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This story, Dragon Ball: Another Way, is written with the intent to preserve and respect the official Dragon Ball canon, and to fit perfectly into the established Dragon Ball universe, per this policy.

Please Note: This story contains much violence and occasional swearing. Erotic actions are mostly censored, but slips can happen.

Dragon Ball: Another Way is my first attempt at DBZ fanfiction. This started as a story in the back of my ever loving head, and eventually became it's own work. I hope you enjoy. It follows the Saiyan child Ore , and his journey after Frieza destroyed his home planet.

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Planet Vegeta Saga[]

This saga covers Ore's early birth and upbringing, and concluding with the destruction of Planet Vegeta.


A Saiyan Is Born

Not Just Practicing

Pride of the Prince

Rivalry of the Saiyans

Frieza's Pride

I Told You to Close That Hatch!

A Mistake for a Mission

The End of Planet Vegeta (Season Finale Part 1)

Darkness Falling (Season Finale Part 2)

Yuki Saga []

Follows Ore's landing on Planet Nomad, and accidently killing a girl's father. Now, the girl (Yuki), wants revenge.


A Crash Landing

Meeting Yuki

Yuki's Father

A Trap for Fools

Don't Even Try It

Greatest Sorrow

Revenge Is Best Served by a Little Girl (Season Finale Part 1)

Grand Theft Yuki (Season Finale Part 2)

Trackdown Saga []

Covers Ore's escape from Nomad, being chased by Yuki's family. Ore manages to make amends, but not before being captured by Frieza's scouts. Also features Ore becoming a Super Saiyan.


Making Amends

It's Frieza!

Captured Without Complaint

Don't Look Down


There's the Ship

Space Race (Season Finale Part 1)

Son of A Saiyan (Season Finale Part 2)

Just An Old Legend (Season Finale Part 3)

Templar Saga []

Ore crashes on Earth, but is not left alone. A special assasin known as the Templar arrives, with the intent of killing Ore for his know-dead master.


Hello, Mother Earth

Who's Goku?

Meeting Kakarot

Ore vs Vegeta

Templar's Landing

Yamcha vs Templar

Ore's Trap

Ore vs Templar

A War of Energy

How to Save a Life (Season Finale Part 1)

Templar's End (Season Finale Part 2)

Rampage Saga []

This saga follows Wrath's rampage, and Ore and the Z-Fighters' desperate attempts to stop him. We learn the origin of Wrath, and how he ties in to Ore's story. Final Saga of Another Way.


Truth Behind the Veil

Artificial Saiyan

A Sacrifice

Countdown to Infinity

Wrath's Revenge

Ore's Truth

Ore vs Wrath




Confrontation (Season Finale, Part 1)

Recovery (Season Finale, Part 2)

Cold (Season Finale, Part 3)

Aftermath (Season Finale, Part 4)

Goodbye for Now (Series Finale)