budge! GGR, you guys deal with the other aliens! Dasson, Seishi, and I will battle Kidnoss!

Switch: Damn it all..*prepares to shoot aliens*

Charlie: *On the other side of the door* Sorry, Switch, I have no idea how to open this door!

There is a thumping noise, and a panel in Switch's area pops open from the ceiling. Struggling sounds can be heard.

Voice: Stupid... junk... alien... ggrr...

Charlie: Hmph. *Has a serious face on*

Kidnoss: I'm so happy that you will want to fight me. This ships on auto pilot and it has the strongest material in the universe. So let's fight!

Charlie: *Fires a blast*

Kidnoss:*lets the blast hit him*

Charlie: *As the smoke surrounds Kidnoss, Charlie jumps behind him and kicks him to the ground* Seishi! Dasson! Now! Attack! *Moves*

Seishi! *Fires gun several times*

Dasson:*firing gun like hell* DIE


Charlie: Did that do it??? I doubt it, but let's hope he received SOME damage.

Kidnoss: You're right! *powers up like hell and is healed* Tubia knows this. Don't you?

Dasson:*annoyed* Urgh.

Kidnoss:*sends a jawing punch to Charlie* Take that! *he'd break Seishi and Dasson's guns* No annoyances.

Charlie: *Spits some blood* Not bad. *Thoughts: He's just messing with us..........* Hmph. *Charges more power*

Kidnoss:*charges a mass suply of power* Now! *fires a powerful blue energy wave at Charlie*

Charlie: Damn! *Jumps out of the way, arm is scratched* Gah! No big deal! I can still fight! *Fires powerful beam*

Kidnoss:*charges some ki into his hand* *he whacks the beam* Hah! *sends a double hook to Charlie's face*

Charlie: *Throws a quick jab to the chin* *Thoughst: I need some space!* *Backs up*

Kidnoss:*dodges the jab* Urgh, this space is annoying! *presses control panel*

The scene change onto Namek

Charlie: This place............. Why do I feel like I know it.......? Yes................ Goku............... My Great Grandfather fought here................. amazing.......................

Kidnoss: Goku, Goku, Goku. And I'm sure you Grandaddy doesn't want you to lose.

Dasson: Stop it!

Kidnoss: Now Now Tubia. *sending a kick to Carlie*

Charlie: *Blocks* WTH is Tubia?! Talk some sense, dammit! *Fires a blast, not to hurt him, but to make him back up*

Jestude:*Speaking in Charlie's mind*Charles, I found a way to kill Kidnoss, ZXios, and The Mothership!

Charlie: Jestude, is that you??? Sorry, I can't hear you! This metal is interrupting your mind reading!

Jestude: Damn It man! If you don't hear this, you will fucking die!

The metal is too strong to talk to a person on the other side.

Kidnoss: You'll find out! *sending a kick*

Charlie: Gah! *Dodges kick* Thoughts: This guy's tough.....* *Eyes glow green* *Thoughts: But I can't give up. I can't!* HHAAAAAAHHHH!!!! *Charges power*

Jestude's Flashback

Jestude:*pant,pant,pant*Thoughts*(Dear Jesus he's strong. The more I fight, the more I am getting close to getting my ass whipped. But I have to keep trying, just to hold him off until those guys get out of that box)*Alright you filthy bitch, its time to send you back into the henges of hell!

Kidnoss:*noticing his eyes* Green Eyes? Hah. It looks like it might make you strong. But not stronger than me! *firing 20 beams at Charlie*

Dasson:*angry**thoughts:I can't just stand here and watch him lose!*

Charlie: GGR! *Blocks blasts* Yeah, come on! *Fires large golden blast, brightening the room*

Another Flashback

Jestude: Can't give up yet. Have to fight until they get out(Haugh...Haugh...Haugh)YAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Kidnoss:*getting hurt by the golden blast* Argh. *putting his hands on his eyes, healing them* That's better. Such a trick like that won't work. And, I haven't regained my strength. Just my vision. Because I am a fair fighter. *charges up massively* *chunks of rock break, some trees turn to dust* Now, the real fight begins.,

Charlie: *Is behind Kidnoss* HA! *Fires large blast*

Kidnoss:*gets sent flying to a tree* *he grabs it and swings from it sending himself flying to Charlie* Lucked out. *firing a barrage of energy blasts*

Charlie: Darn. *Gets hit badly* That was my best shit....... *Falls to the floor*

Last Flashback

Jestude: Damn it ,I lost!Forgive me Charles, Dasson, Seishi; I did all I could. The least I could do is this*presses a button*Falls to the ground*

Dasson:*enraged* STOP!

Kidnoss:*to Dasson*Hmm Tubia, I wont stop.

Dasson:Why do you keep calling me Tubia!

Kidnoss: You don't know do you?

Dasson:What don't I know.

Kidnoss: I. Am your father.

Dasson:*shocked* NOOOOOO! I won't believe that!

Seishi: That's IT!!!!!!!! *Starts shooting crazily and throwing grenades* HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Strange rumbling is happening

Kidnoss: Damn it. This doesn't even affect me.

Chapter 8: The Tubia History and A Dear Death[]

Charlie: *Is on the ground*

Seishi: *Is still firing wildly*

Kidnoss:*going to the control panel**changing the gravity* The gravity is high, your grenades will take long to be thrown. *to Dasson* Yes, I am your father!

Dasson: But how!

Kidnoss: It's because, long time ago when you were born.


Spaceship with Dasson, Kidnoss and his mother.

The Spaceship is hit

Kidnoss: We were running from some people that were trying to chase us! We put you in a space pod to anywhere else. But you landed on Earth.

Flashback ended

Dasson: So it must be true.*thoughts:Not!* Then I was adopted by these tigers, who had human friends and they all loved me. When I heard of the invasion, I signed up for the army! And Ken wouldn't let me, he thought I was a spy. Then that's when they tried to test me on the past I remember. And it failed, so I signed up. That's why I talk more humanly.

Seishi: DIE DAMMIT! *Fires gun crazily*

Kidnoss: That has no effect on me. But you're just a simple fool. *pulling cupped hands to the air* Kon WAVE! *firing at Seishi

Seishi: GAH! *Is hit severely*

Charlie: SEISHI! *Runs to him* Are you okay, man?

Seishi: *Coughs out blood* Does that answer your question? *Coughs out more blood*

Charlie: Oh no! You gotta pull it together man!!!

Dasson: Of course he isn't okay! *looking at Kidnoss* You fiend!

Kidnoss: He was only just a fool my son.

Dassson:I'm not your son! *some ki would flash**looking at Charlie* I don't have enough ki to heal him.

Seishi: It's OK. *Coughs up blood, dies*

Charlie: Seishi?!

Dasson: Noo..


Dasson:*looking to Charlie* He's doing it, but his pupils vanished?

Charlie: GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Aura becomes somewhat golden red* NOW YOU DIE KIDNOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kidnoss:*sensing his power* I guess we're even.

The ship lands on Planet Feash.

The front hatch of the ship would open, still blocking the others.

Kidnoss: Now we fight on my home planet.

Back on earth

Agent: Mr. President, it seems that the soldiers have disobeyed our our orders. They've gone to THAT planet. *Points to a small red dot in the sky.

Jarako: Oh, really? That's where the aliens are? Well only a handful of soldiers are there. We'll kill them along with the aliens. Get me my laser. I'll blow up the planet.

At Feash

Dasson:*hiding* I'm... deluded.

Kidnoss: You maybe strong but, no time for playing! *powering up*

Charlie: Dasson! I'm gonna need your help on this! *Powering up*

Dasson: I don't have enough healing powr. Even if I did, you wouldn't be much of a good fighter. Good fighters are fair fighters. And guns can't hurt him.

Charlie: Hmph! OK! *Charges to Kidnoss, fires a blast*

Kidnoss:*thoughts: He's stronger now. This is gonna be hard* I'm going to enjoy this fight. Even I die, I'm going to love my first real fight. *he'd dodge it and send a punch*

Charlie: *Takes punch to the chin, then throws one back*

Jestude:*Tries to speak through Charlie's mind*Charles, I know you can't hear me but i'm still trying to speak to you. I have pressed a button that has the ability to destroy the entire planet. I am also dying thanks to ZXios*cough..cough..cough*So I'm saying you have one hour to get of the planet or you and the others will die. I might not have a chance but I'm using the last of my strength to get into my pod and get out of here. But I still wish you luck and hope you make it back safely. See ya.

Charlie: Man, I still can't hear you! I'm sorry, but I must continue fighting Kidnoss!

Jestude: Screw It.I'm sorry Charles. It's been a pleasure fighting by your side.

Leaves Planet Feashing in his space pod

Charlie: What is it?! *Thoughts: His voice seemed a little weaker; It feels like he's fading............ Is he dying??? Grr..................* Darn it, Jestude. *Gets angrier*

Kidnoss: *sit there waiting for him*

Charlie: I haven't forgotten about you! *Charges*

Kidnoss:*charges more**sends a punch to him*

Charlie: *Counters with a punch of his own, punches collide*

Kidnoss:Heh. *sending a headbut*

Charlie: *Receives blow* GAH! *Throws a kick to the face*

Kidnoss:*receives blow* AAH.

Both Charlie and Kidnoss are bleeding.

Charlie: I'm not done yet. You've killed my best friend, AND I WON'T FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Charges a large amount of power*

Kidnoss:*breathing in and out* I'm going to lose. But I won't lose without a good fight. *firing a blue energy blast*

Charlie: *Blocks*

Kidnoss:*sending two punches*

Charlie: *Receives punches* HA! *Throws one of his own, a powerful one*

Kidnoss is bleeding badly.

Kidnoss: Tubia, please help me!

Dasson: I'm not Tubia!

Kidnoss: Please, help me.

Dasson:*walking to him*

A large pit, showing lava would appear.

Kidnoss: Thank you son!

Dasson: I'M NOT YOUR SON! *kicking him into the pit*

Kidnoss is incenerated by the lava

Dasson: He's gone.

The laser is fired to Planet Feash, nearly destroying the core.

Rocks and craters crumble

Charlie: *Thoughts: DAMMIT! JARAKO! I bet he knew we were here! He tried to kill us off!* Dasson, I can't open this door! *Hits it, then blasts it* Nothing!

Goku: *In Charlie's mind* Do it Charlie! Your family technique! Charge your energy! The name of the technique is---!

