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Dragon Ball: Eternal Fighters is a fanon sequel to Dragon Ball Z, in which GT is not canon.


It's been 6 long years since Goku and Uub left to train on their own, and the Z-Fighters disbanded, but when a potential new threat emerges, the old group must come together and find a way to protect their world from new evils!



I remember that day...

The sun was shining on the plains, as Goku and I trained at our hardest...

"You know, Uub, you're a lot stronger than I was at your age!", Goku said, smiling as he tried to block Uub's constant attacking. He was having trouble, as Uub was full of energy, always getting back up after his last attack failed and launching another.

"Hey, I was trained by the best!", Uub replied, stopping his stream of attacks for a moment to catch his breath.

"You too tired to fight more? I'm ready to take a break if you are.", the Saiyan said, slightly worn out himself.

"No way, Goku! I want you to give this fight your all!", Uub laughed, smirking and waiting for more.

"Oh, so that's how it is, huh? Alright, say hello to Super Saiyan 3!", Goku yelled, charging up. As his eyes turned turquoise, the ground itself rumbled, with small pieces of the ground going flying upwards. His aura grew yellow as his hair did, and soon, electricity was sparking throughout the aura. His eyebrows slowly faded away, and his hair reached down to his boots.

"Wow, I'm not sure I can win in this fight...!", Uub whispered, a bit frightened by the transformation. "Oh well, I'll have to try!" Uub rushed towards the Super Saiyan 3, ready to lash out! He launched a few ki blasts, and soon, he was in a frenzy, attacking every way he could. His eyes briefly looked like those of Kid Buu, but Goku ignored it. However, 3 years from that day, it would be very important...





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