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Rules: Anyone can be the regular characters, but the people who bring in their own can only control those and no controlling other users' characters!


Jake (Lise's son) *can by l

Ginny (Lise's daughter) be any o

Shayoin (Lise's other daughter) controlled one* l








Buu (good)

Buu (evil)



Nova- Taurian, 18 years old. Brown hair (Ed Elric style, except without the ponytail), Goku's blue, sleeveless outfit, and yeah.


King Zin


Karaso- Full Saiyan. She has pale skin. She is 17 years old and has hair longer than Preach's. Her top is half-sized and her skirt and shirt are both red. She wears white baggy pants underneath and reddish black shoes.

Sigarou Tasani- Rodgian. She is 16 years old and has an extremely baggy white hoodie. She has a pink shirt and a short skirt underneath with extremely long black boots.

Calagru- Fraternal twin of Karaso and is older than her by 3 minutes. He has tan skin and is 17 years old. He wears armor identical to Vegeta's after the Namek Sagas and has shoulder length black hair.


Add you own

This is a Roleplay[]


Exploration outdated

Setting: They are at Master Roshi's house. Then an explosion comes.

Saga 1[]

Chapter 1: Exploision[]

Lise: I dont know if any of you sense it but I sense an evil force...

Zuknii: I sense it too. < goes Super Saiyan> lets check it out

Lise: kk Lets go! *Flies off*


Lise: OH NO!!!! JAKE WAS HERE!!!! OH NO!!! *starts to sob*


Nova: Wow... so this is Earth. Never seen it.

Lise: *says through her sobs* W-ho *gasp* a-are y-y-you? *Then totally breaks down in sobs*

Nova: Gah! Who are you?! Uh, uh, don't cry, I, uh, what's going, umm... *looks overwhelmed*

Lise: *starts sobbing harder* WHY DID JAKE HAVE TO BE HERE?! WHHHHHHYYYYYYY?????!!!!!!!!!

Nova: Who's Jake? Who are you?!

Lise: *rages* I AM KATNISS PRINCESS OF ALL SAYAIN AND JAKE IS MEH SON *Starts sobbing harder*

Nova: S-saiyans?! The beings my people used to share a planet with?!

Lise: *looks at him through her hair and hands* Are you a saiyan too? Or a truffle?

Nova: I'm neither. I'm a Taurian... you aren't aware of your people's history?

Lise: *growls* I'm aware i just forget in times like these cuz, you know, MY SON DIED!!!!!!!!!

Nova: Oh... I'm sorry about your son but... I don't think you do.

Lise: *has to have Zuknii hold her back from punching him in the face* LET. ME. GO. LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!!! RAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nova: *Snaps into action, charges forward, kicking Zuknii in the chest, then turning around slowly. A brief wave of purple rolls over his body, and his skin turns redder, and his muscles bulk slightly. His eyes are maroon.*

Lise: *turns around and stars punching Nova everwhere w/ incredible speed*

Nova: *Blocks punches with equal speed* I don't want to hurt you.

Lise: Then don't hurt Zuknii *tosses Zuknii a Senzu bean*

Nova: *Detransforms* Look, I'm only here for... my friend. *Looks up at the distance*

Lise:Who's your friend? *distracted from the fact that Jake's dead*

Nova: Another one of my race. After the final battle, we were seperated.

Lise: Oh, say where's Shayoin?

Shayoin: Im here mother.

Lise: Shayoin, Nova. Nova, Shayoin.

Shay: (Shay's her nick name) Hi nova!

Nova: Hey.

Episode 2: Looking for The Criminal[]

Lise: Say, dont you think we should look for who did this?

Zuknii: I sensed him when the explosion went off but now its like he's gone! Maybe he can lower his power level!

Lise: I CAN'T BELIVE THIS!!!! God dammit.... WHen i get my hands on him *makes a twisting motion w/ her hands lie she brakeing someone's neck*

Zuknii: We'll find him. * sees motion * Lets go check over there.

Lise: *trying to calm down* Fine, but i wanna look for Jake after wareds.

(Meanwhile in the far corners of Earth)

Zin: Father, that was easy.

King Zin: That sure was.

Nova: And just who are you? *Appears behind them*

King Zin:............ You should say your name before asking others.

Zin: Touch my father and die!

Nova: I'm Nova. I'm a Taurian... a member of a race similar to the Saiyans. In fact we evolved on the same planet. Your names?

Zin: Zin.

King Zin: You can call me King Zin. *Chuckles* Yes, there was another smart-mouth who we've dealth with.

Nova: What are you talking about?

Zin: What does it matter?! Father, shall I deal with him?

King Zin: Sure, go ahead.

Nova: Don't assume I'm a pushover. I've defeat some of the strongest people in the universe.

( back to the destroyed city)

Zuknii: Show yourself murderer! Or i'll turn this whole place into a crater! *Looks at Lise* ya'know after we find Jake.

Lise:...................*shuts eyes*....... Wait. I sence somthing.... Somthing far away..... Jake can wait... Let's deal w this first..... Grab on!!!

Zin: You may claim you're stronger, but when I transform, you won't be talking!

King Zin: *Laughs*

Nova: I can transform, too.

Zin: Go ahead!&nbsp

Episode 3: A Sudden Apearance[]

Lise: Okay. Huh? * gets in defencive stance* Who are you and what do you want? *narrows eyes*

Zuknii: Thats it! * Starts fireing Ki blasts in random directions* I'm gonna destroy this place if you don't come out!

Lise: ZUNKII! Stop. rember were not wher Jake died. *narrows eyes waiting for ananswer*

Zuknii: *stops* i know but i'm tired of enemies who won't show themselves! Jake's out there some where and we're wasting time wating to kill this guy!

Lise: He looks familar.... I wanna know he is. TELL ME WHO YOU ARE NOW OR FELL THE SAIYAN PRINCESSES WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nova: *Smiles* Fine. GENKAI! *His skin gets redder and his eyes turn maroon. His muscles bulge out slightly.*

Lise: Nova don't do it. We have no idea who they are. They're not answering me. Don't humor them and that's an order. *starts getting annoyed* ANSWER ME NOW!

Nova: Sorry, Lise, but you have no authority to command me. Last I checked, you weren't the Princess of Taurians... just the Saiyans.

Lise: But if i remember correctly the Saiyans were the mightest warriors, and had at least a little controll over everything. *Looks at Zin and King Zin* I want to knowwho you are before i blast your head off. Im giving you 1 hour.

Zuknii: * returns to his base form but his purple aura is still feirce* I can't wait to fight these guys!

Lise: ............ *wait's* Fine. But i want to know there names but lets fight.

Zin: *Makes a VERY evil face* You guys...... are making me mad.................

King Zin: I agree. Do it, Zin.

Nova: I defeated the Four Horsemen. I won't lose to you! *Thoughts* If I have to use my Shinkai... no, I won't think about it.

King Zin: *Laughs* Do you know how strong I am when I transfrom?! *Points to King Zin* And when my father transforms he's even stronger!

Nova: *Grins* Strong enough to punch a Black Hole... and make it die?

Zin: *Laughs* Black Holes won't help you in this fight!

Nova: Of course they won't... but the strength it takes to KILL them will.

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Transforms, large horns grow out of head* HHHHHHHUUUUUOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nova: Nice... now we're completely equal.

Zin: *Laughs evily, fires a Super Red Blast*

Nova: *Teleports around the blast, then smashes Zin good in the chest* Zin: That hurt! But this will! *Fires a mouth energy wave in Nova's face*

Lise: Okay. King whatist You and me one on one. Lets go!

King Zin: It seems the lady wants to die early! You have a lot of beautiful years left!

Episode 4: The Fight[]

Lise: Shut up. I am a Saiyain ya know.

King Zin: My race is stronger than you puny Saiyans! I thought you all died off years ago!

Lise:SHUT UUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Zin: You're pretty coky, just like that other one I killed!

Nova: *Falls a bit out of the smoke, only slightly burnt* ICE CANNON! *He thrusts his fist forward, launching a large pillar of ice at Zin. He then spins backward* ICE BARRAGE! *He kicks as he spins, sending tiny knives of ice launching at Zin as well*

Zin: Ha! What a joke! *Breaks them with his horns*

Lise*takes KZ By surprize by teleporting and punching him hard in the back* Don't. Talk. Back. To. Me. *pushes harder* This is for all the insults.

King Zin: Is this all your power *Laughs very loudly, grabs Lise and throws her*

Lise: Oh, so you think you candefate me by throwing eh? Well take this! Haaaaalltteeeee (btw i got that attack by a german word from Number of the Stars! xDD)

King Zin: Do you know how terrifying I can be at my full power?!

Lise: hahahaha. Like i care. The only thing im fazed by are guns and i dont see one on you so im not scared.

King Zin: Guns??? *Makes finger like a gun, fires a rapid barrage of beams like a gun*

Lise: *Blocks* Not those kinda guns, moron! I mean Machanical like a pistol.

King Zin: I knew that, monkey! It's just funny how you're afraid of them *Laughs*

Zin: *Laughs*

Nova: *Lands on the floor* Impressive. Few can dodge my elementary attacks.

Zin: I'm not one to be messed with!

Lise: Don't call me MONKEYYY!!!! *rages, starts punching blindly out of anger*

King Zin: Look at your punches, they're wild! You're not winning like that *Kicks her back* Hm, you must be the one.......................

Nova: ICE GATLING! *Shoots dozens of Ice Cannons at Zin, then, while he is preoccupied, appears and punches him down*

Lise: *stop* You're right, but tell me this: 'Im the one' What?

King Zin: You're the one that kid was talking about............. Jake, I think his name was.

Lise: Jake. You killed... Jake? YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEEL A MOTHERS WRATH!!! AHHHHH! *starts firing ki blast w/ incredible speed and aim, hair flyng and turing even more golden lise is a blonde*

King Zin: Calm down! That's not all that he said! He said that his mother would avenge him. He said she'd make me pay, that she's very strong. Well give me that challenge, prove to me that you're strong!

Episode 5: A Mother's Wrath[]

Lise: Fine then. I dont't ha ve much confedence in myself for i am quite fazed by these events but il try not to die. For me and for Jake. *stars punching and kicking w/ furious speed*

King Zin: You've got stronger *Gets punched in the face* Yeah, much stronger, I don't have to transform, but I'll let you see my full power before I kill you!

Nova: *Walks over to Zin* Get up. We're not finished.

Zin: *Cracks neck* You're strong. Take this! *Hits Nova with a Super Red Blast*

Lise: You see this? *nodds toward neck while punching*

Nova: *Stumbles out of the Super Red Blast, bleeding slightly from the mouth, charges forward* ICE RIFLE! *He swings erratically, shooting off dozens of ice bullets, Zin cannot dodge them all.*

Zin: I can't get myself outta this!

King Zin: HHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Transforms, transformation so powerful, blows the Ice Rifle away*

Zin: Thank you, father.

Nova: Lucky daddy's here to save you, huh?

Zin: *Makes a huge scratch on Nova with his horns* You really thought I couldn't escape? A simple explosive wave woulda got me outta there!

Nova: Guh... but you didn't use the Explosive Wave! *Speak of the devil, he launches his own right now, pushing Zin back.*

Lise: *while king zin is distracted blast a halte at him*

Zin: You little peice of..................... It's time to bust out my ultimate attack!!! King Zin: Zin! You idiot! Are you trying to kill us all!!!!!!!!!!??????????