Charlie: KAMEHAMEHA! *Charges a Kamehameha* Dasson! I have an idea! Throw a bomb at the door now!!!

Dasson: On the strongest metal in the universe? Your energy waves couldn't destroy it. Plus, *pointing to the front hatch* That has been open since this fight! *running to it*

Charlie: Well somebody hs to stop that laser. Maybe I can destroy it. If it doesn't stop, everything will blow in a matter of seconds! THROW A BOMB AT IT!!!

Dasson:If I do. I'll die! Space is a vacum! *throwing the bomb*

Charlie: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! *Fires Kamehameha at bomb, wave becomes large, it combats the laser* Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........................ GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Back on Earth

Jarako: Something's happening to my laser! It's malfunctioning!

The laser finally explodes.

Charlie: *Breathes heavily, goes back to base* Phew.......... That should stall the planet's explosion for a few minutes. It'll give us some time to think of a plan to get outta here.

Dasson:Not quite. The planet isn't going to explode. You've basically exploded the laser. But it hasn't hit the core yet. It's only hit the planet. And lucky it wasn't on our side. *pointing to the ship* The ships over there, we have to take it, because everyone else is on it!

Charlie: OK, I'll fly us there. Grab my shoulder!

Dasson:*grabbing Charlies Shoulder, healing him also* Okay!

Charlie: Thanks, man *Flies fast, gets on the ship* This engine is fried! *Throws a small ki blast at it* Maybe that'll help. Now Dasson, fly this thing!

Dasson:*presses some buttons*

The hatch closes

The door blocking the others opens

Dasson:*presses one button*

The ship flies off in the air

Charlie: We made it.......... *Drops on the floor* Phew..................

Dasson:Yeah. It's a good thing we kept the planet. A good hero never lets the innocent die.

Charlie: Yeah....................... This ship is kinda moving slow. I'll try to see if I can fix the engine.

Dasson: Leave it to me. It's my specialty. *Dasson would press the auto pilot button and send Earth's coordinates* Now. *going to engine system, he would then try fix it here now* I wonder how that happened, it was protected by the strongest metal? *the engine would be making the same noises as it was when fighting Kidnoss* Yes, I've fixed it.

Charlie: Great!

Several Minutes later, the ship landed on Earth

Charlie: Hey, gov. people! We've arrived at last!

The agents points their guns at them.

Government Agent: Raise your hands! Don't move!

Charlie: *Puts hand up* What's the meaning of this?!

Ken: *Walks towards them* You damn aliens will be put to jail.

Charlie: KEN?! You're ALIVE?!?!?!

Ken: I almost didn't make it. Once we put you to jail, we'll find that kid that blasted me and I'll put steaming holes in his chest!

Charlie: This is because we're ALIENS?!

Dasson:*hand is up* Huh? I've been here for 3 months! And you didn't at all notice I was an alien!

Ken: We knew. We were just waiting for the right time. Now we have you.

Charlie: *Eyes glow green* You do, huh? *Throws blast on the floor, making large smoke*

Charlie: Guys! Run now!


Dasson:*shotting a ki blast at 3 soldiers* What the? *running into the ship*

Charlie: *Running* Don't look back just RUN!


Jestude: Computer set my destination to the Mothership.

Computer: Yes Jestude.

At the ship

Dasson: Look's like my planet will come in handy!

Charlie: Well? Fire it up! We're competing with aliens here. But worst of all, we're fugitives, and I doubt the government WON'T come after us.........

Saga 2: Fugitives[]

Chapter 1: A New Friend[]

A Soldier: wait! I'm coming with you guys! Enters the ship.

Dasson: Alright. *letting him in* *the hatch would open* Now who are you?

Osborne: My name is Osborne. You can call me "Oz." I have been studying the aliens, and there might be some things you need to know. The ship can go on "Auto Pilot", right? Cuz you'll need to hear this, too.

Dasson:*changing the settings to auto pilot* Okay.

Osborne: The aliens................. There aren't just ONE alien species after us.......... There are 3. And each are unique in their own ways.

Dasson: Oh my. *to Charlie* If you want to train, this large ship has a training room.

Charlie: *Looks at Dasson* Cool. I'll do that............... *Looks at Oz* After he's done.

Osborne: And that's not the worst part. The lower the population of these aliens, the stronger they get!

Dasson: What? That doesn't even make any sense!

Osborne: I'm trying to understand this myself. I'll need to study them more. *Throws a pic of an alien species on the table* Terra Spothoch. Also known as "Ground Aliens". They travel underground and have these huge tentacles that can grab you in a second. The signs of them: Rubling underground. Always watch your feet with these aliens.

Dasson: Ground Aliens, hmm.

Osborne: *Throws another picture of another alien species* Airborne Meslias. Also known as "Sky Aliens". They have these wings that are similar to a Pterodactyl's wings. They shriek loudly when they are about to attack. Always use your ears for them.

Charlie: Sky Aliens. Hm.......

Osborne: And lastly..........

Dasson: If I see anything called walking aliens, I'm gonna flip.

Osborne: No. Even worse. *Throws another pic* Proticus Momolia. These aliens have powers. There's less of them then the others, but they are VERY powerful and getting even stronger.

Dasson: Damn, this is bad. We should train for this. *leaving it on autopilot still*

Charlie: Dammit. This is really bad. 3 powerful alien species along with the Government are after us. Dasson, show me that training room. I can't waste a single minute.

Dasson:Follow me. *Dasson would walk down and see the first door* Here it is.

Charlie: Thanks *Enters room* *Thoughts: Ken will surely make the government come after us soon. They'll probably use a spaceship and study it, to get how it's used.* *Feels the ground shaking* Oh crap. Feels like a Ground Alien!

Osborne: You guys feel that? It's a Ground Alien. But judging by the force it's pretty far. We won't have to worry about it now.

Dasson: Yeah I feel that. *is in the room as well* It's lucky for us they can't send this ship crashing. It is made from the strongest material in the universe ever. *setting the panel to Hyperbolic Time Chamber* Now. *firing ki wave*

Charlie: *Falls straight on the ground* WTH?!?!?! My body feels heavy! Is that the gravity or something?!?!?!

Dasson: Yes. It's quite heavy. How can you not stand from this? The gravity on Feash was -10 strong than this. Actually, that was easy for me, I was born there.

Charlie: *Struggles to get up* I've just never had gravity training. hehe.

Dasson: Don't worry you'll get used to it. Go back to basics. What did you used to do before you could walk?

Charlie: Huh? What are you talking about???

Dasson:*sighs* You have to crawl. Then you walk, then you run. Last, you fly.

Charlie: IK you have to crawl! You said what I had to USE! *Face palm* Whatever. *Tries to get up, is able to stand, but it's hard to move* Grr....................

Dasson:I said "Used to do" Not "Had to use". Try to use your ki to help, channel the ki and let it flow through.

Charlie: *Struggles to move* It's like carrying a sumo wrestler!

Dasson: Try and shake your fingers. Also, try shake your legs.

Charlie: I can shake my fingers, duh. But my legs.............. *Shakes them, then falls* DAMMIT! *Struggles to get back up* This will make things easier! *Transforms into False SSJ*

Dasson: Your transformation may help. But you should be able to walk.

Charlie: GGR! I WILL MASTER THIS GRAVITY!!! *Starts walking*

Dasson: Nice. Try walking faster. But don't run yet.

Charlie: *Walks quicker*

Dasson: Now try to run around.

Charlie: *Starts jogging, then runs*

Dasson: Now fly!

Charlie: *Is floating*

Dasson: This should be good enough gravity. As more gravity you learn, you should be able to fight in any planet.

Charlie: *Starts flying around*

Dasson: Good. *turning to wall* Ar YAH ! *firing an energy wave*

Charlie: *Stops flying, lands on the ground* This place looks like it goes on forever! *Fires a blast, waits for a while* It does! I haven't heard any impact!

Dasson: I changed the settings, like Kidnoss did in the fight. So it looks like where in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Charlie: Where is the "real" Hyperbolic Time Chamber"? Tell me more about it.

Dasson: It's on Earth, in some tall lookout. And when you train there for one day it feels like a year. But we can't just go there. We are being chased.

Charlie: Wait, does this fake work like the real one? Will a year in here be a day outside??

Dasson: Of course not. It's just a simulated version. When we were on Namek, we didn't see Namekians. But we were able to destroy things.

Charlie: OK...............

Dasson: Yeah, that's kinda it.

Charlie: *Goes back to base form* Tell me more about these "Namekians"

Dasson: Namekians are theese green people who have very good hearing. They're very tribal, they live in this galaxy and they are friendly when not attacked. Namekians can also fuse their bodies into one and they were the sole creators of the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls are these mysterious artifacts where you need to collect 7 and then a dragon appears and will grant you a wish.

Charlie: ANY wish?! That's amazing!...................... I'm not sure if there's any wish I would really want. What would you wish for???

Dasson: Everlasting Peace of course. I could also wish for power, to protect. Dragon Balls are on Namek and Earth. I wonder what my race prepared for us?

Charlie: Ya think we can go there? Ah, not now. We'll do it AFTER we get the government off our backs.

Jestude: Dont worry about that Charles. The people back on Earth will take care of it*cough,cough,cough*

Charlie: WTH?!?! Jestude?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jestude:*faintly*Hello Charles*cough*

Charlie: Uh oh! *Helps him up*

Jestude: Forgive me,Charles.

Dasson: How did you get here? You couldn't have used a door.

Charlie: Did the other soldiers let you in? Maybe. But he needs some help.

Dasson:Well he couldn't have got here. The ships in space. *looking at Planet Feash* We're almost there.

Charlie: Alright. Turn this projection off. I'm getting kinda tired of the complete white space and the powerful gravity.

Dasson:*heading to panel*

The simulation would go back to the actual gravity room.

Dasson:Done. Looks like I'm home.

Charlie: Your home...................

Dasson: I was born on Planet Feash right? And I've just remembered something. If my dad's dead, then who's the President of the Planet?

Charlie........... You.......... now???

Dasson: Oh yeah! So if the government comes we've got an army!

The ship land

Charlie: Great! *Gets out* *Feels the ground shaking* Oh no.................

Dasson:*grabbing Jetsude and Osborne* Let's go! *rushing out off the ship*

Oz: I can walk wa know! *Releases himself* I think I'll stay. I can protect myself. I'll study the aliens more.

