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Dragon Ball:Adventures[]

Welcome to the realm of Dragon Ball:Adventures. Here you will find many tales about Characters form Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and my own mind.The theme song for Dragon Ball:Adventures is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F58mDOTspQ and the ending theme is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSX58TglZRs . You play the theme song for Dragon Ball:Adventures before reading any story, and you listen to the story's theme song before you read the story. Then you listen to the ending theme before leaving the page. If you see a song in parenthesis in a story, that means that you listen to the song while you read the story. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy Dragon Ball:Adventures!

The theme song for this story is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixWTGL21CwU

Bardock: The Super Saiyan

Bardock had just landed on Planet Meat. He expected to see his teammates sitting next to a pile of dead bodys. But instead, he found Dodoria, about to kill Toma, with the rest of his crew lying on the ground dead in a pile of their own blood. Just as Dodoria was delivering the final blow, Bardock rushed at Dodoria, and knocked him over. Toma fell to the ground, his eyes blank. Dodoria got up off the ground. "Men, take care of him." he said as he walked away. Dodoria's soldiers charged at Bardock, all barraging him with kicks and punches. Bardock blocked most of the hits, and knocked away a few of the soldiers. The men flew back and launched energy waves at Bardock. Bardock flew out of the way and knocked a few of the soldiers out of the sky. Bardock flew around another soldier and punched him in the head, making him fall out of the sky. He caught the dead body and yelled "Over here!" as he threw the body at another soldier.

The soldier, blinded by the smoke that remained from the energy blasts, thought that the body was Bardock and blasted it. Bardock teleported in the soldier's face. "You messed with the wrong saiyan." he said as he blasted a hole through the soldier's stomach. "Is that all of them?" Bardock asked himself. Suddenly, a soldier popped up behind him, and tried to hit him. But Bardock was too quick. He teleported under the soldier just as he threw a punch at Bardock. Bardock grabbed his leg and threw him toward a giant rock. But before he could hit the rock, Bardock flew over him and slugged him in the face. The soldier flew down to the ground, beaten. "I guess thats all of them." Bardock said to himself. All of a sudden, a beam came out of nowhere and hit Bardock square in the chest. "Looks like you forgot about me." Dodoria said as he stepped out from behind the giant rock.

Bardock plunged to the ground. He tried to get up. Besides the agonizing pain in his side, he was fine. Dodoria walked up to Bardock. "I'm going to enjoy killing you," he said. "Just like how I enjoyed killing those other saiyans. Were they friends of yours? Oh, I'm sorry for killing them. But don't worry. You're gonna see them real soon!" Dodoria punched Bardock in the stomach, sending him flying in the air. He teleported behind Bardock, and sent him hurltling towards the ground with another punch. "Time to die!" Dodoria yelled as he shot another mouth beam at Bardock. The beam hit Bardock dead on, sending him towards Planet Meat even faster. Bardock hit the ground with extreme force, creating a hole so deep not even Dodoria could see the bottom."I guess that takes care of that." Dodoria said. "He wasn't as much fun as I thought he would be. Oh well. I should be glad I just got to kill somebody. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Dodoria laughed as he flew away.

But Bardock wasn't dead. He was barely alive, his power level low. He slowly flew out of the hole, and flew over to his crew's dead bodies. "Bardock." Bardock heard somone say weakly. "Bardock. Please come over here." Bardock saw that it was Toma speaking to him. "Toma!" Bardock exclaimed. "Why did Dodoria do this to you?" Bardock asked. "It's Frieza." Toma whispered, for he didn't have the energy to speak at full volume. "He wants all of us saiyans dead. Guess he sees us as a threat. Dodoria killed them all. Fasha, Shugesh, Borgos. He killed them all himself. He was about to kill me before you came. But it's still too late. I'm gonna die." Toma's eyes went blank for another second, then his pupils reappeared. "Please. Try and get revenge on Frieza for betraying us." Toma coughed up blood. "I will, Toma. Don't worry. He will die for his betrayal." Bardock told him. "Good." Toma said. "Make sure of it." And with that, Toma's pupils disappeared. His body went limp. He was dead.