Nova: Go ahead! Do it!

Lise: Nova and I can team up, ya know. But answer me ZIn do you see this Madalion?!

KIng ZIn: Yeah? What's so special about it!?

Lise: For starters it can blow up things and grant wishes. And I might end up using it against you.

King Zin: Oh yeah? *Teleports to Lise, takes the medallion*

Lise: GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts to go forward*

King Zin: *Laughs* ANY wish? Now this is something I could use? Now how many wishes can you grant?

Nova: ICE CANNON! *Launches an Ice Cannon, slamming KZ and causing him to drop the medallion*

Lise: *grabbes the madallion* Hashe mauki lancha ina Kingwa Zinion! *causing it to attach it's self to KZ*

King Zin: What the hell is this?!

Madallion: Distuct King Zin in 5. 4.

King Zin: NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 6: The Ultimate Demon![]

Madallion: 3. 2. 1. <kaboom xD Im lazy> *smoke clears and Lise see's a figure and it's KZ*


King Zin: I guess it didn't work. Whatever, I guess no wish for me. I don't need it, I have enough power to easily crush you.

Lise: Thoughs _hmm, he doesn't know it's indestucteble..._ *transports and grabbs the madallion of of KZ Punshing him in the spine along with it* How do ya like that?! *then blasts Zin with her ultamate move, the Halte strait though his chest* THAT WAS FOR JAKE!!!!!!!

King Zin: ZIN!!!!!!!

Zin: Darn punk! Hitting me while I'm distracted! *Falls on the floor, dies*

Lise: *looks at KZ with pure joy/ awesomeness/ satifaction in her eyes, smiling* NOW you know what it's like to lose a son!! He said that you would pay. Boy was he right! *starts to laugh*

King Zin: ...................................................Yes............................................................ I do understand.............................................. AND YOU WILL PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Transforms, giant wings come out of back, muscles bulge, transformation so strong, breaks medallion*

Lise: I cant believe I used to be like you.... *unfazed by canges btw xD* I don't understand why you want to be like this....

King Zin: YOU WILL KNOW THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Floor shatters, blows Lise away with giant wings*

Lise:*Catches herself in midair* _hmm i need to get rid of those wings..... I'll do an Extract_ *puts her ring finger and pointer fingers together* powerr EXCTRAAAAACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King Zin: HMPH! *Deflects blasts with wings* My wings are like shields to me! YOU CAN'T DESTROY ME!!! NOT LIKE I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!!

Lise: *thinks about her situation* _what would vegeta or kakarot do........ Aha!!_ *transports and grabbs wings with an increadible hold*

King ZIn: I to;d you, YOU CAN'T BREAK THEM!!! *Blows Lise away* This is the legend. It's true. I'M AN ULTIMATE DEMON!!!!!

Lise: The ultamate demon, eh? Hmmm............. God what am i gonna do now *sarcasitly*

King Zin: What you're gonna do is DIE!!!!!!!! *Hits Lise with a Super Red Blast* You still alive? I hope, cuz I barely scratched the surface of my full power!

Lise: *grabbes arm* _God, he broke it....._ *starts to scream randomly her aura and ki getting bigger and bigger*

King Zin: Hello? You alive??????!!!!!

Lise: *transports and hits him with mulirple attacks and ki blasts, all stronger because she transformed* _only if i could turn Great Ape!! Thiswould be as easy as pie!_ *just noitice that her madallion is shattered, and starts to call him cuss words loudly. Her ki grows stronger still* RWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!! *transforms in GA somehow xDDD* _what the hell??!!! Oh well! Now i can destroy him_

Nova: No, mine! ICE CANNON BARRAGE *Fires dozens of Ice Cannons, still in Genkai*

Lise: *rawersat nova and blast the great ape thing at KZ*

King Zin: You thing a damn gorilla can hurt me? MY POWER IS GREATER THAN YOUR SIZE!!!!

Lise: *a pink ball starts to form in her mouth*

King Zin: Try me! *Charges a Super Red Blast*

Lise: *The pink blast pulvarizes the Super Red Blast causing a lot of damage to KZ*

Nova: I AM THE KING OF TAURIANS! I WILL NOT BE IGNORED! *For an instant, turns into a being of pure light, then fires an enourmas ice block, sending KZ flying high in the air.*

King Zin: I DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU!!!!! *Hits Nova with a Super Red Beam* *Thoughts: What's a weakness in that ape? Is it that huge tail?*

Lise: *notices that he's eyeing her tail and she wraps it around her waist, charging another Pink Blast*

King Zin: *Fires a Super Red Blast, overpowers blast* *Thoughts: The weakness is the tail, I gotta get to it!*

Chapter 7: The End of King Zin??[]

Lise: ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR *charges another one, so big that it starts to come out of her mouth. She fires it.*

King Zin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Blows him away*

Lise: *charges one even bigger and fires it*

King Zin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Seems dead, as for his energy can not be felt*

Lise: *fires a smaller one for precautinary reasons*

Zuknii: Good job lise! Too bad I didn't get to fight him.

Nova: <Is gone>

Lise: *changes back* Sorry, Zunkii... I kinda took over.... hahaha.... OH SHIT!!! DID... DID I KILL NOVA???!!!!!

King Zin: BUT YOU DIDN'T KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Slashes Lise's tail off*


King Zin: You thought that would kill ME!? I was just laying low so I can chop that damn thing off your backside! I can make bigger blasts then that in my sleep!!! Allow me to demonstrate!!!!!*Charges a Super Red Ball, as big as Goku's Spirit Bomb*

Zuknii: Your alive?! Well now its my turn! *Goes Super Saiyan* Doomageddon wave! *Fires a red wave*

King Zin: *Ball absorbs blast* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALise <

Zuknii: He's so strong! *Fires a barrage of ki blasts*

Lise *starts to fire with Zunkii useing her most powerful blasts*

King Zin: *Laughs loudly* Stop! You guys are tickling me!!!!! *Laughs even louder*

Lise: *fires faster and stronger ones*

Zuknii: Ending blast! *Fires a large Ki Blast*

King Zin: Enough! Time to throw it!

Chapter 8: The True Lise Comes Out[]

Lise: *falls on the ground, very fateuged then sees a figure but it wasn't Zuknii or KZ* <whispers> J-Jake??

Jake: Yes mother.... *smiles his goofy smile and gets down by her* We need you to get up... *gently pushes her*

Lise: I-I'm finished, hon... I can't do this, I tried and failed....

Jake: Everyone in heavean believes in you... They know you can do this..


Lise:...... *smirks and gets up, new power found and whispers* You troll, Jake. *then yells* Go ahead and fire it!!

King Zin: If you're really in a hurry to die, then OK. You know something???

Lise: First do you want to know somthing from me?

King Zin: No, I think you'll wanna hear me first. I found it funny, the screams of your son as I pounded him to the dirt, the way I destroyed him and the whole town it was great! HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

Lise *says with tears in her eyes* I have everyone in heavan behind my back and they will come down here to help me if I needed it. *Smiles with tears running down her face* And I didn't find that funny, my son was strong in heart and spirit. It was not like him to scream or cry.

King Zin: *Laughs* Whatever you say! Enough talk! I'm pulling the trigger!

Lise: Fine then. Do it. If I die at least I know where I'm going. *thoughts* Jake, I'm coming home. If I die. COme down..... *cries proudly*

King Zin: DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Throws the ball* THAT WAS FOR MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lise: <Shimmering is seen around her, like a shield and then when the smokes cleared she appears un harmed> Is that all you got?!

King Zin: I'm not done yet. *Ball reforms, fires a powerful Super Red Blast to push the ball and make it stronger*

Lise: *transports just as KZ fires it and starts to punch him in the back of the head and it starts to bleed firously*

King Zin: YOU DAMN BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Kicks her very very hard in the gut, causing her to spit up blood*

Lise: That. *wipes off blood seeing that it got on KZ's face* Hurt. *punches to the face breaking his nose and knocking out part of his teeth*

King Zin: DAMMIT! NO!

Lise: *punches him very very very hard in the face* How do ya like that?!

King Zin: How do ya like this!? *Throws barrage of attaks*

Lise: *dodges them all* I could throw those faster when i wasn't even a yearling *Throws even more attacks even faster*

King Zin: *Flies away just a little bit* I only know ONE way to destroy you. HHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Selfs destructs, causes a GIANT HUMONGOUS exposion*

Lise: *Almost dies and falls to the ground* Urggggg *looks around painfully* H-he's gone.... *smiles then passes out*

Saga 2[]

Chapter 1 The Stranger[]

Brocc: What was that huge explosion? I better check it out! *Flies away*

Lise: Urrrrgggg...... *passes out again*

Brocc: Huh? Who's she? Well I guess I better help her. *Picks up Lise and carries her on his back, then flies away*

<Lise wakes up on Brocc's back in mid flight and scream> WHO ARE YOU????!!!!!!!

Brocc: *Gasps* I saw you on the floor, practically dead! Your injuries are severe, you shouldn't be moving around too much..............

Lise: Oh.. OWWWW MY FACE *puts hand on face then pulls it of seeing its coverd in blood* Urg... Ty btw.

Brocc: This would be a smoother ride if you were to go back to sleep!

Lise: Urrggg..... My body hurts.... *passes out again*

Brocc: ...................................... *Continues flying*

A few hours later, Lise wakes up again.

Lise: Urggg..... Are we almost there??

Brocc: Um, we're here *Points to the ceiling* I already healed your injuries.

Lise: Ohhh..... Thank you, I feel much better *stares @ Brocc*

Brocc: Huh???

Lise: *tears* O-oh... nothing.... Y-you just look.... L-like m-my s-s-son...

Brocc: Oh................. I see................................. What happened???

Lise: *thoughts* stay strong *tears up, almost spilling* H-h-he w-w-w-was k-k-k-k-killed buh-buh-by t-the g-g-guys w--w-w-w-who h-h-hurt muh-muh-me..... *sobs*

Brocc: Dang........... Sorry I wasn't there. I could helped.

Lise: W-w-w-w-we w-were t-t-to l-l-late..... *cries harder*

Brocc: .........................................................................................

Lise: *stops suddenly* Are you a-a Saiyan?!

Brocc: Yeah. I'm actually a powerful one. Wait............. are you--- Princess Lise!?

Lise: *gets into her old self _YAYZ_* IT'S PRINCESS KATNISS TO YOU, MISOURE!

Brocc: Okay, sheesh! Then name's Brocc. Nice to meet ya!

Lise: *Gets ghetto* DON'T SHEESH ME! (lolz)

Brocc: L:( Okay.........................

Lise: *yawns then falls asleep*

Brocc: ...................................... *Thoughts: She needs some rest. She's been bashed pretty bad* *Kills the light and leaves the room*


Lise: *Yawns* Urggg a good strech would be- Wait. Where am I.... *Thoughts* urg let me find a light swich *she finds it the turns the lights on* Urrrggg this must be where Brocc lives.... *Opens door and finds the kitchen. She starts to cook*

Brocc: *Is sleeping, then sniffs* I smell egs! *Rushes to the kitchen*

Lise: Hello, misoure Brocc. How did you sleep? *coninues to cook* How do you like your eggs?

Brocc: *Stretches arms* I slept great! *Sniffs* And I like my eggs fried!

Lise: Okay! And good. *fries both sets of eggs* Do you like bacon?

