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This story follows Bardock, and the other surviving Saiyans after The Innocence of Broly shifts the attention back on Broly.

This story shows how Goku, who becomes Goku from Kakarot two years later than the original anime/manga, Bardock, and the other surviving Saiyans eventually get over their differences to defeat Frieza, and then is reunited with the Legendary warrior of their species.

Goku is a Saiyan![]

Ever since Goku was found by Grandpa Gohan, he had been strange. He had seen a full moon, transformed into a giant ape, and trampled his grandfather to death. He then set on a quest to find the 7 dragonballs. After he saved the world from Emperor Pilaf, he went to receive training from the legendary Master Roshi, along with Krillin. His training eventually payed off when he entered The World Martial Arts Tournament. He placed second, just barely loosing to the mysterious Jackie Chun (who was really Master Roshi). Then, he single handely defeated the entire Red Ribbon Army. Then it was on to the next World Martial tournament, where he again placed second, but this time under Crane Hermit Student, Tien. After that, he defeated the Demon King Piccolo, but was being watched by Bardock, who unknown to Goku and the others of Earth, was Goku's actual father. Then after training with Kami, went to the next World Martial Arts Tournament, where he finnaly won by defeating the reincarnated King Piccolo. Now, Goku and friends are about to get the shock of their lives, when they find out Goku is not what they all, including himself, thinks he is.

Bardock's Arrival[]

Planet Vegeta[]

"King Raditz, sir, we just got news that Vegeta, the former prince, has become a Super Saiyan, and is heading to Earth with his comrade, Nappa!" reported a soildier.

"What!? Alert my father immediately, let him know, its time to bring Kakarot back." Raditz ordered.

"Yes sir," said the guard as he clicked his scouter on. He looked for names untill he seen Bardock's, then he called him via scouter.

"Emperor Bardock, sir. King Raditz wanted to inform you that Super Saiyan Vegeta is heading to earth."

"What!? Alert Parugus, tell him to retrieve his son," Bardock ordered.

The Guard then called Parugus.

"Royal Guard Parugus, Emperor Bardock request you retrive your son Broly from Planet Namek. As we need him in the upcoming battle with Super Saiyan Vegeta."

"I will follow out my orders, but in the meanwhile, DIE!" said Parugus as he blasted his inferior.