Bardock took off Toma's bloody armband and wrapped it around his head. "Darn it!" Bardock yelled. "If only I had the power to save them. If only I came here earlier. If only Frieza hadn't betrayed us. THEN NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED! ALL OF MY COMRADE'S WOULD STILL BE ALIVE! THIS WOULDN'T BE HAPPENING!" Bardock's power began rising. His aura was turning gold. His hair was turning yellow. And then, Bardock let out a blood-curdling scream. This scream ment a lot of things. It ment that Bardock was going to get revenge on Dodoria for killing his comrades. It ment Frieza would pay for his betrayal. It ment that Bardock was a Super Saiyan.

Bardock headed toward Frieza's spaceship. He was going to kill every single living thing inside of that ship. Dodoria. Zarbon. Frieza. All of them. Bardock then rocketed towards the ship. He wanted revenge. And he was going to get it. "Get ready, Frieza. TIME TO DIE!"

"Zarbon, Dodoria, get all of my men and tell them to attack that rouge saiyan monkey coming towards my ship," said Frieza. "And hurry." "Yes Lord Frieza." said Zarbon and Dodoria in unison. Zarbon left the room, but Dodoria stayed and looked outside the window. "That's the saiyan that I fought on Planet Meat!" Dodoria exclaimed. "But he should be dead!" "Don't think anything of it, Dodoria." Frieza calmly said. "As long as he dies it won't make any difference." "Okay, Lord Frieza. I'll make sure that he dies today." "Good Dodoria. Make sure of it."

"What is that clump coming out of Frieza's spaceship?" Bardock thought. He charged up to full power and quickly flew up to Frieza's spaceship. Once he reached the spaceship, he found out what the clump was. It was a group of hundreds of thousands of soldiers sent by Frieza. And behind the clump, of course, were Zarbon, Dodoria, and Frieza himself. "FRIEZA! I'M GONNA MAKE YOU PAY FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!" shouted Bardock. And with that, he charged up an energy wave and vaporized half of the group of men. "Well, saiyan monkey, let's see what you're made of." said Frieza. "SOLDIERS, ATTACK!"

The soldiers slowly flew down to attack Bardock. But Bardock knew what to do. He charged up his ki into his fist and flew straight into the group of warriors. They tried to block Bardock off from Frieza, but Bardock knocked them all out of the way. It took a while, but finally, Bardock reached Frieza. "FREIZA! YOU COWARD! FIGHT ME YOURSELF INSTEAD OF SENDING YOUR SOLDIERS TO DO YOUR BIDDING! YOU HEAR ME? FRIEZA!" Bardock yelled. "If you want to fight Frieza, you'll have to go through us first." said Zarbon. "I'll go first." Dodoria said. "I want to kill this guy for real this time." "Fine," Bardock said. "I want to get revenge on you for what you did to my crew. Get ready, Dodoria, and good luck. Because you'll need it!"

Bardock rushed at Dodoria, and easily layed many blows on him. But Dodoria expected that, and sped around Bardock just as he was about to send Dodoria rocketing towards Frieza's spacecraft. Dodoria launched a mouth beam at Bardock, and even though Bardock blocked the beam, it pushed him into Frieza's ship. However, when the smoke cleared, Bardock was gone. "Where did you go?" Dodoria asked. All of a sudden, Bardock popped up behind Dodoria and snapped his neck. "One down, two more to go." Bardock said. "All right, then," said Zarbon. "My turn."

"Obviously, if you could defeat Dodoria, you could probably beat me," said Zarbon. "At least, you could beat me in this state." Then Zarbon laughed. "Prepare yourself, saiyan. For you will be the first to expierience my true form!" Zarbon took a stance and started powering up. "What is this?" Bardock asked. "It's my transformation!" Zarbon answered. Next, there was a flash of light. And when the light faded, there stood a monsterous version of Zarbon, more powerful than ever."Time to see what you can really do." Zarbon told Bardock. "Dodoria is nothing compared to me while I'm in this state. I can't wait to kill you. NOW DIE!"