Brocc: Bacon's fine. How are your injuries? You feel okay???

Lise: My face and left arm still hurts but otherwise I'm fine and how do you like your bacon?

Brocc: Crispy's cool.

Lise: Okay! *cooks one set crispy the other wiggly and puts it by the eggs* Now, do you want toast?

Bross: *Chuckles* Okay, okay, thanks so much for cooking for me, but I think I can handle making toast! *Goes to the fridge and grabs bread*

Lise *smiles* Okay! Canyou grab me some too, please?

Brocc: No prob! I'll toast yours first. *Pops two bread slices in the fridge*

Lise: Thank you! Breakfast is done. *sets the plates on the table*

Brocc: Ok! Toast will be ready in a few minutes.

CH2 Training with Brocc[]

Lise: Kewl... *waits then hears the toastar* It's done.

Brocc: Okay *Grabs toast and puts on the table* Thank you! *Starts eating*

Lise: Soooo what do ya think? *eats her own*

Brocc: This is the bomb! *Continues eating*


Lise: Say, Brocc. Do you have any suitable clothing for me *points at torn up gi's*

Brocc: Hm................. I did have a female roommate. She did have some gi. I'll go get it.

Lise: Ashum! Thanks! *waits*

Brocc: *Looks through closet* Dangit, where is it? Ah, there it is! *Grabs orange and green gi* I hope you like these colors *Hands Lise clothes*

Lise: My favourite colours! *goes into a random room and changes*

Brocc: I'm off to train, unless............................... you'd like to join me *Wears fighting face*

Lise: I'd love to, but its gonna be hard for me... Im a lefty. But it would help build muscle!

Brocc: Well, your injuries might get worse. Wait for another day, then we'll train.

Lise: *brightly* Okay! *wanders off* How big IS this place?!

Brocc: Eh, it's pretty big.

Lise: Did you modle this after the castle on Plenet Vegeta?

Rigor: *Flies down to the door, knocks* Hey, Brocc! Brocc?


Zuknii: *Eyes open slowly* arrrrrgh

Zuknii: H-He's gone! and so is Lise.


Lise: *Looks through peep hole* Who is he, Brocc?

Brocc: W-wait.............. Rigor?! What are you doing here?!

Rigor: I need to get out of the house! Can I come in?!

Brocc: S-sure! *Opens door*

Rigor: *Strolls in* I was thinking about going to Dad's place... but Mom would find out soon enough.

Brocc: Mom? Okay what's going on???

Lise: What? Who are you!?

Brocc: He's an old friend........................... from a while back........................................

Rigor: Wow... you've been away for a while, haven't you? {AUTHOR'S NOTE: THIS IS BREAKING BAD UNIVERSE RIGOR. THEREFORE, RIGOR WAS ADOPTED BY GOKU AND HIS FAMILY FOLLOWING BEING FOUND IN BROLY'S ABANDONED SPACE POD. THANK YOU.} *Nods to Lise* I'm Rigor, adopted son of Goku, son of Broly, blah, blah, blah.

Lise: So your a Saiyan? And I'm Princess Katniss.

Brocc: Man, that freak Broly............................ The Legendary Super Saiyan...........................that guy's name chills the whole universe............................. You've heard of him, right, Princess?

Rigor: *Rolls eyes* I'm not my dad...

Lise: Yes.... *shivers* Yes I have....... *Looks at Rigor* And good or I'll make sure that your destroyed

Brocc: Chill. He's cool. Well, I'm off to train.

Rigor: I'm just gonna... hide out in here for a while... until it's safe to go back home.

Lise: Brocc, before you go do you have anything I can do?

Rigor: I can fill you in on what's been going on with meh.

Brocc: Yeah, Rigor's stories are always long, so after that, you can watch some TV. *Goes outside*

Rigor: My stories aren't that long!

Lise: *sighs* I ment housework but whatever. So Rigor is it?

Rigor: The one and only!

<Elsewhere, a Ice-jinn foot lands on the ground in the middle of the Yunzibit Highlands. He looks like Cooler, but the spikes, shoulder pads, and armor are smaller, and his skin is pale blue. He carefully masks his power level, looking around>

Brocc: *Is outside* HHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *Whole house shakes*

Ice-jinn: *Grins beneath mask, turns in the direction of Brocc, but doesn't leave*

Rigor: So.... who are you?

Brocc: *Transforms into a Super Saiyan* Time to take it to the next level! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! *Transfromes into a Super Siyan 2*

Lise: I'm Prinncess Katniss.

Rigor: Princess?

Lise: Yeah, Princess of all Sayains.\

Brocc: Ha! *Throws ki barrage attacks, then teleports in their deirction and deflects them* Man, I'm as fast as ever!

Ice-jinn: *Starts flying in Brocc's direction, still masking his power level*

Brocc: .............................................. *Thoughts: What kind of guy thinks he could just sneak up on me like that???* ............................................*Goes back to base form*

Ice-jinn: *Lands next to Brocc* Hello, infidel.

Brocc: Infidel? Wait, you're a member of Frieza's race! *Flies to house* Guys, we have some company. Some "chilling" company.

Rigor: *Stands up, looking concerned* Ah, crap, did you just feel that spike in pow-

Ice-jinn: *Fires a large beam, engulfing the house and destroying it's front*

Brocc: My house! You bastard! *Flies to Ice-jinn* You can mess with me, but not my house! Let's take this else-where! *Flies away*

Ice-jinn: Gladly. *Flies after Brocc*

Rigor: Hey, wait! *Flies after Ice-jinn*

Lise: *thoughts* Damn! Just after I got injured so badly! *Telaphly Brocc* Dude?! Do I stay here?

Brocc: *Telepathy: You can come, your injuries shouldn't be that bad. You can come along. Watch out for the fires!*

Lise: *Telepathy: Sweet. And okay.* **Follows them**

Brocc: *Thoughts: I gotta blow out the fires. We haven't flown that far. I can see the house from here.* *Telepathy: Lise! Watch out! I'm firing a blast in your direction!*

Lise: *okay, is there a back way?*

Brocc: *Telepathy: Yeah! Turn to the left, and you'l see a door at the end of the hallway. Hurry up, cuz I'm about to fire!*

Lise: *she finds it and exits the house* Telepathy *Okay, I'm out of the house!*

Zuknii: That power.... Its ice-jin

Zuknii: *Flies as fast as hecan to the ice-jinn and begins ki blasting him* I've lost so much to your kiniiiiinnnnndddd!

Brocc: Spiraling Blast! *Fires blast, destorying flames* *Turns to Ice-Jin* Oh don't worry, I'm gonna use that blast on you, next!

Lise: *teleports to Brocc and spits* He's mine! He Killed my father! My Family! HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brocc: Heh, I think we all lost family to this guys' species. So we all get to kill him!

Ice-jinn: Pathetic worms.*Lands where he first arrived, stretches calmly*

Brocc: *Gets angry, flys down*

Ice-jinn: My name is Nitro. I was banished by my uncle, because of my strength. However, a battle on Namek awakened me... now I want to destroy some planets.

Rigor: A battle on Namek...? You can't mean-?!

Nitro: Ah, yes, you were the winner, weren't you. Thank you very much.

Rigor: Grr.....

Lise: I don't care who you are.... Just stop Bluffing!

Nitro: But I'm not bluffing... Heh heh.

Saiyans VS Ice-Jin[]

Brocc: You can't beat me, cuz I'm feeling a little super! *Transformes into a Super Saiyan*

Nitro: *Yawns* And?

Lise: *sighs* Guys.... Well are we gonna do this or what?

Brocc: *Thoughts: Heh, he thinks that's all I can do!* Let's do this!

Lise: *goes ssj* Yeah. *blacks out for a mistirous reason*

Brocc: Lise?????????????

  • An enourmous power would land to scene, a 12 year old saiyan would stand, looking at everyone else*

Saiyan Boy:I sensed someone go Super Saiyan, so I had to come.


Nitro: Look, another fool.

Brocc: Darn. Lise is out. Gotta take her back home. *Goes back to base form, picks up Lise* Don't worry, Nitro. I will come back and help destroy you! *Flies away*

-*A female 17 year old Saiyan with massive black hair descended by Brocc*

Saiyan: *smirking at icejin, deep and monotone voice* I can kill a member of Frieza's race and have fun? *grins* About time.

Brocc: He's right over there. Now can you get outta my way please?! *Moves to the side, flies away*


Lise: *reaches out* F-father?!! *then she can't see anything except for that horrific vision replaying over and over in her head. She moans* Father......

Brocc: Huh? Lise??? I better fly faster. *Flys faster*


Saiyan: I'm getting impatient with you, icejin!

Brocc: *Repeats what Lise says* "Father"? *Continues flying*


Brocc: Home. *Puts Lise on bes and wraps her injuries*

Lise: *turns in her black out and moans* Father..... Father.....

Brocc: Lise? Dangit, what's wrong with her?????????????????????????????

Saiyan: *leaning on door where Brocc and Lise are* Hm..*voice is soft and concerned, to a contrast to her coarse, loud voice before* Is..she okay?

Brocc: I'm not sure................. She's been moaning "father" ever since I've been flying.

Lise: *puts her arms up like she's punching somthing and screams* DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE

Saiyan: *voice regains loud, coarseness* Well, wake her up! *shakes Lise* Get up!

<Ironically, a figure appears outside the house. He raises a hand, and fire engulfs the place. He then disappears>

Nitro: So, who's first?

Karaso: Ughhhhhh! *picks up Lise and flies out of window* Damn icejins..

<Another figure appears on a birch tree near the house. He places a small symbol of a bat with one wing missing, then vanishes>

Brocc: My house has been burned twice and that's twice too many! *Fires blast, destroying flames* I swear, when I find those guys I'm gonna---!

Lise: *wakes up, sweating* Where's-- Oh gawd....

Brocc: Huh? You okay???

<Three knives appear in Brocc's back, another figure disappears, leaving behind the same logo>

Nitro: Enough waiting! <Charges at Rigor>

Rigor: *Becomes a Super Saiyan 2, flies at Nitro, they begin fighting*

Brocc: GAH! *Transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, knives fly outta back* THAT'S IT!!!!!!! THEY WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M JOINING THE BATTLE!!!!!! YOU WATCH OVER LISE!!!!!!!!!! *Flys away*

Saiyan: *scoffs* I'M NOT A DAMN BABYSITTER! *thinking*Hmph, he can kiss his sorry butt if he thinks because I'm a woman that I'll watch over!

Zuknii: *fires a barrage of ki blasts at nitro at the same time*

Nitro: *Grabs Rigor, hurls him into the air, then begins pummeling him*

Zuknii: You are not hurting any more saiyans! *Punches Nitro in the face*

Rigor: *Fires an Eraser Cannon, knocking Nitro away*

Nitro: *Kicks Zuknii away easily, then smashes Rigor throughs some rocks*

Brocc: DIE!!!!!!!!! *Throws punch at Nitro, he does to, shockwave occurlink titles*

Nitro: Good, that almost hurt. *Grabs Brocc's leg, smashes him into Rigor*

Lise: NO! I AM FIGHTING! *breaks loose and transports to battle*

Brocc: *Chuckles* This should be fun. *Rushes towards Nitro, engages in hand-to-hand combat*

Nitro: Fool. *Easily knocks Brocc back with a backhand*

Brocc: *Fires a blast*

Nitro: *Catches and crushes it*

Brocc: You're not bad. *Smiles and angry at the same time* I don't mean make to feel bad, but that wasn't even half my power!

