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This is the rough draft of Dragon Ball: Dimensions, a fanfic that I decided to throw together. It is designed to take place instead of GT, and so completely disregards the events of the latter, although their are some parallels to GT events in here.

(I do not do well with templates and all so this will have to suffice for now)

The first saga put of four is completed, and the second one is in the works.

Dragon Ball: DimensionsEdit

A horrifying presence advances towards the Earth. Aboard a ship, a sinister cackling is heard. Their plots would soon come into fruition; vengeance was at hand. The bloodline of those who wronged their kind in the past would soon be extinguished….

Ultra Saiyan Saga (or Tuffle Saga?)Edit

Well, So Much for Peace….

Z fighters

Z Fighters

Epic DBZ Themes Extended Middle of Hyperbolic Time Chamber HD

Epic DBZ Themes Extended Middle of Hyperbolic Time Chamber HD

Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 Theme

Five years passed since the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, when Goku decided to take Uub under his wing. They had trained intensely in that period. The other Z-fighters had settled down for the most part. Trunks and Goten trained with each other occasionally, but were mostly laid back in times of peace, while Gohan mainly kept to his scholarly and parental duties, helping raise Pan, who was now nine and was showing remarkable power for her age. Only Vegeta still trained, in hopes that he will be ready for his long awaited rematch with Goku. He wanted a fair match against Goku, although discovered that Goku or "Kakarot" was better than him, but being a pure-blooded Saiyan, loved to fight.

The first scene is that of an intense lightning storm that has enveloped the Lookout, shaking its very foundation. “Will you two tone it down before you destroy the place again?” Dende exclaimed, exasperated, as Mr. Popo watched in awe at what was transpiring.

Amidst thunder flashes and explosions, a fierce battle raged between master and student. Goku, as a Super Saiyan 2, was testing Uub’s newfound abilities. After five years of intense training, Uub was no longer the emaciated, malnourished boy from the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. Through Goku’s training, he had been molded into a powerful warrior, able to fully harness and even surpass the incredible powers of the one from who he was reincarnated, Kid Buu. Even Goku had trouble keeping up, even as a Super Saiyan 2. Eventually the two fighters paused, smiling at one another while panting. “You’ve come a long way, Uub. You’re really something,” Goku panted.

Uub's, smiling at Goku for his compliment

Uub grinned back, reveling in how far he had come during Goku’s training. Goku says that he has given Uub everything he could, and that his training was officially completed. They parted ways, with Uub heading towards his village while Goku returned home to his family. While Dende hoped to see them soon, he was also secretly relieved that they were done with training, having done more than their fair share of damage to the lookout.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Z Fighters, a dark presence loomed on the outskirts of their solar system in the form of a large, bulbous, shark like spaceship. Two aliens, Dr. Quri and Dr. Trika were plotting their move: an assault on Earth. “Those blasted Saiyans. Our race would have risen to dominance if it weren’t for them,” one of them grumbled. The other, a more calm and collected one, told the first to calm down, and that after nearly 50 years, they’re revenge was at hand. “Ready the Pirian warriors. We make our move tomorrow.”

The New ThreatEdit

After an irate rambling by Chi-Chi, Goku, Goten, Gohan, Videl and Pan were all settling in for a nice dinner, happy to be reunited as a family once again, while Uub was welcomed back to his village with open arms, his people marveling at how he has changed. This peace would not last for all no one knew...

King Kai contacted Goku for the first time in many years, warning him that the Earth was once again in danger. He warned that an alien ship was set to release two powerful warriors to the planet to hunt down Goku and Vegeta. Intrigued, Goku said that he and Vegeta should be up to the challenge. King Kai warned Goku not to underestimate these foes, saying that their power could rival even that of Majin Buu’s, but Goku laughed, saying that he “has come a long way since then.”

Goku then alerts his family to the situation, and tells Gohan to protect his family. Although he has lost a bit of his power since Elder Kai unlocked his full potential years ago, he wanted to fight, but Goku told him that since the aliens were hunting Goku and Vegeta, they were going to deal with them.

Goku instant

Goku using Instant Transmission

Goku uses Instant Transmission to travel to Vegeta’s location, interrupting a training session between him, Trunks, and Bulla. Vegeta was equally interested in the prospect of a fight, and went off with Goku, telling Bulla and Trunks to continue their training. As the two pure blooded Saiyans decided to head to the Lookout, a huge explosion rang out in the distance. It seemed that the two warriors had arrived when they had not quite yet. Who or what could have caused this mysterious explosion?

The Pirian WarriorsEdit

Goku and Vegeta teleported to the area of the explosion to find that South city had been absolutely obliterated. Goku despises the fact that they had lost so many innocent lives already, but Vegeta states that they could revive them with the Dragon Balls, and then demands that those who did this show themselves. Goku and Vegeta, despite hearing of these warriors apparent strength, were unable to sense their energy levels.

Just then, two large figures appeared in front of the two Saiyans. Both of them were vaguely humanoid, but resembled machines more than anything. They seemed to be composed of a grey metal alloy, with one of them having a red colorization on its shoulders and wrists, while the other was blue. Their mechanical eyes, matching their color scheme, stared holes through the two Saiyans. Goku reasoned that since they were machines, their energy couldn’t be sensed, similar to Dr. Gero’s androids. Vegeta demands to know who they were, but they simply responded by attacking, with Red going after Goku while Vegeta had to deal with Blue.

Immediately, Red and Blue had morphed their hands into daggers and tried slicing at the Saiyans. After a bit of cat and mouse fighting were Goku and Vegeta mostly dodged (Vegeta landed a futile energy blast and almost got stabbed for it), they realized that these foes were very powerful and that fighting in their base forms wouldn’t be enough to deal with these ominous, silent warriors. They decided to go straight to Super Saiyan 2. “Wow, Vegeta, I see you’ve been training as well,” said Goku, impressed by the power he had as a Super Saiyan 2, but Vegeta smirked and said he can go higher if he wanted to.
Vegeta ssj2

Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 2

Goku smiled, saying that judging what he’s seen so far, it wouldn’t be necessary.