Dasson: If you mean these aliens, you don't need to study it, that's my thing.

Citizens: President Tubia!

Charlie: President Tubia. With this many people on our side, we'll be strong enough to fight against the government AND the aliens!

Dasson: I know. *walking across the carpet*

Charlie: We still need to take Jestude to recovery.

Osborne: *Leaves ship* I have a few samples from those aliens. Do these people have labs where I can study?

Citezen:*looking to Oz* Yes, we do. We have a high tech labatory right over there. *pointing to it*

Osborne: Alright. I'll tell you when I've found more info. *Leaves*

Dasson:Alright then.

Charlie: Let's take Jestude to a medic.

Dasson: Yeah.

Jestude is carried off to a medic

Jestude:*Thought* far too weak...Can't feel muscles*

Chapter 2: President Tubia[]

Charlie: So, how are we gonna defend ourselves against the government and the aliens???

Dasson: Send 4 snipers hidden and 2 people to fire rocket launchers.

Soldier: Yes sir.

Osborne: *Has sample of each alien speciess DNA* Hmm.................

Dasson: The government will be quite easy. They don't have ki.

Charlie: But they have WAY more weapons and men than we do. And they're probably working on tha laser, trying to fix it. We can't underestimate our enemies. Human......................... or alien.................................

Jestude:*Thoughts*Well, at least I'll be fine just as soon I get out of the Rejuvenation Chamber*

Dasson: *to Jestude* You'll get better, don't worry. *to Charlie* I know not to. You do know, if you're quite strong bullets and launchers can't hurt you. The person who sabotaged the laser before is probably working on sabotaging it again. And we can't kill anyone who doesn't seem evil or innocent.

Charlie: *Thoughts: WTH is he talking about?*

Osborne: *Is in the lab* No way! I must inform the others!

Dasson: Looking on the expression on your face, well we don't want to accidently kill anyone we knew.

Osborne: *Runs to them* Hey guys! I have more info on the aliens!

Dasson:*looking to Oz* What is it?

Osborne: Come with me to the lab.

The would all head to the lab.

Dasson: Okay, let see.

Osborne: The aliens! They've lived on the same planet. All 3 of them have some kind of "gland" in their DNA.

Dasson: Woah..

Osborne: The gland reacts to the dangers of the aliens being extinct!

Charlie: WTH?!?!?!?!?! How is that even possible?!?!?!?!?!

Dasson: This is bad!

Soldier:*rushing in* Sir, I've received a report that the attacking ship has been destroyed.

Charlie: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Did they say what type of aliens attacked the ship?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Soldier: It was the government.

Dasson: It couldn't be aliens, they don't know we're here, aren't they going for Earth?

Charlie: They must be using the alien ships! There's probably hundreds of them around! After all, we've killed a lot of aliens! *Eyes glow green*

Osborne: Whoa...................

Soldier: I'm sure of it, aliens did not attack, it was the human goverment. We checked the bodies, there are no aliens.

Charlie: *Feels rumbling* Oh crap! It's getting stronger!!!


An alien appears under the ground

Dasson: Oh no.

Jestude: Oh the Hell is happening,I feel his presence again! It Can't be..!

Charlie: DAMMIT! *Blasts alien in its face* The floor is still rumbling! There must be more! Be on guard!

Dasson: Darn. We must leave the building now! And how do they know we're here!

Charlie: Come on! *Runs*

Osborne: *Runs too*

Jestude: It's ZXios!

Dasson: Didn't I kill him ages ago!

Charlie: IDK and IDC, if he's alive, we'll kill him. Come on!

Dasson: I'll finish off what I started. He isn't a ground alien at all.

Charlie: I'd like to put a blast in that guy's face myself!

Jestude: He will be here in 12 freakin' minutes! I need to get out of the Chamber, while you guys get ready for the "Guest of Honor".

Charlie: "Guest of Honor"...?

Dasson: I didn't invite anybody?

Charlie: What....

Osborne: We gotta get outta here!

Chamber Voice: You are healed.

The Chamber's hatch opens

Dasson: Jestude get out!

Charlie: I'll help him! *Grabs Jestude*

Osborne: *Leaves*

They'd all leave the building.

Dasson: Damn.

The building falls.

Osborne: DAMMIT!

Charlie: Dasson, is there an underground tunnel or something? If there is, we'll intercept them!

Dasson: Aren't we facing ground aliens? *to a citizen* Is there a underground tunel?

Citezen: Yes Mr,President. It's connected to the entire planet like a highway.

Dasson: Thank you!

Jestude: 10 minutes and counting! We have to get ready! When I fought him, I was lucky to be alive! Now this time he might kill us! We need to arm ourselves!

Charlie: I'll blast a hole to the ground! *Blasts floor* This might take a while!

Jestude: The Heck! What is blowing a hole in the ground gonna do?

Charlie: It's gonna get us underground and stop the aliens! We'll be able to see them! They have an advantage with us above ground. But with us both underground, we'll be able to stop them!

Osborne: It's true. When Ground Aliens are battling underground, their advantage is lost, because we'll be able to anticipate their moves!

Dasson:*pointing to the stairs that would have took them down* Really? *walking down the steps* Alright, but don't fire any ki blasts, we don't want to accidentally kill any citezens, so just use weapons. *wielding a shotgun and an energy sword*

Charlie: *Grabs Laser Sword* Come on! *Goes down*

Elsewhere, several miles away...

Damon:*Still a Super Saiyan, fires a hole into a government building, Flies in and grabs a worker by the neck.* Where is Ken? I know he is alive, Tell me where he is now!!!!!

Worker: He is in his office. Top floor, 5 doors to the left. Please dont hurt me.

Damon:*lets him go.* Thanks.*Damon runs to the elevator. The workers all pull out guns and shoot at him*

Workers: We must protect Ken

Damon: You fools, I was gonna spare you*Kills all of them with a small Galick Gun* Woah, what was that? I feel unbeatable. Now to kill Ken.*Damon fires a hole through the elevator doors. He then flies up the shaft.Ken is in his office, Damon kicks down the door.*

Damon: I should of killed you before, I won't let you hurt the humans. Now I will finish the job, and end you once and for all!!!!

Jestude: Damon?

Ken: hehe!

Charlie: GGR! Let ME kill this bastard!

Dasson: Another Saiyan? Damon? *looking at Ken* Damon, you can take care of him, just don't toy with him.

Chapter 3: Ken is Back![]

Jestude: Don't hurt him!

Charlie: There's no reason for me NOT to kill this bastard!

Ken: Oh really? *Jumps with a laser gun the size of a minigun, and shoots it at everybody* HAHAHA!

Dasson: Damn. *Dasson jumps over it, he then heals the walls, making them much stronger, to the point of being invincible* How did you know we'd be here?

Ken: We saw a red planet in the sky. That's where you fought Kidnoss>We knew you'd be going there. And with all of the space ships around Earth from the dead aliens, we just picked them up and flew here! Every alien on this planet will die!

Charlie: You FOOL! Not all aliens are evil!!!!! Jestude:*shoots Ken in the leg*What is your problem?

Damon:*chokes Ken* They are right. Some aliens, like me and them, are good. It is your hatred of the peaceful humans, that is truly evil. Prepare to die*throws Ken against the wall and prepares to charge an powerful attack.*

Ken: Damn brat! *Blasts the laser at Damon*

Damon:*Dodges* That was close. Time to guit playing around.* punches Ken in the face and kicks him in the stomach. This gives Ken a bloody nose*

Dasson:D amn. What's wrong with you? Why do you want aliens to die so much?

Ken: *Wipes nose* Because they're evil, kid! I want them off my planet! *Grabs Damon and throws him on the wall*

Damon:* Gets up and starts to choke Ken* Enough of this good an evil bull!! All that matters, is who wins. Say hello to OBLIVION!!!! * continues to choke Ken with one hand.Lets go of Ken* You know what,Ken. I will let one of them kill you. A weakling with no powers in a waste of my time.<breaks laser gun> Now, one of you fools, take out the trash.

Jestude:D on't do it!

Ken: *Kicks Damon back, shoots him in the shoulder with his Laser Pistol hidden under his suit* I've been training with COMT too ya know! Well I'm out! Toodles! *Flips backwards and kicks door, leaves*

Charlie: KEN! GET BACK HERE! *Runs after him*

Jestude: Charles don't go after him!

Charlie: WHAT?! Why NOT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Damon:*gets up* Can't believe how big a fool I was. I should of guessed he'd have a second gun. If he had training, then he probably can do ki moves too. Charlie, can your hair turn yellow yet?

Charlie: No. It'll probably take a long while for me to be able to. Maybe my whole life.

Dasson :Damn! Charlie, you'll never go yellow. Your blood is diluted for that.

Charlie: Maybe... but trying isn't so bad.

Damon: what? I thought your father was a full blooded Saiyan like mine. Darn it. Can you at least do energy moves? If not, I may have something that could help, but it is back at my pod.

Charlie: I have learned energy attacks. Son Goku isn't my father. He's my 7th great grandfather or something. I can't go Super Saiyan, but I can use this other form. *Goes False SSJ*

Damon: Looks like Kaioken almost. It's a start. But we should still go to my pod. What I have could be useful. But I'm not sure you have the guts to risk it.

Charlie: I've had guts since I've been drafted in this war. Let's do it.

Chapter 4: Special Tree[]

Damon and the others are flying towards his pod

Damon: Charles, remember that once we plant the seeds, we will only have 48 hours to destroy the tree before it sucks your planet dry. Plus, we have to wait 2 hours for the fruits to grow. We only have one shot at this, so make it count!

Jestude: Whoa Crap! Haven't seen anyone do FSSJ in years!

Charlie: Destroy... the planet?! What is this seed?

Goku: *In Charlie's head* The Tree of Might. Turles used it against me. The fruits will spike your power significantly.

Charlie: *Talking to Goku* Cool... but I'm not sure if I want to take that chance of destroying the planet...

Turles:*in Damon's head* You should just let the planet rot. There are plenty of other planets to conquer. Here is what you should do. Go to your pod, plant the tree, and then kill Charlie and leave this planet to rot. I will tell you where I want you to go next.

Damon:*Talking to Turles* No father, I may be a Saiyan, but I ain't heartless like you. These people have done nothing wrong. They don't deserve to die. I'm not killing them.