Saiyan: You overpowered bastard. *a green ki blast charges in her hand* Ready for this..? *the ki blast grows rapidly* JULY ANALYST!! *fires it at Nitro*

Nitro: Oh my... I'm so scared! Not! *kicks both attacks back*

Brocc: *Raises power*

Lise: *turns ssj* C'mon. We can take him together!

Brocc: Yeah! *Raises power even more*

-*The ki blasts hit an alien, short female*

Saiyan: *powers up to SSJ* She's not my problem.

-*The alien female is wounded slightly and seemed weak. Then, she collapsed.*

Nitro: Yes... you could hurt me in those forms... heh.

Brocc: Not in this form, I can't.

Saiyan: Who said this is my only form? You idiotic icejin.

Alien: Ka...Ka....Karaso....*falling*

Nitro: Yes, you could do SOME damage... I think you're worthy of my 5%!

Karaso (Saiyan): *WTF face* Wa-wa-what? I'm not a 3 year old imbecile, you sloth.

Brocc: *Charges power*

Nitro: *Powers up, muscles bulge slightly, spikes grow a fraction bigger* Ahh... better.

Brocc: Nice form! HHHHUUUUUAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! *Hair gets longer*

Nitro: Yes, yes!

Brocc: HHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Transforms into a Super Saiyan 3*

Karaso: It's hilarious to see you two ladies flail around, but I'm getting bored.

Nitro: Thank you, Karaso. Now, you all have given me the chance to go all out!

Brocc: *VERY serious face* Let's go.

Nitro: *Muscles suddenly bulge incredibly, but not enough to slow him down, and spikes appear on his tail. He appears and kicks Brocc to the ground*

Brocc: Baby hit. *Kicks Nitro back.

Nitro: I could say the same *Hurls Brocc away, then fires a large amount of blasts at him*

Brocc: Hmph. *Delfects blast*

Nitro: Hmm... *Appears, fist imbedded in Brocc's stomach*

Brocc: Back up! *Kicks in the face up in the air*

Nitro: *Appears on top of Brocc, slaps him to the ground with his tail*

Lise:*Appears behind Nitro and punches him so hard it causeshimto spit up blood*

Brocc: Bye tail! *Throws Slicer Attack at it*

Karaso: *smirks* About damn time, lizard! *powering up slowly to SSJ3 form*

Nitro: No! *Grabs Karaso by the neck with the tail, chokes her for a bit, then drops her to the floor*

Brocc: Got your tail! *Chops off*

Nitro: YOU FILTHY MONKEY! *Grabs Brocc, rips off most of his hair, then punches him brutally to the ground, leaving a crater*

Brocc: Ow! Ripping my hair? That helped. I'm mad now. *Charges energy into a ball* You're finished.

Rigor: *Jumps by Brocc, holding an Eraser Kamehameha* Toghether!

Lise: *charges to a ssj 3* No one hurts them! *throws a humougus Excrtact at Nitro*

Rigor: *Fries the Eraser Kamehameha*

Brocc: *Fires a Golden Spiraling Blast, combo of SP and aura*

Nitro: NO! *Is engulfed, gives in, and is knocked around*

Brocc: Did that do it?

Nitro: *Slowly descends to the ground* Incredible... that... actually... HURT! *Appears, breaking Brocc's back in one punch*

Brocc: GAH!

Lise: *looks over and rages and throws all kinds of ki blast with pinpiont accuaracey almost killing Nitro*

Brocc: *Falls on th floor*

Nitro: ENOUGH! *Flies high up, raising a finger, an enourmous Death Beam shoots down, completely ingulfing the area*

Brocc: G-Lise................... *Goes back to base form*

Lise: *teleports to Brocc and shields him*I Brocc: G---Darn Ice-Jin! Thanks, Lise *Collapses*

Lise: B-Brocc! *turns around and turns ssj 3* You will NOT kill me....

Karaso: *finally goes SSJ3* Lizard! Scared of a Saiyan?

Brocc: *Mumbles* He-he. You're finished now, Nova! *Gets knocked out again*

Rigor: *Is lying, unmoving, at the center of the crater*

Brocc: *Laughs* You okay, buddy?

Alien: *taps Rigor* Rigor-kun..!

Karaso: *grinning and charges at Nitro*

Nitro: *Smiles, then punches Karaso in the stomach, a sickening crack is heard*

Brocc: *Says to the alien* It's okay. He won't go down that easily. Hehe

Lise: *screams* STOP IT AT ONCE!!!! YOUR KIND KILLED MY RACE, YOU WILL NOT KILL THE REMAAAAAAANDEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *once again she throws Ki blast at him w/ pinpoint accuraccy*

Brocc: Man......................... My body hurts...............................................................................................

Rigor: *Has a vision of his father*

Broly: You know what it would take to defeat him.

Rigor: But he's so strong-

Broly: You've made me proud... now destroy him.

Rigor: *Starts glowing green in real life*

Lise: *see's that Brocc is unmoving and rushes over* Are you okay? *checks body for bruises and broken bones*

Brocc: I'll be fine. *Coughs up blood* Okay, maybe not!

Lise: Don't worry ho- *blushes* Just don't worry *puts a finger on particulary bad cut*

Brocc: Ow................................

Lise: *pulls somthing out of pocket and put a drip of thestuff on it. The cut heals instantly. She leans in* Do you still think you can fight?

Brocc: I'll try *Gets up* Thanks so much. What was that stuff?

Lise: Oh just some Saiyan healing stuffI saved. *reaches out hand* Need some help?

Brocc: Thanks. My body still kinda hurts.

Rigor: *Muscles start bulging, hair is glowing green, pupils vanish, Rigor pulls himself up* It's over, Nitro!

Nitro: I WILL NOT BOW TO A MONKEY! *Fires another Super Death Beam, but smaller*

Rigor: *Fires an Eraser Cannon, a beam clash takes place*

Nitro: N-no! *In his weakened state, he can barely keep his power up, his body reverts to 1%, and the Eraser Cannon overtakes him. He screams as he is slowly vaporized*.

Rigor: *Detransforms, falls to the ground*

Brocc: Rigor!

Lise: C'mon *pours the Saiyan stuff on Rigor and helps him up.* As for you, Brocc. Lets see what we can salvage of your home.

Female Voice: Rigor! *A female Saiyan with short, Raditz-like hair flies down*

Lise: Another Saiyan?!

Female Saiyan: Out of my way. I have to kill my husband.

Rigor: *Muffled voice* A bit harsh.

Brocc: Nitro! Get ready to die! *Transfroms into a Super Saiyan 3*

Lise: *coldly* Whoever you are, you will have respec for your Princess.

Brocc: Let's finish this guy!

Rigor: I finished him, remember?

Female Saiyan: Get up.

Rigor: But I'm....

Female Saiyan: Up.

Rigor: *Pulls self up*

CH3 Coming Home[]

Lise: C'mon Brocc, lets go... *walks away*

Brocc: Dang he died? Aw....................... *Goes back to base form* I'm off. *Walks away*

Rigor: Hey... wait for me...

Female Saiyan: I can't stop you... but I'm coming.

Lise: Grab on *reaches hand to Brocc* I'll teleport us.

Brocc: I can do that! *Teleports*

Lise: Oh. Okay. *teleports back to Brocc's house.*

Brocc: *Sighs* My house! It's been burned!............................. TWICE!!!!!

Lise: *puts hand on neck, then realizes her prize possion is destroyed.* That bastard.... HE DESTROYED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brocc: Huh? What's wrong???

Lise: They guy I fought before you found me, he destoyed my madailion.... *tears* WHY AM I CRYING SO MUCH?!

Brocc: Let's go find it. I think I can do something about that. I can try.

Lise: But he destroyed it.....

Brocc: Just tell me where the pieces are.

Lise: I think he pulvarized it... It was my fathers... The only thing I had left of him....

Brocc: You can always try.................. Just take me to the pieces.........................................

Lise: Okay *teleports him and heer to the battle field and instantly sees that the pieces some how came back together.* What the hell? *pickes it up and puts it back on*

Brocc: It seems some type of energy brought it back together, but not ordinary energy......................

Lise: Hmmm I forgotthat if it was destroyed thatit would put its self together again.... Well Good news! I can fix your house!

Brocc: I think I know how it came back together. That energy I was talking about.

Lise: Yeah. Lets go back to your house so I can fix it. *teleports back to house*

Brocc: *Grabs Lise* Wait.

Lise: Yes?

Brocc: That energy I was talking about.......................... I think it's love.....................................................

Lise: *blushes* I never knew what the energy was.... Love... Love for who? It wasn't put back instanty... So it obiously wasn't for my father....

Rigor: Eww....

Separi (Female Saiyan): Rigor, stop acting like a child.

Brocc: Our love for each other.........................

Lise: *blushes then smiles* Maybe.... *blushes very hard, her whole face turns red*

Rigor: EWWWWWW....

Separi: Rigor...

Rigor: Sorry.

Brocc: Rigor put a sock in it!

Lise: *walks twoard Rigor and flips him off* Shaddup.

Brocc: HA! Like I was saying..........................................

Lise: *walks back* As you were saying. *smiles*

Karaso: Ughhhh isn't it obvious? Brocc likes Lise, Lise likes Brocc, so how bout you get out my face with this blushing shit?!

Lise: *looks over with cold eyes then walks over then punches her in the face* Thanks for ruining it.

Karaso: Ruining romance. What I do best.

Alien: Uuu! Karaso-chan! We should get them together!!

Karaso: Shut up, Sigarou. You should get out of my face.

Sigarou (Alien): Nuu, let's hook em up!

Brocc: *Looks at Karaso* _I_ *Walks away*

Karaso: Pshh! *flips off Brocc*

Sigarou: Hmm.. *antenna reading Brocc and Lise's minds* Hai Brocc and Lise!

Lise: *walks away with Brocc*

Rigor: *In Brocc's mind* Dude... ew.

Sigarou: I know!

Karaso: Shut up, Sigarou.

Vegeta: This sentimental bull crap is the reason why I don't like this planet.

Rigor: Hey, Vegeta, is that you! Hey, Vegeta!

Vegeta: What do you want, Rigan or Rigur or whatever?

Rigor: You know, considering I'm Goku's adopted son... you would have learned my name by now... I mean, I know I used to call you Veggie when I was a kid, but..

Karaso: Bleh, it's the prince of all assholes.

Rigor: Hey! I used to spend half my time at his house with Goten and Trunks!

Vegeta: You're right, appologies to you. And you, woman! How dare you disrespect me!!!!

Karaso: Pshh..*tail flickers* I say what I want.

Sigarou: You are a pwince? *antenna focuses on Vegeta*

Vegeta: I was the Prince of all Saiyans, but after the race was destroyed, I'm kind of not. But I will not sit here and be insulted!

Karaso: You assume I care about your feelings.

Sigarou: Oooooohhhhhhhhh she's wibbing on you.

Lise: *turns around* Vegeta?! What are you doing here?

Vegeta: I decided that waiting around for something to happen wasn't as entertaining as I thought. I could use some training anyway, so now I'm here, only to see my sister and this.... "saiyan" frolicking.

Lise: Fine then. Be like that. *turns around and walks away*

Rigor: ...

Separi: I'm heading back home... *Starts taking off* Rigor, you'd better be back at 6, or your head is gone.