The two Saiyans renewed their assault against Red and Blue, this time taking the upper hand in an intense battle. Aside from being forced to dodge various slicing energy waves and their knife like hands, Goku and Vegeta had the fight in their favor. Eventually, Vegeta fired a hastily charged Final Flash that was strong enough to destroy Blue’s left side. Goku congratulated Vegeta as he landed a hard punch on Red, sending him crashing to the ground. The Saiyans were seemingly victorious.

Just then, Gohan, Goten and Trunks arrived on the scene to see what was going on. Vegeta told them that the situation was well under control, but the brief distraction allowed Blue to sneak up on Vegeta and slice his right shoulder. As Vegeta made to counter, he noticed that his blood that was on Blue’s blade was being absorbed into his being, and was disgusted by it.

Contemporaneously, Red flew back into combat with Goku, only to release a close range explosive wave that created a massive explosion, forcing Gohan, Goten, and Trunks to take cover. Goku narrowly dodged the blast, but Red managed to slice his thigh. It, too, absorbed Goku’s blood.

Just then the two mechanical warriors vanished completely, having been teleported off of the planet, leaving the present Z-Fighters furious and perplexed as to why they retreated. Vegeta wrote them off as cowards, but Goku was curious about how they absorbed the small amounts of their blood.


As the Z Fighters pondered their predicament, a cackling voice rang out over the area, taunting them. They demanded that whoever was speaking show themselves, but the voice merely told them to have patience and that if they liked the challenge of fighting their Pirian warriors, than they would love the challenge they would face in a day. Vegeta laughed, stating the “warriors” were pathetic cowards. But the voice warned that their challenge would be strong enough to destroy them all with a breath. How would the Z Fighters know about these Pirian warriors? Well, when the "warriors" arrive, our heroes will certainly find out. Are the might Z Fighters going to cream the Pirian warriors? Or is it possible that the Pirian warriors will gain victory over the warriors?

The voice then revealed that his name was Dr. Quri, and that he was a Tuffle who survived the Saiyan assault years ago. Vegeta laughed even harder at this, stating how his father effortlessly destroyed them and that they were no threat. Dr. Quri said that the Saiyans were always thickheaded and revealed that with the mind of the brilliant Tuffle scientist and the blood sampled from the two most powerful pure blooded Saiyans, they would be able to create an unequaled warrior who they could use not only to exact vengeance on the son of King Vegeta, but rule the rest of the universe as well. Laughing, Quri bid them farewell, saying that they were doomed within one day. All of the Z-Fighters seemed worried at this announcement, except for Vegeta, who didn’t take the Tuffles seriously.

“They can bring an army if they want, but no Tuffles will bring down the p

"You want me to get my Ultimate potential unlocked?"

rince of all Saiyans. You have to see my logic. Saiyans dominated the Tuffles long before you even knew me and Kakarot,” Vegeta proudly proclaimed, showing shades of his former arrogance, much to the dismay of the other fighters. As Vegeta flew off, Goku told the others the he was going to try and intercept Dr. Quri before he unleashed his new warrior on Earth, but also told them to train just in case Goku fails. He turned to Gohan and said that if he were able to unlock his Ultimate potential once again, then they should have no problem defending the Earth. Gohan wasn’t sure he could reach his ultimate strength anymore, but Goku had full confidence in him, and also said that Trunks and Goten should be able to push him far enough. Goku also told them to go find Uub, knowing that his raw power would be very useful in any upcoming battle.


As the others flew off, Goku attempted to concentrate, wanting to use Instant Transmission to head Dr. Quri off, wanting avoid any unnecessary destruction on the Earth. After trying to find them for several minutes, he grew frustrated, realizing that the doctor’s energy levels were too low to sense, and that he couldn’t sense the Pirian warriors due to their mechanic nature.

In desperation, Goku contacted King Kai for assistance in locating Dr. Quri. When even he couldn’t find them, hope was seemingly lost until a familiar presence teleported in front of Goku.

“Hey Kibito Kai, it’s been a while,” Goku greeted him. Kibito Kai said that he’s been paying attention to this developing threat and he wasn’t just going to sit back and watch them unfold like he did in the final stages of the battle with Buu. He offered to teleport Goku to Dr. Quri and to help put an end to the threat before it could truly flourished. Although he admitted that he was probably inferior to even the Pirian warriors in strength, he and Goku together should be able to handle anything they were likely to face. Goku thanked him for his assistance and in a flash, both had teleported to a distant obscure location in the universe.

Meanwhile, on board the shark like ship, the sickly Dr. Quri and Dr. Trika were tending to a liquid tank that housed a being that was eerily similar to a Saiyan, only with orange hair. The Pirian (Blue’s arm was repaired) warriors stuck their hands into a console and injected the blood samples stolen from Goku and Vegeta. The being in the tank began to glow an ominous scarlet color, radiating energy. The two doctors grinned, realizing that they were soon to release a horror that the universe has never known, and that nothing could possibly interfere with their plans.

Or so they thought. Goku and Kibito Kai had teleported into their midst. As the doctors cowered in surprise behind the Pirian warriors, Goku noticed the being in the tank and stated that it had a deep, unfathomable power. As he was about to blast it into oblivion, the Pirian warriors took hold of both Goku and Kibito Kai and teleported them to a far off mountainous planet similar to the one where Gohan had fought Dabura. Cursing their luck, Kibito Kai said that he was going to find the doctors again and stop them while Goku dealt with the warriors. But Red lashed out at the Kai, sending him into a mountain. Goku made a move to intervene, but Blue had headed him off, forcing Goku to power up and fight it head on. As Red descended on Kibito Kai, the latter rose up and surprised the Pirian warrior with an upgraded Energy’s Last attack, blowing the warrior back quite a distance. After Goku assured that he can beat both of them at his full power, the Kai teleported off to stop Dr. Quri from realizing his plans, leaving Goku to deal with the Pirian warriors.

Goku asked Red and Blue if they wanted a real fight, then proceeded to power up to Super Saiyan 3, shocking the Pirians with his sheer power. Goku began to fight the two and eventually dominated them, showing that he

Goku after turning Super Saiyan 3

has learned to increase his endurance as a Super Saiyan 3 in order to avoid collapsing from fatigue like he did when he fought Kid Buu. Goku seemed to have the battle under control.