Turles:*in Damon's head* Fine, at least kill Charlie. His ancestor Kakarot, was the one who killed me after you were frozen.

Damon:*Talking to Turles* What? You were killed by that fool's ancestor? Sure, I will kill him for you, after we kill Ken.

They reach the ship. Damon presses a button on the ship. the hatch opens. Damon grabs the seeds

Damon: Time for a upgrade. *plants the seeds* So what do you guys want to do for 2 hours?

Charlie: *Pulls out Laser Sword* Kill some Ground Aliens!

Damon: Okay, sounds like a good idea. It should be fun. The nonstop earthquakes should weaken them. So, know where some are?

Charlie: Where do you think!? *Blasts ground leading to a tunnel and goes in it*

Dasson: What the?

Charlie: C'mon!

Damon: Fun time. Let's kill us some Ground Aliens.

Charlie: *Removes energy powering sword in the back* *Thoughts: I wonder if I can put my energy in it* *Charges, energy goes in sword* Whoa! Cool! I prefer my blue ki color instead of that stupid red!

Dasson:*looking at Charlie* Okay.

Damon:*walks into tunnel* I must say, I thought it looked cooler red.But if blue is more powerful, who cares?

Charlie: My own ki is stronger than the core.

An alien appears

Charlie: *slices it* I see more!

Damon: I kill this one. *blasts 3 with a Kill Driver*

Charlie: *Jumps high in the air and cuts one up* HAH!

Damon: *Flies out of the tunnel* Beat this* Fires a Calamity Blaster at the aliens. It kill all of them and nearly hits Charlie*

Charlie: Hey! Watch it!

Jestude: Hey you filthy bitch, watch where you fire that thing someone might get killed!

Charlie: Jestude! You're healed!

Some time has passed since Damon planted the Tree of Might

Charlie: An hour has passed.

Jestude: Crap that was quick!

Damon: Hust one more. But I should warn you guys, The longer the tree remains intact, the stronger these earthquakes will get.

Charlie: *Looks at Jestude* Time flies when you're killing aliens! and you've been in the chamber for about 3 hours. *Looks at Damon* We'll pick the fruits then destroy the tree*

Jestude: I see now.The only way to destroy the tree is the Spirit Bomb.

Charlie: Spirit Bomb? The only way?

Damon: Uh what is a Spirit Bomb? and how could it destroy the tree? it isn,t ghost powered or anything.

Goku: *In Charlie's head* The Spirit Bomb in an attack that I used, but only when I was desperate. You gather all the energy from the planet you're on. Plants, animals, people..

Charlie: *To Goku* Amazing...

Jestude: Well let's give it a shot.

Damon: We'll try whatever this attack is, after the fruits finish growing.

Dasson: No. We aren't trying a move that will affect the planet itself. If you haven't even noticed before, every time I heal, it sends positive energy inside. So I could try sending some positive energy in to the tree. But, without destroying it.

Damon: No. I am telling you that it will still suck the planet dry of all it's resources. It isn't destroyed. Besides, that plan of yours sounds really dumb.

Dasson:I t's not dumb, It's quite a good plan. *walking towards the tree*

Dasson sends positive energy into the tree

Dasson:In about 10 months the tree is likely to alter itself into a better one.

Damon:*facepalms* We don't have 10 months you moron. The tree will suck this planet dry of all it's resources in about 2 days!!! We must destroy it as soon as the fruits finish growing.

Jestude: Bullshit, that's long!

Charlie: Let's kill us some aliens *Grinning* I feel so fired up!

Damon: Okay. But I think I already killed all them in this area. We will have to look elsewhere.*goes Super Saiyan* But it will be fun to do.

Jestude: Crap! If you want fun and also leading to our deaths then I sense ZXios Power Level almost 10 miles away.

Charlie: Dangit. I'm starting to want to handle this ZXios guy myself.

Jestude: Might as well. Only to get this guy off our backs.

Charlie: How strong is this guy?

Jestude: Almost-half as strong as Galactus.

Charlie: Who?

Jestude: OH MY GOD!!!

Charlie: ???

Jestude:Just,just forget it. Let's go give ZXios a beating!

Charlie: Alright! Lead the way Jestude!

Jestude: Alright let's do it*flies off toward ZXios*

Charlie: *Flies after him*

Moments later they arrive at a Wasteland

Jestude:He should be here*looking around the place*

Charlie: Where is he???

Damon: He must be near. Maybe he's underground.* uses his energy to make a tunnel* Lets beat this guy.

Charlie: Alright.

Jestude:You guys may be right. I'm feeling a an unearthly power level down there*drops down*

Jestude:Just a few...steps*sees ZXios speaking to a mysterious figure*

ZXios: Its almost done my Master

Charlie: ZXIOS!

ZXios: Excuse me master. I will not let you interrupt my plans of Unbound Eradication.

Jestude: Go to Hell*pulls out his lucky pistol*

Charlie: *Goes False SSJ and laser sword turns orangish-red from ki* Come on!

ZXios:*is ready for FSSJ Charlie*Come over

Charlie: *Flies towards ZXios and swings sword*

ZXios:*catches the sword and flips Charlie over*Weak fools

Charlie: *Thoughts: He caught a LASER SWORD? No way! His hand shoulda burned off!* *Fires a Full-Power Energy Wave*

ZXios:*deflects with his tail*Is this the best that you can do, this won't be much of a fight.

Jestude: SUCK IT,BITCH*lucky pistol is is covered in golden-flames*DIE!*fires a golden-flame bullet*

ZXios:*catches the golden-flame bullet*I think you mean you suck it*shoots the bullet back at Jestude with his thumb*

Jestude:*is hit by the bullet*F*ck you*falls down*

Charlie: JESTUDE! GGR! *Fires a ki barrage*

ZXios:*deflects*Don't worry you'll join him soon.*fires finger ki barrage*

Charlie: *Is hit* GRAH! *Falls to the floor* ugh... *Looks up and sees a giant tree* *Thoughts: What the hell?! That must be the Tree of Might* *Gets up and grabs Jestude* I don't have time for you right now, I'll deal with you later *Flies away with Jestude*

Chapter 5: Tree of Might![]

Jestude:*is in pain*Can't stay in much*cough*longer, Charles.

Charlie: *Flying with Jestude in arms* You've survived worse than this.You'll make it. *Looks at tree* We'll pick the trees of its fruits then destroy it. But a tree that huge... It will take a lot to destroy it.

Jestude: I recommend you use*cough,cough*The Large Spirit Bomb*cough*

Charlie: But... But I don't know how...

Damon:*lands next to tree* It looks ready to me.*Thinks: Better make sure I eat more than Charlie, don't want the twerp to win our fight later on* Time to eat the fruits. *Grabs 3 for himself and eats them, then throws 5 to Charlie* 2 for you, and 3 for Jestude. He looks pretty weak.

Charlie: Thanks *Puts them in backpack then starts picking more* Here Jestude *Feeds him one*

Dasson: You guys are dumb. It's not going to take long. The tree will look like that, but the effects are gone. You don't need to wait, it's only in 10 months it'll start to change. And, I'm not letting you do any stuff on to my planet and remember that. *placing hands on Jestude, healing him*. *looking around* Where's Oz?

Osborne: Right behind ya.

Charlie: Dasson, we can't take that chance. There is no reason to keep this tree anyways, all the fruits have grown.

Jestude: God!I feel stronger! These things increases our power by 30,000! That's a lot of energy. Thanks Charles. You are by far the most bravest and hard-headed soldier on this planet and thus I thank you for that.

Charlie: *Picking fruits* Eh, I don't think so. I'm just crazy. Maybe that's a Saiyan trait *Cocky smile*

Jestude: I'm guessing so. I am also sensing ZXios coming this way. If he eats the fruit we're done for. Let's get as much fruit as we can and destroy it!

Charlie: *Starts picking faster then hands Jestude a plastic bag* Don't ask why I have that, just start picking!

Jestude:*starts picking*.Oh shit, ZXios will be here in 3 minutes!*starts picking faster*

Charlie: *Picks faster* Dang, my bag is full!* *Takes a plastic bag and starts picking some more* Wait, why do I have all of these plastic bags...?

Damon: I think we have enough to stop Ken.*Fires a large beam of blue and red energy that destroys the rest of the fruits* Now Charlie, make that Spirit Bomb and destroy the tree so we can leave to fight Ken and ZXios.

Charlie: Dang... I don't know how...

Goku: *In Charlie's head* C'mon Charlie, you can do it.

Charlie: *To Goku* How?

Goku: I learned this technique myself. To do it, you must be good in heart. If you have evil in your heart, it will back fire, and it will kill you.

Charlie: *Gulps*

Jestude:Shit,this wont end well!

Goku: Raise you hands Charlie... Feel all the planet's energy to flow through...

Jestude:2 more mins!

Charlie: *Raises arms* I can feel everyones energy... Now what...?

Dasson: Do not create havoc in my planet. I don't care Charlie. I'm keeping this tree, I own this place, my rules. I know what I'm doing, I have the mind and logic to know this tree isn't going to do anything. Oh yeah, by 10 months that's actually 2 months on Earth. You can use your Spirit Bomb in this. *throws some large box device with the best metal in the universe on the tree*

The Tree would be covered with the unbreakable metal

Dasson: I took some parts as we left the place and it reinforces an area. Charlie, this will not break, so try. Be careful, if it destroys and rocky, you're gonna need a new medic. But it's unlikely, this metal is gigantic.

Charlie: *Thoughts: This bastard Dasson...* *Puts hands down* Your planet, your rules. When s*** goes wrong, don't blame me.

Damon: Dasson, your lucky  we will need you to stop Zxios. Otherwise, I would kill you right now. Your endangering the whole planet. That tree will  drain all of your planet's water and soil in 2 days. Then every single creature will die. Your dumbness has doomed us all. But if your so sure your right, I won't  stop you from protecting it.

Charlie: *Raises hands in the air* *Thoughts: Maybe I should use this against ZXios*

Jestude:*grabs Dasson by the throat and starts to choke him*You bastard! If ZXios gets ahold of this fruit we are dead!I dont care if this is your damn planet,we have to destroy it!

ZXios:I hope I'm not interupting,but I believe you 4 are over due...for your death.

Osborne: Dangit!