Rigor: *Gulps* Sure!

Brocc: Prince Vegeta, what's your ass doing here? Don't talk, you have a wife and son yourself.


Karaso: *chuckling loudly and for a while* Are you serious...? *laughing* He..*still laughing* he...*falls off of rock* He had kids..with an Earth girl! A scummy Earth girl!

Sigarou: Oh...you're being a meanie to Vegeta-san, Karaso!

Karaso: *laughing loudly on ground*

Vegeta: And? I'll destroy if I must. No. Hesitation.

Brocc: *Says seriously* Come try it.

Lise: Ohh yeah. I wouldn't mind hurting you, bro.&nbsp

Brocc: You call yourself the prince of Saiyans when right now you look like the prince of all bitches.

CH4 What's Up With Vegeta?![]

Lise: Brocc, he's that all the time.

Brocc: No, he's pissed me off....................................

Sigarou: Why? Is Vegeta-san meanie?

Brocc: He's been like that since he was little. It's about time somebody beat it outta him.

Rigor: Calm down! cAll of you!

Brocc: *Looks at Rigor, then looks back at Vegeta*

Karaso: *stands up, wiping tears of laughter* Alright..where's the prince of jackasses?

Rigor: I said *Flickers into Super Saiyan for a moment* CALM DOWN.

Vegeta: Rigor is right, I'd hate to see some poor, powerless punks get hurt.

Karaso: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! *powers up to SSJ2 form*

Sigarou: Karaso-chan! *mouthing to anyone* HELP ME!!

Vegeta:*Powers up to SSJ2* You're on, womasan!

Brocc: Yeah right! *Trasnforms into a SSJ2*

Vegeta: Both of you.... That may prove to be a challenge

Karaso: *sarcasm button turns on again* Oh, I'm flattered. *sarcasm button turns off*

Sigarou: *sipping smoothie from random spot* GO KARASOOO!!!

Brocc: She's........................... weird.....................................

Sigarou: Hey! *stands up, floating like Chioatzu and stands by Brocc* No teasin! *walks back to spot with smoothie and looks innocently at everyone* Well..go! Fight!

Brocc: *Engages in hand-to-hand combat*

Karaso: *puts hands down* What the hell? Am I always forgotten in every battle?


Karaso: *runs to Sigarou, beats the shit out of her and walks back to battle, frustrated*

Sigarou: X.X *passed out*

Brocc: Weird.........................................................

Karaso: Ughhhh! *knees Vegeta in his man parts*

Saiyan Boy: *thinking to himself* These guys are doing bad! *looks to Vegeta, he looks the others* The names Preach and it's about time I help. *Preach would power up to Super Saiyan*

Rigor: STOP! *Goes SSJ2, flies in the middle*

Preach:*goes SSJ2 and flies to the both of them, he kicks Karaso from Vegeta* Stop fighting, all of you! We're all Saiyans here, well I'm a Half Breed of Saiyan and Human. *looking around at everyone* We all have to control ourselves.

Lise: *screams* EVERONE JUST STOP FOR A MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Looks at Preach* Who the hell are you and whhat do you want. And by all means, you don't look like a Saiyan so how can you do that?

Vegeta: I'll come down when I kill that saiyan trash! If you want, you can help.

Preach:*he ignores Vegeta and looks to Lise and goes to base* Like I said I'm a Half Breed. And I look like my dad. *he turns to Vegeta* Who do I remind you off? *pointing to his long hair*

Vegeta: Raditz....?

Lise: *shocked look* Stangely you look like my old boyfriend............... Raditz.......

Vegeta: You're the son.... of that pathetic saiyan?!?

Preach: I know he is. I'm not like my father. Heck, I don't even know if I'm like my mother. I'm like my adoptive dad and mother.

Vegeta: Mmmhmm

Lise: *walks over to Vegeta and punches him in the face* Don't. Say. Anything. Bout. Him. *Walks back over by Brocc*

Vegeta:*unphased by the punch* And you wonder why our parents didn't like you. Hell, they like Tarble more and they sent him away to another planet.

Lise: *fire in eyes* Ohohohhohooo are you sure bout that? *walks over and punches him very hard in the man parts*

Vegeta: *barely flinching, but clearly holding in a lot of pain* You know what I can do, you know about the Blutz Waves.

Lise: *while punching him* What are those?

Vegeta:*graps hands* Stop that. *outloud to everyone* Bulma should be here shortly, with her new invention.

Lise: Why should I, ass. You do it all the time. And what new invetion?

Vegeta:*looks into the sky, sees a space ship* I wanna show you something sis, something, "poweful" *Bulma arrives with some sort of laser gun in her hand*

Bulma: Hey guys! Hey Lise!

Lise: Hay Bulma, how are chu? Andwhat do you wanna know, bro?

Bulma: Well, guys, I'm here to show you my new invention, and my test subject? Lise and Vegeta!

Vegeta: Haha that's right.... wait, what?!!?! Who said anything about her?!

Bulma: Vegeta! I'm tired of you two fighting, you need to bond. And this will work.

Vegeta: You mischeivious woman...

Bulma: What?!


Lise: I wouldn't mind getting ginue pigged! But thats what we're made for, Bulma. Fighting with each other! *smiles mischeiviously*

Bulma: This*holds up gun* is a Blutz Wave Laser Gun, minature version of the Blutz Wave Generator, used to make Vegeta a Golden Great Ape and a Super Saiyan 4. With this new and improved version, it's should skip the Great Ape, and great straight the the transformation. Now, Lise, stand next to Vegeta so I can blast you.

Lise: Okaaayy..? *stand next to Vegeta*

Preach: *looking at the gun* Woah.

Vegeta: You, come here!

Preach:*he would walk towards Vegeta* Yes?

Lise: He wants you to getspayed w/ us.... *Telapathy to Vegeta Why? He's a half breed!*

Vegeta: *Telepathy to Lise* I don't have to explain myself to you. *Out loud* Stand here, next to Lise*Preach moves over*

Bulma: Once this is done, you'll have the transformation for the rest of your life. 1...2...3!*Bulma fires the gun at Vegeta, Lise and Preach*

  • All three appear with long brown hair, red fur bodies and red tails: Super Saiyan 4's)

Lise: *transform* Woah.... What power..... And yes you do Vegeta.

Vegeta: Hahahahahahaha! The strongest in the universe!!

Bulma: Darn! The gun broke! It's gonna take me a long to fix it. This sucks!

Karaso: *pissed off, rage in her eyes*

Sigarou: *wakes up* Duuuh...*flutters like Chioatzu by Karaso* New peoples?

Karaso: *looks at Sigarou* Just shut up.

Sigarou: *reading Karaso's mind, giggling like a little girl*

Preach: *feeling his power* Woah. A Super Saiyan 4. *Preach would feel his almost masively long hair* This is awesome!

Brocc: What the heck is going on here????????????

Sigarou: Kawaso-chan's pwide has been bwoken! ^~^

Karaso: *soft voice, concealing anger* Sh...shut up....Sigarou..

Brocc: *Says sarcasticly* What a transformation. So pointless.

Sigarou: Her pwide was alweady bweaking. *cute, innocent face*

Brocc: I've heard of this form. You have to go Great Ape and be able to gos SSJ. I still have my tail, I hide it under my waist cloth. But still, I find this form pointless.

Sigarou: Tailu? *twisting Karaso's tail* Kawaso has tailu and can go Super Saiyan.

Karaso: .......

Brocc: But I heard it's dangerous. The person could go into a complete rampage. Someone important has to calm the person down to complete the transformation.

Sigarou: Brocc-san, Karaso went Super Saiyan when I died once. Am I important if she did that?

Karaso: .....*shaking head, lost in thoughts*

Brocc: Don't risk it. Save it for a battle that we'll need it. I might use it, but not in a stupid feud like this.

Karaso: *looks at Vegeta* You cut your tail off? Fool.

Brocc: *Laughs* He got it cut off by some fat guy!

Brocc: Yeah! *Laughs*

Karaso: *snickering loudly* A fat earthling! *smiling*

Sigarou: What's funny about that..?

-*A tall Saiyan with black, shoulder length hair and Saiyan armor descended next to Karaso*

Male Saiyan: Well, well, if it isn't our favorite bitch, Karaso.

Karaso: Calagru.

Calagru (Male Saiyan): Been a while.

Brocc: Who is you?????

Karaso: The piece of shit I'm related to, my brother Calagru.

Sigarou: *hands together, blushing at Calagru* Uuu...cuuute...

Calagru: Shut up, you brat Karaso! I'm your older brother; be respectful!

Karaso: You assume I respect anyone.

Brocc: T.T I'm glad I don't have a sibling!

Sigarou: Calagru-kun is kawaii! ^~^

Brocc: *Is bored outta his mind*

Solomon: *Gets out of Time Machine that just landed* Wow... so this is what this Earth looks like!

Karaso and Calagru: *arguing, cursing*

Sigarou: Kawaii boys everywhere! Soromun! Hai!

Brocc: Hey Salmon. What's up?

Karaso: *uppercuts Calagru*

Calagru: So you wanna play rough, bitch?

Karaso: Do not call me that.

Sigarou: *randomly bursts out laughing*

Brocc: T.T Okay............................

Karaso: You need to learn how to shut up! *kicks Calagru in his man stuff*

Calagru: *screams like an opera singer, his voice oddly high pitched in a contrast to his earlier seductive purr* Screw....you...*falls down, in pain*

Karaso: *is hungry* Damn, where's the food spots on this planet?

Brocc: You gotta stop kicking people in the nuts. T.T *Backs up so she soesn't kick him in the nuts*

Karaso: It's a habit.


Calagru: Hey, Karaso! Your ki is ungodly weak!

Karaso: SHUT IT! *knees Calagru in man parts*

Calagru: *in high voice* Ow...


Karaso: *mischevious look on face*

Calagru: Ow....

Sigarou: CALAGRUU!

Brocc; O.O *Covers man parts* *Thoughts: She...................... creeps me out.................................*

Sigarou: Uu, Karaso! I read Brocc's mind and he said you scare him!

Karaso: Heh, good. Is there anywhere I can go to get food? *murmuring* What a group of surviving Saiyans. Prince and princess of assholes, this weirdo and that half breed kid. I hear there are others. Probably dumb ass Saiyans.

Vegeta: Want to say that out loud? Us saiyans have great hearing. Say that for all of us to hear*grins*.

Karaso: ....*clears throat* Like I was saying..! This is the worst group of surviving Saiyans you could ever choose. Most of you are probably low class punks. So we have princess and prince of bitches, a little whining boy who I'm related to and that halfbreed son of Raditz.

Calagru: Hmph, at least I have respect for my prince. You will get killed like that.

Vegeta: Thank you, Saiyan for treating your prince as such. You will be rewarded, but you must do something with your best of a sister.

Karaso: You both need to shut up.

Calagru: *talking to Karaso* Maybe you should take your own advice. Heh, don't come crying to me when you'll be almost beaten to death. I remember when you almost got killed by a low class and you came crying to me. So please, get a certain sense of respect, woman, before I beat you or someone else kills you.

Sigarou: *hearts around her head, blushing* Uuu, he stands up to Karaso-chan so cool-like...

Vegeta: Listen to your brother woman, or I'll have to beat you senseless. Wait, I mean beat some sense into you. Hahahaha

Calagru: *laughing* I'd hate to have to pick up your half dead body from the field.