Meanwhile, as Earth’s warriors trained and Gohan struggled to unlock his dormant power once again, Kibito Kai was having trouble tracking the Tuffles down, as they kept teleporting their ship randomly across the universe. Eventually, Kibito Kai cornered them, this time without the Pirian warriors to defend them. In desperation, they decided to release their creation early, knowing very well that it may be unstable as it wasn’t fully developed. As the liquid tank opened, the Kai attempted to destroy the being with a powerful ki blast, sending the Tuffle doctors into a panic.

But to the Kai’s dismay, his attack did absolutely nothing, and from the smoke emerged a rather tall, stocky, Saiyan-like being with orange hair and silver eyes. The new being introduced himself as “Troxel: the Ultra Saiyan.” Kibito Kai was horrified at the magnitude of the latent power that Troxel possessed, but nonetheless was determined not to let such a powerful being wreak havoc in the universe. Knowing that he couldn’t destroy Troxel by himself, Kibito Kai charged a purple energy sphere and threatened to destroy the ship, knowing full well that the Tuffles and the “Ultra Saiyan” couldn’t breathe in space. But as the Kai was about to fire, Troxel, brandishing a silver aura, teleported in front of him and dealt him two crippling blows, dropping Kibito Kai to his knees. It seemed as if Kibito Kai was going to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Goku had outmatched Red and Blue move for move so far, and said that this fight was over. He charged up a Kamehameha in each hand and said he would destroy them both. But before Goku could fire the blasts, the Pirian warriors erected an energy barrier and performed something unexpected: the Fusion dance! A new warrior, dubbed “Purple” leered back at Goku, shocking him. Goku commented that he probably wouldn’t be able to fight this new warrior for long, but he can stall for thirty minutes until it diffused, then destroy them both. With this plan in mind, Goku sprang into action.

Time StruggleEdit

As Kibito Kai lay at the feet of the mighty Troxel, the Tuffle doctors cackled at how efficient their creation was, saying how the obtainment of Goku and Vegeta’s blood made Troxel even deadlier than expected. Before Troxel attempted to finish the Kai off, Dr. Quri explains to the latter how they managed to escape from the Saiyans using the ship they were on, and how they spent decades using the ship's extreme sensory measures to study the Saiyans from afar, learning about them. They realized after watching Frieza, Cell, and Buu defeated that the two surviving pureblood Saiyans were too strong to be defeated “the normal way,” so they devised the Pirian warriors, while also laying the groundwork for the ultimate warrior, Troxel. The Pirian warriors were androids designed to obtain the blood samples of the Saiyans, and if they weren’t able to kill them, then Troxel would slaughter them all anyway.

Hearing this, Kibito Kai utilizes what’s left of his energy to teleport off the ship, but was unable to travel far enough to make it to Goku’s location, instead landing on a lush, forested planet. Realizing that he had to get to Goku fast, he meditated in an attempt to charge his energy to use Instantaneous Movement again. The doctor’s, surprised at Kibito Kai’s escape, decided that they should head to Earth early.

The target of the Tuffle's next travel, Earth

As Kibito Kai gathered his strength, Goku was struggling to keep up with Purple. While being able to land a few solid blows, Goku was correct in assuming that he probably wouldn’t be able to defeat the fused warrior head on. But even avoiding Purple proved to be difficult, as its speed caught Goku off guard. Despite gratuitous use of Instant Transmission, Goku was beginning to get battered around. Goku cursed himself, and hoped that Kibito Kai was faring better than he was. He was wasting time out here if that powerful presence aboard the Tuffle ship was on its way to Earth.

Arrival of TroxelEdit

On Earth, as the Z-Fighters were taking a breather, they sensed a powerful presence appear in orbit. The Tuffle ship was briefly visible in the atmosphere, as the cackling Tuffle doctors unleashed Troxel on to the planet, before traveling to a safe distance. “So much for a day,” Gohan groaned, still unable to reach his full potential. Vegeta said that they should be able to beat the warrior.

As the Z-Fighters sensed Troxel and rushed to his locaton, the “Ultra Saiyan” charged a ki blast and scorched a portion of Earth’s surface. Enraged, the Z Fighters powered up and sped up to confront this new threat.

As soon as Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Uub arrived on the scene, Troxel took notice of Vegeta and smirked, saying that he, the “Ultra Saiyan” will make the Saiyan prince “bow at his feet.” Vegeta, enraged, demanded to know just Troxel thought he was, and he explained that he was the product of Saiyan might and Tuffle intellect; an unequaled warrior. Vegeta, having heard enough, said that he will deal with this “disgrace,” to the apprehension of his fellow Z Fighters.

Purple, although taking a direct hit from a True Kamehameha, was still managing to outclass Super Saiyan 3 Goku. The Saiyan warrior wondered how much longer he could keep this up. After a couple more minutes of a one-sided fight, Purple diffused. Goku was surprised, as the fusion was shorter than expected. Then Goku realized an explanation. He reasoned that when he was fighting them individually, he noticed that Blue seemed a bit weaker than Red, unlike their previous encounter on Earth. He said that Blue was injured by Vegeta, and although his arm was repaired, his full power wasn’t restored. With the slight difference in power levels and the taxing power of the fusion, Red and Blue destabilized and diffused. Goku thought that maybe his True Kamehameha was enough to destabilize the individual power levels. Either way, Red and Blue wouldn’t be able to fuse for an hour and Goku was once again in an advantageous position.

However, as Goku prepared to finish the Pirians off, he reverted back to his Super Saiyan 2 form. Realizing that he lost too much energy as a Super Saiyan 3, Goku knew he was in serious trouble, as he couldn’t beat the two of them without his full power. They might have been able to finish Goku off outright, and if they fused again, the Saiyan warrior was doomed.