Charlie: *Thoughts: So, I have to gather the energy from the planet... Just a little bit...*

Dasson:*pushing himself off* I'm smarter than all of you, besides Oz, I know what I'm doing, you'll just have to believe me. *to ZXios* I thought I killed you back on Earth, you should be dead, remember the explosions I did on the mountain? I better finish this.

Charlie:*Thoughts: Ugh... This is hard.. What took Goku from days to weeks to learn, I have to learn in minutes...?* *Tries to gather up energy*

Dasson:*charging up brown energy ball* Take this! *firing it at ZXios*

Charlie: *Struggling*

ZXios:*catches ki ball and crushes it causing a humongous explosion*

Jsetude:Oh Jesus,IT BURNS!*consumed by the explosion*

explosion stops and smoke starts to clear


Jestude:Oh dear Jesus!

Charlie: *Breathes* *In everyone's head* Guys, raise your hands... I need your energy... It's the only way to stop this guy!

Jestude:Here you go,Charles.I probably don't have much,but here.Take it*gives Charlie his energy*

Charlie: *Thoughts: This is barely enough to make a Spirit Bomb the size of an orange.. I need more* *In everyone's head* Come on guys I need more! Just the energy of a few people is enough.

Osborne: Sure, Charlie. *Raises hands and gives energy*

ZXios:If you are praying to God,he will not help you because he tremmbles with fear


ZXios:If he doesn't let him strike me down where I stand now*Is hit with lightning from Heaven but instead absorbs the lightning*Nice tru,Jackass.After Im done with these holes i'm coming for you!Anyway...*sees Charlie with his hands up*.Honestly,I said praying cant help you.

Dasson:*sending healing energy to restore Charlie* Take. *firing 8 energy blasts* *rushing through the smoke he'd send a punch*  

Charlie: *Thoughts: The dumbass thinks I'm praying...* *Gathers enough energy for a small Spirit Bomb* Nice... *Blue aura surrounds body* NOW! *Goes False SSJ and makes a red Spirit Bomb* * Charging it* grr...

ZXios:*deflects then cathes Dasson's fist then crushes it and punches him in the face**looks at the Spirit Bomb*Oh,So you think since you pray to God he gives you a huge ball to kill me?Man,you guys are dumbasses!

Charlie: I wasn't praying, hehe. *Bluffs* This is the strongest technique you'll ever see, and the last. *Thoughts: I hope this works...* HA! *Throws it at ZXios*

Dasson:*getting up sending a kick to ZXios towards the bomb, then moving out of the way*

ZXios:Oh nonononono*is hit the Spirirt Bomb*AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH I WILL RETURN!*huge explosion kills ZXios*

Dasson:Bullseye. Sorry about my annoying behaviour. But, I am correct, no harm to the tree. I want to build a settlement here, seems empty. If I had the power to age.

COMT: You say you need the power to age, so I will train you.

Dasson: Who are you?

COMT: COMT and Hello Charlie.

Dasson:*thoughts:They know each other* Guys, I'm going to stay here with COMT. if you want I'll give you the max to survive.

Charlie: *Goes to base form* PHEW!

Dasson:*strechting his arm out to heal his friends* Take.

Jetsude, Charlie, Damon and Oz would be fully healed by Dasson

Dasson:Charlie, you know how when we were on Earth, I talked about rigging the Banshees? I found one of them just near hear, just east of this area, use them, there are 10 of them.

Damon: Let's stop Ken first. Time that fool died. He can no longer cause innocents pain.

Charlie: I agree. We can barely handle these aliens, the government is even more problems. I bet he's still on the planet. Come on let's find the bastard. *Flies off*

Dasson:I meant you can use it fire of the other soldiers and aliens that'll you'll see. For the others that can't fly.*looking at Jestude and Oz*

COMT: He didn't even say hi.

Jestude:Hey COMT,and at least I can jump fhigh,Geez.

Charlie: *Sees a military base* He must be there *Fies down*

Jestude:Wait up for us,Charles.*starts jumping after him*

Charlie: *Fires a blast down at the base*

Ken: What the hell?!?!?!

Charlie: *Flies down hole* Ken...

Ken: This kid...

Charlie: *Cracks knuckles* No weapons, no powers, just skin. You and me, right now.

Ken: *Grins then cracks neck* I'll kill you with my bare hands.

Charlie: *Puts fists up*

Jestude:*jumps into the fray*Hey,Doont leave me out of this.*gets into a fighting stance*.Its time for you to pay you sick bastard.

Chapter 6: Charlie vs Ken![]


The Matrix Soundtrack- Juno Reactor Vs Don Davis - Navras

Charlie vs Ken

Charlie: Let me fight him alone, Jestude. I have a good feeling about this *Grins*

Ken: *Does a few flips then kicks Charlie in the face*

Charlie: *Steps back a bit* Grr. *Throws a few jabs to Ken's face*

Jestude:Alright,but,if you get gruesomely beat,I will jump in.*steps aside*

Ken: *Kicks Charlie to the floor and punches his face several times* You like that you little prick?! *Charlie's blood gets on face*

Charlie: *Pushes Ken off* HAH! *Kicks him to the ground* Grr. *Lip is bleeding*

Osborne: *Working on a bomb to destroy the base* *Thoughts: That's a huge base, I'll need a big one.* Dasson, your good with explosives, help me out!

Ken: I trained with COMT as well during my old military days. I've been training in several forms of Martial Arts. YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! *Heat butts Charlie's nose*

Jestude:Hmm*Thoughts:So thats how hes a good fighter.Charlie needs to go all-out on this guys ass*

Charlie: *Wipes blood* GRAH! *Throws jabs*

Ken: *Dodges them*

Jestude:*Thoughts:So much for a good feeling,huh,Charles.*

Charlie: *Breathing heavily*

Ken: Hehe. *Laughs* You can't beat me, brat. 

Charlie: HAH! *Engages in hand-to-hand combat similar to the dragon ball fighting style*

Ken: *Exchanges blows with Charlie*

Charlie: *Thoughts: I had no idea he could fight in so quickly like Goku used to. I thought I had the advantage there. Guess not*

Osborne: *Working on the bomb* *Thoughts: Dasson must be busy. Whatever I'll try to finish it myself.* *Adds an energy core in the bomb* This will really make a big boom.

Charlie: *Throws jabs*

Ken: *Dodges*

Agent 4: *Point guns at Charlie and Jestude* Shall we shoot them?

Ken: Lone Wolf is mine. Shadow Storm? Shoot him down.

Agent 5: *Starts shooting at Jestude*

Jestude:*starts to out run the bullets at top speed*

Osborne: *Thoughts: Almost done*

Damon: If you fail, Charlie then it's my turn. *thoughts: I would help, but if I intend to kill Charlie later on, I want him to be already weakened by this battle*

Osborne: DONE! *Grabs bomb and flies toward the base using a jetpack*

Damon: *punches Agent 4* If you want a challenge, then fight me.  I'm stronger than Charlie anyway. He can't even go Super Saiyan.

Charlie: HAH! *Drop kicks Ken's stomach*

Ken: *Flies back* *Coughs* Not bad, kid. *Fires a Kiai*

Charlie: *Dodges then fires own Kiai*

Ken: *Does a backflip to dodge*

Osborne: *Is at the side of the base attaching the bomb* * Thinks telepathically: Dasson, Lone Wolf, Shadow Storm,Damon out there now! I'm blowing this place sky high!*

Damon: *flies out* Thanks and my nickname is The Strengther.

Charlie: JESTUDE OUT! *Blasts him not to harm him but to push him out of the base*

Osborne: *Activates the bomb and it blows up*

Ken: What the hell? *The floor collapses* AGH!

Charlie: *Falling with Ken* HAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Pulls out laser sword and stabs Ken*

Ken: *Coughs blood* GAH!

The building blows up

Osborne: Oh no! Wolf was still in there!

Charlie: *Comes out of the fire holding Ken* I'm alright *Throws him on the ground*

Ken: *Coughs blood* Why did you save me?

Charlie: I didn't want a fire to kill you. I wanted to kill you myself. And before you go, I have to talk to you. You guys go ahead.

Damon: *throws Ken back into the fire and punches Charlie in the gut* I'm gonna kill you, CharlieC

Charlie: GGR! What?

Osborne: *Takes Ken out of fire* We could get info out of him idiot!

Damon: Your ancestor Goku killed my father after I was frozen. Now I will have my revenge *attacks with a Kill Driver*

Charlie: WHAT?! *Dodges*

Osborne: *Throws Ken on the floor* What's your plan?

Ken: We have no plan. It's all about killing those freakshow aliens. We know where thier planet is though. Coorinates 3059BC. It's called "Chromia". We will fight those bastards as well but you are still fugitives of planet Earth. *Dies*

Damon: I am the son of Turles. Goku killed my dad so now I kill you. *punches Charlie in face and kicks him in the side.*

Jestude:I knew we shouldn't have trusted you*launches at Damon*

  • A dark figure falls from the sky and lands on an alien *

Winter: *stands up and flicks off the alien* Charlie exactly the person I was looking for.

Chapter 7: Damon... A Traitor?![]

Charlie: *Thoughts: The bastard.. He betrayed us... Us ALL!

Goku: *In Charlie's head* Charlie, eat the fruits.

Charlie: *To Goku* The Fruits of Might...?

Goku: It's the only way to beat him! Do it*

Charlie: *Eats 3 fruits then starts powering up* ~

Damon: *Steals the bag and eats the rest of the fruits* You won't survive this fight Charlie. I don't intend on hurting the others, but I will kill you.

Turles: *in Damon's head* kill him now, son

Damon: *to Turles* i will, father. Your death shall be avenged. *hits Charlie in the gut and throws him into the ground.*

Charlie: *Blows don't hurt* Grr.. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Transforms into a Super Saiyan* *Breathing heavily* Huh... I must be Super. I think I can only use it under the influence of the Fruits... WELL DAMON?!?! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swarms of aliens would come towards the area.

Charlie: Hmph. *Blasts the aliens* No time for them now.

Damon: *powers  up to max. A Lightning Aura surrounds him* A new form of power. This must be Super Saiyan 2. Your new power is useless against me, Charles. Prepare to die.* fires a large puple energy beam at Charlie. It stops halfway and explodes. From the explosion, 100 smaller red and blue beams emerge, all hitting Charlie at once.*

Jestude:*still shooting at Agent 4*You fucking disgrace!*kills Agent 4*As for you,traitor.TASTE GOLDEN FLAME BULLET*fires a golden flame bullet*

Charlie: GAH! *Hit*

Damon:*dodges bullet* I don't want to hurt you Jestude, I am onlly trying to kill Charlie. I don't want to hurt anyone else. But he must pay for what his family did to mines.

