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This is an altered version of Dragon Ball Z, starting in the middle of the Frieza Saga.

Saiyan Saga[]

The Saiyan Saga was the same although the movies never occur, meaning the characters Turles and Lord Slug will appear later in the series.

Frieza Saga[]

The Frieza Saga was the same up until Piccolo arrived. When Piccolo fused with Nail, he became as strong as he was in the main timeline when he fused with Kami, this is because when he trained with King Kai, just having the knowledge of the Kaio Ken was just enough to increse his power drastically. Then when he fused with Nail, he became a Super Namek. He then intervened the fight with Vegeta and Frieza and took over. He began to dominate Frieza, even after his next transformations. Then suddenly, Piccolo fell to the ground after being struck in the back by an unknown force. Piccolo fell to the ground, revealing Cooler as the attacker.

"Frieza, I feel bad to be related to you, you pathetic weakling. By the way, this isn't because I like you," Cooler said to his brother.

"C...C...Cooler, that's impossible. How, but, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! We're all doomed," said Vegeta

"Vegeta long time no see, I'm pleased to know that the prince of all monkeys still remembers me," Cooler said, with a grin across his face.

Then the fighting begin. Cooler looked down at his feet where the Nemekian warrior fell. Cooler smiled and began to charge a chi blast to finish Piccolo, when Gohan threw mutiple blasts at him, which only angered the tyrant.

"Get away from Piccolo," the young half-saiyan yelled. Cooler then prepeared a fierce punch for Gohan as he charged towards the welp, but Krillin jumped in the way and took the hit to the head straight on and suffered a serious concusion, with a bloody hole through his head. This angered Gohan even more. Gohan put all his power into a barrage of ki blast towards Cooler, who was unaffected. Frieza then walked over and killed Krillin, ironically just when Goku showed up.

"Frieza, I don't know you, but I won't let you get away with this." Goku then turned Super Saiyan after about 5 minutes of powering up. Then, Vegeta's heart changed from being pure of fear of Cooler's presence to being pure of rage at his inability to turn Super Saiyan although he is the Prince of all Saiyans, when Goku who is low-class trash could. Vegeta then turned Super Saiyan.

"You think you're the only ones who can transform," said Cooler as he began his final form transformation while Vegeta began dominating Frieza. Goku gave Gohan a sensu bean and then tossed one to Piccolo. Piccolo and Goku devised a plan. While Cooler fought Goku and Piccolo, Vegeta was dominating Frieza to the point where Frieza couldn't even keep up with his movement. Vegeta used the after image technique to fool Frieza into thinking he was in front of him when he was actually behind getting ready to finish him.

"Die, You Filthy Slime," said Vegeta as he was just about to launch the attack to finish Frieza when someone grabbed him. Upon seeing it was Salza, grabbed him by his throat, chocked him until he was unconcious, and then placed him in a ginyu force pod. Then he returned to Frieza to finish the job. Vegeta galic gunned the tyrant, destroying him. Just then Frieza's father and son arrived. "Cold, and Frieza's son came to help your pathetic family members, aw so sweet, now you can die as a family. King Cold just laughed.

"Thats Kuriza to you," said the tyrant in training who looked just like his father, except he had a point on his head. Meanwhile, Goku got Cooler in a choke hole as Piccolo prepared the special beam cannon. Then, Cooler aimed his hand at Piccolo and shot a spike at him that impaled him. "PICCOLO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," Gohan cried.

"Don't worry, its only a flesh wound, I'll manage," replied the Nemekian warrior as he grabbed the spike and slowly and painfully pulled the spike out of his chest. With his majestic abilities, he turned the spike into a sword and impaled Cooler, and Goku in the process.

"Daddy, oh no not again," yelled Gohan. "Don't worry son, its not fateful this time, now that i'm a super saiyan," Goku assured. "Plus he missed my vital organs. A sensu will heal this right up, " Goku assured. Piccolo then threw the sword to Vegeta who was already easily dominating the two tyrants. Upon catching the sword, Vegeta decapitated King Cold with it and impaled Kuriza. Meanwhile, Cooler was still barely alive on the ground. Cooler squirmed around on the ground trying to shake off the pain.

