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This article, Dragon Ball: Final Destruction, is the property of FemaleSpirit.

Dragon Ball: Final Destruction, or Doragonbōru Fainaru Hakai, is a fanfiction story created by FemaleSpirit. The story is about a female Saiyan, named Kalia, whose father and mother dies during a fight with an unknown Ice-jin. She tries to get more powerful over time so she can find this alien and kill him. This story takes place between the Fight between the Saiyans and Frieza. This story can be placed with Dragon Ball before the birth of Goku.


<Age 731>

<Planet Vegeta>

<Inside The Chamber of Wars>

Kalia: Give me a break. You will never kill him with a power level like that.

Nash: I can train!

Kalia: Train? We saiyans fight, and get stronger. We don't train like worthless martial artists.

Nash: What?

Kalia: Trust me kid, I know more. I'm 14 years old.

Tomate: Did you hear?

Kalia and Nash: What?

Tomate: Prince Vegeta is gonna have a son in a few months.

Kalia: I really can't believe that bearded son of a <REDACTED> got there.

Nash: How could you talk about our prince like that?

Kalia: So? The queen should have known better to have <REDACTED> someone like him.

Tomate: You know Kalia, The Old King Vegeta can execute you for saying such things.

Kalia: Tomate! You always agree with me!

Tomate: Not anymore. Your cousin Fasha made me change my mind.

Kalia: That <REDACTED>. I'm sick of her. She gets the good guys always.

Bardock: Well, well, well? If it isn't Dirt Face?

Kalia: Be quiet!

Bardock: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Kalia: I will kill you!

<Bardock Grabs Kalia's Hand>

Bardock: Woman please! My power level is like, 4,500. Your power level is only 2,700. I can beat Nappa!

Kalia: Nappa? That 30-year old dude? Anybody can kill him.

Bardock: Why haven't you tried?

Kalia: Guuhhh! You make me sick Bardock!

Bardock: Hahaha!!!!

Nash: Why am I still here?

Kalia: I'm babysitting you kid.

Tomate: Let's go see Fasha.

Kalia: How do you like her? She is a <REDACTED>.

Tomate: You must want me to like you eh?

Kalia: <Blushes> No!

King Vegeta: You better get up here! Bardock!

Bardock: Man...

Tomate: What's going on?

Bardock: Ol' King Vegeta wants me up there. He's calling age twenties for a meeting.

Tomate: Hey Bardock.

Bardock: Yeah?

Tomate: How is Sharotto doing?

Bardock: Hmph. She is on a mission out towards Planet Cooler.

Bardock left and Kalia and her friends flew outside. She left her favorite pink knife in the war compound, vulnerable to being stolen. Kalia forgot it to the point where she didn't notice until the day she was sent out on a mission.

Kalia: My knife? Where is my knife?

Kalia is suddenly attacked by an unknown Ice-jin.

Ice-Jin: Don't move, or you will have a face full of it.

The Ice-jin puts her knife right by her neck.