Karaso: Grr...shut up. I listen to no one!

Calagru: If you're gonna keep up the *mocking voice* "I listen to no one" *end mocking voice* act, you'll be beat up or dead!

Vegeta: I'll get her when you want me to, Calagru.

Karaso: Get me my ass!

Calagru: Be my guest. I'd love to see her ass kicked.


Calagru: I'd love to see you try.

Vegeta: Okay then, let's do this*powers up to SSJ2*

Karaso: I hate you Calagru! I almost got killed by an icejin then you make me fight him?!

Calagru: Seriously! You talk too much.

Karaso: *scoffs, then goes SSJ2, with a heavily battered body* Whatever.

Preach:*thinking to himself* I'd like a spar with this form, but that would be unfair. *stops thinking and flies in the air, he powers up, causing a massive wind, he'd pull his arms in the air, making a Stealth Bomber but big* I should save this attack for good battles. *the Stealth Bomber would disappear*

Sigarou: Uuu, Preachu-san! *goes by him* I can read minds with *points to antenna* Antenna-chan!

Brocc: Don't you call me a weirdo, you're the one who kicks guys in the balls for no reason. And I'm not scared of you, you're just a freaking creep.

Calagru: Sis, it looks like you have more haters. Are you really that dislikeable?

Karaso: Shut up.

Brocc: This is pointless. *Walks away*

Sigarou: BAI BAI, BROCC!

Brocc: *Flashes peace sign*

Vegeta: Enough of this!!! *flies of the Karaso and kicks her in the chin*

Brocc: *Stops* *Thoughts: I always wanted to fight Vegeta* *Teleports to him* How about it? *Goes SSJ2*

Karaso: *bleeding from mouth, tooth out, sarcasm* That actually hurt.

Calagru: Nice to see a fight for once. *thinking* It would be better to be a part of a battle.

Brocc: The prince of saiyans. Let's see if you can live up your title!

Preach: *powers down from SSJ4 form* Now this will be a good fight!

Brocc: *Smiles*

Lise: Haaa haaa ha. Looks like you're up for a fight Vegeta! *joins in*

Brocc: Aw, I kinda wanted to fight him alone!

Preach:*looking at them* 4, 3, 2, 1

CH 5 Enough Is Enough[]

Lise: Fine. Brocc's the only one who fights him. *looks at him and teleaphly: Be carefull... He can be sneaky*

Brocc: *Telepathy: I got you. Let's see if I can beat ya bro!*

Lise: *Telepathy: You better.... Or die.... Joking* *smiles*

Brocc: *Laughs* *Telepathy: Okay*

Lise: GO!

Calagru: *looks at Lise* Ah, Princess-sama. Greetings. *bows and rises up*

Karaso: *scoffs* I can't believe your kissing her ass, Calagru!

Brocc: T.T *Thoughts: Those two are a strange bunch!*

Calagru: I can't believe you have no respect!

-*Karaso and Calagru argue*

Brocc: *Thoughts: So weird! Wait, one of them can read my mind!* *Tries to keep mind blank*

  • A small time machine crashes into the ground a few miles away, Solomon climes out*

Solomon: What?! What happen- *Falls over, passing out again*

Brocc: Huh? *Powers down* Somebody's energy just appeared out of nowhere and dissapeared again!

Sigarou: Brocc-san! We should go check it out! *flies to Solomon*

Brocc: I'll fight you later, Vegeta. Lise, come on! *Flies away*

Solomon: *Is laying on a grassy field, completely asleep*

Sigarou: *lands* He's asleep..? *reading his mind* So...he's Solomon? *clears throat* SOLOMON! GET UP!

Solomon: *Is unconsious*

Sigarou: Um.. He's not up! *walks up, antenna shocks him and she looks at him* That should do it!

Solomon: *Pulls self up* Huh... who are you?

Sigarou: *innocent smile* I'm Sigarou! You're from the future? *helps Solomon up*

Brocc: I'm here. Sorry I took so long, I was hungry and I uh, got a quick snack.

Sigarou: Hey Brocc! *confused face* Brocc-san? Your mind is empty!

Brocc: Yup. And I'll keep it empty till you stop reading my mind. *Grabs chocolate, starts eating* Who's this???

Sigarou: I can't control my antenna-chan! And he's Solomon. Is that Werther's Chocolates?

Brocc: Uh................... *Hides chocolates* *Lies* It's uh, dark, you won't like it.

Sigarou: *looks at Brocc* I love darku chocolates! I didn't eat for two days..but I'm not really hungry!

Broc: *Thoughts: Dammit she likes dark too?!* *Lies again* Trust me it's nasty, you won't want it.

Sigarou: *puts on the cutest face ever* Oh pwease..? You don't know what I like!

Brocc: *Thoughts: Dammit now she has that buggy eye look!* *Sighs* Fine *Flings her a piece of chocolate* If that will make you leave me alone. I asked a question. Who is "he"????????????

Sigarou: Yay! *eats chocolate* And he's Gohan's son from the future, Solomon.

Brocc: Gohan........ Isn't that Kakarot's son? So this is his grandson???????????

Sigarou: Grandson from an alternate time. *sits on rock by Solomon* So...I'm bored!

Brocc: *Looks at Solomom* What's your name????????????????????????????????

Solomon: Solomon! Even though, technically, I was originaly named something else... but my mom changed it to Solomon after my dad suggested it!

Sigarou: *still has the cutest face ever* Solomon! That's a kawaii name! *trips on rock and falls, hits antenna and makes an almost animalistic roar*

Brocc: Nice to meet ya, SoloH. *Flings chocolate to him*

Solomon: *Catches chocolate* Umm... what is this? *Sniffs*

Brocc: Some chocolate. Try it it's very good!

-*cursing and ki blasts are heard*

Calagru: You're such an embarrassment, Karaso!

Karaso: The same to you!

Calagru: Atleast I have respect for people.

Solomon: ..... *Is eating chocolate, wierd flashback of him, another boy, and a girl fighting*


Solomon: *Finishes chocolate, then relaxes*

Calagru: Oh, a new acquaintance? *looks at Solomon* I apologize upon my family for our behaviors.

Karaso: I don't care if the King of the universe was here! I'd still act how I want.

Solomon: You two remind me of Shaara and I...

Brocc: Shaara? Your sister or something??????????????????????

Calagru: Shaara? Surely she can't argue with you as much as us. *looks at Sigarou* That girl is odd..

Sigarou: Um...*puts hands by mouth, concealing blush*

Solomon: Shaara is not my sister. She's a friend. And you remind me of when she had saved me from Cyrus, and then there was this huge argument and... *Looks down*

Brocc: Huh??? Are you OK??????????

Solomon: *Looks up* Imma fine!

Brocc: Okay.

Sigarou: Your mind says otherwise!

Solomon: Huh?

Brocc: Yeah. She could read minds. You're not hiding anything from her.

Karaso: I'd vaporize her in an instant if Calagru didn't like her.

Solomon: I told you, Imma fine! And stop reading my mind. I got enough of that a few months ago..

Brocc: Yeah, Sig, that mind reading thing has been bugging me........... *Serious face* I'm not fond of people swooping through my past..........................

Sigarou: *enraged; loud* I already told you, I can't control it! *eyes flicker to a black then return to red*

Brocc: *Crosses arms* Whatever.

Lise: *Walks over to Sigarou and Brocc* Calm down ya'll, we don't need another fight. *smiles*

Brocc: *Gets calm* Okay.......................

Lise: Thanks *walks over to him*

Solomon: *Stands all the way up* What was I here for again...?

Lise: Idk I wasn't paying attetion!

Solomon: Oh, I remember! I need your guys's help!

Preach: What help?

Lise: Yeah.

Brocc: Something in the past or future???

Solomon: Future... there are these people who call themselves the "New World Government".... they don't want my friends and I protecting people, so they imprisoned my friends and Aunt Bulma. Trunks and I were hiding out when they stormed our bunker. Trunks knocked me out, put me in the time machine, and then... fought them by himself.

Brocc: *Cracks knuckles* Interesting.....................

Solomon: Their soldiers are really strong... stronger than Super Saiyans.

Brocc: Even more interesting!

Lise: Aunt Bulma?! Who's Your parents?! And Jezz.

Brocc: Isn't Bulma Vegeta's wife??? Hm.................................... Okay, so can we go now???

Solomon: I just call her Aunt Bulma. I don't know my mom, but I do know my dad, from Trunks. Gohan.

Brocc: So can we go NOW??? I'm in a mood for a fight! My fight with Vegeta's been cut short! I need another one to replace it!

Solomon: A fight? Can I watch?

Brocc: Sure, whatever, let's go!

Lise: I'll fight with you Brocc.

Solomon: I wanna see him fight Vegeta!

Brocc: IDK where he is but forget him! I'll fight him when I come back. I wanna fight some government people. LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lise: Well come on!! Take us to them!!


Sigarou: Beating up bad guys? Great!

Karaso: *slight smirk* If it means a fight, gladly.

Preach:*looking at the sky* Same here, I want to fight too!

Calagru: I haven't had a good fight in years. *looks at Sigarou, who's fangirling*

Solomon: But... the machine needs to charge for at least a week...

Karaso and Calagru: Aw fuck!

Preach:*thoughts:I wonder if putting the machine in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber will work?* *looking to Karaso and Calagru* I think most of us have trained for a year or more for something to happen, a week feels like an hour...

Brocc: Week!? Charge!? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lise: Nuuu~!!! You've got to be kidding meh!

Sigarou: NOO!

Karaso: Oh, shut up! *raises hand to slap Sigarou*

Calagru: *stops hand and breaks it* Tsk, Tsk, sister. Please don't hurt her.

Lise: *gaurds Sigarou* Don't hurt her or die.

Brocc: *Teleports in front of Calagru* Back off of Karaso

Lise: *sighs* Brocc, you.... Urg whatever.

Brocc: Huh? What is it???

Sigarou: *hides behind Calagru, whimpering*

Calagru: Let's get past that, Sigarou. *lets go of Karaso*

Karaso: >.< I hate you all!

Lise: Brocc, You do care about them *awws*

Brocc: Uh... *Scrathces head, blushes embarrassely* Uh, I know they argue alot, but I guess it would feel boring without them......................

Calagru: Karaso? *starts to feel slightly guilty* Um..*wraps bandages around arm* You ok..? Yeah...I'm sorry..

Karaso: Hmph!

Calagru: Fine, be that way.

Brocc: T.T Okay............ *I guess I like 'em.......... In a weird bratty sorta way!*

Lise:*laughs* Everyone would think life was boring w/ out them... *laughs harder then is rolling on the ground*

Brocc: T.T I'm going home. Lise you comin???

Calagru: Um...can we stay?

Karaso: WITH THEM?!

Sigarou: Can Sigarou stay with Calagru and Karaso?

Brocc: Come.......... to MY HOUSE?!?!?!?!? *Thoughts: They'd demolish my whole place!*

Lise: Duh. Plus.... *blushes and walks off w/ Brocc*

Brocc: Sorry, you 3. Some of my house is kinda burned. besides, you'd guys only make it worse! Bye!

Calagru: We won't burn it up! I'll punish Karaso if she does.

Karaso: UGH?

Sigarou: TT.TT Sigarou hungry, Preach:Looks like I'm out! *flying off*

Lise: *takes Brocc's hand* Lets go.

Brocc: *Flies away*

Lise: *flies with* So... I can fix your house if you want!