Zarbon charged at Bardock, only to be knocked away. Bardock charged up all of his Super Saiyan power in one burst, so fast that no one could see him. Bardock flew at Zarbon, and hit him high into space. Then he flew up and hit him again. Next, he flew up to Zarbon, and threw him to the ground.But before Zarbon hit the ground, Bardock ran under him and kicked him straight in the gut. "How is this possible?" Zarbon asked. "I thought no one except Lord Frieza and the Ginyu force were more powerful than me!" "Yeah, well now you can add my name to that list." Bardock said while he fired an energy wave at Zarbon's face, killing him. "Only one left." said Bardock. "Frieza, you've hidden behind you're army for too long. Time to face justice."

"Very well then, monkey. If you could defeat both Dodoria and Zarbon then I guess you are worth killing. And the Ginyu Force are on a mission, which means I can't call them over here to kill you. Fine. You should consider yourself lucky. You get to be killed by me, the Emperor of the Universe. All right then. Now that it has been decided that I am going to kill you, let's get this fight started." "Fine," said Bardock. "But before we start, I'd like to show you something interesting." Bardock took a stance and began to power up. His hair turned gold. His aura became yellow. And then, Frieza knew. That he was the legendary Super Saiyan.

"It's n-not possible!" exclaimed Frieza. "The legend of t-the Super Saiyan was just that. A legend. I never thought that it was real!" Bardock smiled. This was the first time he ever saw Frieza afraid. "That means I must transform to defeat you! I have 3 transformations, and to win, I must transform all 3 times right now!" Frieza started powering up. Then Bardock noticed that he was slowly getting bigger. Then Frieza stopped powering up. "One transformation down, two to go." Then Frieza started powering up again. His head started getting larger. He lost the horns on his head, and gained horns on his shoulder. Then he stopped powering up again. "One more transformation left!" Frieza exclaimed.

Frieza started powering up again. He started getting smaller. And smaller. And smaller. Until he stopped powering up again. "This is my final transformation. But I'm not done yet. Time to charge up to full power." Frieza started powering up again one last time. His muscles started bulging. He got slightly bigger. His muscles kept growing and growing until he stopped powering up one last time. "This is me at my best. Now lets see if you can defeat me." Bardock yelled and charged at Frieza. Frieza jumped over him and picked him up. He flew through the air and threw Bardock down to Planet Vegeta. Bardock didn't know if he could win this fight.

Bardock got up to be greeted by an energy wave in his face. He flew into the remains of Frieza's broken spaceship. Frieza rushed at Bardock and started barraging him with rapid-fire punches and kicks. "Looks like the legendary Super Saiyan isn't so powerful after all!" Frieza then covered himself in energy and tackled Bardock. Bardock flew past Planet Vegeta and stopped himself just as Frieza was charging up an energy beam. "This is the end of you, saiyan monkey!" Frieza yelled. "I can't win." Bardock thought. "Even the legendary power of the Super Saiyan wasn't enough to defeat Frieza. It's over." But then, all of a sudden, Bardock had an idea. "IT'S NOT OVER YET, FRIEZA!"

Bardock began charging energy into his fist. At first, the energy was small, but it continued to grow in Bardock's hand until it was the size of his head. "TIME TO DIE, MONKEY!" Frieza yelled as he fired his energy beam. "YOU WILL BE KILLED BY ME!" The beam quickly charged at Bardock. "NOT TODAY, FRIEZA!" Bardock yelled. Bardock fired his energy ball at Frieza's energy beam. At first, the beams were equal in power. But Bardock's beam slowly absorbed Frieza's beam, making it grow and grow until Frieza's beam disappeared. All of a sudden, Frieza began to distintigrate. "NO! I CANNOT BE KILLED! NOT BY A SAIYAN MONKEY!" And with that, Bardocks's energy ball hit Frieza and exploded. After the smoke cleared, Frieza was gone. Bardock had done it. He had killed Frieza.