On Earth, as Vegeta was launching a flurry of punches at Troxel and missing each one, he realized that he was underestimating his foe and should fight him seriously, not wanting to make the same fatal mistake he made against Cell. He

Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta

transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. In response, Troxel’s eyes glowed white and his orange hair stood up on end as he brandished his aura in what appeared to be a restrained Super Saiyan state. Vegeta and Troxel fought furiously, equally matched, although Vegeta was surprised when Troxel managed to deflect a Big Bang Attack. After another intense series of traded blows, the two warriors stared each other down, smirking. Vegeta said that Troxel was a mighty warrior and would have made an excellent Saiyan, but that Vegeta was still going to kill him. After stating that he has a surprise for Troxel, Vegeta began to power up intensely, emanating an immense amount of energy as his hair began to grow in length.

After the display was finished, a Super Saiyan 3 was staring Troxel down.

The Power of TroxelEdit

The Pirian warriors seemed to catch on to the fact that Goku had expended much of his energy, because they assaulted him with renewed vigor. Goku, knowing that he needed to stall, released a large amount of power in an explosion to drive the Pirian warriors away. Unfortunately, doing so expended the rest of Goku’s energy and reverted him to his base form. Goku thought he was doomed and thought it would be best to teleport away to recover.

However, Kibito Kai managed to gather his energy and teleport to Goku in the nick of time. Using the healing abilities inherited from Kibito, the Kai restored Goku to his full power just as the Pirians emerged. Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and destroyed the weakened Pirians with the Dragon Fist. Afterwards, Supreme Kai said that they needed to get to Earth immediately, as its forces were struggling against Troxel.

Trunks marveled at his father’s power as a Super Saiyan 3, as Vegeta began to pummel Troxel with his awesome strength. After beating Troxel into the ground, Vegeta gloated, saying that the Tuffles wasted 50 years thinking that they could beat a Saiyan. But Troxel merely laughed. “I have the blood of Kakarot and yourself. Do you think me incapable of transforming?” With those words, Troxel built up a massive amount of energy, and his physical features began to change. His whited eyes glowed a sinister green, while red marks appeared on his face, stretching from his forehead to his chin. His upright, orange hair turned a grayish white color, and the silver aura became more robust. “You see, I can also turn into a Super Saiyan, except when an Ultra Saiyan such as myself does it, it is far more powerful than you fools can comprehend.”

Gohan and the others were vastly worried, sensing that the energy generated from the mutated Super Saiyan was easily the strongest that they have ever felt. Even Vegeta was frightened, but he was still determined to finish the fight himself.

Troxel, in his new form, took the upper hand against Vegeta, easily batting him around and daring the other Z Fighters to intervene. He even allowed Vegeta to hit him directly with a full power Final Flash, only to take little damage from it, proving his might.

Before the fight could continue, Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Kibito Kai arrived, and were in shock at Troxel’s power. Vegeta told Goku to stay out of his way, saying that he had one more trick up his sleeve. Goku, remembering the Pirians, told Vegeta that if they could fuse as Super Saiyan 3s, they would effortlessly kill Troxel. But Vegeta ignored him, and began to power up to an obscene level, with his muscle increasing and his aura expanding heavily. Goku warned Vegeta to stop, saying that going beyond Super Saiyan 3 was far too dangerous, as such power was difficult to control. But Vegeta kept going, reaching a stage known as Ascended Super Saiyan 3. After chastising Goku for being jealous that Vegeta fi

Vegeta reverted back to his base form

nally surpassed him, he launched a hard punch at Troxle, taking him surprise with his speed. Then he followed up with a Big Bang Attack, sending Troxle into a nearby mountain range with a massive explosion. As Vegeta began to gloat about his victory, he suddenly reverted back to his base form. The strain of the Ascended Super Saiyan 3 was too extreme.

While Vegeta was exhausted, he said that the few seconds he was able to maintain that extreme power was enough to defeat Troxel. He admitted it was a desperate move. But the laughing Ultra Saiyan’s reemergence proved him wrong. He said that that was a nice trick by Vegeta, but it wasn’t enough. Seeing as Vegeta had lost all of his strength, Goku, Goten, Trunks, and Uub launched a tandem assault on Troxel. Kibito Kai stayed out of it, wanting to preserve his valuable healing abilities. Gohan also stayed behind as he tried to reach his true power, still unsure of himself after many years of peace.

Seeing the multiple Z Fighters attacking at once, Troxel took a proactive route and immediately knocked Trunks unconscious with a single blow and managed to blast Goten aside, leaving Goku and Uub to fight. Goku managed to land a few good hits, but was overpowered by Troxel. Even Uub’s training wasn’t enough. Goku regrouped with Uub and Goten, hatching and plan while Troxel watched, amused. Uub and Goten then powered up and launched a dual Kamehameha at Troxel. While he was distracted by the blast, Goku used Instant Transmission to appear next to Troxel and attempted to use the Dragon Fist. While the intial impact actually damaged Troxle, he managed to avoid the worst of it, swatting Goku to the ground and proceeding to utterly devastate Goten and Uub.

Goku glared at Gohan, scorning him for not joining in on the fight when they needed him. Gohan said he didn’t have the power, to which Goku yelled at him with even more fury. Gohan then heard Elder’s Kai’s voice in his head, stating that his unlocked potential never went away, just went into dormancy, waiting to be unlocked again. As Elder Kai was trying to coach Gohan on reawakening his own latent power, Goten was getting tortured by Troxel. The exposure to his brother’s screams and his father’s anger was enough to push Gohan over the edge. His power erupted in a flash of blue light, and he gained a fierce blue aura with yellow electricity. Ultimate Gohan had reawakened, stronger than ever.

The Elder Kai’s SecretEdit

Gohan told Kibito Kai to heal the fallen Z Fighters while he deals with Troxel.

Kibito Kai getting ready to heal the fallen fighters

While Troxel laughed at the idea of a Saiyan half breed opposing him and reminded Gohan how easily he dealt with Goten and Trunks, he proved to be mistaken as Gohan was able to fight Troxel evenly with his reawakened Ultimate Power. While Kibito Kai healed the other fighter’s Goku told Goten and Trunks to be ready to fuse into Gotenks on his mark, and told Vegeta and Uub to be ready to go at full power. He said that Gohan might not be able to outright defeat Troxel, but a timely intervention by the other powerful Z Fighters would bring him to his knees. Goku was surprised at the sudden arrival of Majin Buu and Mr. Satan, the former who wanted to protect his new home and the latter for “moral support.”