"Bye," Vegeta said as he threw the finishing blast at Cooler, leaving his soulless body. "Okay, Kakarot, its your turn," Vegeta said confidently. Vegeta then threw a blast at Piccolo, killing him. Upon seeing this, Gohan turned Super Saiyan and charged at Vegeta who broke his neck with just a kick. Gohan reverted back to normal and then collapsed on the ground. This made Goku furious. "Gohan! Leave while I still have some control over myself! Gohan then crawled to the ship. "Oh no, your not going to live to intervene, like you did with our last battle," said Vegeta as he flew above Gohan and got ready to blast him. "Vegeta! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! Your Fight is with me! Keep him out of this," yelled Goku as he kicked his prince in the face, buying Gohan time to escape. "Ok Kakarot if thats how you want it, but he better not intervene. GET READY TO DIE KAKAROT!" Vegeta yelled. Vegeta bashed Goku's face. Goku kicked Vegeta's arm out his socket. Vegeta then blasted Goku in the face with his good arm. Vegeta then kneed Goku in the back, breaking it. The then longated battle lasted nearly 30 minutes ending with a nearly dead Goku and a badly beaten Vegeta as the victor. "Its not worth killing you, I've defeated you, I've got my pride back, and I've reclaimed my title as Prince of all saiyans. Your Pathetic Kakarot," said Vegeta walking off leaving Goku for dead in the middle of planet namek. Vegeta then gave Goku a sensu and sent him home. He then ate a sensu and went home while he brought Salza with him. After Frieza was dead and Vegeta defeated Goku, his heart soften and he bacame a Z-fighter still living with Bulma and training in the 5000 gravity room, which is easy as a super saiyan. Salza became his training partner and loyal slave. Future Trunks still came and warned Goku and gave him the medicine, but Mecha Frieza and King Cold never came to earth. And Goku never got his Yardrat training.

Android/Cell Sagas[]

So the Z-fighters trained. For the next two years the Z-fighters trained. Vegeta trained in ascending a Super Saiyan. "I, I am the prince of all Saiyans. Our powers should not be equal, I... I JUST WON'T ALLOW IT! I am a super-elite. How can i be defeated by Low-Class trash. Kakarot, I will destroy you. Your the scum backwater of the Planet, Vegeta once was. You don't deserve to have such power. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Vegeta then felt a power serge. His aura changed from yellow to gold."I, I've done it. I have the supassed the power of the Super Saiyan State. Beware Kakarot, because after I, defeat the androids, your next." Then the next year, the androids appeared as plan. The story went the same until Dr.Gero fled with Vegeta following him with excelerating speed, and the other Z-fighters in hot persuit. When Gero arrived at his lab, Vegeta floated just above the laboratary out of the Dr's sight, to see his scheme. When Gero had awakened numbers 17 and 18 and held the conversation, he left out destroying the other androids. Then Vegeta appeeared and kick Gero's head off.

"Thats enough from you, no more talking," Vegeta said as he powered up.

"I like your attitude Vegeta. We might get along," said Android 17.

"Firstly, how do you know who I am, secondly, I wouldn't count on us being friends," said Vegeta as he kicked the android in his stomach and flew off.

"Aren't you going to follow him," said Android 18.

"I will eventually. I want to see what other attempted failures Gero has around here."

Android 17 then walked over and awoke Android 16. Trunks and Piccolo had just arrived over the Lab.

"Them, those 2 are the androids from the future," said Trunks

"Two? Then who's the third," asked Piccolo.

"Another Android I overlooked, how could this be?!"

"I was designed to find and kill Goku. That is my only goal," said #16.

"Interesting, then your coming with us big guy." said #17. Trunks and Piccolo hid as two of the three androids flew out. "Thats #17 and the new android that flew out, that must mean that #18 stayed back." said Trunks.

Piccolo flew towads the lookout. Trunks stayed to watch what #18 was up to. 18 released the only other 3 androids that were there. Androids 13, 14, and 15. Just then, Salza showed up. "Who are you, and are you with the Saiyan Vegeta." asked Trunks. " "I am Salza, yes I do work for Vegeta, and I used to be leader of Cooler's armoured Squadron. Until Vegeta defeated me and ordered me to swear alligience to him that is. What is your relation to Vegeta, and where can I find him?" answered/asked Salza. "Well, I can't tell you my relation with Vegeta, as that is scarce. But I can tell you that Vegeta went that way, and that he might need your help fighting 5 extremely strong androids." Trunks answered, while the androids flew off. Trunks and then the new fused Piccolo who had just arrived, along with the just arriiving Tien, then returned their attention to the androids. "What, AGAIN?!!!!!!!! I managed to overlook 3 more androids, how could this be?" Trunks asked himself. "Trunks, your appeareace in this world has disturbed history, so now, things aren't gonna go like how they did in your time." Piccolo explained. Android 18 then took off, with the other Androids following her, and Trunks, Piccolo, and Tien a few miles behind them.

Meanwhile, Super Vegeta had just landed on the battlefield. Then, Androids 16 and 17 landed. "Ok, big guy, get to work." said Android 17 to his fellow android.

"I was designed to kill Goku, none of the others." responded Android 16.

"Uh, in order to get things done right, I have to do them myself, anyway lets go Vegeta, you can't hold off your death." said Android 17. "See, scrapmetal ready to get wasted already huh? Thats too bad, I wanted to have some fun." remarked Vegeta.