Charlie: YOUR SO-CALLED FAMILY TRIED TO DESTROY EARTH! *Fires several blasts at Damon*

Jestude:I rather die,than stand by and watch another soldier die,because of past rivalry.

A massive power would arise and a giant alien would come.

Charlie: ................................

Jestude:Jesus Christ!

Damon: *punches Charlie in the gut and unleashes a beam that destroys Charlie's stomach* Time for you to die.

Jestude:Charles!RRRGGHH!*pulls out gun and fires a barrage of golden flame bullets*

Charlie: *Falls on the floor and goes to base and is bleeding heavily*

Jestude:*stops*Charles!*runs to him*here i got some of this stuff from the healing tank it should help*puts some on him*

Charlie: *Mumbles* ugh...*Gets up* ahghhhhh... Jestude...Please...Try to hold him off... *Flies in the air* *Thoughts: I can only be a Super Saiyan under the influence of the fruits...* *Eats more of the Fruits of Might then goes Super Saiyan then raises hands in the air*

Jestude:Alright,you traitoring peice of bitch,I'm not a big fan of backstabbers.*gets in fighting stance*.Prepared to get your ass handed to.

Meanwhile somewhere in space

Voice: I sense a great battle somewhere here within' the universe

Voice: Where is it my master?

Voice: In the...North Galaxy.

Voice: What do you wish for me to do, my master?

Voice: Resolve the fight.

Voice: In Liberty or Death?

Voice: Any way you feel like it should be resolved.

Voice: The way of the warrior...is death.

Voice: Its always like that with you. Now go, and destroy the descendant of the Son Family for I sense he will have a descendant called "Spirit of Light".

Voice: I will destroy the descendant of the Son Family and his allies.

Voice: Go and kill him, my 2nd most loyal servant, Devastatos.

Voice: What of Annhilatos?

Voice: I'll send him if you have trouble or if you die. Hopefully, that won't happen. Now go.

Devastatos: Yes, my master.*gets into a space pod*

Computer: State your destination.

Devastatos: Follow the energy track.

Computer: Following enrgy track.

Heads off into space

Jestude: *Thoughts: I can sense a greater power than heading this way. It can't be Damon. Last time I checked I am nearly as strong as Damon. And that couldn't ZXios, his power remains dormaint. It must be someone or something of greater power. Whatever it is I can't worry about right now. I still have to deafeat this backstabing son-of-a-bitch Damon* Alright, Lets do this! *charges toward Damon, punches him in the nose, and knees him in the stomach, then pulls out his lucky pistol* Aste la vesta, Traitor! *shoots a golden flame bullet directly at Damon's forehead*


Devastatos: Are you sure I should intervene? ZXios should have everything under control.

Voice: I want my victory to be certain. We are dealing with a race like no other.

Devastatos: But, the humanoid are the weakest race in the entire galaxy. Maybe, even the whole Universe.

Voice: Th humanoid are a brutal, aggressive, under-minded race. The wage war against themselves out of greed and desire. To take conquest and to fight for there freedom. The treat themselves like a seperate race and look down on each other. There are 5 things the humanoid strive on: Apathy, Greed, Corruption, Power, Hope, Courage, Honor, and Justice. These things already destroy the planet. Yet, they fear what is not humanoid. Yet, the have little to discover about their own planet. They desacrate it with their garbage. Then when their planets in danger, they decide to work together to fight of the threat at hand. And once the find something they never seen befor, they show it in a place for entertainment and torment them, including themselves. They also make creations that can threat other lanets, including their own! If this is how the humanoid gain their power, then, they are not worthy to live any furthe. The must be Extinct.

Devastatos: Yes, Master.

Voice: Now go, and be on your way

Devastatos: May those who are about to die, solute you!

In the area, a hooded person appears

???:*noticing the battle* I must help him. *instantly restores Charlie's power causing the Spirit Bomb to get big quite quick.

Charlie: Huh???? Who are you?????

Damon: *punches Charlie in gut and fires red beam at Spirit Bomb causing it to explode.*That attack didn't work on my father and won't work on me. The spawn of Kakkorot will die today. Now leave, Stranger.

Jestude: *punches Damon across the face* Your fight is with me, Dumbass! *Thoughts: need to hurry this up before an even bigger problem comes* *drop kicks him, punches him in the gut and kicks him in the air*

An earthquake occurs

Jestude: Aw, shit! Not now! * Thoughts: I hope its not that power i was feeling earlier, because if it is I am gonna be so pissed!*

Charlie: What......

???: I will stay. *angry* I have a usable stun technique and a really intresting technique from my ancestors. Don't make utilise that.

A giant alien comes from under the ground

Charlie: *Screams a little feminine like* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..... *has masculine voice again* Uh I mean uh, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?!?!?!

Jestude: *looks at Charlie* Did you really scream like a girl right there?

Charlie: Uh,.... No...........

Osborne: You guys are talking about Charlie's girlie scream? LOOK UP THERE YOU FOOLS!!!!! AN ALIEN 30000000000000000000000000000000000000x OUR SIZE IS GOING TO DESTROY THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 8: Stop That Alien![]

Damon: We have to stop it. Charlie, we can finish our fight later. For now let's stop this alien


Osborne: GUYS!!! GIANT ALIEN!!!!!

Damon: Charlie, relax. I'm not trying to kill you right now. I may still be mad, but we have to stop that alien before our fight can continue. The fate of our planet is more important than me avenging my father.

Charlie: How is killing me going to avenge him?! GOKU KILLED HIM, NOT ME!!!!

Giant Alien: *Fires a humongous mouth wave, destroying the whole area*

Charlie: *emerges from rubble* Osborne?! He was a normal human! He won't survive a blast of that caluber! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *Charges towards the alien*

Giant Alien: *Goes underground*

Charlie: What?!

Damon:* reaches the hole in the ground the alien made* That thing won't get away that easily.*flies through hole after alien*

Giant Alien: *Grabs Damon with tentacles and starts crushing him*

Jestude: I know that thing. It's Terror.

Charlie: Terror?"

Osborne: One of the most dangerous aliens in this galaxy. It's size is not the worse thing. Is it's power..... He has enough power to crush "Dablon" or whatever his name is.

Charlie: It's "Damon". And if he does crush him I'm fine with that. That bastard tried to kill me! If he gets killed that's one less threat we have to worry about.

Jestude: I am getting a distressed call coming from... underground?

Damon: Guys, I'm sorry for trying to kill Charlie. I overreacted when I learned he was the descendent of my dad's killer. I won't hurt him or any other good guys. JUST SAVE ME!!!

Osborne: Should we trust him???

Charlie: ....*Fires a blast at the alien's face*

Terror: ....*Drops Damon*


Terror: *Flies towards Charlie and grabs him then flies in the air*

Charlie: IT CAN FLY TOO?!?!

Terror: *Flies thousands of feet in the air then drops Charlie*

Charlie: *In a crater, bleeding* Ughhhh...............

Terror: *goes back underground*

Jestude: Com on, we got to save those soldiers down there. *goes underground after Terror*

Charlie: You gotta help me man...I can barely move!

Jestude: *flies up and grabs Charlie and takes him underground with him*

Soldier 1: Should we help?

Soldier 2: I don't know....

A tentacle appears behind the soldiers

Soldier 2: AH! *Pulled underground*

Soldier 1: NO!

Terror: *Holding Soldier 2 and starts glowing then disappears*

Charlie and Jestude arrive at Terror's area

Terror: *In a humanoid form* Ah, that's better. Now I can communicate with them.

Charlie: Huh???? Isn't that a soldier?

Terror: *Deep, evil voice* Hello, lower life forms.

Charlie: *Serious face* .....I'm guessing not.

Terror: My name is *Says some long complicated alien name*, but you know me better as "Terror."

Jestude: Did that f***ing alien T-Rex just talk?

Charlie: YOU'RE TERROR? Weren't you a giant just a minute ago?

Terror: I have the ability to put myself in someone else's body, to control them. I know everything about the person I have controlled. Their memories, languages, skills, etc. After I'm done, they are eaten from the inside-out. 

Jestude: Very "intelligent" of you.

Charlie: What's your plan?

Terror: My "plan?" I have no plan. You have been destroying my aliens, and I have come to take care of that.

Charlie: Your aliens attacked us first!

Terror: I am an overlord. I take over planets. It's what I do. This planet will be mine. By the way, I suggest you keep an eye on Earth, their life forms are quite "weak".

Charlie: What?! Don't you dare mess with my home! *Eats a Fruit of Might then uses Super Saiyan*

Terror: Interesting.

Jestude: Were you the power level I was sensing?

Terror: I guess so. Now, can we get this started? I'd personally like to kill you quickly but I'd make you suffer.

Charlie: No you WON'T! *Charges power*

Jestude: Your gonna wish you haven't.*charges up to the max*

Terror: Let me show you how futile your efforts are. *Raises power just a little bit, and it's far more powerful than Charlie and Jestude's* 

Charlie: *Stops powering up and is shocked*

Terror: That wasn't even a fraction, a scrap of my power. Now *Uses a Super Explosive Wave*

Charlie: AGH! *Blown back far away*

Jestude: What the SHIIIIT! *is blown away by the Super Explosive Wave*

Terror: *Uses Telekinesis to lift them both us* Hey guys *Keeps hitting Charlie and Jestude then drops them* Now. *Charges a blast* Super Genocide *Fires purple blast at the two*

Charlie: AGH! *Grabs Jestude then teleports above ground*

Charlie: Huh??? How did I do that?

Goku: *In Charlie's mind* Instant Transmission. A technique used to teleport you anywhere easily.

Osborne: Uh, hey guys.


Jestude: GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!

Osborne: Alright alright! *Runs off*

Terror: *Shoots out of the ground* I'm coooooooomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

Charlie: HAH! *Fires a blast down at Terror*

Jestude: *fires a giant-golden ki blast at Terror*

Terror: Was that supposed to "hurt me?" 

Jestude: *stares at Terror in awe* Yes, yes it was.

