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Teen goten ssj2

Even Super Saiyans Feel Pain![]

Playable Character: Krillin (Casual clothes)

Battle: SSJ Goku (Casual clothes)

Level: Goku's house

Mr.Satan vs Cell[]

Playable Character:Perfect Cell


Level One: Cell Games

Goku Vs Cell[]

Playable Character: Perfect Cell

Battle:SSJ Goku

Level: Cell Games

End of The World[]

Playable Character: Android 16

Battle: Perfect Cell

Level:Cell Games

Gohan's turn[]

Playable Character: SSJ Teen Gohan

Battle: Cell Jr

Level: Cell Games

The Super Saiyan 2[]

Playable character: SSJ2 Teen Gohan

Battle: Perfect Cell

Level: Cell Games


Playable Character:Imperfect Cell

Batttle: SSJ Goku, King Kai (NPC)

Level: King Kai's Planet


Playable Character:SSJ2 Gohan

Battle:Super Cell

Level:Cell Games