As the battle between Gohan and Troxel raged on, Elder Kai contacted Kibito Kai and told him to bring Goku to Other World immediately, stating that he has plan. But Goku refused to go, not wanting to leave his friends, much to Elder Kai’s dismay. Gohan appeared to be losing energy in the fight, but managed to keep up with Troxel, even earning praise from the self-proclaimed “Ultra Saiyan.” Gohan responded with a Super Flashing Kamehameha, scoring a direct hit and actually inflicting genuine damage. He then followed up with a powerful series of punches and kicks, but Troxel blasted him in the face with a powerful ki blast, knocking Gohan away and doing tremendous damage. As Gohan wasn’t getting up from the blast, Goku decided that it was time for everyone else to step in so they can let Kibito Kai heal Gohan.

However, as Goten and Trunks attempted to fuse, Troxel sent an energy ball their way, disrupting the fusion. Uub attempted to distract the Ultra Saiyan so the other fighters could reach their full power, but is swatted away easily. Troxel is then forced to contend with Goku and Vegeta at Super Saiyan 3, Trunks and Goten at Super Saiyan 2, and Majin Buu. Realizing that he couldn’t defeat all of these warriors at this rate, especially if Gohan joined the fray, Troxel decided to release a massive exploding wave, knocking Goten and Trunks unconscious, blowing Majin Buu to pieces, and severely injuring Vegeta. Goku was the only warrior left standing, and Troxel took great delight in pummeling Goku until he reverted to his base form as well.

But before Troxel could finish him off, a rejuvenated Gohan reentered the fray, exchanging powerful blows. In outer space, the Tuffle doctors were gleefully watching the action, saying that Troxel would eventually squash all of the Saiyans. As the fight between Gohan and Troxel intensified, the latter fired a large energy blast, but not at Gohan. Gohan was shocked to realize that the energy was heading towards his unconscious father, and made a move to stop it. But it was too late, as the energy blast impacted, created a massive explosion. Once the smoke cleared, it seemed that Goku was gone.

Uub’s GambitEdit

Gohan, enraged at the apparent loss of his father, began to power up, but Troxel used the momentary distraction he created to deal a heavy blow to Gohan’s back, crippling him. He lectured that a real warrior also fights with his mind. Gohan was angered, but he noticed that Kibito Kai had disappeared as well, and began to reason that he may have teleported Goku out of harm’s way at the last second. There was still hope.

Troxel floated in the sky, laughing at how he toppled all of the Earth’s greatest warriors, and that he might as well destroy the planet now. Meanwhile, Majin Buu managed to reform and went off to find Mr. Satan, giving him a heartfelt goodbye and saying that he would never forget his friendship. Uub also got to his feet, saying that he had to stop Troxel somehow; he had trained to hard to let Earth die like this. Just then, Majin Buu appeared in front of Uub, and said that they would destroy Troxel. Uub was in doubt, saying how the two didn’t have the power and that everyone else was hurt. But Buu was confident, and then revealed to Uub that they were both one warrior at some point in the past, and that if Majin Buu merged with Uub, they would easily be able to win.

Meanwhile, the Sacred World of the Kais, Goku was revived by Kibito Kai and awoke to find that Elder Kai had a plan. Goku was baffled to find out his intention: to grow Goku’s tail back! Goku wondered how, saying that his tail was permanently removed ages ago. But Elder Kai held a magic sphere of energy in one hand, and conjured a large pair of pliers in the other. Goku said that he didn’t like the sound of this, but he needed to do something.

On Earth, as Troxel made a move to destroy the planet, Majin Buu liquefied himself and enveloped the surprised Uub. Buu’s goo was vanishing into Uub’s body, and then there was a massive pink flash of energy. When the smoke cleared, a new warrior appeared. Uub wa now more muscular, and donned Majin Buu’s clothing. He dubbed himself as Majuub, saying that this fight was over. Troxel was perplexed at what had happened.

Goku’s screams of pain rang out across the Kai planet, as Elder Kai used the magic to try and restore a stump of Goku’s tail, then attempted to use the pliers to make it grow. Elder Kai lamented that this was taking too long, and that Goku needed to concentrate or this wouldn’t work. Kibito Kai then told them that Majin Buu had merged with Uub, and that Earth might have a chance after all.

Troxel stopped charging his energy, intrigued at the prospect of fighting Majuub. He flew down to confront this new warrior, saying that he’ll dispose of this new challenge personally, and then destroy the Earth. An intense stare down takes place between the two. The other Z Fighters began to rise, and Gohan told them that Majuub should be able to win.

Troxel and Majuub began to fight, and the latter’s superiority became apparent as Troxel was easily thrashed about. The Tuffle doctors were shocked, stating that Majuub wasn’t even a Saiyan; no human should have anywhere close to that kind of power. Yet Majuub was thoroughly dominating the surprised Troxel. Every time the “Ultra Saiyan” would land a blow, Majuub would retaliate with twice the force, pummeling Troxel. It seemed that Earth was to be saved at the hands of Goku’s pupil after all, exactly as he was trained to do so.

Goku’s tail had finally been regrown after an agonizing procedure. After seeing Majuub’s progress via the crystal ball, Goku questioned whether his tail would be necessary, proudly stating that his student had more than enough power to destroy Troxel now. But Elder Kai said that that may not be the case, then told Goku to power up to Super Saiyan 3. As he did so, he noticed that the strain of the form had been drastically reduced, and as a result, could push his maximum power further and actually be able to sustain it, unlike Vegeta’s Ascended Super Saiyan 3. After powering down, Kibito Kai said it was time for Goku to rejoin the battle.

Goku teleported back to Earth to find that Troxel was infuriated at having been beaten down by a human. In his fury, he rose up into the sky and charged a massive energy blast, claiming that he would destroy the entire solar system and that there was nowhere to run. All of the Z Fighters were shocked, but Majuub told them to stand down, saying that he could handle this.

As Troxel fired his blast, Majuub charged a pink Kamehameha wave in retaliation and after a brief struggle, managed to deflect the blast away from Earth. Troxel narrowly dodged the attack, and was in utter shock. He began to power up in a rage, and Goku told Majuub to finish the fight immediately. Majuub complied and charged a familiar, large pink energy sphere: a Planet Burst.

