Dragon Ball: Bright Stars is an alternate universe sequel to DBZ. Ignoring both GT and Super, this series takes place 10 or so years after DBZ and takes elements from the movies, GT, and Super, plus others.

Plot SummeryEdit

Cooler's Army SagaEdit

It's been 10 years after Kid Buu was defeated. Vegeta has achieved Super Saiyan 3, Goku has retired from fighting in order to spend time with his family, and Gohan has become the Earth's 2nd champion. These years of peace would be interrupted, however, by a saiyan named Tarble arriving to Earth. His home, the planet Karlass, has been sieged by Cooler, Frieza's older brother. Goku volunteers to help, but Goten and Trunks insists they handle this one and Goku just go relax. Krillin and Android 18 come along, and they set off.

Will Goten and Trunks be able to defeat Cooler and save Tarble's planet?

Nega Shenron SagaEdit

After the defeat of Cooler, the gang celebrate by having a outdoor BBQ. This however is interupted by, of all people, Shenron! As he explains, the Dragon Balls have filled up with Negative Energy, and releasing said energy would create seven evil beings. His plan is to have the Z-Fighters fight the dragons and seal them inside a few devices Bulma created. They unleash the creatures and the group head out to try and find them all. In the end, they'll face Nega Shenron, who attempts to wipe out humanity using poison mist.

Can our heroes gather the seven evil beings and defeat Nega Shenron?

Resurrection SagaEdit


Universal Budokai SagaEdit



Main Protagonists
Son Goten
(Robert McCollum)
Goten is the 2nd son of Goku and the best friend of Trunks. As a child, he was kind of a brat, but nowadays he's grown to be much nicer, if not a bit snarky. He also developed his father's love for fighting. He also took a liking towards Goku's Power Pole, though can and will fight using his hands if he has to. Doesn't like Buu.
(Giles Panton)
Android 18/Lazuli
(Meredith McCoy)
(Sonny Strait)
(Chris Sabat)
Supporting Cast
Son Goku
(Sean Schemmel)
(Chris Sabat)
Son Gohan
(Kyle Hebert)
King Kai
(Don Brown)
(Laura Bailey)
(Dameon Clarke)
(Chris Patton)
(Sean Schemmel)
(Meredith McCoy)
(Larua Bailey)
Sarusa is a genetic clone of Vegeta, created by a Tuffle scientist named Dippu. Seemingly designed to be very loyal to both Dippu and Cooler, Sarusa was only 90% finished when they first used him. He actually isn't that bad: he just has a habit of following orders since he was created to do so. After Dippu dies, he starts doubting...
Dr. Dippu
(Steve Blum)
Dr. Dippu was a Tuffle scientist, and the last one of his kind. Despite working for Cooler, he isn't evil: just desperate for funding to create Sarusa. He wanted to create the being to have company, but Cooler forced him to create it as a clone of Vegeta instead. Before dying, he tells Sarusa to be free instead of being commanded.
(Steve Blum)
Black Star Dragons
Stingy Shenron
(Colleen Clicken)
Hefty Shenron
(Nick Landis)
Envious Shenron
(Linda Young)
Naughty Shenron
(Laura Bailey)
Raging Shenron
(Steve Blum)
Obsolete Shenron
(Curtis Arnott)
Narcic Shenron
(Travis Willingham)
Universal Budokai Contestants
Captain Ginyu
(Bruce Elliot)

New TransformationsEdit

  • 4th Transformation: A form used by Frieza during his battle with Vegeta. After a year of training, Frieza had unlocked the strongest form his people can use, which his brother Cooler had already achieved. He first used this form against Vegeta in the movie "Vegeta v Frieza: Rematch".
  • Cosmic Focus: A form used by Tarble. Using the cosmic magic he learned from his people, Tarble is able to cast a purple-ish aura around him that can shield him from attacks. It can be broken if enough stress is put onto it or if Tarble doesn't focus enough. First used in episode W.I.P.
  • 100% Full Power: A form used by Sarusa. After Cooler killed off Dr. Dippu, Sarusa broke his built-in limiter, giving him access to near Vegeta-level strength. He can now control his power by concentrating. He first used this form during episode W.I.P.
  • Perfected Kaioken: A form used by Cell, in which he activates Kiaoken x20. He first used this form during episode W.I.P.


Cooler's Army Saga
Ep 1: New Beginnings! Ten Years in the making! 10 years after Kid Buu was destroyed by Goku, it seems the world has calmed down a bit, with Goku officially being retired, Gohan protecting the city, and the others living their lives. Goten and Trunks are still training, so when they hear of the 28th Budokai Tenkaichi, they enter to train even harder then before.
Nega Shenron Saga
Ep 21: A visit from Shenron! What does he want? W.I.P
Ressurection Saga
Ep 41: Goku visits Hell! Goku, meet your father Bardock! W.I.P
Universal Budokai Saga
Ep 61: A new tourney! Goku is getting very excited! W.I.P
Vegeta V Freeza: Rematch Before the events of Bright Stars, things weren't so peaceful: Ginyu had used the Dragon Balls to resurect Freeza. With revenge on his mind, Freeza immediately returns to Earth to kill Goku and destroy the whole planet. However, the saiyan warrior is off planet at the moment, so it's up to Vegeta instead! Who will win?
Garlic Jr's Revenge Way back when Young Goku was training with Kami, a man named Garlic Jr. interupts their training only a month or two in, with plans to get revenge on Kami for sealing his dad away in the "Dead Zone". It's up to Goku to stop his minions from gathering the Dragon Balls and wishing to give Jr immortality.
Cell Apocalypse The multiverse has been saved by the crew, and they've been looking forward to some down time. It's put on hold, however, when Future Trunks returns to warn everyone of Cell's return as Cell X, a giant abomination that absorbs everything. It's time for our heroes to travel to the future and defeat Cell once again!


  • Characters like Goku and Vegeta take a back seat, so more focus can be put on characters who haven't had a large roll in a while.
  • Unlike GT, which treats every Dragon Ball movie as canon, DBBS only uses Anime backstory. However, movie characters do show up, like Cooler and Tarble.
  • In the Nega Shenron arc, the teams are as followed:
    1. Trunks/Goten VS Stingy Shenron
    2. Yamcha/Tien VS Hefty Shenron
    3. Vegeta/Piccolo VS Envious Shenron
    4. Android 18/Krillin VS Naughty Shenron
    5. Goku/Gohan VS Raging Shenron
    6. Majin Buu/Hercule VS Obsolete Shenron
    7. Tarble/Sarusa VS Narcic Shenron
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