After the saiyans found out about how Bardock killed Frieza, the saiyans rejoiced. King Vegeta was surprised that a low-class saiyan warrior could achieve the legendary Super Saiyan transformation. King Vegeta promoted him to Admiral of the Saiyan army. He sent his son, Kakarot, to Planet Earth, where he found by an elderly man named Gohan. Bardock was now known as the mightiest warrior in the universe, and anyone who said anything different was killed. Bardock finally got his revenge on Frieza, and now, he was anything but trash.

Bardock: The Super Saiyan

Ending Theme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSX58TglZRs

Note: Goku's life went exactly the same, except instead of fighting Frieza on Namek, he fought Cooler, and every other thing that had to do with Frieza, such as him coming back to Earth with King Cold, replaces Frieza with Cooler

The theme song for this story is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE9Hj9b0Cho

Note: The following story takes place after Kid Buu teleports to the Supreme Kai's planet

Better Than Kakarot

"It's him! It's Majin Buu!" the Supreme Kai yelled. "He must have seen Goku teleport and learned how to do it!"

"Looks like we have to end this fight, here and now." Vegeta said. He turned into a Super Saiyan 2.


Goku and Vegeta both rushed at Kid Buu. Kid Buu teleported out of the way and threw Goku in the sky before stretching his arm to punch Goku. But Goku used the Afterimage technique to make it look like he was in the sky. He was really behind Kid Buu.

"VEGETA! NOW!" Goku yelled. Goku grabbed Kid Buu while Vegeta charged up a Big Bang Attack.

"Take this!" Vegeta exclaimed. He launched the attack at Kid Buu while Goku teleported out of the way at the last second. The energy sphere hit Buu dead on. When the sphere faded, the only thing left of Kid Buu were his legs.

"Darn!" Vegeta said. "We didn't hit his entire body!" Kid Buu regenerated and launched energy beams at both Goku and Vegeta. They both moved out of the way.

"We can't keep this up forever!" Goku told Vegeta. "We need a plan! I'm gonna run out of energy soon!" Then, all of a sudden, Goku had an idea. "Vegeta! Stall him! I have a plan!"

Vegeta heard Goku and flew up to Kid Buu. He started shooting Ki blasts at him while yelling "Over here you pink idiot!" Kid Buu heard Vegeta and teleported behind him. He started charging a Kamehameha before he heard something behind him.

"Take this, Majin Buu!" Goku yelled as he launched a gigantic Super Kamehameha. The beam swallowed up Kid Buu. But when the beam disappeared, Kid Buu was floating there with his arms in an "X" position on his chest. "Darn! He blocked it! And that beam took up almost all of my energy! Can we still win this fight?" Goku asked himself.

"Goku! Do something! You're our only hope!" Supreme Kai yelled.

"Did he forget about me?" Vegeta muttered to himself. "I'm still here!"

Goku and Kid Buu started fighting again. Vegeta launched an energy blast at Kid Buu. But Kid Buu just deflected it and started fighting Goku again. "Don't ignore me, you idiot!" Vegeta rushed at Kid Buu. Kid Buu teleported under Vegeta and grabbed his leg. He threw Vegeta to the ground and started fighting Goku again.

"He didn't even bother trying to kill me!" Vegeta told himself. "It's like he doesn't see me as a threat like he does Kakarot!"

"Goku! Hurry! Destroy Majin Buu before you run out of energy!" Supreme Kai yelled.

"Why does everyone rely on Kakarot and only Kakarot! Does everyone see me as nothing compared to him?" Vegeta thought.

Meanwhile, Goku had run out of energy and turned back to normal. "Vegeta! Come over here and help me! We can't beat Majin Buu unless we work together!"

"I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP, KAKAROT! I CAN DEFEAT MAJIN BUU BY MYSELF!" Vegeta shouted.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vfkhDiSijs) All of a sudden, Vegeta's Ki started rising. He was covered in a large yellow aura. His hair started growing. Goku saw all of this happening. And then, he knew. Vegeta was becoming a Super Saiyan 3.