Brocc: *Sighs* I forgot about my destroyed house. Well, some help would be nice! :D

Lise: It would be quicker if we teleported. Plus I can restore everything that was destroyed and put you house how it was. *teleports to the house*

Brocc: *Scratches head* *Thoughts: I thought some alone flying time would be nice!*

<when Lise gets there she see's a young woman standing the ashes of the burnt house. The girl looks at her>

???: Hey!

Lise: *gets in stance* Who are you?

???: I'm 22. *laughs evilly* Who are you.

Lise: I'm Katniss, princess of all Sayains....

Brocc: i'm Brocc, the powerful Saiyan warrior. 22??? What kind of name is that???

22: I'm an Android, and say your prayers! *grins* Fight me if you dare. I can promise you'll die.

CH 6: Battling Android 22[]

Brocc; *Cracks neck and kuckles* We'll see.

Lise: *lowers self closer to the ground* *thoughts: dang.... She looks just like Ginny...*

22: *Laughs* You guys are hystarical! *teleports and hits them both with a powerful ki blast from the behind*

Lise: *thoughts: Yep thats Ginny!* *telepathy: Brocc! Watch out and be on your gaurd. I have a daughter who was turned into an andriod, i that that thats's her!*

Brocc: WHAT?! *Thoughts: Some family drama we have here. I'd hate to kill Lise's daughter.............*

22: WELL?! Aren't you two going to fight back? Or are you wusses? Just like i thought?

Brocc: *Eyes glow green* SLow ya role, kid. *Transforms into a SSJ*

22: Wow... *sarcaticly* Ohhh I'm sooooo scared! *teleports and hits Brocc hard in the stomch, causing him to spit up blood*

Brocc: Heh, my father punched me WAY harder than that in training! *Thoughts: She's strong, better crank it up.* *Goes SSJ3*

Lise: *thoughts: The only way to get her to stop is to call her by her real name, then well see what happens* Ginny!!! What are you doing?!

22: Huh? *smirks* You think that can stop me, fool? Well take this as a no. *fires humoungus ki blast, almost as big as the one almost killing Lise*

Solomon: *Flies forward, headutting 22 backwards*

Preach: Take this! *he'd send a kick to 22*

Brocc: Guys! *Thoughts: Dammit, she's strong. I hope I won't have to use it!*

22: *kicks them back with tremendous force, knocking Solomon and Preach to the ground. Hard* You think that can stop me!!! *laughs*

Lise: *stands up riticky* No... Leave her alone! THis is my child. I shall fight her! *engages in hand on hand combat, flipping 22 and puts her hands together and hits her back sending her flying to the ground* Take this as I wont die at your hands, Ginny. Wheather you like it or not!

Brocc: Lise! Wait! I think I know how to beat her!

Lise: How! Tell me before she gets back up!

Brocc: You know how strong she is! She'll demolish us! But not a SSJ 4. You guys had to transform using that beam machine. The only way for you to transform again is to be fired with it again. But I'm thinking I should use it the natural way, since I still have my tail.

Lise: ya know, that might work!

22: *is struggling* Dang people!

Preach:*getting up from the attack rising up as a SSJ2, he'd go to Brocc and Lise* I still have the tail, but my blood is not pure enough.

Lise: But it's broken! Ugg where's Bulma when you need her?

22: You people are so gullible! My God, haven't you guys ever heard *charges blast then fires it as she screams* DEFENSE?!

Voice: Try the beam on me! *A young man with shaggy black hair, wearing a cobolt and blue gi lands.*

Preach:*dodging the beam* I've got a smart friend, you guys need to hold her off while he makes a new one. *doing instant transmission*

22: COWARD!!!!!!!!!!! Heh.. So you wanna die, eh? HERE!! *blast beam at the voice*

Figure: *Dodges easily, fires a small beam back*

Brocc: *Goes back to his base form, then goes SSJ, charges a ball*

22: *Dodges beam*

Lise: *Charges a Halte*

Brocc: *Throws ball in the air*

Lise: *Fires Halte*

Brocc: Power Ball! Burst open and mix! *Ball mixes with atmosphere* GRAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Lise: *Puts more power into it*

22: *is able to withstand it*

Brocc: GGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Transforms into Golden Great Ape*

22: *is still* HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH HO OH HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooooo. A monkey?! *Laughs harder*

CH 7: Golden Great Ape Brocc![]

GGA Brocc: GGGGGGAAAAHHHHHH! *Smacks 22 back far*

22: *Rubs cheek* That acctully hurt! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! A real fight!!!! *fires ki blasts @ GGAB* GGA Brocc: *Gets hit, but unafeccted* GAH! *Fires fire breath everywhere*

Lise: BROCC WATCH WHAT YOURE DOING!!!!! *deflects it*

22: *sucks it into palm* I'm one of the older types you might say, so watch out! GGA Brocc: *Grabs 22, starts crushing*

22: *with the new power she is able to break the crushing hold* TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! HHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Fires houmoungus ki blast* GGA Brocc: *Kicks 22 back and starts destroying the lands*

Lise: Ugh...... Nice one! *Flies to Brocc to calm him down*

22: Heh, perfect time to excape *flies away un-noiticed*

GGA Brocc: *Flies after 22*

<nowiki*</nowiki>Another GGA fist slams 22 down, it is the figure from before (his name is Zeon, okay).* GGA Zeon: Ruff...

GGA Brocc: *Roars very loudly, beats chest*

22: *Thoughts: Dammit! I need to call 18 & 17... DAMN I CANT FIND THEM!!!!!!* **Fear is in eyes** Ugg GGA Brocc: *Continues to destroy everything*

GGA Zeon: *Growls at GGA Brocc*

Lise: *Appears floating by GGAB* Calm down. *touches his fur* Calm...

GGA Brocc: *Grabs Lise*

Lise: *screams* Calm DOWN!!!!!!!

GGA Brocc: *Stays still*

Lise: There we go now put me down.

GGA Brocc: .............................................................................................................Lise????? Lise: Yes?

Brocc: *Puts her down* I'm ready to fight! GGGGGGGAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *Starts glowing, body gets smaller*

Lise: There. Plus its easier to fight in you normal forms anyway.

Brocc: GGGGGAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *Is now a SSJ4, hair tall, orange, fur dark red*

Lise: Nice. Now we haveto wait for Preach to get back...

Brocc: *Cracks neck* This form feels strange. *Looks at all the descruction* Man, I bet I did this! This is why I hate having to go through achieving this form, I almost killed everybody!

Lise: *rubs middle* ou almost squished me, thats for sure... Lucky this thing grants two wishes!

Brocc: Sorry, can't control that golden version of the ape. I doubt anything can. I have to calm that Great Ape too. Keep 22 busy. *Flies to GGA Zeon*

Lise: Okay then. *sighs* Great. Just. Great.... 22! Where are you?

<22 doesn't answer>

Lise: Ug now I have to find her.

Brocc: *Points finger* She's not that far. She's recieved too much damage.

Lise: Thanks! *runs in direction and finds her huddled in a clove* Look. I don't want to hurt you, but if you don't give up. I'll have to


Brocc: Hey! You! *Flies to GGA Zeon* Calm down. We need your help to defeat 22! You have to stop destroying everything! Listen to me!

Lise: *smiles* Here. *reaches out her hand* I'll help you up.

22: *takes hand and gts up* Thanks.

Brocc: *Thoughts: I sense no change in Lise's power. Are they even fighting???* *Flies to them*

Lise: Hello Brocc, did you calm him down?

Brocc: Not yet. It's hard to. I need some help. *Looks at 22* So I guess you guys are cool???


Lise: I geuss *takes hand* C'mon. I'll help.

Brocc: *Reaches out hand to 22* You comin???

22:.......... Sure. *ignores hand and walks off*

Lise: *Sighs*

GGA Zeon: Rarrr! *Blows up some stuff*

Brocc: Hey! Calm down! You have to stop destroying everything! You wouldn't want to destroy everything........ Calm down.

GGA Zeon: Narrrrr!!! *Steps on Brocc then starts running away*

Brocc: DAMMIT! GAH!!! THAT'S IT! *Fires a red Spiraling Blast at the GGA*

GGA Zeon: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! *Grabs Brocc, fires a Chou Makou at point blank, then drops him*

Brocc: HA! *Grabs finger, then flips him*

GGA Zeon: *Falls on Lise* GRRRR!

Brocc: Dammit! *Blows up Power Ball*

GGA Zeon: *Glows and starts shrinking*

Lise: Oww...

22: *reaches out hand* Here.

<Lise takes her hand and 22 flips her on her back and flies off>

22: *snickers* You think I would turn from my ways?! *laughs harder* You're wrong!

Zeon: *Returns to normal size, is covered in cobolt fur and a tail.* ....

Brocc: LISE! *FLies after 22, catches up quickly, charges a blast*

Zeon: *Looks at Brocc flying, then flies after him* Hey, wait! You're a Saiyan?


Zeon: What girl?

22: DAFUQ?!

Lise: *thoughts: Heh... I knew this was gonna happen... Well atleast she doesn't know I can do ki blasts one handed....*

<Lise fires ki blasts through 22's shoulders>

22: OW YOU IDIOT!!!!&nbsp

Zeon: Ohh..... WHICH GIRL?


22: *lets go of Lise* Why did you do that?!

Lise: Because....

Brocc: *Opens palm in front of 22* Any last words???

22: Yeah. I want all of ou to know that I love my mother and she's awesome. Not! *turns around and starts to throw ki blasts @ Lise*

Lise: *dodges most of them* HEY!!!

Zeon: *Crashes into 22, sending them both to the ground* Aaaahhh- ooofff!

Brocc: *Charges blast*

22: Get off of me you bitch!

Lise: *also starts to charge a halte*

Brocc: *Puts more power into it* It's over, 22. I'm not holding back! IDC what you say!

-Lise would be hit by a beam, she would then go SSJ4-

Preach:*as a Super Saiyan 4 throwing the gun to Solomon* Now, we fight! *Preach would head towards 22 and kick her in the face*

Brocc: *Still charging blast* Ready guys???

22: *is nosebleeding* Ow... *see's blast* Oh God....

Lise: *is hit by the beam and goes ssj 4* Nice one! *makes the blast more powerful

Preach:*charging GoAS* Ghost Of All Saiyans!

Brocc: HA! *Fires powerful Red Spiraling Blast*

Solomon: What does this gun do? *Fires the beam, hitting 22.*

Zeon: *Still on the ground* Uhh...

Preach:*firing the GoAS* HAH!

22: Wow... What was- *is hit by the spiraling blast and is hurt badly and falls over*

Preach:*the attack would hit 22* Lise now!

Vegeta: Don't you dare!

Brocc: Do it Lise! NOW!

Vegeta:*goes Super Saiyan 4* I won't let you!*shoots a blast at Lise*

Brocc: Vegeta what's wrong with you?!

Preach: He's just jelous that he wants to end it all! Just leave him

Brocc: Hmph. So damn stubborn. T.T Go ahead.

Vegeta: She's my sister, I don't want her hurt!*Knocks over Preach and Brocc and tackles Lise out of the way*

Brocc: Dammit! Vegeta, she can take care of herself! *Fires blast at 22*

Vegeta: No Brocc! It's a trick!

Brocc: What?!

Preach: What trick?

Brocc: *Thoughts: WTH is wrong with Vegeta? Since when did he care about anything?!*

Gemini: Hmm... interesting.