“Majuub, you’ll destroy the Earth with that attack! We’re trying to save this planet, remember!?” Goku frantically yelled, but Majuub simply said “Trust me.” As Troxel made to fire another massive energy blast, the Planet Burst expanded into a massive, directed energy wave that went straight for the Ultra Saiyan. Troxel found himself unable to block the blast as it swept into outer space. Majuub’s Extreme Vanishing Blast seemed to have ended the threat.


However, Troxel managed to survive with a barrier, although he sustained serious injuries from the blast. Majuub grimaced, revealing that he had to divert the blast’s full power away from the Earth so he wouldn’t destroy it. As a result, Troxel didn’t take the full force of the attack. But Goku told his pupil not to worry, and that Troxel would be easy to finish off now. But Troxel yelled that they shouldn’t make unwarranted assumptions. “Do you remember how I have your blood? The blood of two Saiyans who were able to transform into Super Saiyan 3s?”

Goku and Vegeta were shocked, knowing that Troxel was getting ready to transform again, and Goku ordered Majuub to finish him off. But as Majuub made to fire a Kamehameha, Troxel erupted in a blinding flash of light, creating a massive silver energy dome that repelled the efforts of the Z Fighters. Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 3, and the others were shocked to see that his power equaled Ultimate Gohan’s now. Goku fired multiple blasts at Troxel’s energy dome, and the others followed suit. But it was in vain.

The long, exaggerated silver hair and the robust aura that continuously emanated electric sparks showed that Troxel had reached a stage of Super Saiyan 3 unlike anything they’ve seen before.

Just then, Piccolo and Krillin arrived, flabbergasted at Troxel’s insane energy output. Piccolo said that they should all combine their energies and try to take Troxel out as fast as possible. The others agreed, and Krillin noticed that Goku had grown his tail back, which perplexed the other Z Fighters.

Majuub, however, told the Z Fighters that this was his fight, and he will finish it. Troxel laughed, saying that nothing in the universe could possibly stop him. But Majuub was determined to try. After a quick fight, it was apparent that the tables had turned, with Majuub taking a beating while the other Z Fighters watched in horror, knowing that Majuub was the strongest of them. Goku knew that fusion was unlikely, as Vegeta and Gohan were injured, as were Trunks and Goten.

On the battle field, as simple energy ball from Troxel had brought Majuub to his knees. Then Troxel did something odd. He began to randomly generate a large number of green energy spheres that shot off in all directions, destroying a number of cities on Earth. Gohan reasoned that he had built up excess energy in his new form, and had to release it in order to not destroy himself (similar to Broly). After this, Troxel continued his assault against Majuub, beating him to a pulp.

Majuub laughed as he got to his feet, though. He said he could still win, and that he had a surprise for him. He then shot a pink energy beam out of his finger and hit Troxel with it. Troxel was surprised at what was happening, and the Z Fighters recognized it as Majin Buu’s Chocolate Beam. They were overjoyed, thinking that Majuub won.

But the beam didn’t immediately transform Troxel, however. The Ultra Saiyan, feeling what was happening to him, let out a roar of rage and released a massive amount of energy. He broke free of the Chocolate Beam, greatly surprising everyone. Troxel laughed, saying how a mere magic trick wouldn’t work on a warrior of his supreme stature. Majuub then formed a Kamehameha. Troxel noticed that the wave he was charging had the same properties of the Chocolate Beam. Worried that he wouldn’t be able to break free of an upgraded Chocolate Beam, Troxel fired an Eclipse Blast at Majuub, putting him out of commission.

Seeing this, Goku powered up and told the other Z Fighters that if they were capable of fighting, than they should fight now. Gohan and Piccolo joined Super Saiyan 3 Goku in a futile assault on Troxel. Even with his tail, Goku’s power hardly made a difference. All seemed lost, until Vegeta bellowed for Goku to look into the sky.

Vegeta had cast a Power Ball. Something was beginning to come over Goku….

“Now you will see what a Saiyan really is,” Vegeta smirked, before passing out.

The Golden ApeEdit

Goku was beginning to transform, with fur sprouting all over his body as his muscles began to engorge. Krillin remembered Goku’s Great Ape transformations from when he was kid, and remembered how Goku could never control himself. He wondered if anything has changed since then. The Tuffle doctors, who were observing from outer space, looked horrified at Goku’s transformation, having vivid memories of the Great Apes who ransacked their planet.

Goku continued to grow in size, and the brown fur that usually covered Great Apes was a vivid gold: the same color as a Super Saiyan’s hair. Goku had transformed into a Golden Great Ape, blending the normal Great Ape form with his full Super Saiyan potential. This resulted in a massive power increase, and even Troxel seemed to fear him.

The problem was, as the Z Fighters and Troxel in particular took notice, Goku couldn’t control his actions in Great Ape form, making him more of a mindless monster than fierce warrior. Goku began to spew mouth blasts in random directions, wreaking havoc on a good amount of the surrounding planet. Troxel smiled, saying that he’ll still be able to defeat Goku by out-thinking him.

Pan and Bulla arrived on the scene, wanting to help their fathers but Gohan told them to back off, stating that the giant ape was her Grandpa Goku, and that the situation was far too dangerous for the likes of them. But Pan refused to leave, wanting to stay by her family, while Bulla rushed off to check on Vegeta and Trunks.

Meanwhile, as Golden Great Ape Goku was rampaging around, Troxel was contemplating whether to destroy him or not, thinking that watching Goku ravage the very planet he was trying to save would be a nice form of entertainment. Gohan told Pan to stay back and flew up to try and reason with his father, but Goku mindlessly tried to swat at him, then forced his own son to frantically evade a series of mouth blasts. Goten also tried, but to no avail, and was swatted aside.

On the Sacred World of the Kais, Kibito Kai looked worried, and wondered whether growing Goku’s tail back was a mistake. But Elder Kai told him that if Goku manages to come to, he will reach a level of Super Saiyan beyond anything they have ever experienced; a type of Super Saiyan not seen since the Original. Elder Kai admitted it was a long shot, but if his plan worked, Troxel would easily be defeated.

