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It was a day of chaos in Hell as usual, as everyone fought and ranted about their revenge plans. Then, Frieza noticed a strange (as if he's one to talk) being that was remotely similar to Piccolo, that been there the whole time he'd been in Hell, but never said anything to anyone. Frieza realized he had a dragonball in his hands.

Frieza: Piccolo, the nemekian, what are you doing down here with that dragonball.

???: Firstly, i'm not Piccolo, thats my son. I AM KING PICCOLO AND I'VE MADE THESE DRAGONBALLS.

Frieza then formed a spike ball (new move learned in hell) and threw it at the Nemekian King's head, knockin him out. Frieza then stole the dragonball in his hands and the 6 surrounding him. He then summoned shenron who was black. TO BE CONTINUED

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