Terror: *Fires lasers*

Charlie: *Hit* Agh! *Power....Going down! Need another fruit!* *Eats a Fruit of Might then powers up again*

???:Strength Decrease! *sends a strength decrease to the giant alien* Get a taste of Dasson.*sends an explosive ki destruction barrier causing the alien to die*

Charlie: ...Huh???

Jestude: Who the f***s there?

Charlie: I don't... I don't know.

Jestude: This is bullshit!


Devastatos: How much longer 'til we reach the Earth?

Computer: 3 more hours

Devastatos: How fast are we going?

Computer: We are going at Hyper Speed

Devastatos: Very well. Carry on.

Back to the fight

Jestude: *fires a golden-ray at Terror*

Dasson: Alright that alien is dead. *looking to the other alien* That one looks strong. Better help them. *throwing cloak off and rushes towards the batttle* You can't rule this planet I'm still ruling! *looking at Charlie* Speed Increase! "sending a shockwave to Charlie*

Chalie gains a speed increase

Charlie: Whoa..........

Terror: HAAAAAAAAAAAAA COME ON HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Uses a Super Explosive Wave that levels the entire area*

Charlie: *Breaths heavily* A Spirit Bomb.... Maybe that's the only way!

Jestude: *tries the hold back the Super Explosive Wave* Hurry Charles! I don't know how long I can hold this!

Dasson:*looking at the explosive wave* I can try and make it decrease it's strength but that's going to take all lot more ki. But, I have an idea. *shouting in his language* Culta gasa tuy o polu tam!

In an instant, three people from his race rush out the area

Viler:*putting his hand up* Velocity Bomb!

Rinab:*putting his hand up* Velocity Bomb!

Ailn:*putting his hand up* Velocity Bomb!

Purple ki balls will appear in their hands and they'll throw it at the Super Explosive Wave. Thus countering off.

Jestude: *lets go and gets blown away* AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

a squadron of soliers and a tank comes out of nowhere

Commander:Alright men, fire everything you got at that monster! Ready, fIRE! *starts firing*

Soldiers: *fire guns and explasives at Terror*

Charlie: I'll do it.... EVERYBODY! RAISE YOUR HANDS! SHARE YOUR ENERGY! *Raises hands*

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *Raises hands*

Charlie: o.o Uh who's that guy??? Not gonna argue. *Starts gathering energy*

Osborne: *Stops* Huh??? *Feels something* .....Charlie..... *Raises hands* Soldiers! Raise your hand if you want to win this!

Multiple Soldiers: *Raises their hands*

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *Raises hands higher causing the ball to become so big*

Charlie: Thank you random guy!

Terror: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Fires blasts at everyone*

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *grunts to himself* I'm not a guy... I'm Namekian!

Charlie: Do you have a name???

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *jumps across the city because an alien is charging him so he doesn't hear Charlie*

Dasson: *using the same technique Kidnoss used*  Rasie your hands, your President needs help. *turning to Charlie* Charge Speed Increase! *sends a waves to Charlie*

The Spirit Bomb gets bigger as the charging is getting faster and everyone in the Planet is putting their hands up

Terror: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Fires a blast at Jestude and Dasson* Now time for the other!!!

Charlie: *Thoughts: I don't think he sees the Spirit Bomb yet! But he's going to attack me soon...I'm in trouble!*

Osborne: *Stops raising hands* I'm tapped out....

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *sees a building in front of him and blows it up with his rugby talent killing about a few aliens*

Dasson:*looking at the blast comming* You do realise I'm not pooped out. COMT taught me many things. Like this! *easily dodges the blast* *goes into Charlie's mind* You need to throw it now. I learnt that Super Saiyan nullifies the effect of Spirit Bomb since it's full of rage and you're only able to control it because of your human side, but not for a while.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *grunts again*

Charlie: *Eats a few Fruits* GRRRR *Goes Super Saiyan* Get ready Terror!


Charlie: It's from the people of this planet. Get ready to have it! *Hurls Spirit Bomb*

Terror: I CAN'T STOP THAT IN THIS BODY! *Explodes and is a giant again* GRAHHHHHHHHHHHH *Tries to hold Spirit Bomb*

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *notices something glittering in a nearby building*

Dasson:  Defence Decrease! *sending a shockwave to Terror*

Terror's strength decreases, letting the Spirit Bomb incenerate him.


Charlie: *Goes to base then collapses*

Jestude: *gets up* BACK-HAND SLAP! *back hand slaps the blast into the Spirit Bomb causing it to explode*

Chapter 9: The Allies[]

A swarm of aliens would instantly head to area.

Dasson:*looking around* Charlie collapsed way too easily. Even after I gave him an increase in Speed. He is too wreckless. And, I'm the only healer here. *looking to Jestude* Back down. We don't need to fight them. Let the army fight. *going to Charlie and begins to heal him* *in to armies mind* You can take these aliens down *to his own armies mind* Help the humans, now.

Allied Banshees and Ghosts come out of nowhere and infantry easily heads out to the area. The Human Army also  help them trying to take care of the other aliens.

Charlie: *Wakes up* Ugh..... Dasson, did we win???

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *steps inside the building and notices more glitter all around him; this causes him to flare up his aura*

Dasson: That giant Terra Spothoch dead, yes. But not quite yet. My army and Earth's army are fighting together against some Airbone Meslias.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *sees something run by and it looks like an alien; mutters to himself* Look at that speed... it's incredble... That was almost as fast as Cargo in last season's opener.

Charlie: *Gets up* Come on...

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: I'm coming!

Charlie: *Charges a blast in each hand* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *Fires at aliens*

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *is suddenly surrounded by a bright white light?* Oh no! I'm not ready yet! I don't want to go!

Mr. Popo: *inside Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation's mind* Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation??? Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation!

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Huh??? Who is this???

Mr. Popo *talking like a ghost* My name is Mr. Popo.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Mr. Popo? What do you have to do with me???

Mr. Popo: Well, I'm your grandfather, that's what.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: My GRANDFATHER?!

Mr. Popo: Jk. You're going to be the new guardian of Earth! Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, I choose you! *throws something red and white at Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, causing him to be sucked up into the air*

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Nooooo!! The humanity!! *gets pulled up super high* I'll miss you Dende and Cargo, but not you Moori!

Charlie: What just............ Uh, bye green guy!!!

*A dark figure comes from the sky and lands on an alien.*

Winter:*Flicks the alien off his tail.* Charlie... *grabs another alien and smashes his neck* I've come to kill you...

Jarako: <on the Lookout> WHAT THE CUNTFLAP, POPO. We had a deal, man. I wouldn't destroy the inhabitants of Earth and you wouldn't appoint a new guardian. I was supposed to be in control, not this green piece-of-a-cunt jack-vagina bug alien.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *wakes up on Earth on the Guardian's tower; there is a human babbling in the corner, but he ignores that; Mr. Popo appears before him with a wide grin, and gives him a cape* I've always wanted one of these!

Mr. Popo: Very good sir. Now that you're guardian, what will you do? Enslave the masses? I can help with that...

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: No... I have something better planned... I'll call it... Worldwide Rugby day!

Jestude: Sorry to butt-in but this sounds ridiculous.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *ignores that useless peasant since he's Guardian of Earth now; he notices Jarako has mysteriously vanished, perhaps he's planning something*

Chapter 10: Rugby Day[]

*as per great leader Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation's decree, the world will observe Rugby Day; no one fights for the rest of the day including the aliens who have to take part too; the fighters all rest, like Charlie and whoever else there is; they can fight the next day*

Charlie: ....Why are we not fighting the aliens? The war is still not over.

Osborne: Uh, "Rugby Day" I believe. Made by River's Cuomo Blah Blah Blah His Name Is Too Long. We can't fight for a day.


Osborne: Make good of this. You have a day. Take a break. Rest. Fap. Do something.

Charlie: Oka----Wait did you just say fap???

Osborne: *Pretends not to hear* Hm?

Chapter 11: The War Rages On[]

The next day on Planet Feashing, the war rages on.

Dasson: Where did they just go? *remembering something* Charlie's in trouble. *Charlie's mind* You're in trouble, once the army find out your on Earth, they'll attack you because I don't think they had gotten the message yet. And, it looks like it's just me, Damon and Jestude.

Charlie: *Gasps* You're right....

Jestude: *speaking to Charlie in his mind* I agree with Oz over there. You owe to yourself to relax a little bit, just until we get there before the Feashings, so stay in there, Charles

Charlie: *Talking to Jestude and Dasson* Should I leave Earth now or stay hidden for now?

Jestude: Stay under the radar for now, just to be on the safe side.

Charlie: Dammit, I come back home but now I have to hide?

Jestude: Sorry, Charles. Hey, You could have a vaction. Only instead of having fun under the sun, you'll be having fun underground. HAhahahaha

Charlie: *Sad* That helps......

Jestude: Aw don't be sad. There's a little water where your going. HAHAGAAAAH


Jestude: And their might not be sand but there is something that can sooth your feet. DIRT. HEHEHAHAHAHAHA

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *feels a breeze through his cape; he jumps off the lookout and flies around* Swoosh, swoosh!

Dasson:*still in Charlie's Mind* According to COMT he has a bunker to where he can travel from Earth. It's where we were at that cave. *to Jestude* That's a mistake. The Feashings are my race, they're with us. It's the Airbone Meslias or Sky Aliens you can call them.

Captain Apereos(Feashing) and Captain Halder(Human) are seen working together trying to kill them.

Apereos:*with a sniper aiming at a Sky Alien* Ready... *pulls trigger*

Bullet kills the Sky Alien

Apereos: Headshot!

Halder*wielding a rocket launcher* This is gonna rock you like a hurricane! *pulls trigger*

Rocket launcher blows up a propane attack and knocks a sky alien and blows up the rest. The horde of Sky Aliens are gone.

Charlie: *Sighs* I'll listen to Dasson on this one.

Jestude: So much for you having fun underground.

Osborne: Well let's do this then.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *lands back on the lookout*

Apereos:*walking to Dasson* Anything else President?

Dasson: I need you to be secretive, send Harlem Squad to retrieve Charlie. 

Apereos: I don't understand that order, they'll find us. 

Halder walks to them.

Halder: Leave it to Poker Squad, we can do this job.

Dasson:*in Charlies mind* Poker Squad will get you out there. Your safe.