However, things didn’t seem to be going according to plan, as Goku continued rampaging around, while Troxel was thoroughly enjoying the sight of this. Pan got mad, and attempted to fire a blast at the “Ultra Saiyan,” but it did absolutely nothing due to her relatively low power level. Smirking, Troxel turned towards Pan, admiring her courage. Then he fired a series of weak energy blasts, playfully forcing Pan to dodge them. Gohan tried to intervene, but was punched away. Meanwhile, Goku seemed to have taken notice of this and stopped his rampage.

Suddenly, he fired a flaming mouth blast at Troxel, who barely dodged it, astonished at the Ape's accuracy. Troxel apparently had drawn the ire of the out-of-control Goku, and his Great Ape rage was now focused on him. Goku rushed at Troxel with a series of swats and mouth blasts that Troxel narrowly escaped. Troxel decided that Goku needed to be killed now before he became too much of a threat. After flying out of Goku’s reach, Troxel held up his hand and charged a green energy wave: the Seismic Blast. He shot a swift, green blast at Goku which upon striking him emitted a massive explosion, leaving a mushroom cloud in its wake. The Z Fighters looked horrified, believing the blast to have finished Goku off, but Pan said he was still alive.

As Troxel admired his handy work, Goku suddenly emerged from the Rubble and landed a massive punch on Troxel, surprising him and sending him flying away. Troxel landed in a mountain range, cursing the Golden Great Ape for actually managing to damage him in his strongest form. He struggled to his feet, and thought to himself that destroying Earth would probably be the best course of action, as Goku was much stronger than him in his Golden Great Ape form.

After swatting Troxel away, Goku roared and a massive, golden aura surrounded his body, creating fierce winds that blew across the planet. Troxel saw this and began to charge an energy sphere in his right hand, saying that a simple blast to Earth’s core should do the trick. But before he could carry out this action, Goku fired another mouth blast at Troxel with sniper like accuracy, forcing Troxel to flee. A second mouth blast knocked him out of the sky, seriously damaging him. Goku continued charging power, and the planet began to shake. The Z Fighters were alarmed, saying that Goku might destroy the entire planet if he kept this up. Pan began to cry at the sight of seeing her beloved grandfather in such a primal rage, and against Gohan’s wishes flew out to confront her dad. The sound of Pan’s cries immediately caught Goku’s attention, and he stopped powering up. Pan tried to reason with Goku as he stared at her intently. Goku growled, apparently trying to say “Pan,” then let out another roar and began to emit a large golden aura again, blowing Pan back.

Goku was once again shaking the planet with his power, causing tidal waves and hurricanes that ravaged civilization. But something was different. Amidst the roar of the Great Ape, Goku’s normal voice could be heard alongside it, yelling with utmost fury. The Z Fighters also noticed that Goku was beginning to gradually shrink. Gohan noticed that this earth shattering energy was being condensed into Goku’s shrinking body, and that this was a new type of transformation. After half an episode’s worth of this (just to beat the initial SS3 transformation, you know?), the massive tornado of golden energy disappeared, and all that was seen was smoke.

Troxel arose, wondering what had just happened because he couldn’t see the Golden Great Ape anymore. But then he sensed a massive power level, and became fearful.

As the smoke cleared, the Z Fighters looked on in awe as they saw a warrior with crimson fur and long black hair and stern yellow eyes.

The Elder Kai’s plan had worked (thanks in part to Vegeta’s Power Ball). Goku had reached the legendary Super Saiyan 4.

The Mighty Super Saiyan 4Edit

Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Pan, Bulla, Vegta, Piccolo, Majuub and Krillin all gathered around Goku to see if he was okay. To their delight, he cheerfully greeted them, and asked them what had happened. “Well, after nearly destroying the Earth, you shrank and became…what are you, anyway?” Krillin inquired. Goku stated that he didn’t know, but he said that he now had the power to defeat Troxel. As he was about to go fight Troxel, Vegeta said “After your fight, you know you’re going to teach me how to do that, Kakarot.” Then he smiled, wishing Goku good luck as he took off, and then asking Gohan “How does your father always do something like this?” which made the other Z Fighters laugh in a much needed lighthearted moment.

As Troxel tried to comprehend what was happening, Super Saiyan 4 Goku appeared in front of him, telling him that he would pay for his actions. Troxel, despite feeling Goku’s extreme energy level, tells him that he can’t defeat him without being a mindless ape. He then punches Goku in the face, then kicks him aside and fires a barrage of energy waves. He then readies a large energy ball and throws it at Goku. Surprisingly, it is reflected into outer space, and Goku is shown, grinning. He wasn’t scratched at all.

Troxel then powered up and rushed at Goku with a series of rapid fire punches and kicks, but all of them were either dodged or blocked by the Super Saiyan 4. Goku was toying with him, which caused Troxel to become steadily more enraged until finally, Troxel surrounded himself and said he was going to release enough energy to vaporize Earth and anything surrounding it. At this, Goku finally got serious and flew through Troxel's energy, punching him in the face, halting the attack.

Goku then proceeded to completely dominate the mutant Tuffle-Saiyan, nullifying all of his attacks landing some heavy blows. As he fought, Troxel’s energy was building and he was slowly losing control of his energy, until he randomly fired a powerful energy ball, which Goku had to use Instant Transmission in order to deflect it. Realizing how dangerous the situation could get if Goku kept the fight going, he charged an energy sphere around his fist and punched Troxel hard in the stomach. The blow was so great that Troxel doubled over at Goku’s feet and reverted back to his previous Super Saiyan stage, the one that Gohan could keep pace with, and that Majuub utterly decimated. Troxel was finished, or so it seemed.

An Unexpected TurnEdit

As Goku prepared to finish Troxel off with an energy blast, he noticed something odd: Troxel had grown a silver tail!

In outer space, the Tuffle doctors, overseeing the situation, had rushed to the computer were they were monitoring Troxel’s power levels and used the machine to force a tail to grow, since it was in Goku’s and Vegeta’s genetics. However, they look worried. Troxel was programmed to have a restrained and unrestrained Super Saiyan form, as well as a Super Saiyan 3 form, but nothing beyond. No one knew what would happened if he managed to transform again.