"Vegeta's power is skyrocketing!" Goku said. Kid Buu just stood there and stared at Vegeta. Vegeta kept powering up. Then, there was a giant flash of light. And then, there stood Vegeta, a Super Saiyan 3.

"You ready, Majin Buu? Time to die!" Vegeta said.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flk7SJqe-3c&feature=related) He charged at Kid Buu, and knocked him into the sky. Then he teleported behind him and knocked him to the ground. Then he stretched out his hands to his sides and started charging up energy. "FINAL FLASH!" Vegeta yelled. The beam hit Kid Buu, sending him flying into space along with the beam. Kid Buu tried to block it, but it was to no avail. He started to disintegrate.

"Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Kid Buu yelled before he disintegrated completely. Kid Buu was dead.

"Vegeta! You did it! You killed Majin Buu!" Goku said. "And your a Super Saiyan 3 now! How did that happen?"

"It doesn't matter how it happened, Kakarot. All that matters is that it did happen." Vegeta told him. "I am now a Super Saiyan 3!"

"I wonder who's stronger? Me or you?" Goku asked Vegeta.

"We'll decide that one day." Vegeta replied. He powered down back to base form. "Time to go back to Earth."

"I can't wait to see everybody's faces when they see that you can go Super Saiyan 3 now!" Goku said.


Ending Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSX58TglZRs

Season 1 End

Season 2

The opening for this season is http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=ic1TUFhWlJs&feature=channel_video_title and the ending is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wKEFvl2PX8&feature=related . From here on out, it's going to be one really big story that includes original characters.Enjoy Season 2!

The theme song for this episode is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABw03gnW9hA

Episode 1. A New World

"Come on, Dante, we gotta hurry!" A tall, red-haired teenager said as he flew past a young, black-haired boy.

"I'm coming Gianni," the boy said.

Gianni must really wanna find those Dragon Balls, Dante thought. He wouldn't stop talking about them all night, and since I didn't get any sleep, now I'm too tired to fly. Dante and Gianni had been planning on finding the seven mystical Dragon Balls since they heard about them when they were younger, and now they were finally old enough to travel on their own.

"Could you be any slower? Get over here!" Gianni yelled. All of a sudden, Gianni flew towards the ground. A tall, blue figure had appeared out of nowhere, and had punched Gianni to the ground.

"What the heck was that?" Gianni asked the man.

"I am Burter! The Blue Hurricane of the Ginyu Force! And I'm here on orders from Lord Frieza to make sure that me and the other members of the force get the seven Dragon Balls. When we arrived on this planet, we overheard a very interesting conversation about how the two of you were going to find the Dragon Balls. We've been following you ever since. Jeice, Guldo, Recoome, get out here!" Burter told them.

"Alright, alright, here we are," a tall, muscular red-haired man said as he flew out from behind a mountain with a short, green frog-like creature and a red-skinned man with long white hair.

"So are we gonna beat these guys or what?" said the red-skinned man.

"Don't worry, Jeice. We'll take care of these guys real good." said the tall man.

"But wait! Who's gonna fight them first?" said the green man.

"Looks like we're gonna have to do Paper-Rock-Scissors for it." said Burter.

"Paper,rock, scissors!" they all said as they flew toward each other and gathered in a group.

"Tie, go again!" the men said. "Tie, go aga-" they started to say before Dante flew at Jeice and punched him in the face.

"GAAH!" Jeice cried.

"Don't take your eyes off me for a second, or it'll be the last mistake you make." Dante told Jeice.

"Wanker!" Jeice said as he threw an energy ball at Dante. Dante flew over the ball, and Gianni knocked it back at Jeice.

"Guldo! Help me!" Jeice yelled.

"On it!" Guldo said. He flew towards Dante, but Gianni rushed at Guldo and barraged him with many punches and kicks, before slamming him into the ground.

"So, are you guys gonna fight back, cause we've got a pretty busy schedule, and I don't wanna miss anything." Gianni yelled at Burter.