Poker Squad head out of the area and head on to their Pelican and they head into space to Earth.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *gets hungry; so he jumps off the lookout; after he lands on the ground, he finds a Subway and eats there; afterwards, his power is restored* Kupaianaha! Now I can finish off these plebs.

Jestude: Man, They should've sent Harlem Squad. *arms himself*

Dasson: If we sent Harlem Squad, they still would have been a target, they haven't actually been reknown as allies. yet. Since Charlie's radio and Ken's radio was on, I could hear them speak about them helping each other. And I own the Feashing Army meaning they're allies now. The only problem is, radio's don't work from Earth to another planet.

Charlie: Yeah yeah yeah, can somebody just pick me up already?! *Grumpy*

Jestude: Man, If you wanted to end your Vai.K. you should've said so. I'll pick you up. Hey, one of you soldiers give me a helicopter!

Dasson:*to Jestude* You do know you also count as a fugitive on Earth. We are trying to do this without any fighting.

On Earth. Poker Squad have landed on the cave waiting for Charlie.

Halder: Lone Wolf, you can get out now and so can you Oz.

Osborne: Come on then, Lone Wolf.

Charlie: *Upset* fine.... *Goes with Osborne*

Charlie and Oz are picked up by Poker Squad and is taken them back to Planet Feash.

Jestude:*to Dasson* Because I am a soldier. We stick by one another as a unity. If one soldier is gonna die,then I'm gonna die next to him,knowing I didn't let a life die on his own.And besides,you can't have peace*loads up his lucky pistol* if you don't demand*gets into a helicopter and flies off toward Charlie's location*

Charlie: *Sits down*

Dasson: Not really. We kind of ripped off our titles as one. I don't actually think Charlie cares that he is a soldier, to himself he is a Saiyan, to you he's a soldier. These petty titles don't matter anymore.

Halder: We're on our way back to Planet Feash.

Charlie: Hey guys. Got some food in here???

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *notices an upside down paint can just outside the Subway*

Charlie: *Uses Telepathy* Hey Fendy, would there be a way to make peace between us and the government?

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Yes.

Charlie: Because they still want to kill me off, but they don't understand that I'm a GOOD alien! Please help.

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Charlie's an alien? Plot twist!

Charlie: ...Yes... I am part Saiyan. So what will you do???

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: Oh god, Popo! Make it stop! There's voices in my head again!

Charlie: ....You seem to be having a moment....

Jestude: *lands* Your chariot awaites you, Charels

Halder: There is food.

Charlie lands on Planet Feash.

Dasson: You're back.

Charlie: Yeah.....

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *to himself* Oh good, those voices have stopped!

Jestude: You hearin' ghostor somethin',bro?

Dasson:*looking around* We're missing Damon. Where the hell is he?

Jestude: *looks around* Oh shit!

Charlie: ......Too bad........


Charlie: Uh, Jestude, you okay???

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *picks up the paint can*

Dasson:*to Oz* You know all about these aliens. Terra Spototch, Airbone Meslias and Proticus Momolia. What is their purpose? Why are they only aiming at my planet? Kidnoss's reason for attacking Earth was to bring me back home.

Osborne: What can I say? They're evil. They just want to destroy planet after planet.

Charlie: Yeah but....

Osborne: But???

Chapter 12: The Walrus[]


Devastatos: How much longer?

Computer: 1 more hour

Devastatos: Well hurry up.

pod dashes off faster toward Earth

Dasson:*sensing* I can sense something evil coming to Earth. *sensing even more* I think they've given up and their heading to Earth now. 

Halder: All units go into your Pelicans or the Flying Base now!

All squads head in to their respective Pelicans, while some, like medics head into their flying base.

Aperoes: We'll take on any other invasion. We have Ki Squad backing us up. 

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *studies the inside of the paint can*

Charlie: Heading torwards Earth?! I must go then!

Dasson:*noticing the ship they have been using before* Let's head to our ship Charlie! *heading towads it* We need to leave Damon.

Jarako: *holding a red paint can* Let's see how Namekian mr. Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is when he's not green anymore... *has a devilish smirk*

Charlie: *Runs with Dasson* Let's go!

Dasson:*looking Jarako* Hey! President of Earth and my old boss, let's go! Your planet is in trouble and your soldiers are heading back.

Charlie: Jarako.....

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *notices the inside of the paint can is empty; the small amount of paint that remained inside had dried, and the color of the paint is green*

Jarako: Dasson, fuck off. This one's between me and Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. 

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *throws the paint can down in shock* This must be what created me... incredible! If this is what I came from, there can be no stopping me!

Jarako: *springs out of nowhere with a red spraypaint can and sprays Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation with the red goo; in moments, Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is completely covered in red paint; he quickly loses his antennae and grows a long, glorious mane of hair and a penis - he is no longer Namekian; now that he is red, he has become a... Konatsian.* Haha, you fool! Everyone knows that Konatsians can't be rulers of the Earth!

Rivers Cuomo's White Fender Stratocaster Made By Fender Musical Instruments Corporation: *coughs up red paint and falls to his knees; suddenly a white light engulfs him, and then there's a large explosion or some shit; when the light dims, everyone can see that where once stood the Konatsian-turned Namekian now stands Mr. Popo* Hahaha. You think I didn't expect that, mortal? *Mr. Popo stands up, and the paint falls off of him, it's incredible* I ain't no fucking Namekian, I'm the walrus. I always was!

Jarako: It... it can't be!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!*suddenly, Jarako feels the power of Popo overwhelm him - he is obliterated by the great blackness that is Mr. Popo*

Mr. Popo: *starts masturbating as everyone around him starts disintegrating; people are running and screaming, but no one gets far before dying; quite a few humans die, but not everyone on Earth quite yet; he stares ahead with a piercing gaze, and chuckles to himself* Heh heh heh. What fools they all were, especially telepathic Goku. I'll kill them all and rule the universe!

Charlie: No... It was you all along?! This is bad. I need to get out of here! *Goes inside ship and turns it then flies off into space*

Several aliens appear as Popo nears climax, and start surrounding Charlie's ship

Charlie: *Fires canons from the ship* HA! HA! HA! COME ON!

Alien 1: *Fires a blast at Charlie's ship*

Charlie: It's badly damaged! I'll have to take care of this myself. *Leaves ship with a space suit then goes False Super Saiyan then fires blasts at the aliens* Come on you beasts! *Grabbed in the leg by a tentacle* Uh oh! *Obliterates the alien*

Aliens come in the thousands and attack Charlie

Charlie: Oh no! HAAAAAA! *Uses an explosive wave, but it only holds back a few of them* AGH! *being grabbed by several aliens and is then surrounded* *Thoughts: They are much stronger now... I could've easily beat them before..... So this is how it ends, huh??? I'm sorry I couldn't protect the Earth....I'm sorry.....* *Surrounded by thousands of aliens and is killed*

Mr. Popo *just as Charlie's body goes limp, he finally climaxes, engulfing the nearby sidewalk with his genie-seed*

Saga 3: Takeover[]

It has been a few days since Charlie has been killed. The aliens have proceeded to take over planet Earth and have bowed down to Supreme Leader Popo. All of the soldiers, including Dasson, Osborne, and Jestude has been forced to retreat to planet Feash. All of the humans have been shipped to the planet as well. Planet Earth is now controlled by the aliens.

Chapter 1: The Funeral[]

Dasson's Office, Oz's lab. Many scientists from Earth would be with him, some Feashings are apparent.

Dasson: Have you done with that Planet Expansion thing? More people from Earth are comming.

Osborne: Not yet. Almost.

In a Playground. A Feashing Boy and a Human Boy would be playing together.

In a Resturant. Many Feashings and Humans having drinks with their buddies.

In a Hostpital, the first few Feashing Human Hybrids are born.

Doctor: With this new technology, we were able to rapidly increase the rate in which the emybro grows. Causing it to only grow in just 26 hours. Some people date fast.

In the Army Barracks. Dasson, Jestude and Oz would be there.

Halder: Today we say goodbye to many few good people who have died in this war. Like, Corporal Lone Wolf. He was a good man, but went fugitive. If we only knew the truth. And Ken. President Jarako's right hand man, he was a great man, did many things and was a good martial arts fighter. Other notewortht mentions: Ghost, Damon, Ichido and Echo, who have mysteriously disapeared.

In Otherworld

Charlie: Huh??? What's..... Am I dead?????

Jestude: I am afreaid so, Charles.


Computer: Landing on Earth in 3...2...1 *lands* Welcome to Earth.

Devastatos: *gets out and starts stretching* Well, It's time to go raise some Hell. *flies off*

Back to the Other World

Kidnoss walks towards Charlie.

Kidnoss: I guess your wondering why I am I in Heaven?*staring at Charlie*

Charlie: You gotta be kidding me......

Kidnoss: I led a very innocent life. 85% according to King Yemma. I need to tell you something. *getting serious now*  As you know Earth has been taken over by these aliens with powers. However, there is a leader with the name Devastatos, I know nothing of his plans, but be careful.


Jestude: I'm getting a distress call.

Call: Help,please!...There's some kind of alien destroying everything!....each time we fire at him it goes inside him and...fires them back us!...He is far to strong for us! We need some fucking helAAAAAGGGHHHHH! *call ends*

Jestude: Bloody Hell? I knew I felt a strong power level. It must be someone or thing else. We need to get over there. Attention All Squads! This is Jestude nickname "Shadow Storm"! We need all avalible back-up as we can get! A new threat has descended to the planet! We must neutrolize the threat at hand or it's the end for the entire planet!

Charlie: "Innocent life" my ass, you're evil dammit!


Soldier: *attempts to crawl away*

Devastatos: *stomps on his head* Tell me who is the leader of this planet.

Soldier: We don't have a specific leader but if we did i'd never tell you.

Devastatos:*starts to crush his head with his foot* If you are wise you'd tell me who is your leader.

Soldier: The hell with you!

Devastatos: Fine then. *crushes the soldiers head* It looks like i'll have to find him or her myself. *flies off*

Back to otherworld

Kidnoss:*sensing powers from far away* Some soldiers at Earth are dead. They're lucky, they would have been dead.*looking to Charlie* I'm evil? Your goverment was corrupt, they had the nerve to take our race as slaves. However, they didn't take Tubia. And yet you killed my soldiers, the ones fighting for peace.

Charlie: That's not my decision, it was the government! I'm not so find of them either!