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Roshi sees Tsunade for the first time

This article, Dragon Ball: Crossover, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.
This article, Dragon Ball: Crossover, is a fan-made crossover between Dragon Ball and another universe.

Dragon Ball: Crossover is a story about the Dragon Ball Universe Going into the Naruto: Shippuden Universe

Part One[]

Part One is the Dragon Ball Universe.

Goku and The Z-Fighters are playing dodgeball and Vegeta throws a ball at Tien, but Tien dodges it. Then Goku throws one at Yamcha and it hits Yamcha. After that, Goku,Gohan,and Goten pick up three balls and throw them at Vegeta and they all hit him in the face. Then, Goku takes out Piccolo so Goku, Gohan, and Goten only have to get hit since Trunks got hit by Yamcha.

Goku throws two balls at Gohan and Goten But they both hit Gohan. Then Goku throws his final ball at Goten before Goten can get a ball so Goku wins. Goku did a victory dance and Vegeta slapped him. "Kakarot, you don't have to gloat about winning dodgeball, it's just a silly game anyway". Then everyone ganged up on Vegeta and hit him with balls.

Part Two[]

This is about the Naruto Shippuden Universe.

Naruto was traning with Kakashi and had mastered all Chakra Nartures and combines lightning and wind to create a lightning tornado knocks Kakashi out. Then, Minato shows up and says I'm so proud of you Naruto and Naruto says thanks dad. Sakura is shown walking with Sai and says in her head "Ino just rolled her eyes at me!" Next thing you know Sakura attacked Ino and punched her in the head and Sai had to tell Sakura to stop trying to destroy Ino. Then Ino wakes up and attacks Sakura and they start fighting and Sai just walked away. Then Choji showed up and told Ino and Sakura to stop fighting but The girls kept on fighting each other and Choji walked away as well.

Part Three[]

This is about The Dragon Ball Universe crossing into the Naruto:Shippuden Universe.

Suddenly The Dragon Ball Universe gets sucked into The Naruto: Shippuden Universe.Goku and everyone else landed on the ground.Then everyone crowded around the DB Universe. After Tsunade tells the leaf to watch out she tries to punch Vegeta, he turns Super Saiyan and throws Tsunade into a building and she breaks her back and she goes to the hospital.Then Jiraya attacks Vegeta only to end up in a hospital bed. Then a few hours later after Goku explained everything Cell attacked Naruto but then Naruto used fire chakra and burned Cell.Then the Universes trusted each other and the Universes seperate and before the portal closes,Goku gives Naruto a Controller to open and close the Universes when he wants to. Then, a year later Naruto opened the portal and went into the Dragon Ball Z Universe and wanted to see what it was like. Everyone welcomed him as an honered guest and Goku told him about everything that happened and they just walked on and kept on talking and telling each other stuff.