Goku noticed the tail and attempted to blast Troxel, but the latter looked into the sky; Vegeta’s Power Ball was still there. Troxel saw it and erupted in a green dome of energy, knocking Goku backwards. Vegeta destroyed the Power Ball, but had a feeling that the damage was done.

After being enshrouded in green energy for several moments, Troxel emerged in a new, mutated form that was different from both the Great Ape and Super Saiyan 4. Troxel was covered in silver fur, had red eyes, and long blue hair, and had tripled in size, making him a mini-Great Ape of sorts. He did exhibit the classic rage expect from Apes, though. But as Goku moved in to stop him, he was blindsided by an energy wave as Troxel revealed that he was completely cognizant of his actions and was the most powerful warrior in the universe.

Goku then powered up and began to fight him. At first, they seemed evenly matched, trading numerous blows. But it soon became apparent that Troxel was actually stronger than Goku, as the latter’s blows weren’t doing much damage to Troxel, but every hit Troxel landed was taking quite a bit out of Goku. Goku said enough was enough, and charged two energy spheres in each hand. He then cupped his hands together to condense the two balls into one red energy sphere, and proceeded to fire a new attack: the Crimson Kamehameha. Troxel attempted to deflect it, but the highly concentrated and very powerful blast hit him dead on, creating a massive fiery explosion of energy.

As the smoke cleared, Troxel was still standing, but Goku managed to damage his left arm. However, the blast drained Goku of a lot of his energy, meaning that he was going to have to stall for a bit to regain his power. As Troxel reinvigorated his assault, Goku attempted to dodge his every move, but his loss of energy made it difficult, and Troxel landed a number of damaging blows. Realizing that he couldn’t continue at this rate, Goku flew high up in the air and charged another Crimson Kamehameha, stating that he will destroy Earth. Troxel thought he was bluffing, but withdrew that sentiment when he saw the energy being charged and began to panic. Half of the Z Fighters were freaking out, but Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin, having seen the Cell Games, knew what was about to happen.

Their suspicions proved correct as Goku teleported in front of Troxel and attempted to unleash the energy wave in his face. However, at the last second, Troxel emitted a powerful super explosive wave, nullifying the attack and badly damaging Goku, who landed far away. Although he still remained a Super Saiyan 4, his energy was greatly diminished. Seeing as how Goku almost managed to destroy him through trickery, Troxel became enraged and flew up into the air. “HEAR ME. I’M GOING TO OBLITERATE THIS ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM AND UNLIKE KAKAROT, I'M NOT BLUFFING. YOU WILL ALL DIE.”

The Final StruggleEdit

Vegeta, seeing this, yelled Kibito Kai’s name in hopes that he would hear him. Kibito Kai was confused, but the Elder Kai said that Vegeta wanted Kibito Kai to teleport to Earth and heal Goku while the Z Fighters distracted Troxel. Kibito Kai understood, and got ready to teleport, but the Old Kai told him to wait.

Meanwhile, Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 3 while the other Z Fighters, except for Krillin, powered up and flew up to distract Troxel. Although each of them made rapid hit and run assaults, they were all swatted away like flies, and the only ones who didn’t get knocked out were Majuub and Gohan. Even Vegeta was out cold. But as this transpired, Kibito Kai had teleported to Goku’s side and had begun to heal him.

Unfortunately, due to Goku’s high power level, the healing process was taking longer than expected. Troxel noticed Goku was being healed, but before he could stop it, Majuub got in front of him and released a massive energy barrage. Although the attack did nothing but annoy him, it gave Goku the precious seconds he needed to reach his full strength. Troxel knocked Majuub unconscious and then proceeded to fire his Ultimate Seismic Blast down at Goku, who retaliated with the Crimson Kamehameha.

While Goku managed to hold Troxel’s blast at bay with his own, he knew he couldn’t keep this up for long, as Troxel was too strong. As Goku’s blast began to falter, Gohan appeared at his side and added his own Flashing Kamehameha to Goku’s. The Super Father Son Kamehameha of Ultimate Gohan and Super Saiyan 4 Goku managed to overpower the Ultimate Seismic Blast until Troxel charged his full power into the blast, bringing the beam struggle to a stalemate.

In Other World, the Kais were watching apprehensively, fearing that the magnitude of this beam struggle could shake the foundations of the entire physical universe if it didn’t end soon. The Earth was being shaken apart as Goku, Gohan, and Troxel were pouring all of their power into their respective blasts, with neither side giving in.

Just then, as Troxel’s full attention was focused on his blast, a Destructo Disk flew at him, cutting off his tail. Troxel was shocked to see Krillin in the sky; the weak warrior that he could have effortlessly squashed had severed his tail. Troxel screamed in fury as he began to shrink in size and reverted back to his Super Saiyan formed, as the Super Father Son Kamehameha enveloped and obliterated him. The blast went out into outer space and struck the Tuffle spaceship, ending the doctors' lives as well.

Troxel was finished for good.


After Troxel was vaporized, Goku reverted to his base form and passed out with a smile on his face, but not before saying how proud he was of everyone. Gohan, barely awake, grinned and congratulated Krillin, who seemed very pleased with himself, for his noble act. All of the Z Fighters rejoiced at Troxel’s defeat, and Kibito Kai healed them all for their efforts. As Goku awakened, he noticed the unstable condition of the planet, and came to the conclusion that many of Earth’s citizens had died. He said that they needed to find the Dragon Balls, but Old Kai telepathically warned him not to over-rely on the Dragon Balls, saying that it could be dangerous.

Against the Elder Kai’s wishes, the Z Fighters gathered the Dragon Balls after a frantic adventure and managed to wish the Earth back to the way it was before the Pirian warriors and Troxel arrived. Everything was back to normal, for now.

Somewhere in space…in Earth’s solar system though, there was a strange green mark. It was tiny, resembling a crack. But slowly and very gradually, it began to grow. Could this be a new trouble for the Z Fighters?

Super Cell SagaEdit

A Crack in the UniverseEdit

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