Lise: Vegeta, why do you care? And what are you talking about. There's no trick. WAIT!!! I know what he means!

22: *sighs* Now you get it.

Brocc: WTH is he talking about??? Grr.......... Can I just demolish her NOW?!

Lise: no. We must engage in hand-n-hand combat. If we fire anything at her, she'll suck it up in her palm and become more powerful then all of us combined.

22: Well no shit.

Brocc: *Cracks neck and knuckles* *Thoughts: Then a Bullet Rain should suffice*

22: Oh and I'm already almost as powerful as my mother. So that gives you an idea.

Lise: *sighs* *Thoughts: Naow what?! Telapthy to Brocc: Dagnabit. Now what are we gonna do? I always knew she could do that if she wanted to but I didnt even THINK she would even know she could do it..... Crap.*

Brocc: *Telepath to Lise: Shall I kill her with a Bullet Rain? It's your daughter, so it's your choice.....*

Lise: *telepath to Brocc* *dagnab.... She had so much potential! *has fond memories that she's allowing Brocc to see* BUT THEN STUPID GERO!!!!! Only if there was a way to save her, but then make her good...* *is frustarted/sad*

Maiz: *Is flying overhead, watching* Huh?

Brocc: *Telepathy: You can wish her to good. With the Dragon Balls*

Lise: *telepathy: I can do that with the madalio---- BROCC YOUR A GENIUS!!!!!!!* *Grabbs madalion off neck and says the chant for the dragon to make a wish*

Helier: *sayain code* I can grant 2 wishes this time, what do you need?

Lise: *sayain code back* For Broccs house to be wish and 22 to be turned good.

Heleir: It has been Granted. *disappears back into madailion, reforming dragon dissingn*

Lise: Thanks god.

22: *falls backwareds fainted.*


Saga 3.[]

Going Home[]

Brocc: Wait--- What just happened?!

Lise: *sits down* A secret sayain langueged was used that only the Royals know. *lies down in a scrunched up heap* *quietly* Thank you so much Heleir...

Brocc: So............ She's good.............. *Goes back to base form* Saves us trouble.

Maiz: *Lands softly nearby* ... hey.

Lise: *quietly* Hello... And yeah. It does.

Brocc: Another Saiyan. Sorry, I wish I could chat *Carries 22* But I gotta go home. I got some "rebuilding my house" stuff to do.

Lise: Oh I fixed that already. *smiles* That was one of my wishes.

Brocc: *Is happy* REALLY! Thanks a BUNCH! *Is then serious* What shall I do with her? *Points to 22 in his arms* Bring her with me???

Lise: I'll take her, lets just get back. I just wanna sleep... *is very tiered*

Maiz: Yeah, speaking of that... can I come to? I just came back from Earth, and my friends are halfway across the planet so...

Brocc: You got a deal. IF you can carry her. *Hands him 22* Come on Lise *Grabs her*

Maiz: Easy. *Starts hovering a bit above the air*

Preach:*flying down* That was some epic fight. *reverting to base form* I've lost my home to some other thing, so I'll fire one! *sending his hand to floor, a house would appear* With power like that, you could do anything!

Lise: *grabs Brocc's hand and storms off then flies super fast leaving those two behind* FINALLY!!!!!!! *looks @ his hand and it's turning purple* Oops!!!! *lets go* Sorry!!!

Zuknii: appears, explodes and dies.

Brocc: WTH???

Maiz: Could we kinda hurry? The girl is getting kinda heavy...

Preach: You hurry. You've been left behind.

Maiz: Shut up, hybrid. *Flies, catching up quickly*

Preach:Heh *thoughts: I may be a hybrid, but I'm evenly matched to my uncle* I gotta start training. *moving to a forest* *powering like hell*

Brocc: What's up with my hand???

Lise: I was gripping it so hard it lost currculation. I just wanna be alone!! I don't want more people then we need!!!

Brocc: *Hand is going back to normal color* It's OK, but there was no need for that much gripping :D

Lise: *laughs nervously* Yeah... So.... Now whut?

Brocc: That kid said something about going into the future for a week. I guess we'll just stay at my play 'till then.

Lise: *thoughts: YUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* *smiles* ok.

Brocc: C'mon. *Walks in house*

Maiz: *Lands, starts walking in too* Anywhere I should drop her?

Lise: Anywhere!!! NAOW LEMME SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!! *plops on couch and instantly falls asleep*&nbsp

Brocc:.............. *Looks at Maiz* OK. *Grabs 22, puts in a room*

Maiz: *Sits down on the floor, leans down*

Brocc: Yo kid? You hungry? Cuz I know I am CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY hungry. *Goes in fridge*

Lise: *smells food and wakes up* OMFG FOOOOODDDD!!!!!!! *runs into kitchen and grabbs strawberries* Oyus.

Brocc: *Scratches head* So, ya like strawberries?

Lise: *pops one in mouth* Yep. *chews*

Maiz: Nah... I'm okay. *Sits down* And don't call me kid. *Starts snoring*

Preach would use Istant Transmission to Brocc's House.

Preach:Hey guys. I'm kinda bored, so yeah?

Brocc: WTH are you doing in my house???

Lise: *giggles non-stop* Nanannana!! *grabbs Preach* If you're so bored find somthin to do!! *shakes preach and lets him go, sending him backwards giggles*

Brocc: *Takes strawberries* Something's up with these. *Eats one, gasps* They've been soaked in liquor! She's been stuffing her face with these!

Lise: nope, I cleaned them with water... *giggles harder* I-I-I just rem-m-m-mbered-d-d I-I-I'm N-n-n-n-not suppppouseedd to-to-to ea-ea-eat th-them... *falls on the floor laughing*

Brocc: *Eats one again* Nope, I think the liquor's still in here :/ Either she's drunk or just acting crazy. *Starts eating them* These are good! I wonder why I've never eaten them! :D

Lise: *grabbs @ them* GIMME ONE!!! I WANNA SEE IF ITS LIQUOR!!!!

Brocc: *Is holding her back* It IS! And you ate more than half of the thing! *Continues eating*

Lise: *Puts hands on hips, with a 'tude* You're gonna get drunk too, and now what? Two drunk adults and 3 kids.

Brocc: This isn't enough to get me drunk.......... trust me.............. IK drunk! *Eating*

Lise: *derp face* Fine then, One INSANLY drunk adult and one pre-maturely drunk adult. :DDDDDD and 3 kids.

Brocc: ................... *Walks away*

Lise: *Herp derp* So...... Naow what...? *follows and verrs off in some random hallway and gets lost* OnO *sighs and sits on floor*

Brocc: *Goes in room, sighs* *Thoughts: I'll need to train tomorrow, for the future battle* *Falls asleep*

Preach:*thoughts: I thought Brocc was strong, out of all things, he's weak to liqour.* *leaving the house, Preach would be standing, looking at the sky* *thoughts:Hybrid this, Hybrid that, they forget how strong I am.*

Lise: *has and idea and teleports out of the house, next to preach* You okay?

Maiz: *Stands up when everyone's gone, walks over to the strawberry, sniffs it* Hmmm... *Pops it in his mouth* ....

Preach:Yeah. I'm thinking of something to do with Brocc.

Lise: *Suspiouces* Like what?

Preach:The fusion dance. He's the only person worthy enough to do it. Vegeta's an arse. Maiz isn't strong enough. Along with you, Karaso, Sig-whatshername and Karaso's brother.

Maiz: *Takes another strawberry, puts it back*

Lise: Oh... Why would you wanna do that..? Oh well. *walks inside*

Brocc: *Still sleeping*


Lise: PUT DAT STRAWBERRY DOWN BOI. *walks into random bedroom and plops on the bed, falling asleep*

Preach:*falling fast asleep on the grass*

Brocc: *Has a dream, sees planet Vegeta blowing up* *Wakes up* GAH!!! *Is breathing heavily* Oh man! *Looks at the time* It's past midnight. Oh yeah... it's that day again.

Anniversary Of Vegeta's Explosion[]

It is morning

Brocc: Hey guys, remember what day it is?

Maiz: I'm still trying to work out why we have a celebration today, but yes.

Brocc: not a celebration! *Sighs* Today was the day that Vegeta blew up... What has it been, like 53 years?

Maiz: *Shrugs* I never saw it.

Brocc: Hm? Where were you?

Preach:Wait, Vegeta exploded! *Preach tried to remember a power level dying out when he was in space* I was travelling the galaxy!

Maiz: I was on another planet, training with my mom and dad. We were banished.

Brocc: Yeah. And not VEGETA, Preach! PLANET Vegeta!

Maiz: I knew Planet Vegeta was destroyed... but it exploded?!

Preach:Oh! I wasn't born then.

Maiz: Seriously, it exploded?!

Lise: *runs screaming out of bedroom and Glomps on Brocc has horrible scared look in face and breathing heavily* Dad... Frieza... *screams again then snappes out of it* What??? *sits on floor crying* I miss them...

Maiz: If only this could be a few weeks ago... then I could mourn with you..

Preach: I don't have a purpose to mourn, my dad survived, my biological mum was probably still alive. Oh yeah, Brocc, I want you to learn the Fusion Dance with me.

Maiz: Frieza launched a blitzkrieg to wipe out any surviving Saiyans. My parents died getting me off the planet we were banished too. So, the day I mourn is... *Looks at watch* 3 days ago.

Brocc: Fusion Dance? Why?

Lise: *shivering* I have nightmares about it every nite... Father dying before my eyes.... Then Frieza killing the planet and my people....

Preach: Well, since that girl android, there's no doubt we might have strong opponents and your the only one worthy enough, since our power is perfectly matched, so I want you to fuse with me.

Brocc: ............ Sorry, not interested T.T

Preach:*intimadtingly* Seeing as you don't want to fuse with someone stronger than you, then I see your point.

Brocc: Stronger? *Is a little angry* Wanna say that outside?!

Preach:Well, alright. *thoughts:I need him to prove his worthy. Show me your best!

Brocc: Hmph. *Walks outside*

Lise: *Follows* Hey guys!! Wait up! Shouldn't we do somthing except fight to day?! Arent we injured enough?!

22: *Wakes up and has heard all of the convo* Guys, Mother's right! Don't fight today, lets just rest.

Preach:I'm not injured at all. I barely took any damage from that fight. My defence has increased. Brocc, are you going to fuse with me or not?

Maiz: Android-girl, you okay? You took some heavy damage last night.

Brocc: It's not about fusing, it's about your mouth, kid. *Cracks neck*

Maiz: Hey, you two, calm down.

Preach:About my mouth? Do you want to save the world or do you want it to die because of your own selfish petty reasons? Everyone else isn't that strong enough. No offence. We're the strongest here Brocc and If you don't want to fuse, I guess your asking for doomsday to happen and it's on you if we all die.


22: *underbreath* Gezz mom....

Brocc: What... Why is he so worried about fusing anyway? It's not like we need it now. T.T

Lise: *sits down and sighs* Men... *thinks about everything that has happened in her childhood and has sadden/faraway look on her face* *says underbreath* can't somthing good ever happen? I know I've been blessed with my freinds and "Family" (<--Hint hint), but nothing else..?

Brocc: "Men"? What's that supposed to mean?

Lise: Allways wanting to fight over stupid things, yes, I'm not a normal saiyan.


Lise: *sighs and shakes head* lets go inside, I have somthing I'm itching to tell....

Preach: Flashback!