"Guldo! Show them your time freezing powers!" Recoome told Guldo.

"Did he just say time freezing powers?" Dante asked Gianni, but by the time he finished his sentence, Guldo was already behind them.

"How did you do that?" Gianni asked Guldo.

"It's simple, really. I just-" Guldo was interrupted by Dante who threw a ki blast at Guldo's face.

"Guys, stay back. I'm gonna fight them, so dont interrupt, or you'll have to get me a hot chocolate sundae later," Recoome told the others.

"Fine, but hurry," Jeice told Recoome.

"Please dont tell me you're gonna do some lame speech about how you're so amazing before the fight?" Gianni asked Recoome.

"Naw, I do that afterward," Recoome told him as he elbowed him in the jaw.

"Recoome Mach Punch!" Recoome yelled as he punched Gianni into a rock. But before he could follow up with a combo, Dante rushed at him, hitting him with a few punches and kicks, before uppercutting him in the jaw, and finished the assualt by knocking Recoome to the ground with a double axe-handle punch and a volley of ki blasts.

"Thanks for the save," Gianni told Dante as he flew up next to him.

"No problem." Dante replied. They both looked down below to where Dante had knocked Recoome to the ground. When the smoke from the ki blasts cleared, Recoome was striking a pose, seemingly not harmed, his armor and black shirt destroyed from Dante's assault.

"You guys are pretty good, but I'm gonna get serious now." Recoome told them. He flew up at Gianni and started rapidly volleying him with many punches and kicks, before grabbing him by his leg and throwing him at Dante. While Dante was distracted, Recoome charged up ki in his hands.

"Recoome Renegade Bomber!" Recoome yelled as he threw hundreds of ki blasts at both Dante and Gianni.

Gianni and Dante were badly hurt. Gianni blocked Dante from some of the blasts, but he was very tired out.

"Gianni, can you still fight?" Dante asked him.

"I'll try, but I can't guarantee I'll do any good." Gianni replied.

"Time to end this! You guys were fun while it lasted though." Recoome told them as he took a squatting position and started chargin his energy.

"His power is rapidly rising!" Gianni told Dante. "What is he planning on doing?"

"RECOOME...ULTRA...FIGHTING...BOMBER!" Recoome screamed as a giant sphere of energy formed around him, and started flying up towards Dante and Gianni.

"THUNDER FLASH!" A gruff voice had suddenly appeared from nowhere and a giant beam of fire collided against the wall of energy. "Come on you two, get out of the way!" The man yelled at Gianni and Dante.

"Right," they both said before they flew away. The man then charged his energy and put even more force into the blast, sending the wall of energy back at Recoome.

"What? I can't lose this easy! I'm the one and only Recoome! I'm not going down yet!" Recoome yelled to himself before he noticed that the explosive wave he had created had worn off, and the beam of fire was coming in his direction.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!" Recoome yelled as the beam hit him. "This can't be happening!" His body was starting to disappear, and when the beam finally ended, Recoome's body was gone.

"What?! How could they possibly have killed Recoome! Retreat!" Burter yelled as he, Jeice, and Guldo flew off into the sky.

"Woah. Thanks alot, mister. I'm Gianni, and this is my younger brother Dante. I'm 15 years old, and he's 13," Gianni told the stranger as he and Dante flew up to him.

The man started to speak. "My name is Domon, I'm 18 years old, and I need to help you two find the Dragon Balls."

Ending Theme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HC6_YuM6oc


Gianni-Vic Mignogna

Dante-Brittney Karbowski

Burter-Vic Mignogna

Guldo-Chris Ayres

Jeice-Christopher Sabat

Recoome-Christopher Sabat

Domon-Sean Schemmel

Episode 1 End

Theme Song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABw03gnW9hA

2. Domon's Story

"Wait, what?" Gianni asked Domon. He had just told both him and Dante that he was going to help them find the Dragon Balls.

