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RIP Akira Toriyama. The legend of your being will never be forgotten.


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This will be an dragon ball evolution version of Kv's great story, The Forgotten.

Prince Vegeta Saga[]


(King Vegeta and Frieza's Meeting)

King Vegeta:Yes, Frieza you can have the whole planet. Frieza: Good choice, pathetic monkey. But if you dare to ever even consider disobeying me I will destroy this whole planet.

(A year later)

(King Vegeta is in his palace with his friend Layeeck)

King Vegeta: Layeeck, how is your son's training going?

Layeeck: he is doing very well, my lord. Especially for a seven year old. He now has a power level of 1200. How about yours?

King Vegeta: His power level's 1400. Maybe they should train together. In time they may even be able to defeat Frieza.