"You heard me. I'm here to make sure that you get all seven Dragon Balls before Frieza does, and at all costs," Domon answered.

"Frieza? You mean that guy the Ginyu freaks were talking about?" Dante asked Gianni.

"Yes, Frieza is their boss. He hired them to do his bidding, because he doesn't want to get his greedy little hands dirty," Domon told Dante before Gianni had a chance to answer.

"So, exactly how powerful is Frieza?" Gianni asked Domon.

"I don't know for sure, but he's more poweful than all three of us combined, that's for sure," Domon replied.

"WHAT?! HE'S THAT POWERFUL?" Gianni and Dante both asked at the same time.

"Yes, maybe even more powerful. Like I said, I'm not sure." Domon answered back. "But I can tell you that I've experienced his power first-hand."

"You have? When?" Dante asked him.

"I'll tell you, but first, let us go somewhere private. I don't want anyone to hear this," Domon told them.

"Let's go to our house," Dante suggested.

"Fine. But lets hurry," Domon said. "You take the lead."

"Ok. Just follow us." Gianni told him as he started to fly away. All three of them flew towards Gianni and Dante's house, traveling for a few minutes before finally arriving.

"Now, before I tell you about my previous encounter with Frieza, take one of these," Domon told them as he each handed them a tiny green bean.

"What are these?" Gianni asked Domon while he grabbed a bean.

"These are Senzu Beans.They'll heal your injuries that you recieved after the fight with Recoome. Just take one and eat it," he replied.

"Fine." Dante said as he put the bean in his mouth. While they were both eating the beans, Gianni pulled up a chair for Domon to sit in. Dante and Gianni both sat in a chair on the other side of the table while Domon sat in a chair on the opposite side.

When everyone was settled down, Domon began to speak. "I don't like to talk about this a lot, because it's not exactly my favorite memory, but you need to know this before you two start finding the Dragon Balls," Domon cleared his throat, then continued to talk. "It happened a little while ago, about 3 months before today...

"First, I am no of this earth. 'I am a Saiyan from the Planet Vegeta. 'I was a member of the Planet Trade Orginization, Frieza's empire. We take over planets and kill all of the life forms living there. Eventually, we sell the planet to the highest bidder. I always thought that what we did was wrong, but all of the other Saiyans didn't think anything of it, so I decided to put up with it. One day, I flew back to Planet Vegeta from Planet Tritek, where the squad I was teamed up with had all of it's members killed, besides me. All of our scouters, this thing here you see on my eye, were destroyed, so I couldn't communicate with him through one, because they serve as a communication device, so I flew back to Frieza's ship.

"Once I landed on Frieza's ship, I searched for his room. The soldiers gave me quite a hard time, but in the end they let me talk to Frieza. I was led to his room and the soldiers let me be. Right before I opened the door, however, I heard Frieza begin to speak."

"I wonder what happened to the group of Saiyans I sent to Planet Tritek a week ago. They haven't called anyone on their scouters in days. I guess I gave them too much credit. Even the elites are worthless." Frieza said. Next I heard Zarbon, Frieza's right-hand man speak.

"Maybe it was just that group. I have seen a few Saiyans that exceed the average power level by quite a bit. They could become quite strong later. They might even be able to surpass some of our elite guards with some more time."

"Yes. It worries me." Frieza told Zarbon.

"Maybe you should do something about them. I have never seen a Saiyan that has even come close to your power. They wouldn't stand a chance if you decided to eradicate them." Zarbon suggested.

"That's not a bad idea, Zarbon Not bad at all. Prepare my army. The apes shall be eliminated." Frieza replied.

"Yes, Lord Frieza." Zarbon said before starting to walk towards the door.'"

I didn't stay any longer. I ran away from the door, down the hallway, towards my space pod. On my way, a soldier tried to stop me, but with one swift chop to the neck, he was out cold. I took his scouter and jumped in my space pod. I set the coordinates for a plnaet I had seen when I left Tritek, Earth. The last sound I heard as I flew away was soldiers yelling out orders and alarms blaring as I rocketed towards space.